My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 94

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  Chapter 94 War Saint ancestor, genetic inheritance

Lu Yuan glanced at the black that stopped in front of him Long sword, the corners of his mouth twitched suddenly, and his scalp was numb.

Almost died.

A trace of heart palpitations flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes.

When I faced Yeye, I realized how strong she was.

Ye Ye stood in front of Lu Yuan and looked at Lu Yuan blankly. She tilted her head, as if thinking about something.

Then she eyes shined and looked at Lu Yuan: "You are grilled fish!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

The corners of his mouth are fierce The ground twitched.

Good fellow, this catwoman remembers that he was grilling fish? !

He is so handsome!

Lu Yuan opened the mouth and said with a dry smile:

"Ye Sir Ye has a good memory, didn't expect you to remember me."

Looking at Lu Yuan every night, his dark eyes did not fluctuate, and then he withdrew the long sword:

"en. The fish you grilled is delicious."

Lu Yuan was silent. Next, he corrected it and said:

"That is a crocodile."

"A crocodile is also a fish."

"A crocodile is not a fish! It is an amphibian!"

Lu Yuan speaks again, this is obviously a matter of common sense.

Lu Yuan feels he needs to correct Comrade Ye Ye.

Ye Ye stared at Lu Yuan, and squeezed the long sword in his hand, his voice increased a little bit:    "A crocodile is a fish!"

Lu Yuan:" ......"

He glanced at Ye Ye clenching long sword's hand, and said solemnly: "Ye Sir Ye is amazing! At a glance, you can see that the crocodile is a fish! I was wrong!"

Ye Ye was also satisfied with nodded, and then the body disappeared and appeared again, already on the back of the misty Earth Dragon.

Lu Yuan took a look. An azure light group and two green light groups emerged from the misty Earth Dragon, and there were a lot of Spirit Crystal on the side.

Ye Ye was picking up things, a trace of envy flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes.

A good thing dropped by the Misty Earth Dragon.

He thought about it and fell from the branch.

He asked curiously: "Where is Ye Sir Ye going?"

Since Ye Ye came to the foggy forest, he obviously planned to cross here and go to other cities, but the cat There seemed to be several human cities, Lu Yuan asked.

After picking up the things every night, they landed on the ground, and the long sword slashed across, easily cut open the lings of the misty Earth Dragon, and began to collect materials.

"I'm going to Netherworld City."

Lu Yuan eyes shined, showing a slight smile:   "I'm going to Tianluo City, just on the way, or together? "

Ye Ye's strength is very strong. If he follows him, Lu Yuan feels that he can also be safer.

There is a thigh hug, of course you have to hug the thigh.

Lu Yuan has not always been very good in his mouth and teeth, and prefers to eat soft ones.

After a meal every night, looking towards Lu Yuan, hesitated.

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "I can give Ye Ye Sir Ye a barbecue."

Then he saw Ye Ye’s eyes light up, nodded: "Okay."

Lu Yuan showed a slight smile.

At this time, Ye Ye had already collected the materials. Not only that, she also collected a lot of the flesh and blood of the Mist Earth Dragon, which was obviously intended to be roasted.

"Let's go."

Every night turned and went deep into the foggy forest, Lu Yuan also followed along.

Not long after, an elite-level misty poisonous python rushed down from a tree in the forest and rushed towards Lu Yuan.

This elite misty poisonous python is not too weak, but it is not too threatening to Lu Yuan.

He squinted his eyes and was about to shoot, a sword light streak across the body of the misty snake.

Suddenly, the misty poisonous python broke into two pieces and fell to the ground, losing its vitality.

Lu Yuan eyes shrank, looked towards 了夜夜.

The long sword in Ye Ye's hand does not seem to have moved.

Lu Yuan said with a smile: "Ye Sir Ye is really strong."

Ye Ye didn’t notice Lu Yuan’s words, she looked at the body of the poisonous python and muttered softly. :   "Snake meat seems to be delicious, collect more..."

Lu Yuan: "..."

You are happy.

Then Lu Yuan saw that Yeye took out a large piece of snow-white snake meat and collected it into the space. On the contrary, the most precious snake skin and fangs, such as internal organs like venom sacs, were no longer needed. She doesn't want it either.

As long as snake meat.

Lu Yuan is a little confused:

"Ye Ye, don't you want leather armor, fangs and poison sacs?"

Ye Ye shook the head: "These are not tasty."

"???" Lu Yuan was a little dumbfounded, "but these can sell Spirit Crystal."

Ye Ye's face is still flat: "My Space is needed to put delicious food, I can’t put it down."

