My Gene Evolves Infinitely Chapter 99

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2021-10-03   99 days Luo Wisteria chapter, after the Battle Emperor (seeking first book, seeking monthly)   one The Kaman pointed the staff at Lu Yuan, and the water mist condensed, forming a water arrow that shot towards Lu Yuan.

The water arrows ripped through the air and made a sharp squeaking sound.

This formidable power is stronger than the ancient sea giant crocodile leader Lu Yuan encountered before. However, Lu Yuan's complexion remained unchanged, he cut out the long sword in his hand, and slashed towards the water arrow.


The water arrow was directly smashed, Lu Yuan kept walking, and continued to rush towards the three Kamans.

Seeing that Lu Yuan could easily smash the water arrows, the three Kaman panicked.

The sword-wielding Kaman growled and cut away the vine, trying to escape alone.

But Amy pursed her red lips, constantly squeezing her own power, endless vines, rushing towards the three Kamans, making it impossible for the sword-wielding Kamans to make a way for a while.

In just two breathing times, Lu Yuan has rushed in front of the three Kamans.

During this period, the Water Arrow Kaman once again fired two water arrows, all of which were shattered by Lu Yuan with no difficulty.

After approaching the three Kamans, Lu Yuan's eyes were cold, and he immediately slashed towards the Water Arrow Kamans.

This kind of guy with remote battle skill is the most annoying.

"Don't think about it!"

A Kaman holding a shield snarled at the side, blocking the water arrow Kaman, his light gray skin There are some stone lines, and even the shield has one after another stone lines.

Petrified skin battle skill.

Lu Yuan’s first battle skill was petrified skin, so I understand this battle skill naturally.

The defensive ability is not bad.


It depends on who you are facing.

Lu Yuan's eyes flashed with sorrow, the whole body was red rays of light flashed, and Hei Gangjin burst out with all his strength.

The heavy sword is cut on the shield.

clang !   powerful force to make people Kaman stone skin directly inverted out, mouth spurt a large mouthful of blood.

Rout with one blow!   that water arrows Kaman water arrows not unite people, Lu Yuan also a sword, red Jianmang flashed, he will kill.

The remaining Kamans with swords saw this scene, their pupils contracted slightly, clenched the teeth, turned and cut towards Lu Yuan.

The heavy sword flashing with ash-gray radiance has a sharp aura, even if Lu Yuan turns on the red copper light, it feels a bit dangerous.

This formidable power is similar to that of Flame Slash.

He directly greeted him. Clang!   Long Sword collision, a white sword Kaman people face, back again and again, his hands trembling.

Lu Yuan's power is too strong. With a single blow, the sword-wielding Kaman feels as if his hand is broken.

He was shocked, what kind of monster is this human? !   defense strong no problem, how power will be so exaggerated? !   However, his thoughts just flow, heavy sword to cut again.

The powerful imposing manner forced the sword-wielding Kaman to roll and evade in embarrassment.

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows and slashed at the sword-wielding Kaman again.

The Kaman with the sword was still rolling, a wisteria entangled him, his eyes shrank, he saw a sword light flash by, his sight plunged into darkness.

After killing the sword-wielding Kaman, Lu Yuan looked towards the Shihfu Kaman who fell to the ground and struggled to get up. It was a sword when he went up.

All three Kamans died.

Amy on the side saw that Lu Yuan killed the three Kamans so neatly, purple's eyes flashed with surprise.

She knows how powerful these Kamans are. She didn't expect to be so impossible to withstand a single blow in front of Lu Yuan.

Looking at the fluctuation of spiritual power, this guy should have just arrived in First Rank, right?   just before that power and defensive ability, nothing like the warrior First Rank arrived.

His extraordinary genes should be very high level.

Don't know which family it is from?

Why haven’t you seen it before?   even heard of.

Amy didn't think about it for long. She felt her body was empty. She used all her strength to mobilize the wisteria, which made her a little weak at the moment.

She scattered the wisteria and leaned against the tree, panting slightly.

After Lu Yuan killed the three Kamans, seeing the wisteria dissipate, he turned his head and looked towards the direction of the purple-haired girl.

Seeing the pale face of the purple-haired girl, Lu Yuan asked: "Are you okay?"

The face looks cute.

She strongly insisted waved, put on a face care:    "little things just friends this small, how could not baffle me Amy Alberto Gaby Do not overlook!! Me!"

It would be more convincing if she could not shake her body when she said this.

A black line appeared on Lu Yuan's forehead, looking at the strong purple-haired girl with a speechless expression.

He took out a bottle of spiritual power potion and a bottle of healing potion, and handed it over:

"Drink it?"

Amy was originally white The pretty face turned red.

A little embarrassed, she took the two bottles of potion, and gurgled her head up and drank it.

After drinking the potion, her face quickly recovered, and her body did not shake anymore.

