My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 444


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Wan Xiaofeng saw that Wei Long’s expression became more and more interesting, and only felt a chill from the soles of his feet hit his forehead.

“I, I, no, not me, I skipped it on purpose.”

Wan Xiaofeng barely calmed his mind, his mind turned rapidly, “I suffered a huge failure in Extreme Yin World, everything is gone.

This is a scar in my heart, I just subconsciously don’t want to mention those things. “

Wei Long: “I ruined your accumulation.”

Wan Xiaofeng: “What?”

“Your plot, your layout, you have stayed in Extreme Yin World for tens of thousands of years, all your hard work, I ruined your hard work.”

Wei Long is like saying something insignificant, “I didn’t expect, you can recover so quickly.

Quickly gave up everything before, no longer the Supreme Dragon God. “

“Those things are over, they are all over.” Wan Xiaofeng muttered to himself, “I am not Supreme Dragon God now, I am just Wan Xiaofeng.”

“Yes, you gave up the past, let go of your hatred, and I have no intention of doing anything to you.

Just, can you talk about Ancient Desolate Saint Body and Body of All Laws. “Wei Long made a gesture.

“Of course, of course you can.”

Wan Xiaofeng was silent for a while.

Staring at the ground for a long time, he said: “Of course you can.”


Wan Xiaofeng expression became savage, the kind of anger that could not be controlled.

A terrifying dragon shadow appeared behind him, his eyes were blood-red, with a deep hatred, “It’s you! You ruined my Good Fortune! You ruined everything I have!

I’ve kept my breath down as much as possible, I told you everything you want to know, but you still don’t let me go!

I’m going to kill you, Wei Long! You are an ant, I should just shoot and kill you back then! “

Wan Xiaofeng broke out suddenly and rushed towards Wei Long.

The formation restriction in the great hall was directly dispelled, and Wan Xiaofeng fierce and unafraid of death rushed towards Wei Long frantically.

The guarding disciplines outside seemed to be stunned at this moment, staring dumbly at the sudden change.

Everyone didn’t expect, until now, the calm, humble and cautious Wan Xiaofeng, who seemed to have changed in an instant.

Crazy, tyrannical, angry, with endless determination, made up for Wei Long.


Wei Long stretched out a finger and pressed it lightly, using no force at all.

The Dragon God natural phenomenon behind Wan Xiaofeng is directly shattered like duckweed in the water. With just one finger, it is like a huge weight, peng sound, pressing Wan Xiaofeng to the ground.


When the guardian discipline outside the door was about to come in, Wei Long waved.

Even Hong Wu and Zhiling Mountain Lord who came after hearing the news were also blocked.

Wan Xiaofeng was pressed to the ground, and he really felt the gap like a moat.

The original anger and madness quickly subsided and turned into the purest fear.

Wan Xiaofeng did not completely let go after all!

But who can let it go? He has a noble background, even if it is only the Emperor Race branch, it is also the Emperor Race branch.

In order to change the foundation and to be able to spy on the Supreme realm, he did not hesitate to give up everything he had in Divine Realm, from the middle level of Sea of ​​Source to the outer level, and then into the outermost level.

So much planning, so much time, all invested in it.

Everything changed after meeting Wei Long.

Suddenly fell, and only a trace of True Spirit was left.

He gave up the Supreme Dragon God’s past, which is equivalent to letting go of all dignity.

From the beginning, I wanted revenge, slowly let go, had to let go, and then further greeted me.

He did it all, and did it.

Only at the last step, letting him expose his scars while still showing off a smile, he couldn’t do it.

That is his Good Fortune! His Good Fortune!

Wan Xiaofeng can no longer suppress the anger in his heart, he can no longer suppress it, even if he is dead, he has to take a bite of meat from Wei Long.

However, Wan Xiaofeng not only didn’t take a bite of meat, he didn’t even hurt a single bit of hair.

Immediately, the flame of anger that had re-burned was directly extinguished, and the brain went blank.

Can’t say what it feels like.

It’s the last step. It’s really the last step. Turn this page and you can start again.

After today, the original grievance with Wei Long can be completely settled.

