My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 98

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  Chapter 98 Amy Algaby (first order, monthly pass)

Lu Yuan and looked towards the six people who besieged the purple-haired girl.

Kobold Lu Yuan is very familiar, after all, he has encountered it several times.

Seeing the light gray Little Giant, Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly:    "Kaman?"

Because he was leaving Sandstone City, Lu Yuan did it before A lot of homework, and a certain understanding of the race of Baiyunzhou.

The Kamans are one of the races of Baiyunzhou. Among the four initial cities of mankind, there are Kamans in the bone city.

didn't expect they got mixed up with Kobold.

These six Kobolds and Kamans are very strong, all of them are First Rank. From the aura point of view, there is even a Kobold and a Kaman who are elite warriors, and the tempering degree is not low. , So that Lu Yuan can feel a little pressure.

Some of the six use water arrows and some have ash-gray radiance on their weapons to increase their strength. Lu Yuan even saw a Kobold who uses petrified skin battle skill.

This guy should have come from Sandstone City just like him.

Although the six Kobolds and the Kamans have not been able to break through and defend at this moment, the purple-haired girl does not seem to have too strong offensive capabilities, and there is nothing to do with them.

Every time she tied people with vines, there was a heavy sword in the hands of a Kaman holding a heavy sword flashing ash-gray radiance, cutting the vines off.

As time passed, the face of the purple-haired girl turned pale, and the purple vines were no longer as flexible as before.

Obviously, because of limited physical strength and spiritual power, I am a little tired.

A Kobold with flames on his battle axe looked at the purple-haired girl with a grinning grin:

"Human, you run! You run again! Do you still have any hole cards to use. Come out!"

The Kaman with ash-gray radiance flashing on the sword also showed a sneer:    "Didn't expect to catch a big fish, this human being has so many potions and The curse, the wealth is definitely not less. This time so many brothers died, as long as you kill her, the loss should be earned back."

The purple-haired girl frowned, her pretty face was angry, some Rose red.

She stared angrily at Kobold and the Kaman:    "You wait for this Young Lady. When this Young Lady goes to Tianluo City, she must take someone to kill you a hundred times! "

"Hahahaha! Let's talk about it when you get to Tianluo City!"

Kobold brawny man laughed indifferently.

Lu Yuan saw in his eyes, eyebrows slightly frowned, clenched the heavy sword tightly, and planned to help.

This is not Lu Yuan's sordid, greedy girl's body, mainly of the same human beings, if besieged by a foreign race, it can help Lu Yuan feel that he still needs to help.

Please call him a messenger of justice! Warrior of light!

It is because of those who do not believe in light that darkness will appear!

Although these six Kobold and Kaman are very strong, his strength is not weak, and the purple-haired girl is also quite strong. If her vines lack sufficient lethality, then A few Kobold and Kaman might not be enough for her to kill.

Listening to Kobold and the Kaman, this purple-haired girl seems to have a lot of potions and charms?

Is it just being consumed by them?   Don't know how many people died.

Lu Yuan didn't think much anymore. He squinted his eyes and squeezed the heavy sword in his hand. His legs were slightly bent and he slammed on the ground.

bang!   His body shot out like a long arrow, rushing towards the nearest Kobold.

The sudden appearance of Lu Yuan shocked everyone on the battlefield and turned their attention away.

Especially Kobold who was attacked, his eyes widened slightly and his face was dark.

"Human! Are you easy to deal with because of your uncle?!"

He held a giant sword with both hands and slashed towards Lu Yuan horizontally.

Lu Yuan squinted his eyes, a sharp flash in his eyes.

Just when he was about to dodge the counterattack, one after another purple vine quickly entangled this Kobold's hands like a snake, and his slashing movement stopped.


The giant sword Kobold was horrified.

Lu Yuan saw this scene, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.


He gave the purple-haired girl a thumbs up, such a quick response, such a precise interference.

Very difficult to deal with.

A cold light flashed in his eyes, and a crimson rays of light flashed across his body.


The slightly red sword light streak across Kobold's neck, his head soaring into the sky, blood like pillars.

"Damn it! Ergouzi!"

Lu Yuan's raid was too rapid, and the reaction of the purple-haired girl was beyond everyone's expectations. They didn't completely. Expect, a wave of surprises directly caused one of Kobold's heads to fly.

Everyone's eyes widened and suddenly furious.

"Humans again! Killed together!"

