My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 1363

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After subconsciously speaking this sentence, Ling Mo found that he still blocked the other’s mouth… What does this mean?

However, it is so rash to loosen her…

At this time, Xia Na got together her behind and showed her special features in time.

She faintly started talking: “We will release you, but you have to lick it. If you accidentally make a sound, then I can only teach you what is really stunned, do you know?” ”

A strange tone, accompanied by a lightly blown aura, let the female officer suddenly tremble, and then slowly nodded.

Ling Mo suddenly let go of his heart, but before he let go, he added: “Don’t turn around.”

Seeing so many Zombies, you will be scared to death…

The female officer did not look back, she was deep aok, and then whispered: “Ling Mo?”

However, without waiting for Ling Mo to answer, she asked herself: “It is you. Are you doing what you do?”

Ling Mo’s heart is moving… Her first sentence is not asking how she came in.

This woman is really smart, knowing that some problems and asking them out to make the atmosphere embarrassing, it is better to ignore the selectivity.

“It is like this, Qianrou…”

Su Qianrou suddenly felt a shock. Plus Ling Mo is attached to her behind, this sense of closeness and his gentle tone, let the female officer suddenly have a very strange feeling… just like revisiting what happened to him. Those things are the same.

And strikingly similar, she was considered to be coerced at the time…

Even she recalled some of the details that made people breathless and soft.

Split second Su Qianrou Something angry… What is this, I plan to use pretty boy plan for her!

Although he is still not bad. But from the pretty boy…

“Qianrou, when I contacted you, why didn’t you respond?” Ling Mo spoke again and immediately interrupted Su Qianrou’s thinking.

Especially when he slowly walked around, staring at her eyes with a pair of deep eyes…

“I… I was…” Su Qianrou’s face seemed to be more flush than before, and the otherwise vigilant eyes gradually became confused, and the towering peaks kept undulating. “I… I was relieved of a lot of power. The communication device was also being monitored… but I am paying attention to your situation and knowing that you are fine, I am also relaxed. Because only you are alive, I am… …”

However, when she came here, her eyes suddenly cleared and bright. Looking at Ling Mo’s face, there was a bit more anger, especially when I saw the smile on his face, I even wanted to punch it out: “What tricks do you play against me!”

“Only a little little capacity.” Ling Mo smiled slightly, but his heart was secretly thought. He didn’t expect to use “eye killing” to transform it, but it also played such a miraculous effect. In fact, this is a principle with mental disturbance, only more gentle. At this time, he was newly researched on the way. There is such a small trick, and the activities in Falcon Camp may be smoother. Speaking of it, Su Qianrou is still his first object to use…

Use this trick for Zombie. The effect is exactly zero!

“And, I also only make it easier for you to say what you are saying.” Ling Mo stared at Su Qianrou with a meaningful look. “You said that I am still alive, what are you?” When asked about this, his face There was a hint of narrow smile on the face, and the blush on Su Qianrou’s face seemed to be deeper.

“I can unite Miracle Base.” She finally frowned, not angry. And without waiting for Ling Mo to talk again, she went on to say, “Ling Mo, you should know the current situation. No, you should know more than I do. So… what are you going to do?”

Ling Mo did not answer directly, but after a slight smile, he turned to ask: “What is Falcon doing now?”

Although the same problem has been learned from Staff Officer Wang who became Zombie’s assistant, the assistant and General Staff Officer’s right to know is different. The assistant may know everything about the assassination of Ling Mo, but it is not necessarily clear about Falcon’s overall situation, and vice versa for Su Qianrou.

“Falcon is now… although the development is not bad, but…” Su Qianrou bit his lip and finally said the last sentence. “It is the way to death.”

She raised the head and stared at Ling Mo. “You know why Falcon wants to kill you? For the sake of resources. Falcon is still going to be on Foodstuff, but the ammunition is getting less and less. In order to fight for more With a lot of resources, Falcon has expanded to X City, but now for the same reason, Falcon is in a quagmire…”

“Let me guess. The front is too long, the flowers are blooming, the Zombie is gathering more and more, and Falcon can annihilate their ability but it is getting weaker and weaker. This way, Zombie will enter the protective wall sooner or later. Right?” said Ling Mo.

Su Qianrou opened his mouth and did not speak.

“And not only you and I know, those Zombie know. So they don’t attack you badly, because they are like patient hunters, waiting for you to burn out. As long as you have spent the last struggle. With strength, they will pounce on and eat.” Ling Mo continued.

Su Qianrou smiled a bit, his face was a bit ugly: “Although you are not sympathetic…but that’s the truth. However, although Miracle Base is located in the wilderness of the countryside, it can be transported by helicopter. There is no crisis for a while, but if Falcon is gone, you guys…”

“This question is still left for discussion.” Ling Mo shook his head and interrupted her, then slowly lowered his head and whispered in front of her. “The problem is, Qianrou, can you take us?” Looking for a high-level from Falcon?”

Having said that, he showed a smile of harmless to human and animals.

And looking at his cold eyes. Su Qianrou feels that his heart has been lifted, split second has a very bad feeling.

However in this case…

“I… I know.” Su Qianrou finally succumbed to his teeth.

But she was not only because of Ling Mo’s “gentle” offensive, but also because she just understood this split second, even if she disagreed. No one can stop Ling Mo.

Rather than doing this, it’s better to let yourself express your friendship! Maybe after the cooperation of the possibility!

At the moment of nod, Su Qianrou thought of a lot…

“What does she know of a woman?”

“Yes! Only the woman!”

“Don’t kill Ling Mo? How do you understand that this is for the sake of justice!”