We will have our own territory and be able to start again…

Wan Xiaofeng has self-castrated, just lying on the ground as X, but it is still destroyed in the last step.

What did Wei Long ask, Wan Xiaofeng really knows everything, and also said everything he wants to say, skipping the Ancient Desolate Saint Body and Body of All Laws, not deliberately vague, but subconsciously avoided That kind of painful memory.


It’s a failure that can’t be avoided regardless of mediation.

Even if he himself actually surpassed 99% of the people in this world, he still failed completely.

Or, in deep in one’s heart, Wan Xiaofeng also worried that he could not control himself.

“Don’t you want to say something?”

Wei Long: “About Ancient Desolate Saint Body and Body of All Laws.”

Wan Xiaofeng tried to raise his head.

At this moment, he feels that his body cannot be controlled by himself, and he cannot even commit suicide.

He went to see Wei Long and still only saw a blur.

This is Peak deterrence, which has its own horror and mysteriousness.

Wan Xiaofeng found sadly that he couldn’t even see Wei Long at this time.

Even if I didn’t see it, Wan Xiaofeng knew that the face behind the fog must be very beautiful.

Wan Xiaofeng didn’t see even a trace of anger from Wei Long.

But this doesn’t mean that everything didn’t happen.

If you think in another way, you are still the Supreme Dragon God who smashed World Peak back then. If anyone dared to stretch out his paws to himself, regardless of whether it was an ant with a huge gap, he would definitely be crushed to death with one hand.

If anyone makes himself upset, he will not end well.

This is Peak powerhouse!

Some people like to say that giant dragons don’t care about the provocation of ants, but how can ordinary people understand the idea of ​​giant dragons.

Even if an ordinary person is smelled and turned by a mosquito, if he can slap him to death, he will definitely slap him to death.

Exterminating the provocateur has nothing to do with the mind.

Because in the eyes of most powerhouses, the weak are not considered humans at all. Personality is for equal creatures, and so is the mind.

This time, Wan Xiaofeng was really scared to pee.

At this moment, he, not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death, and in the Extreme Yang World, mysterious and vast, Wei Long has thousands of ways to get his memory out.

What is the despair and pain before compared with the present? What are the failures and scars before?

This is true despair.

Wan Xiaofeng doesn’t even have the right to choose.

The last point of choice is gone.

In front of Wei Long, he is the Oldest Big Brother. What you say is what you say, and you don’t hear it.

Wan Xiaofeng: “About Ancient Desolate Saint Body and Body of All Laws, there are indeed some ideas of mine.

Those schemes are also the reason why I would rather give up the Extreme Yang World controversy and stay in Extreme Yin World for a long time.

Body of All Laws is also called Road Tire, which is an extremely suitable physique for cultivation. In the middle of Sea of ​​Source, it is also a powerful physique at the middle and upper levels.

Of course, Body of All Laws is nothing compared to Ancient Desolate Saint Body. “

Speaking of Ancient Desolate Saint Body, Wan Xiaofeng stopped, “Ancient Desolate Saint Body is a legendary physique.

is a terrifying physique before Samsara in the endless era. This kind of physique implies another Dao Road, after the Great Accomplishment, it is no weaker than the emperor.

But the rules of the world have changed. Ancient Desolate Saint Body is the horrible physique at the beginning of the Sea of ​​Source’s great changes, and it is no longer suitable. “

“Is it not suitable for you to plan for such a long time and pay such a high price?” Wei Long asked, motioning for Wan Xiaofeng to continue.

“Ancient Desolate Saint Body is really not suitable for this world, but it is also Saint Body. It is still a rare physique between Heaven and Earth.

Furthermore, once the Immortal Path is opened, the difficulty of cultivation of this physique will plummet, and there will be a chance of enlightenment, and the achievement will not be weaker than that of the emperor.

This kind of opportunity, even if you look at the middle level of the Sea of ​​Source, the mighty powers in the civilization will not hesitate to fight for life and death at any cost! “

“Body of All Laws and Ancient Desolate Saint Body should be Innate Physique. As you said, each has mysterious, especially Ancient Desolate Saint Body. How do you have a plan?” Wei Long asked again.

