My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 97

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2021-10-03   Chapter 97 farewell, good luck (seeking first book, seeking monthly)   back home, Lu Yuan before, visiting the war net and played a mall.

wait until the second day, re-enter the land of origin.

Just enter the origin place, Lu Yuan to see the tour's cottage at the edge.

on the line has been every night.

Lu Yuan see every night has been waiting for him, went over and knocked on the door.

Soon, every night to go out.

"You coming?"


" Then get going."

They continue to proceed.


origin time 3 months later.

Among the fog of the forest, and Lu Yuan every night for two at breakneck speed shuttle between the forest, almost turned into a blur.

At this point, every night suddenly stopped.

Lu Yuan immediately alert up, I looked around.

each stop every night, basically is experiencing a strong ominous beast.

At this point, every night opened the mouth and said:

" I'm from here out of the fog of the forest."

Lu Yuan moment, then think of what, looked towards every night:

"? Netherworld City in this position"

". en"

Lu Yuan emotionally complex.

origin place more than three months time, the reality of time has passed more than a week.

They fog forest around the periphery of a large circle.

This one encounters too much danger, if not every night in the words, Lu Yuan wanted to be here, too difficult to upgrade several times.

In my heart, Lu Yuan is very grateful for every night.

plus get along this time, Lu Yuan also know that every night though it seemed pretty cool, actually a very gentle girl, he was a real soft spot for every night of.

did not expect so soon separated.

Then he thought of something, a little embarrassed and said:    "I told Sir Ye night with you out a little."

After all, here in the depths of the forest fog of biased position, there are a lot of Second Rank ominous beast rampant.

not every night in the words of a man he did not dare to go this route.

can only continue to go to the most peripheral fog forest, passed from the First Rank ominous beast area.

Although the distance will be farther away, but wins in security.

every night nodded.

They ran toward the periphery.

It took another hundred kilometers around the ominous beast has basically First Rank, Lu Yuan stopped.

He looked every night, carefully opened the mouth and said:

" right here, many thanks night Sir Ye took me to come here, since in Baiyun Zhou, . after the encounter in the future there should be opportunities there anything I can do things, even though told me "

Every night looked at Lu Yuan, seriously said:." this time you do the barbecue to the better "

Lu Yuan mouth suddenly a pumping:." the next meeting, I give the night Sir Ye barbecue "

this satisfied every night nodded:" en. "

Then, every night in front of Lu Yuan nodded, turned into a blur body, disappeared.

When leave every night, the surroundings become quiet, only the distance beast roar came.

Lu Yuan rubbed his forehead, had been the two people go, although rarely talked the night, but has now become a man, he was a little uncomfortable.

"Let's go, okay coming soon."

Stronghold and Netherworld City distance is not too far to Lu Yuan speeds up to ten days arrive.

Lu Yuan continues to move toward the northeast.




Xili City slum area, a common room.

Li Qinghe sitting on the couch, Fulang Ming stood before her, a look of respectful report:

" Your honor, a week after an investigation, we have gone through overwhelming majority the suspect in that before the week of unrest, most people have no evidence of the presence of only six people did not know where, but this six years, after our investigation, the only wild dogs to help Xue Jen, loner Ellis and wilderness hunter Lucius disappeared after a few days. the other three adults who do not have scars, we guess, that alienation was just a person in their three people in. " Li Qinghe Slightly nodded:    . "in my injury was inflicted on him, he's not short of action, but does not rule out that there was alienation treatment capacity so he might have been restored under the fast assimilated alienation of the host is no longer a normal person, he certainly can not resist the desire to bring objects of alienation, but also attack people ...... "


Li Qinghe silent, smoked cigarette, thought a moment, continuing opened the mouth and said: "the last time I appeared so that he should be wary of the next attack, he brazenly It should not be longer make such a big movement, will be wary of some of his. At that time demonstrated the strength, ordinary person's soul has been unable to meet his needs, he is likely to attack genetic warrior such powerhouse. to send some people to find Xue Ren, Ellis and Lucius, in addition, keep an eye on slum area of genetic warrior, they may become the target of alienation of the host of "

" is "

at this point, Lin Hong, rushed in, his face ugly:.!