Lu Yuan: "..."


My layout is smaller.

Can I say a rich woman asks for support?    Yeye looked towards Lu Yuan: "If you want, give these to you."

A smile suddenly appeared on Lu Yuan's face: "Okay, many thanks Ye Sir Ye."

Next, the two continued to go deep into the foggy forest. Lu Yuan basically had no chance to take a shot. All the ominous beasts who wanted to sneak attack them were all killed by Ye Ye Yijian.

Then it's time to collect ingredients every night.

Ordinary ominous beast meat, don’t need it every night, as long as the meat above the elite ominous beast.

As for materials and the like, as long as they are not edible, she doesn't want them.

Up to now, the only material Yeye has collected is the misty Earth Dragon.

All these are naturally cheaper by Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan was surprised to find that the speed of collecting this material was much faster than when he was hunting ominous beasts alone.

It is safe and rewarding along the way.

Whoa cow, comrade Ye Ye!   At night, the sun set, and the originally dim forest gradually fell into darkness.

Seeing this every night, opened the mouth and said: "I'm not leaving today, I want to eat."

She looked towards Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan consciously slapped his chest: "Don't worry, Sir Ye, I'll bake it for you!"

Every night is nodded with satisfaction.

The two of them found an open space with a radius of more than 20 meters.

After that, a piece of ash-gray prismatic stone pillar was taken out every night.

She placed the stone pillar in the center, and then placed a piece of Spirit Crystal in the notch above the stone pillar.

weng!    A strange sound sounded, and the gray white radiance spread out from the stone pillar, forming an ash-gray mask, covering the entire open space.

After that, the mask fluctuated and disappeared.

Lu Yuan glanced at the disappearing mask and asked a little curiously:    "Ye Sir Ye, what is this?"

"Hidden stone, you can simply hide your breath "

Ye Yeren looked expressionless and a little cold, but actually had a good temper. She basically answered the questions Lu Yuan asked along the way.

Lu Yuan glanced at the hidden stone, a little envious.

He has never seen this thing in Sandstone City. Probably brought it out from home every night, right?

After that, Lu Yuan saw that Ye Ye took out a small model of the room.

She put the model of the room on the ground, and in Lu Yuan's bewildered eyes, the model kept getting bigger and eventually turned into a second layer building with a radius of about ten meters.

Lu Yuan: "???"

Can you change the room?   Are you a dream of every night, right? ! The   dark metal building looks like a small fortress.

Lu Yuan looked at Xiaolou, curiously asked:    "Ye Sir Ye, what is this again?"

"Traveler's cabin."

Ye Ye opened the door of the hut while talking.

Before entering the door, she thought for a while, took out a piece of flesh and blood exuding a fragrant smell, and handed it to Lu Yuan.

"Eat this meat at night."

Lu Yuan took the flesh and blood.

This is the meat of the misty Earth Dragon.

He has seen it before.

"Okay, Ye Sir Ye."


Ye Ye nodded, entered the traveler's hut, and then closed the door.

Lu Yuan: "..."

Watching Ye Ye close the door, Lu Yuan admitted that he was sore.

When he hunts in the wild, he really just survives.

But Ye Ye feels like camping.

How can the gap between people be so big?

Lu Yuan can't figure out where the problem is.

However, he came to barbecue after all, and Lu Yuan still did not forget his job.

Take out the tools, seasoning, light a fire, and start roasting.

When the barbecue became golden and the smell became stronger, I walked out every night.

Lu Yuan took a look and noticed that Ye Ye’s hair was a little wet, her skin was originally white with a hint of rosy, and there was a little water vapor around her.

Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching.

So I went to take a bath.

You can take a hot bath in the wild...

What can he say?

After that, squatted down next to Lu Yuan every night, staring at the barbecue.

Lu Yuan gave a dry cough:   "Ye Sir Ye, it is ready."

Lu Yuan took out the plate, cut the barbecue, and handed it to Ye Ye.

I tasted every night, eyes shined, and I continued to eat.

Lu Yuan was very satisfied with   Ye Ye . He seemed to be in a good mood. He groaned and planned to chat with her: "Ye Sir Ye is really strong, and the genes you burned should be bosses. The above?"

Yeye nodded: "en."

Lu Yuan eyes shrank.

Is it really an extraordinary gene above the boss level? !

"Can the first gene be at the boss level or above?! Will it not explode and die after burning?"

Looking at Lu Yuan every night, he didn’t have a face. There is a hint of pride on the small face of the expression, although the voice is still cold, but the volume is raised:   "My ancestor is War Saint, I inherited his extraordinary genes."

(End of this chapter)

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