It is true that he won Wan Xiaofeng’s Good Fortune, but the formation of these two physiques is more like a coincidence.

First of all, he has adding points talent, able to consume energy and realize what he wants.

On the other hand, the strength of Wei Long Transcendence at the beginning was squeezed by the public enemy of the World, which gave birth to the Immortal Embryo Stone Egg. Only by one step can the acquired physique be transformed into Innate Physique, as well as the Illusory Dao Fruit.

Wan Xiaofeng explained: “I found a hint of inspiration from the ancient books of Myriad Dragons God Emperor Race.

Can Innate Physique be formed the day after tomorrow? If it can have all the characteristics of a certain physique and integrate it into one, then can a kind of rebelling against nature be realized? “

Wan Xiaofeng gave an example, taking Ancient Desolate Saint Body as an example.

Ancient Desolate Saint Body =myriad evils will not invade + restrain the mysterious + invincible of the same level + invincible flesh;

If it is the other way around, it has various characteristics, and then through a certain secret technique, can it be reversed?

This idea is simply fantastic, but Wei Long thinks about it again. It may not be impossible to regard “=” as the “⇌” of a chemical reaction.

This is a fantasy world.

“As soon as this idea appeared, I couldn’t restrain it. There were many difficulties, or countless difficulties.

The day after tomorrow rebelling against nature is a change to the foundation. Such a secret technique can only be mastered in the Divine Race civilization. “

Wan Xiaofeng’s tone has a touch of confidence, and even fanaticism.

Even if I was lying on the ground, I gave birth to an imposing manner out of thin air, “Finally, I set my eyes on Dao Fruit.

Dao Fruit is one person’s Great Way aggregation, which contains endless profound mystery, which is the mystery in the mystery.

The real Dao Fruit, Divine Race civilization may only be the strongest person of Divine Race, the strongest person of Emperor Fire of the Nine Saints, God Emperor, can condense.

In short, I was impossible to condense Dao Fruit in the middle layer of Sea of ​​Source, and the outer layer is also difficult.

If the outer layer wants to condense Dao Fruit, it has to take another step above Peak. There is no way out.

By the way, if the Emperor of Heaven is so strong, it may be that he is condense of Dao Fruit. “

Wan Xiaofeng seems to have thought of something, looking towards Wei Long, “You have captured my Illusory Dao Fruit, but there are still two, that is only the outermost Illusory Dao Fruit.

In outer space, Dao Fruit from the condense already has a part of the power of real Dao Fruit.

In other words, the emperor is really tough. “

Wei Long moved in his heart. This should be the greatest secret of the emperor. It is more important than the secret of the Sacred Sovereign of the first generation.

Wei Long has a hunch that he must have a fight with the Emperor.

This is inevitable.

The Emperor of Heaven has always been the master of Extreme Yang World, but Wei Long is not content with the queen.

Fighting is inevitable.

Then the news that the Emperor of Heaven may condense Dao Fruit is very important.

From Wan Xiaofeng’s words, it is not difficult to see that the cohesion of Dao Fruit is more difficult to cohesive in places with higher levels of strength.

In other words, the difficulty of the middle, outer, and outermost layers of Sea of ​​Source is gradually decreasing.

When you reach the outermost layer of Sea of ​​Source, you only need to wait patiently for the incubation of World Source, and add some secret techniques to pick Illusory Dao Fruit.

Wan Xiaofeng continued: “All I need is the mystery of Dao Fruit, Illusory Dao Fruit will do. Then the outermost layer of Sea of ​​Source is easier to do.

Moreover, the secret technique of Dao Fruit agglomeration is very precious, and I can only find the secret technique of the outermost layer of Sea of ​​Source.

And the Dao Fruit agglomeration technique in outer space and middle space is impossible to get. “

“After that, I perfected some other secret techniques, and a complete plan gradually attached to my heart.

Some of the fires that I sifted out from the Emperor Race are the fires left behind for the Divine Race civilization, mostly in the outer layer of the Sea of ​​Source.