"adults! host and the action, just received a report of the local night watchman, scorpion help of Vice-Gang Leader Carlyle died in his own home."

Li Qinghe narrowed eyes: "? recovery yet"

she sneered: "to this point, he could not hold back the temptation and before the discreet completely different ah but that is only greed-driven alienation of the host... staring at the other genetic warrior, there is an attack, there will be a second time. "

" is! "


slum area in addition within a room.

flow shadow, Xue Ren out from the shadows.

compared to the previous injury, cold Xue Ren's face a little worse, in the eyes with a trace of Xie Yi color.

He sit cross-legged on the bed, in front of a black bead circulation, strange screams heard.

A plume of black fog spilling from among the black beads, into his body, his breath becomes ever stronger.

Shortly after, Xue Ren opened his eyes, eyes of a plume of black fog spilling.

His face appeared out of touch of the hideous color:    "Damn ...... impact of those actions before the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed the night watchman ...... caused by too much. If this continues, before long, they will be determined to be me. my strength is not enough, even stronger! "

" but now even kill a genetic warrior will be found how to do ...... the job? "

Xue Ren face increasingly grim, with his breath fluctuations in deep blanket of darkness gradually become a bit more rich than before.

"find a way to inform other gangs genetic warrior to negotiate on behalf of the gang to the development of a collection, and then eat them ...... No, no, to the present situation, other gangs genetic warrior must be monitored. I rashly invited, I will only make them completely locked. ...... do not have to change the way! "

then his eyes flicker glow, remove the phone, face emerges out of touch of indifference color.

He dialed a number. du !   du !   du !   call is connected, with a trace of sarcasm came across icy voice:

" Oh ...... rare , you should take the initiative to call me "

Xueren Wei Yan's voice sounded: .    " you come back a trip, I have something to say to you "

." hehe ...... I said, I will not go back! I went back when, when is my revenge! "


Xue Ren face of fluctuations in the blanket of darkness, and then face emerges out a touch of color struggle.

He opened his mouth, you want to say anything, but his face again rich black fog up, his face once again restored indifference.

He lightly opened the mouth and said:

" I have to say something about your mother."

Opposite fell silent.

Shortly after, opposite some voice sounded cold:

" I'll come within three days."


Xue Ren Momo hung up the phone, his eyes glow with his mouth raised, revealing a hint of Xieyi dangerous.

"Wang Xue is the Second Rank Battle Master, eat him, probation may be worth a hundred levels of genetic warrior .when the time comes, I must be able to greatly enhance the strength ......"


mad wolf materials shop, after the store room.

flashing lamp dim rays of light, Wang Xue leaning against the bed, black sunglasses that moment aside.

his pupils is strange deep green, if a group Ghost Fire burning in the eyes.

He hung up the phone, silent, the hands emerged out of a photo.

Only 2/3/2021 Photo above is a very gentle smile black hair woman holding a frail child.

children have a black short hair slightly curled, bright smile.

In the children on the other side of the picture has disappeared, the gap looks as if the tear was rude in general.

Xue Wang looked at the photograph, fingers gently stroked the woman's face had black hair, slightly moist eyes, eyes distant, as if remembering something.

Shortly after, he came back to his senses, photo close up, a little spit of breath, deep green eyes flashed's sharp hint of color.


second day.

mad wolf materials shop.

Lu Yuan door, he saw Xue Wang in a variety of materials to pack on the counter.

Lu Yuan stunned, looked around some empty storefronts.

" ? Laoxue, you pack up and why"

Xue Wang looked up and saw Lu Yuan, pushed his black sunglasses, smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"old Lu, came? I intend to go out this two-day trip, the first thing to pack up."

"go? where are you going?"

Xue Wang looked at Lu Yuan, laughed: "this is the secret."

Lu Yuan rolled the eyes.

Xue Wang changed the subject:   "?. Are you here to sell material to the happened, maybe tomorrow I passed away"

Lu Yuan laughed: " You passed away, I have to re-find a partner. "

" do not ah! you see my brother in addition to start to take you, not behind you pit, right? us so happy, you have the heart to abandon me ? "

Xue Wang quickly called up.

