My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 442


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Wei Long already knows a little bit.

All information about Fortune Teller will be very distorted and even confusing.

Wan Xiaofeng’s words undoubtedly verified this speculation again.

Whether it is Fortune Teller itself or the news of hunting down Fortune Teller, it is so abrupt and weird.

Wei Long stared at Wan Xiaofeng.

He still needs an explanation.

As we enter the Extreme Yang World, it is not that Wei Long has suffered in the past, so it is not difficult to let it go. But the premise of Wei Long letting off Wan Xiaofeng is that the other party can provide valuable information.

Wan Xiaofeng’s value lies in the information about Fortune Teller and the middle level of Sea of ​​Source.

It is impossible to increase useful value. Then the past that Wei Long put down before may be about to be mentioned.

Wan Xiaofeng’s predecessor was Supreme Dragon God. Wei Long got a lot of benefits from his hands, but there are still grievances.

In a way, Wei Long is a very realistic person.

Decisively kill.

There is a clear distinction between enemies and friends.

There is a clear distinction between useful enemies and useless enemies.

When Wei Long first captured the Daomen, the true magnates once stopped and were included in the ranks of the enemy.

Before the true magnates find their status, they are willing to be the bridge between the nine Great Way Sect and even the Human Race and Wei Long.

After all, Hundred Treasures Pavillion’s specialty is business, and being a comprador is still very skilled.

This is a useful enemy. Wei Long doesn’t care about the unpleasantness before, just give the benefit if it is good.

Wan Xiaofeng in front of me is not a friend, but an enemy.

While the opponent’s performance is not strong enough now, Wei Long guessed that it might be caused by being nervous in front of him.

But in short, Wan Xiaofeng has been a little biased towards the ranks of useless enemies.

On the other side, Wan Xiaofeng’s face remains unchanged.

He is rarely someone who understands Wei Long’s temperament.

Looking at the shuttle-shaped Mustard Seed Fortress spinning rapidly in Wei Long’s hands, he quickly said, “Although the news is broken, a lot of things remain.

The jade page that delivered the message then disappeared, I have some guesses.

The news may not only come from Emperor Race, but may also involve a certain emperor.

There is only that kind of existence, touching the deepest rules of Sea of ​​Source, spanning time and Samsara, can disturb the present and the past, and allow specific information to be seen by specific people.

It is about the emperor, who can be chased by the emperor, Fortune Teller itself is by no means ordinary. It’s just…”

Speaking of this, Wan Xiaofeng hesitated.

The above remarks were the guesses made by Divine Phoenix when he asked Divine Phoenix. Wan Xiaofeng thought about it later and also had some of his own ideas.

Wei Long tapped his finger in the air, “Continue.”

Wan Xiaofeng said: “The existence of the great emperor, each of which is a peak of personal power, is an unimaginable existence.

And the person who can be chased by the emperor can only be the emperor.

In this way, a paradox will arise. If the Fortune Teller being hunted down is the emperor, he must not descend to the outermost or even outer layer of Sea of ​​Source.

But if it’s not the emperor, how can there be forces involving the emperor’s level to intervene? “

“oh?” Wei Long has a little interest.

Wei Long first learned about the “Great Emperor” this realm from the Ancient Life Tree.

“The emperor is not tolerated in the world. I came down from the middle level of Sea of ​​Source, so I understand that the emperor is not tolerated in this world.

A long, long time ago, perhaps before countless Samsara epochs, when Sea of ​​Source had no hierarchical divisions, Heaven and Earth at that time was suitable for the emperor.

Nowadays, many emperors in the middle level of Sea of ​​Source often choose to cut the cultivation base after they have lived through an era.

Only at the end of the Samsara era, when the Immortal Path of the Ages is opened, will they be revived, because at that time, the rules of the world can accommodate them. “

Wan Xiaofeng explained: “In other words, the person behind the hunt for Fortune Teller, judging from the characteristics, must be the emperor.

And if you can be chased by the emperor, it will only be the emperor. This decree was passed down from the Immortal Territory Emperor Race, involving the great emperor of my Divine Race civilization, but my Divine Race civilization has no emperor.

The only thing that exists is the Emperor Half Step.

Considering again, now that the Immortal Path has not been opened, the Immortal Path has not been opened, and the emperor is still asleep, taking action at this time will damage their path.

The emperor rarely takes action at this time. “

Wan Xiaofeng said, with his current cultivation base, he still feels chills in his back.

This thing is getting weird.

Wei Long was lost in thought.

Wan Xiaofeng said that the emperor was “into the world”, which coincides with the previous claim of Ancient Life Tree.

The emperor equivalent to Sea of ​​Source is the perfect person of the “ideal country” before the great change.

Now Sea of ​​Source has hierarchical divisions, and the depths of Sea of ​​Source only exist in a certain past time and space. Therefore, the great emperor whose power belongs to himself wants to reshape the ideal country and achieve his own path.