Two Kobolds and three Kamans looked at each other. The division of labor was clear. Three of the Kamans dealt with the purple hair. Girl, the remaining two Kobolds rushed towards Lu Yuan.


The besieged Amy Algaby was already desperate, and he was about to arrive in Tianluo City. Didn’t expect unexpectedly encountered a foreign race The siege.

If her genetic battle skill is not strong enough, and there are a lot of potions and lethal charms on her body, she can't stop it for long.

Even so, she ran out of charms and potions and killed more than 20 people, and the inventory was almost consumed.

After physical exertion, she will die sooner or later.

Amy Algaby gritted her teeth and was very angry.

If it hadn’t been for the boss of a Second Rank ominous beast before, she used a lot of potions and charms to run away, resulting in a small number of potions and charms, so she could directly use them all The spell smashed to death!   But when she was desperate, a teenager rushed in to help.

As a genius of the Algabe family, she has already received actual combat training a long time ago. With rich combat experience, she naturally understands immediately what she wants to do.

Naturally, she didn't even think about it, and directly assisted the young man to control his opponent.

One hit worked!    Now seeing the remaining five alien soldiers divided into two directions, her light purple eyes flashed, looked towards the young man, opened the mouth and said: "I will assist you, we will defeat them one by one!"


Lu Yuan looked at the two Kobolds who were leaping over, and narrowed his eyes. Just when he was going to be tough, he heard Amy's voice.

Lu Yuan was stunned, looked up towards Amy, and found that Amy was also looking at him.

Lu Yuan smiled, nodded: "Okay!"

Amy lifted her little hand, one after another purple vines spread out like a spider web, rushing towards the five Kobolds and the Kamans Coming over, the vines of the overwhelming majority rushed to the Kobold facing the two Lu Yuans.

"If it was before, we would still worry, but much energy do you have left?!"

The Kaman holding a heavy sword grinned, heavy The ash-gray radiance flashed above the sword, and one after another sword light was swept across the air, cutting off a large number of vines.

Seeing this, Amy frowned, her eyebrows frowned, her physical exertion was too great, and now the tenacious degree of the vines has been reduced to a certain extent.

Seeing this scene, Lu Yuan understood the current situation.

In the current situation of the purple-haired girl, I was able to kill the Kobold before, obviously because he was completely unprepared by hitting the other party.

Now that the other party reacts, it is too difficult to be effective.

But Lu Yuan's face did not change in the slightest.

Except for the two leaders, Kobold and Kaman, no one else poses a threat to him.

When the two Kobolds approached Lu Yuan and were about to attack, Lu Yuan stepped on the ground with the soles of his feet, and his body instantly disappeared in place.

He appeared behind the weaker Kobold, and the heavy sword with a sharp sword light slashed towards Kobold's neck.

Kobold eyes shrank holding a blazing battle axe reveals a look of shock.


He didn't expect Lu Yuan's speed to increase a bit more than before.

"Stop it!"

Kobold roared, and the battle axe slashed towards Lu Yuan. The burning flame made the air smell like a scorching scent.

Lu Yuan's face remained unchanged, and he didn't even move.

A trace of dim-blue rays of light flashed on the ring of rapids in his hand.

A water arrow hit the battle axe.


After the battle axe, the offensive became much weaker.

The zero-level boss-level water arrow is still a bit worse when facing the attack of the First Rank elite warrior, but it can also weaken a lot of formidable power.

And Lu Yuan's heavy sword has crossed Kobold's neck.

With blood pouring, Kobold's body swayed and fell to the ground.

Seeing that Lu Yuan didn't evade, Kobold, the flame battle axe, killed his comrade forcibly, and there was bleeding in his eyes.

"courting death!!!"

He forced an afterburner, and the battle axe fiercely slashed on the armor of Lu Yuan's shoulder.


The rumbling sound rang. The flame on the flame battle axe engulfed Lu Yuan.

As soon as the smile on Kobold's face appeared, a black Sword light slashed through the air and slashed towards Kobold's neck.

Kobold's whole body hair exploded, his pupils contracted violently, and he could only dodge sideways.


The heavy sword crossed the leather armor of Kobold's left arm. The leather armor was completely unable to withstand Lu Yuan's heavy sword. With the sound of cracking silk, blood gushing down, and a hideous wound appeared on Kobold's left arm.


Kobold warrior roared, and backed back again and again, his forehead was covered with cold sweat, and he looked at Lu Yuan slowly walking out of the flames with some uncertainty. .