When Su Qianrou once again raised the head, she was already deep in a deep breath, showing a smile: “Yeah… for the sake of justice. So, please ask me to go to death this time.”

Until this time. She finally made up her mind…

And get rid of the tangled feeling that has always been. Su Qianrou suddenly felt a lot easier, and even thinking with him became clearer than before: “Come with me, it is very difficult to find the command like you.”

After she finished, she looked at Ling Mo and showed a deep smile. She did not return to the front and walked forward.

Ling Mo looked at the woman’s back and couldn’t help but feel her heart. Sure enough, it was a strong woman… Although she had just suppressed her by spiritual force and imposing manner, she had already recovered herself so quickly, and took the temporary initiative back.

However, Ling Mo has no plans to care about this. She is the landlord…

In addition, the woman’s performance is indeed smart enough, and even smart enough to make people a bit stunned.

She shows that smile, isn’t she saying that she knows that people are not good?

“Wait, it’s quite ambiguous to say this…” Ling Mo quickly corrected himself.

As he waved, all the Zombies immediately sneaked up and smacked in Ling Mo behind…

A few minutes later. A team of fully armed men and horses swayed out of a warehouse.

“Stand up! Take a break!… You don’t understand the meaning of these two words at all, right?” After Ling Mo had done a good job, he sighed helplessly.

Although these Zombies are wearing military uniforms… especially Xu Shuhan, Yu Shiran, Banyue and Bat are dressed like bios, wearing masks, but this group of temporary guest guys is really a little military. nothing.

However, the number is actually quite like a small team.

Su Qianrou followed, and the shocking color on his face has not disappeared yet.

She absolutely did not expect to have so many people!

After a few months, Ling Mo’s ability to abduct has increased…

And the people people seem… most of them are not threatening.

For example, one of the pretty beautiful girls seems to be Ye Lian…

She is not in the state!

Even the clothes are worn by Ling Mo…

At the thought of Ling Mo, she said to her at the door without shame. Please look down on the wind, I have to change clothes for them personally. Is there a male dressing room inside? Su Qianrou felt the scalp twitching.

Think of so many girls taking off, then Ling Mo stands alone in the middle and touches the right…

“I want to do this!” Su Qianrou quickly shook his head and then glanced at Ling Mo with a shame. It’s all this guy!

“Well, suddenly there are so many people, even if I am a General Staff Officer, it is inevitable that someone will ask. There will be a meeting tonight, and it is not too late, you will follow me.” Su Qianrou A decision was made immediately.

Her meaning is obvious, the longer she is dragged, the more likely Ling Mo will be exposed. So no matter what Ling Mo is going to do, it’s best to make a quick decision.

This proposal is also very consistent with Ling Mo’s own ideas, so he is nodded, indicating no objection.

“That’s coming with me.” Su Qianrou took a deep breath twice and then took the Ling Mo entire group on the road.

The Falcon Camp was built directly from the urban area, so the interior is like an incomplete small city, with most people coming and going through the wide roads.

When they got on the road, they saw a lot of people on the way…

“Because there was a sudden riot on the side of the wall, so many teams were rushing over there…” Su Qianrou whispered to Ling Mo, who was with him. However, when the voice did not fall, she suddenly understood what. Just after the riots, Ling Mo, they sneaked in… How can there be such a coincidence?

“This Lunatic.” Su Qianrou indulged in thinking about things seven or eight, although I don’t know how Ling Mo caused such a big riot, but he always has a way. From the original Utility User to the present, is there a lot of miracle happening in Ling Mo body?

“Unfortunately, in an increasingly violent crisis, anyone, even him, is still small… The Zombies, including those of High Level, are the same.” Su Qianrou thought pessimistically.

“General Staff Officer !”

Many people stop to salute when they see Su Qianrou, but most of them are only doing things.

Ling Mo stared at the cold eyes, and she said that she didn’t lie, and the people who were pushed to the bottom would dare to deal with it…

Some of them couldn’t help but move towards Ling Mo. They glanced at them, but Ye Lian basically lowered their heads and their hats were very low. The people were not sure if they were some uncertain.

However, when Ling Mo thought that all the way could be mixed, Su Qianrou suddenly tightened his body nervously, and then quickly whispered to Ling Mo: “Well, the commander is in front.”

“Total Command?” Ling Mo was a glimpse, and then reacted.

On the list, there is this person!

Falcon’s current commander, Yao Haidong!

At this time, Su Qianrou is still eager to say: “This person is an Ability User, is an old-fashioned stalwart, and is also a member of the original establishment team. It can be said to be a member of the veteran class. Since the independence of Miracle Base The veterans who belonged to the violent group began to take a more real position. First, a Staff Officer Wang was created to overhead me, and then the man came out to succeed, and even became the commander of the entire Falcon Camp. These are his basic information, but what really needs to be noted is that this person is quite difficult, be careful…”

Su Qianrou had already stood up straight, and his face showed a hint of coldness and disgust at the right time. He looked at Yao Haidong, who was getting closer and closer, while his feet kept on.

Ling Mo’s expression was unchanged, and a faint sweep of Yao Haidong.

This person seems to be near middle age, but the energy is still strong, only tightly closed lips bring out a sense of meanness, both majestic, and make him look a little gloomy.

Compared with the case of Yuwen Xuan, the became human is Lunatic. Compared with the case where Zombie is mostly Lunatic, it is simply two people.

In the process of approaching both sides, Yao Haidong also showed a hint of play early.

Only Su Qianrou did not squint, coldly snorted as he passed by him, and then passed his head without passing back.

However, when Ling Mo and others were about to walk by him, Yao Haidong suddenly spoke.

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