Lu Yuan corner of mouth twitching: " You know you want to start the pit I?"

Xue Wang grinned: "come, come up with the goods come."

Lu Yuan will take everything out, Wang Xue began to count. After

counted a half, Wang Xue some doubts:    ?. "old land, this is not OK, ah, how are First Rank elite grade material is also less before not the case . "

Lu Yuan rolled at the Eyes:    ." thigh to the destination, I am a man, these gains have pretty good "

Xue Wang hearing this, some Yuan looked surprised Lu:    "? big brother who is not and you go with the city"

Then he thought of something, his face somewhat strange:   "does not ? human right "

Lu Yuan did not conceal a smile opened the mouth and said:

". is a cat person "

Xue Wang corner of mouth twitching, eyes looking at Lu Yuan more weird:

" man woman?"

Lu Yuan Wang Xue looked at:   "woman, how the ? "

Xue Wang coughed:   " good looking it? "

Lu Yuan thought:   " ah, very good looking. "

Xue Wang mouth twitched:    "actually standings Catwoman rich woman jealous of me can you help me to ask her if she had her sister younger sister stuff, right?!!?"

Lu Yuan face full of black lines:

" your imagination is very rich."

he knew their own thing their own side, he is a cook it.

that is, every night is a food goods, just when he single-handedly barbecue fairly decent, every night should not eat.

Otherwise, where he could hold every night thighs?   Lu Yuan was very self-knowledge.

"Do not ah! Our relations are so good, you eat meat, not under the care of brother?"

"get lost!"

Xue Wang curl one's lip, mouth and muttered something not know what to say, continue to count up.

Soon, he took inventory of finished things:

" Well, I'm a total of 14.18 million transferred to you.."

Xue Wang burst operation, Lu Yuan suddenly received a text message prompt arrival.


Lu Yuan looked at the message, and looked towards Xue Wang:? "You will not have any difficulty about I help you, though not? get some help on "

Xue Wang smiled and waved:.".. how can I have any difficulty you want more "

Lu Yuan nodded, not much to say.

"I go first."

Lu Yuan to leave the material shop, Wang Xue continued her things.


second day in the evening, Lu Yuan continues into the origin of the land.

His body appeared in the forest.

Since leaving every night, he walked more than two days.

It is now Stronghold is not far away, in the land of origin of time, be sure to go to.

Lu Yuan eyes flicker of excitement.

to be finally.

On their way, he spent more than a month, it is too far.

Lu Yuan turned into a streamer, while kill First Rank ominous beast, while continuing on their way.

A few days later, Lu Yuan is moving in the forest, suddenly heard in the distance a rumbling sound.

There are fighting?   Lu Yuan surprised a moment, some curiosity in the direction of the fighting by the past.

Soon, Lu Yuan will be close to the combat zone, he hid behind a giant tree spying.

Among the dense jungle, there are three Kobold three and three meters high, the siege has seemed like stone light gray skin of the giant central human.

Human beings are the center of a petite girl with long hair in a light purple.

girl looks very beautiful, pretty face a little baby fat, big eyes, eyes with light purple mysterious, the rosy mouth, nose and Alice Ting.

She frowned at the moment, a look of anger.

But even angry expression looks nothing lethal, but people feel lovely.

It looks, every night is no less than the.

Lu Yuan could not help but viewed in the dark staring slightly.

He admitted that he was a bit stunning to.

But ......

Lu Yuan looked at the girl's body, mouth twitch, the color revealing a trace of regret.

girl is not tall, young age, have the airport, no doubt is a rich woman.

At the moment, the purple-haired girl hands shot one after another purple vines, and trees around the body also shot vines, vines all, including her guard to fend off three Kobold and light gray Little Giant attacks also occasionally tied a Kobold or light gray Little Giant, and throw them out.

From the girl's body, Lu Yuan felt the strong flavor and can even be compared with him.

He looked at the purple vines, his face slightly quirky.

is not a genetic inheritance extraordinary what a genius, right?   I Lumou people so good luck?   casually we can encounter two this level of genius?   (End of this chapter)

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