Finally, after analysis, I also found powerhouse to deduct it, and chose Extreme Yang World. “

Wan Xiaofeng said at the end, crying and laughing, “Originally, I just wanted to gather the Ancient Desolate Saint Body.

There is no need for Small Accomplishment at all. As long as the prototype is in place, I will be able to improve it when the Immortal Path opens.

However, after I came, Extreme Yang World suffered a great change, and Extreme Yin World was selected.

Extreme Yin World.

Back then, Desolate Beast Race attempted to integrate Extreme Yin World into Extreme Yang World. It was originally to transform Extreme Yang World, but before the integration, it also planted the seeds of Spirit Cloud in Extreme Yin World to gradually adapt to Extreme Yang World. rule.

In other words, the Extreme Yin World exiled can not only condense Illusory Extreme Yin Dao Fruit, but also possibly condense the first Illusory Extreme Yang Dao Fruit.

In other words, it is not only Ancient Desolate Saint Body, but also the Body of All Laws. “

“Don’t be greedy! Don’t be greedy!”

Wan Xiaofeng cried and laughed, “I almost saw a big vortex, but still did not restrain the big temptation.

It’s too rare, it’s too hard to encounter World upgrade and downgrade. “

“More than that.” Wei Long leisurely said.

Wan Xiaofeng paused, and then slowly said: “Yes, if we can condense the Ancient Desolate Saint Body and Body of All Laws at the same time, it is possible to plot the congenital Saint Body in the future!”

Speaking of this, Wan Xiaofeng’s expression is miserable, “I’m a Saint Body born!

Ancient Desolate Saint Body is only a different kind of Dao Road, then integrate with Body of All Laws to achieve the birth of the innate Saint Body, I may become the leader of Samsara in this time!

The real achievement of the emperor!

Standing above the heavens! “

What are the characteristics of Ancient Desolate Saint Body, myriad evils will not invade, restrain the mysterious, invincible at the same level, and invincible in the flesh.

The characteristics of Body of All Laws are Force of Myriad Daos, Xuanqi Shocking, Invincible at the same level, Divine Soul unlimited.

The congenital Saint Body formed by the condensing of the two can be said to be born sacred.

As long as you succeed, you can become a great power in the middle of Sea of ​​Source.

If you go further, you can see the position of the emperor.

“The birth of Saint Body?” Wei Long muttered to himself, “No wonder, no wonder.

Ancient Desolate Saint Body and Body of All Laws can be said to be entirely different, but as I become stronger, there are gradually signs of fusion.

It turns out that the reason is here. These two physiques are really possible to merge.

Achieve a more abnormal physique. “

Wei Long finally knew why Wan Xiaofeng, who was already salted, lost self-control in such a way, and even lost his sanity, so he did not hesitate to make a meaningless act of striking a stone with an egg.

Because this is his Good Fortune, great Good Fortune!

In comparison, what is the Myriad Dragons Divine Body that I master now? Maybe it can become a powerhouse, but it’s definitely hard to go to Peak.

Relying on Bloodline to grow up will also be restricted, and it will be difficult to surpass the strongest person Myriad Dragons God Emperor of Myriad Dragons God Emperor Race in the future.

“If it weren’t for me…”

Wei Long suddenly had an idea.

Without him, Wan Xiaofeng could really lead Myriad Gods Palace to suppress Human Race, gradually control Human Race, and then take out the Illusory Dao Fruit sealed in Sacred Sovereign Sword, and then cooperate with the Old Dragon.

At this time, Extreme Yang World has three Peak powerhouses, the original terrifying unknown is no longer so terrifying.

Wan Xiaofeng Transcendence will be watched by Divine Phoenix, even if it encounters the World public enemy, Divine Phoenix will help.

With the achievement of saving Extreme Yin World, Wan Xiaofeng will quickly gain a foothold in Divine Race.

Condenses the embryonic form of Ancient Desolate Saint Body and Body of All Laws. Even without his current Small Accomplishment achievement, it has embarked on a Supreme road.

When you enter the middle level of Sea of ​​Source and the Immortal Path opens, it is really dragon returning to the sea……

“Unfortunately, I met me.”

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