The emperor missed the Heaven and Earth.

So who is Fortune Teller’s?

Wei Long is a little clearer than Wan Xiaofeng, Fortune Teller’s does have a means of reversing time and space.

Wei Long saw that terrifying battlefield for the first time. Fortune Teller’s black blood was bleeding, and it felt like he had traveled through the long river of time.

In addition, when the killing was unknown, Fortune Teller appeared and said the words “All Things Return to Nihility”, but no one noticed it except Wei Long.

The various characteristics of Fortune Teller are the characteristics of the Great Emperor.

Across time and space, shrink all timelines.

It’s exactly the same, and it’s strange everywhere.

“Is the Fortune Teller in my eyes just a silhouette of time?

So where did the news of the hunt for Fortune Teller come from? Divine Race Emperor Race or Immortal Territory’s cultivator civilization? “Wei Long is puzzled.

It was precisely this kind of doubt that told him that he had reached the final answer.

Wei Long thought for a long time.

Wan Xiaofeng wait quietly.

At this time, Wan Xiaofeng almost said everything he knew.

The news related to the Great Emperor is also secret in the middle of the Sea of ​​Source, and he, as the branch of the Emperor Race of the Divine Race civilization, can have this knowledge. It is by no means Bloodline inheritance, and he has a lot of thoughts on his own.

Thinking of this, Wan Xiaofeng couldn’t help but feel pain.

His Good Fortune!

Can’t think, can’t think!

Wei Long continued to ask: “Let’s talk about the middle level of the Sea of ​​Source. What is the Immortal Territory? You said before that there is a will from the Immortal Territory, and you said that there is a will from the Emperor Race. Contradiction?”

Wan Xiaofeng replied: “The middle and outer layers of Sea of ​​Source are different, and they are more expansive. The forces that can survive in it are civilizations one after another.

Civilization? It’s not just a World or a race, it’s more a distinction on the road.

For example, a cultivator civilization is a group of cultivators who understand the heart of heaven. Of course, there are also racial civilizations like Divine Race.

The sphere of influence of these civilizations is composed of many Worlds, which form a ‘domain’. The Divine Race civilized sphere of influence is Divine Realm.

‘domain’ is equivalent to the World community, civilization is the overlord World that dominates the World community.

Immortal Territory is the sphere of influence of cultivator civilization. Immortal Territory and Divine Realm are adjacent.

Because the cultivator civilization and Extreme Yang World unite most closely, it has become a general reference to the middle level of Sea of ​​Source over time.

To be precise, the intention comes from the Divine Realm Emperor Race civilization in the middle of the Sea of ​​Source. “

Wan Xiaofeng’s explanation was as popular as possible, and Wei Long understood it.

Immortal Territory itself is the sphere of influence of cultivator civilization, and in Extreme Yang World, it can also be used as a general reference to the middle level of Sea of ​​Source.

Wei Long has long known that Extreme Yang World itself has many connections with Immortal Territory.

In fact, the same is true. The road of Insight Great Way has some connection with the cultivator civilization’s understanding Tianxin.

“Since there is Immortal Territory and Divine Realm, then there is also a wasteland?” Wei Long asked.

“Yes, there are also desolate areas. That is the sphere of influence of the Desolate Beast civilization.

The Desolate Beast civilization is older than the Divine Race civilization and the cultivator civilization, and there are many amazing powerhouses. “Wan Xiaofeng explained.

Wei Long’s eyes flashed lightly, “An Extreme Yang World, there are traces of three civilized forces?”

Wei Long feels that the water in Extreme Yang World is also very deep.

However, Wei Long’s idea is not necessarily correct. Wan Xiaofeng said: “Because of the Immortal Path of the Immortal Path, the failed civilization ended up miserably.

Being exiled to the outermost layer of Sea of ​​Source, it will become the resource for the next launch of Samsara.

Generally speaking, every time at the end of the Samsara era, some powerful Worlds in the outer layer of Sea of ​​Source, Worlds that have the potential to become the seeds of civilization, will remain.

So many civilizations will throw inheritance into the outer layer of Sea of ​​Source, leaving behind the fire of civilization.

These fires will undergo changes in all kinds of strange things, such as the Divine Race and Desolate Beast Race of Extreme Yang World, slowly approaching the cultivator civilization.

The cultivator civilization is only the background color of the Extreme Yang World cultivation system, and many changes have taken place in essence. “

Wan Xiaofeng’s words are clear.

Extreme Yang World has the shadow of civilization, but this situation is probably a coincidence.


Wei Long shook the head.

But he didn’t say anything, but continued to ask: “According to your statement, even at the end of the Samsara era, the fire will remain, but what is happening now?

