My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 96

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2021-10-03   Chapter 96 days Ming Empire, Al mechanical relics (seeking first book, seeking monthly)   Lu Yuan hearing this, eyes shrank, heart doubts solved immediately.

gene extraordinary, extraordinary gene ......

Now that burn the gene, it represents, this gene may be inherited down?

That is, until the offspring may inherit genes?    every night ancestors is a powerful War Saint, his extraordinary genes naturally not bad, inherited such extraordinary genes, every night, how could the weak?

However, Lu Yuan still some doubts:

". But I've seen other genetic warrior, and the night Sir Ye did not seem like genetic ancestors"

every night, explains:    . "the stronger the strength of the warrior capable of extraordinary genes on to future generations the chance of higher probability warrior genetic generally Battle Emperor following almost zero and not every genetic offspring can the. "

Lu Yuan hearing this, the heart suddenly.

so that's how it is.

According to say, I am afraid this every night, is considered a so-called genius?

Just think, if the ancestor Battle Emperor, War Saint, and even the War God powerhouse, then the younger generation inherited the gene senior, maybe the first gene is the lord grade level or even king.

so much stronger?   Lu Yuan originally thought their current strength has been very strong.

When I think, stronger than his peers, I am afraid there are many.

He had a little bit proud, and now suddenly sober him.

You have to keep working hard.

ate the last piece of grilled meat, plates and cutlery put down every night, he stood up.

"I went to rest."

Lu Yuan door open every night watching travelers lodge, coughed, some expectations Road:    "Well, Sir Ye night that where I sleep at night "

every night hearing this, looked at Yuan Lu: ?   ." outside "

Lu Yuan:" ...... oh "

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