My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 1327

The first thousand two hundred and ninety chapters of deadly red

In a certain layer in the building…

Ling Mo is rushing wildly: “This Spiritual Energy is very weird, not only chasing me, but there is no increase in the distance due to changes in distance… As expected, this should be the Spiritual System. The guy’s killing move. Hey… obviously has already smashed him in the first place… can be the only one of the Spiritual System Ability User with the surname Wang, and sure enough, can’t be underestimated…”

“sōu! ”

The mental hurricane was still chasing after Ling Mo behind, and at this time, there was a rush of footsteps upstairs.

“To be caught up.” Ling Mo pupils shrank, his face showed a sneer, “Come on!”

“Come on, he is below!”

“Get rid of Ling Mo directly!”

Staff Officer Wang entire group While rushing downstairs, he whispered.

Except for Staff Officer Wang, most of their eyes are redden.

“After another corner of the stairs, you can catch up!”

“pū pū !”

However, at this moment, two Falcon members rushing to the forefront suddenly made a scream.

“Be careful! It’s the little thing that can’t be seen!” A member raised the muzzle directly, move towards the two Falcon members who had not fallen, and their surroundings were fired.

Anyway, even if they don’t kill them now, they will be mutated for a while, and these former companions will also start. It is better to take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of those who come to attack.


The faces of the two men just showed a desperate look. It has already been screened by bullets, but the two of them just fell, and everyone’s behind suddenly screamed.

“Fuck, there are also behind!”

Staff Officer Wang turned around and saw the broken glass fall from the air. The members who have just passed through the window have disappeared.

“It’s not the kind that I can’t see… I just saw a lot of silk, and I was entangled in it all at once. He didn’t have time to resist.” A member who was stronger than him said palely.

They are both Ability User, but since they came here, they have not played against any of the enemy direct. But in this extremely strange situation, their people died one by one.

“What’s the thing?” Staff Officer Wang looked at the black hole in the window. My eyes suddenly became cold.

Also those invisible monsters… their existence is already incredible. I did not expect to be so fast in front of them.

The guy who just took away the member… split second also brought him a very dangerous aura.

Including the two girls who had attacked them upstairs…

Although they do not appear directly in front of them, the more they do, the more people feel trembling in fear.

“This Ling Mo is to kill us both physically and psychologically…” Staff Officer Wang slammed his fist on the wall.

“Don’t stop, keep going.” He calmed down from his anger and said coldly.

However, it was such a simple sentence that the Halcon members of those lose one’s head out of fear were silent at the same time.

Continue? That is to treat yourself as cannon fodder…

“Let’s go,” one of them said.

The man who shot the gun slammed his teeth. While sweeping, rushed to the bottom: “Go!”

“Can’t delay time, the two girls are still upstairs, even if two people are left…” Staff Officer Wang thought with a heavy heart.

But the thoughts in his mind just flashed, and there was a scream on it.

Staff Officer Wang’s footsteps were slightly pained for a moment, and then the seemingly elegant face showed a hint of coolness, speeding up again.

Rush! At any cost, rush to Ling Mo!

At this time, upstairs…

In the two Ability Users who stayed with Rocco, and one of them with big eyes, they died unwillingly.

The other person has an arm down, and blood continually drops down his fingers.

“Xia Na. I am faster than you…”

In the corridor, a charming female voice rang wildly. The light can be heard from the sound, and the talking girl is constantly moving fast. Even though the Ability User knew that she was in the corridor in front of her, she could only occasionally see a flash of shadow, completely unable to capture her silhouette, let alone attack.

“Hey, the one you chose is weaker.” Another female voice came from the other side of the Ability User.

obviously. These two girls simply did not put their opponents in the eyes…

“Too strong…” Ability User looked desperate.

This is simply the gap between the beast and the mouse. The attitude of these two girls is completely playing prey.

“Reblock once again…again…”


Almost at the moment when the Ability User just blinked, a figure suddenly stood in front of him.

This is a long-haired girl with a delicate face. What is strange is that one of her eyes is closed.

But just as the Ability User saw her moment, the girl showed a trace of cheerful face, then… opened the eyes!


Ability User is stunned at once!

It turned out to be a red and white, revealing the cruel and cold eyes of Zombie!

That kind of red is not just a blood-red, but a fascinatingly beautiful color, like a red wine that is glittering in a crystal cup and illuminated by light.

But such a beautiful color, brought to the Ability User, but only absolute terrifying!

“High grade Zombie!”

Ability User opened wide mouth in horror, but before he could say half a word, the red eyes flashed a strange color, followed by the Eye of the Ability User.

“When…” He suddenly lost his weapon.

“Shuā! ”

The girl in front of him moved a little, and the blade edge crossed his neck.


The Ability User was still at a loss after his death.

“Hey, Xia Na, your physical force is a lot stronger.” The whispering female voice came again, and then the figure in the corridor shook, and a beautiful female with a tall figure appeared so strangely.

“Alright, but Psychedelic Eye can only be used in this state,” says Xia Na.

“Oh…” Li Yalin didn’t seem to know how to lick his lips. He suddenly claped with a smile. “Xia Na doesn’t care about this. After all, you are not an Ability User like Ling Mo!”

“Senior Sister, you are not comforting me at all.” Xia Na said helplessless.

“Is it?” Li Yalin rubbed his head and said, “Forget it, let me talk about how he should distribute it?”

The two Female Zombies looked at the two corpse at the same time, the only Rocco still alive…

“This is the case… you can cut a knife with you.” Xia Na said.

Rocco closed his eyes, his hands and feet ice-cold listening to the two girls in a very normal tone, discussing unusual terrifying things…

“No time, attack!”

As soon as Rocco made up his mind, there was a chilly feeling on his head.

Followed by him, he felt two heats, squatting down his head…

“My choice, can’t be wrong? Between a human and a camp, I will definitely choose the back… Once I win, I won’t have to kill it anymore…”

Before dying, Rocco was still thinking. And his thoughts are also the thoughts of the rest of the Falcon members.

“I don’t know how it is downstairs.” Xia Na looked down.

“Yeah…” Li Yalin also scraped the past, nod echoed.


“Oh? Energy is dissipating? But still chasing?” Ling Mo frowned, suddenly reached for a stroke.

A red shadow immediately flew out of his hand and flew directly into the mass of energy.

“The strength of the present should not cause damage to the Master Ball.”

It is a pity that these energies, whether they are offset or allowed to dissipate. And this situation is not enough to let Ling Mo calmly swallow.

“This Spiritual System Ability User really has a hand, it can release all the remaining Spiritual Energy, and it will not dissipate for a long time after departs from the body. Especially after the body is killed by Xia Na, this energy It’s still there, and even keeps track of the beginning…” Ling Mo watched the Master Ball explode as if it were a balloon, and he felt in his heart.

At this time, the gunshots above are also close.

“Come on…” Ling Mo smiled and stopped moving. He stood in place and waited quietly. (Want to know more about “My girlfriend is Zombie”? Open WeChat now, click on the “+” sign at the top right, select Add a friend to add a public number, search for “Qidianzhongwenwang”, follow the public number, never again Miss every update!) (To be continued~^~)