There was a look of anger on her little face, and she waved her fists in annoyance:

"If it weren't for those guys' mean sneak attack, there are so many people, I haven't burned it yet. The extraordinary genes with offensive capabilities suitable for me, they are not my opponents!"

When Lu Yuan heard it, the corners of his mouth twitched.

Good fellow.

Listening to the little fellow, she hasn't burned the First Rank gene yet?   just relying on the first gene so strong, and every night is really a kind of person?   Lu Yuan somewhat curious to see this girl named Amy al-cover ratio.

If this is the case, there should be a powerhouse above Battle Emperor among the elders of this little fellow?   You know, Battle Emperor Maple empire seems to have only four only, the whole big Qixing should not many fishes.

I don’t know which Battle Emperor’s heir is this little fellow?   Lu Yuan could not resist a little envious.

Other people worked hard, trembling with fear was just to burn an elite gene. As a result, these people casually inherited extraordinary genes above the boss level.

If Lu Yuan hadn't had an evolutionary cube, his mentality would have collapsed.

But in fact, think about it carefully, the ancestors of these people did not inherit extraordinary genes before. With their own efforts, they stepped onto the height of the Battle Emperor.

It can only be said that this is a reward for those Battle Emperors.

Envy is useless. It's better to make your own breakthrough to the Battle Emperor. In the future, your children can become the envy of others.

Of course, Lu Yuan’s goal is not the Battle Emperor’s level.

His goal is naturally War God, even stronger than War God!

Amy have no idea about Lu Yuan heart, she will be angry after, looked towards Lu Yuan, purple eyes with a trace of curiosity color:    "Oh What's your name?? "

Lu Yuan glanced at her, said with a smile:

"My name is **."

"**? Last name Lei?"

Amy tilted her head to think about it, then looked at Lu Yuan with some doubts: "It seems that there is no Great Emperor family with the surname Lei? You are not from the Great Emperor family?"

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile: "en."

Amy's eyes widened, she was a little shocked:

"Then you can be so strong? Are you? It's the kind of super genius who is in ten-thousand does not have one?"

Seeing Amy frightened and flustered, Lu Yuan suddenly found her very interesting.

He is serious and nodded, looking up at the sky forty-five degrees, with a trace of loneliness like snow on his face:

"Is it finally exposed? In fact, I want to keep a low profile. . Just seeing the same clansman being besieged by a foreign race, I still couldn’t help feeling anger and took action.”

Amy pursed her red lips when she heard Lu Yuan’s words, feeling a little moved.

After all, this low-key super genius, but only to save her.

Did you see the same race being attacked by a different race?

What a wonderful person!

Amy defined Lu Yuan in his heart.

She took a deep breath, with a serious look on Madoka’s face, she lifted expert patted Lu Yuan’s shoulders, and then patted peng peng on her chest, saying seriously:

"Since you saved this Young Lady, you will follow this Young Lady in the future! With this Young Lady there, no one dares to bully you!"

Lu Yuan looked at Amy and patted hard The small hand on the chest twitched the corner of his mouth.

He really wanted to say that you don't want to shoot anymore, it will be sunken if you shoot again.

But he thought about it, if he said so, I'm afraid this little fellow will be at odds with him.

No need, really no need.

But seeing Amy's proud look, Lu Yuan couldn't help but think of teasing her.

He opened the mouth and said:

"Am I looking ugly?"

Amy was taken aback, didn't expect Lu Yuan to do this Ask.

She opened her eyes and looked at Lu Yuan, then smiled at Hehe’s opened the mouth and said:

"It should look pretty, what's the matter?"

Lu Yuan sighed Road:    "not say that life-saving grace not think that report can only devote one's life to it I thought I was ugly, just let me say that you mix with you?."

Amy was taken aback, a little unresponsive, she blinked, and then suddenly her pretty face turned red, her body stepped back, and her entire back was attached to the tree trunk.

She looked at Lu Yuan in shock:

"You, you, you, you, can you devote one's life to?! That is to be together to be together? Yes! To, to hold hands!! Can you say such shameless words?! Don't be ashamed! I won't let you go with me!"

Lu Yuan: "?"

He watched Amy's fierce reaction, full of question marks.

"Hand in hand?"

"Yes, yes!"

Amy leaned against the tree trunk, her pretty face was red, but she had a face Sorry:    "I read the book over the movie, like the people who want to, to hand in hand, however, and then there's the baby!"

Lu Yuan: "?"

"...... not hand in hand? then have a baby?"

( subway, elderly, mobile phone) .jpg   this is probably Lu Yuan now face up.

Amy's red roar: "Why do you repeat it again?! Don't you know you are shy?"

Lu Yuan: "..."

He looked at Amy, who was about to smoke on his head, and was silent. After

silence the next, Lu Yuan asked:   "Amy ...... How old are you?"

Amy smirked:   ? "I me ten Six! Already an adult!"

Lu Yuan was taken aback. In other words, Amy only awakened this year?

