My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 1344

The first thousand three hundred and seventy-seven chapters are nothing, but they are very big and flexible.

As soon as the two batches of Zombie met, the atmosphere immediately became with swords drawn and bows bent.

“Get out!”

One of the alien Zombie violently kicked a nearby Zombie and then slammed the other directly onto the under the foot. “kacha”, its feet have already smashed the other’s chest. Even the Zombies who had squeezed into the parking lot door, gloomy and cold glanced at it.

The observation deck on the 1st is naturally within its scope…but unlike the Zombie, which is one after another, he only has to retreat a step and then watch it with ease.

If the conditions permit, he even wants to move a chair…

For the demonstration of the alien Zombie, another batch of High Level Zombies did not buy it at all.

Immediately among them, Zombie made an angry low-pitched, and even pulled a passing bad luck same-kind and threw it out.


The corpse bomb suddenly blew up the foreign Zombie.

“hey hey hey! What do you mean by doing this! How can there be two groups of people fighting to first show the passers-by to show the value of force!” Ling Mo looked at it, then blames oneself.

“Who are you?” An alien Zombie stretched out his scarlet tongue and licked the minced meat on his face and stood up and asked.

The snorted that threw the “bomb”, asked: “You are damn what little thing?”

The same is the question…but will the difference in the use of human language art come out.

The alien Zombie apparently knew that the other party was insulting it… but it frowns silent for two seconds. But I didn’t think how to get back…

“You caught our companion!” Another High Level Zombie stood out and yelled angrily.

“This should be what we said!” This sentence, the foreign Zombie actually can cope.

The two sides have once again stagnated.

With their innate talent on the quarrel, this can be quite fierce…

“…” Ling Mo looked stunned.

However, he also secretly felt in his heart. Although these intelligent Zombies can’t fight, but they can restrain their instincts and don’t rush to fight, it is also very powerful…

“But I am there. You can’t play without it.” Ling Mo smiled.

The existence of the observation deck is not just the observation deck…


In an alleyway a few hundred meters from the parking lot, a pair of chewing sounds are constantly coming out.


A black shadow suddenly fell from the alley and then gently stood on the ground.

“hee hee hee ……” The shadow was wearing a ragged suit, and when the head was raised, it revealed a sunken old face.

At this time, another shadow quietly came out from the corner of the lane, leaning against the wall and looking at the black shadow: “Old Hook.”

“Oh…” Old Hook’s face always smiled. “Gale. I just saw something very interesting.”

“Don’t laugh.” The shadow, called Gale, went two steps forward. Its figure looked strange and the skeleton was very large. The whole body seemed to squat, and the eyes were like a pair of blood holes.

“Why not? I laughed too little when I was bebee human.” Old Hook twisted his shoulder and continued, “hee hee hee… I saw a very interesting little guy… but leave it alone. I already know what is coming.”

“You always talk like this,” Gale said. “But our focus is not on them. Let’s fix it.” Here, Gale’s expression suddenly became solemn, although this was revealed on his face. The expression looks a bit terrifying, “although we want to minimize the loss… but we have to get it here as soon as possible.”

“Yes… here is our guarantee.” Old Hook smiled, but did not laugh.

“That was a nightmare…” Gale muttered, then suddenly asked, “How are you going to solve them?”

“Well… that little guy made me feel a little bad.” Old Hook showed a pretty smile. “So kill the creatures in this area. Hee hee hee…”

And at the door of a messy parking lot…

Ling Mo, who was trying to attack one of the alien Zombies, suddenly felt a guilty heart. He immediately stopped the action and quickly re-started the condensed spiritual tentacles.

Almost at the same moment, a roar suddenly came from a few hundred meters away, shortly afterwards, it was like a lightning-like sound.

Blink of an eye. A huge silhouette rushed out of a lane.

It ran wildly, throwing the abandoned car on the road and the Zombie that blocked the road.

In less than a second, it has already rushed outside the parking lot.

Áo! My Girlfriend is a Zombie

1321 “啪” “Pā” My Girlfriend is a Zombie

1322 “Oh” “Oh” My Girlfriend is a Zombie

1323 “Wow” wa” ”

It made a roar.

After the floor-to-ceiling window of the building, several Female Zombies, as well as the only human Yuwen Xuan, stood up at the same time.

Xu Shuhan raised his eyes and then grabbed his mouth: “Oh my God… what is that…”

“I really saw the ghost…” On the roof, Ling Mo’s body was also stupid.

Then he heard Pear’s eager voice in his mind: “human! This is the big guy we said! But… it was the last time we saw it… mostly!”

“This is a big deal…” Ling Mo said nothingly.

Looking from the perspective of the No. 1 observation deck… In front of them, it’s like a humanoid building…

The huge Zombie has reached a height of about ten meters. From a close look, its skin is very rough and it is full of cracks. But Ling Mo is secretly trembled… This situation can only show that the huge monster’s defense is very powerful.

In addition, its crazy eyes can also explain that its intelligence is not high.


The huge Zombie glanced at the slain zombie crowd of the surroundings, suddenly raised his foot and stepped down heavily.


Blood splashes!

“In the face of this monster, what intelligence is still talking about!” Ling Mo was shocked.

The Zombie, which reacts quickly and fast, is like an ant. This huge Zombie’s strength is extremely terrifying!


The huge Zombie grabbed a few Zombies and slammed it into the ground.

One of the Zombie’s arms remained in its hand, and when it glanced at it, it was directly inserted into the mouth.

Some of the injured Zombie rushed toward it madly. It slammed between the body and the body was quickly covered with blood, and there was no such thing.

“damn it ……” Ling Mo’s face is more and more ugly, the only weakness of this monster seems to be its intelligence.

Over there, a few exotic Zombies have already rushed to the High Level Zombies who had confronted them before. When the helper appeared, they immediately started.

“Judge the mistake, the number of foreign Zombies is more than I thought! The nature of this huge Zombie should be the same as that of the previous Zombie, which was cultivated by them. in other words They came here not only here. Is feeding, more likely…take away the snaketail Zombie!”

“So in other words…” Ling Mo clenched the teeth, “I caught up with them and closed the net.”

And his network, just scattered in the other’s network.

“No way, solve it first.”

Ling Mo took control of the No. 1 viewing platform and quickly climbed to the heights, and soon reached the position comparable to the huge Zombie head.

From this perspective, he can see the appearance of the huge Zombie more clearly.

In general, its body mutations are concentrated on the “massification”, but in the same way, it still maintains considerable terrifying flexibility.

“If you attack its body, it is likely that you have been shot dead by a palm close to it, but the head is easier to get close. If you can take the opportunity to give it a heavy blow, you have a chance…”

Ling Mo just halfway through, the body suddenly froze.

He groaned for a while, his head didn’t move, and his eyes slowly looked at his behind.

A black shadow appeared quietly behind him. The shadows shrugged in an extremely eccentric posture. The bare feet were bowed to the ground, and the half trousers were covered with various traces of flesh and blood.

At the same time, the distance between it and Ling Mo is only less than twenty centimeters…

“hee hee hee ……” a burst of send cold shivers down one’s spine laughter, passed from the shadow of the black shadow, “little guy…” (to be continued ~ ^ ~)