Extreme Yang World, as the overlord World, definitely has the potential to grow into a civilization, but it is still being plotted against. “

“The force responsible for opening the Immortal Path of the ages is called Samsara Temple, and it is a force controlled by many civilizations.

The Divine Race civilization is responsible for the preliminary cleanup of Immortal Path. The specific implementer is Immortal Path scavengers.

The World public enemy of Extreme Yang World is an Immortal Path scavenger.

The term “World Public Enemy” is very accurate. Immortal Path Scavengers have been given a part of the Sea of ​​Source rules, and they have a crushing advantage over the World without Peak powerhouse. “

Wan Xiaofeng first explained the identity of the public enemy of World, and then patiently replied: “Nowadays, there are two possibilities.

One is that the Samsara Temple lost control of the public enemy of World, and it started walking alone for unknown reasons.

Either the public enemy of the World is executing the order of the Samsara Temple. The Samsara epoch at this time has special features, so it will not miss any World. “

In fact, there is another possibility. I don’t know if Wan Xiaofeng didn’t realize it or didn’t want to say it.

“Perhaps Divine Race, which was responsible for the early cleanup of Immortal Path, had a problem.” Wei Long hit the nail on the head in Way of Blood.

Wan Xiaofeng opened his mouth and said nothing.

This probability is not small.

Wan Xiaofeng didn’t think about this before, but now there is Emperor Race weirdly chasing Fortune Teller in front, so maybe Divine Race is really planning something.

So far, Wei Long is satisfied.

The information provided by Wan Xiaofeng is compared with the information provided by Ancient Life Tree.

Combined with what he experienced before, Wei Long has a basic understanding of the entire Sea of ​​Source.

Sea of ​​Source is infinite in space and infinite in energy. It has two forms and forms a World space of different levels.

All the space and energy added together is the depth of the so-called Sea of ​​Source.

It’s also the “ideal country” before Samsara.

It is precisely because the Sea of ​​Source is layered, energy and space are divided, which has changed the rules of this world. The great emperor that exists in an ideal country, the Zhiren, is difficult to appear in this world.

In this world, most people are born ordinary.

In this way, those who grow up to become emperors will be more terrifying.

Because of this, those terrifying existence want to rediscover the depths of Sea of ​​Source that has disappeared but still has traces in time and space.

Since the depths of Sea of ​​Source are equivalent to the sum of the endless energy and space of Sea of ​​Source, condensing energy and space, the external manifestation is to destroy one world after another, retract the rules of different worlds, and use these powers to open Sea of Source deep, reshape the ideal country.

Wei Long thinks deeper.

The depths of the Sea of ​​Source have long since disappeared, just because the great emperor occupies all the time and space, not now, and there was in the past, so those great emperors struggled to pursue it.

The outermost space of Sea of ​​Source is just the beginning. If it is really to reshape Sea of ​​Source, it will destroy all the world’s biological systems in the outermost, outer and middle layers of Sea of ​​Source, and reclaim all rules and spaces. ,time.

This is the way to harvest the endless world and become a great emperor!

Wei Long also understands.

There is no depth of Sea of ​​Source. The middle layer of Sea of ​​Source is now the core of Sea of ​​Source.

I am afraid that the depths of Sea of ​​Source are just a concept, a chase game that only the emperor can play.

Even Wei Long, whose heart is like a rock, is shocked at this moment, “If one day, I become the emperor, how will I choose?”

Wei Long could not give an answer.

Going forward, there are ants under the emperor, and everyone except the emperor cannot live, including those around him.

But the Great Way is only me, just forward and backward, how can it be his way?

Wei Long’s mind is rarely confused.

Wait when Wei Long came back to his senses, the eyes looking at Wan Xiaofeng could not help but kind of kind.

But in line with the principle of squeezing the juice cleanly, Wei Long asked: “Do you have anything else to say?”

Wei Long feels that the information provided by Wan Xiaofeng has proven his worth, and the past can be passed.

This question is just a subconsciously temptation.

Wan Xiaofeng was silent for a while, met Wei Long expressionless, and thought for a while and said: “I still have some guesses, but they are not necessarily accurate.”

Wei Long came interested, “It’s okay, let’s talk about it.”

Wan Xiaofeng hesitated, “It’s about some secrets about the Emperor of Heaven.”

“You can tell the news of the emperor, but the news of the emperor can’t be said?” Wei Long couldn’t help laughing when he saw Wan Xiaofeng so hesitant.

“The emperor is far away from the endless space and will not do anything to me, but the emperor is in the Extreme Yang World and can destroy me at will.” Wan Xiaofeng was quite straightforward, and also from his heart.

Wei Long’s eyes couldn’t help but playfully.

Wan Xiaofeng seems to be talking about the Emperor of Heaven, but he is actually asking him for a promise.

Do not hurt his promise.

“With me, no one can hurt you.” Wei Long did not hesitate, but gave a promise directly, “Now you can say it?”

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