Think about it. With such extraordinary genes, coupled with the family conditions of the Great Emperor level, it is not easy to break through to First Rank.

For them, one month is enough.

How is it like Lu Yuan, who needs to work hard to hunt ominous beasts and obtain Spirit Crystal?   so difficult to breakthrough within a month.


Lu Yuan looked at Amy who was complacent and felt a little numb.

Is this guy sure that his physical knowledge is sixteen years old? !

The openness of this world is not much different from the previous life.

Generally speaking, let alone junior high school, even elementary school has people who have had a relationship.

At the age of sixteen, I thought that holding hands would give birth to baby......

Lu Yuan was full of question marks.

"You do not networked home?"

Amy oblique glance Lu Yuan, despise Road:    ! "Your family did not do things I used to watch cartoons online Yes!"

Lu Yuan face full of black lines:

"Except for cartoons, have you checked other information?"

"Other information What information?"

Amy opened Purple's big eyes and looked at Lu Yuan curiously.

Lu Yuan looked at Amy’s pure eyes, twitched the corners of his mouth, and smiled dryly:

"Nothing, you are right!"

Amy is so pure, although Lu Yuan doesn't know how their family does it, but he still thinks it should be guarded.

After all, he is only sixteen years old.


Although sixteen years old is no longer young.

Amy looked at Lu Yuan, head slightly raised some pride:    "! That certainly, I say Amy Arguel than natural wrong"

Lu Yuan nodded, then smiled and opened the mouth and said:

"Master Amy, I will mess with you in the future."

"I don't want you to mess with me!" "

Amy looked disgusted: "Your thoughts are too clueless!"

Lu Yuan: "???"

He turned out for a while I don't know how to refute it.

Compared with Amy, he seems really dirty!   unable to refute.

Sorry, as a dirty adult, I'm sorry!

Amy glanced at Lu Yuan with a dumb face, paused, opened the mouth and said:

"Although you are not allowed to mix with me. But you are my Ai after all Mi’s life saving benefactor, Supreme Grandfather taught me to be grateful and seeking to repay the kindness! If you have any difficulties in the future, just tell me, when the time comes, I will help you solve it!"

Lu Yuan also smiled when he heard Amy's words.

Although his original intention to save Amy was not the case, having Amy’s this remark is an extra bonus.

After all, this is the promise of a genius from the Great Emperor family.

Lu Yuan is quite self-aware. For him now, Amy's promise is very precious.

He was curious and asked: "Amy, you are what Great Emperor family?"

Amy despise looked Yuan Lu:    "Al Gaby family Have you never heard of it? Tianluo Battle Emperor, you should have heard of it?"

Lu Yuan eyes slightly shrink.

Isn’t he going to the Tianluo City where the Tianluo Battle Emperor is located?

"Are you a descendant of Tianluo's Battle Emperor?"

Amy stretched out her little hand proudly, spiritual power surged, and a small purple vine swayed in her hand. It looks very cute.

"That's my Supreme Grandfather! Tianluo Wisteria, you didn’t even recognize it. Hehe~It’s so stupid!"

Amy gave Lu Yuan a slanted look and then covered it. Smile straight.

Lu Yuan said in a serious way:

"That is naturally not as exceptionally intelligent as Lord Amy."

Amy is even more proud: "hmph! count you There is still a bit of foresight! If you are not so insecure, I will let you follow me!"

Lu Yuan: "..."

Let’s not say that I am insecure Something?   I was wrong, I really wrong.

I shouldn't have said devote one's life to to Amy at that time.

At this moment Amy has almost recovered.

She straightened her body, carefully patted the dust on her purple robe, opened the mouth and said:

"Let's go! I'm recovering, you also go to Tian Luo City? Let's be together, my Tianluo Wisteria controls the enemy Wushuang, you just go up and chop!"

Amy stretched out her small hand and made a gesture of chopping people.

Lu Yuan nodded with a smile: "Okay."

What Lu Yuan thought of, looked towards the place where the previous genetic warriors died, some Spirit Crystals, materials, and even There was also a battle axe with light green rays of light that fell on the ground. It was the weapon of the elite Kobold.

"Almost forgot."

Lu Yuan laughed and picked it up.

Amy looked at Lu Yuan picking up things like eyes with a trace of curiosity:    "These things are not very cheap you have to pick up, much trouble?."

Lu Yuan glanced at Amy speechlessly.

Sure enough, these big guys are all the same, every night they would rather eat than ordinary ingredients that take up space, and Amy finds it too troublesome.

When can he dislike these ordinary materials and pick them up trouble?

Damn it!

After picking up the things, Lu Yuan opened the mouth and said:

"Let’s go."

The two walked towards Tianluo City .

At this moment, a thick fog suddenly floated from a distance.

The speed of the dense fog was extremely fast, and almost instantly, it covered the location of Lu Yuan and Amy.

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