When he saw that Lu Yuan had only a crack on the Battle Armor and was unscathed, his eyes widened and he couldn't believe it:    "This is impossible!! By my flames How can you be unharmed when the slash is hit head-on?"

Lu Yuan glanced at the crack on the Battle Armor, a trace of distress flashed in his eyes.

The repair cost is very expensive, okay? !    He looked up towards Kobold, smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Your attack is quite comfortable."

Honestly, this Kobold's tempering degree is probably afraid It has reached more than 80% of the First Rank, and the formidable power of Flame Slash is extraordinary.

If it was the flame slash of the full strength attack at the beginning, Lu Yuan felt that he would also be injured next.

It's a pity to be blocked by a water arrow, and the formidable power has been reduced a lot. In addition, his leader-level Battle Armor has blocked a wave, how can he get hurt so easily?   The three Kamans in the distance also saw the situation here, their eyes widened, and a look of shock flashed in their eyes.

Even Amy was surprised.

After all, Lu Yuan’s Spiritual Qi fluctuations are not particularly strong, and the tempering degree should not be considered very high. Didn’t expect to be able to harden the full strength attack of a deep tempering elite warrior, and nothing happened. hurt.

How strong is this defense? The    atmosphere fell silent, and the elite Kaman warrior looked ugly:

"’s another hard stubble, retreat!"

The human woman is already very difficult. Zang, they died so many people failed to win, and they also consumed all their hole cards, and now there is another extremely powerful Lu Yuan.

The elite Kamans have no confidence that they can eat both of them.

The three Kaman wanted to retreat, and Amy's baby fat face showed a cold color:

"Want to run?! I asked this Young Lady. Is it?!"

With a small hand, the purple vine shoots out and spreads towards the three Kamans.

Seeing this, Lu Yuan looked towards Kobold, and planned to do it quickly.

He took out a few bottles of potions and drank them.

Power potions, speed potions and defense potions.

In addition to the First Rank potion as a trump card, Lu Yuan also bought a lot of good potions as a regular explosive method.

What I drink now is good medicine.

Lu Yuan's strength is too strong. After drinking a good grade potion, Lu Yuan's strength only increased by 10%, his speed increased slightly, and his defense increased by less than 10%.

However, originally Lu Yuan's strength was already strong enough. After drinking the potion, his aura became stronger.

The face of the elite Kobold opposite him changed drastically, and he turned to run.

As for the three Kamans blocked by purple vines?   They all wanted to abandon him and ran away, and still expect him to save them?

Dreaming?    Lu Yuan saw Kobold warrior turn around and wanted to run, he laughed, his body disappeared in place, and instantly appeared behind Kobold warrior, heavy sword slashed straight down.

The elite Kobold warrior eyes shrank, roared:    "Human! I have given up! Don't force me to do my best!!"

The battle axe in his hand is full of flames,切向 heavy sword.

A cold and severe color flashed in Lu Yuan's eyes, and his face was expressionless.

The war horse and the battle axe collide.


Under the rumbling sound, the elite Kobold warrior eyes shrank, his body stepped back again and again.

"Damn... how can your power be so strong?"

Lu Yuan grinned: "Guess?"

3rd-layer Hei Gang Under intense pressure, Lu Yuan's strength is no longer much worse than his defense.

Coupled with the effect of the potion of strength, it can be almost the same.

Even the elite Kobold warrior of the strong attack system is slightly inferior.

He disappeared in place again, attacking the elite Kobold warrior.

The most powerful force of the elite Kobold warrior has been suppressed, and its speed and defense have been completely crushed.

After just barely resisting a few attacks with his own combat experience, the elite Kobold warrior was slashed across the neck by Lu Yuan and lost his vitality.

After killing the elite Kobold warrior, Lu Yuan turned his head and looked towards the three Kamans.

At this moment, the three Kamans were stopped by Amy with wisteria at all costs.

Lu Yuan stepped on the ground with both feet, a shallow pit appeared on the ground, and his body turned into a black shadow and rushed towards the three Kamans.

Lu Yuan's powerful imposing manner surgingly pressed on the three Kamans, their hearts were cold, and a trace of panic flashed in their eyes.

They saw before their eyes that the elite Kobold was strongly killed by Lu Yuan within a few rounds.

"Block him!"

The sword-wielding Kaman roared.

(End of this chapter)

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