My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 446


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As soon as this statement came out, An Han and the Elders around him were taken aback.

Sect Master Daoist Chao Yang’s Direct Disciple, which has just been succeeded by the Zhenyang Sect, wants to discuss the fall of the Jiuyang Taoist?

To truly understand the meaning of this sentence, you need to add a pre-information, that is, the former Sect Master of the True Yang Sect, the Taoist Nine Suns, died in front of the Taiyin Major Sect Mountain.

This one is not like the Divine Race Blood Demon Lord, who has many means of recovery.

The Daoist of Nine Suns is the same as the master of Extreme Yin Church at that time, but they are truly fallen.

It still died in the hands of An Han.

An Han killed Taiyin Saintess and took everything from the other party, including his current position. This incident is not a secret to the true leader of the Nine Great Way Sect.

Daoist Chao Yang sent his Direct Disciple to discuss the matter of An Han personally killing his former Sect Master.

Consulting with the murderer is no less than sticking out the head and getting a direct slap in the face.

Humble to the extreme.

“Set up the Sect Master disciple first, and find an Elder who is good at handling this matter to negotiate.” An Han was taken aback for a while, and said, “What happened today is probably inseparable from Darknorth Continent. One, go to find out the news and see what happened.”

“Yes.” The Lunar Elders who followed An Han in front of him, they should havetily.

The status of these Elders is lower than Gongsunlan and Xie Feiyan.

Gongsunlan and Xie Feiyan, who were the first to be forced by An Han into the team, used other things, such as the reason to lead True Disciple to Central Sky Continent, to separate them.

On the one hand, it is to give back to the True Disciples who have gone through baptism, and on the other hand, it is also the employment of An Han.

Elder, who now follows An Han, is a member of a new interest group.

Previously, the Extreme Yin Church was a faction that held authority, but now he has been killed. The Elders in front of An Han suddenly grasped authority, but the foundation of the church is still unstable, and there is no difference with other Dao Sects. Close association.

New interest groups are being formed and are being rebuilt with An Han as the center.

All the Elders in front of them have guessed, but no one is really sure that An Han in front of them is not the original Lunar Saintess, and they don’t even know the true relationship between An Han and Wei Long now.

Either An Han and Wei Long have concealed this. The executives of Human Race and even Extreme Yang World know that the relationship between most people is still a secret.

Of course, sound transmission Wei Long has just made a trip to the battlefield of blood. Then, the old Ancestor, who had resisted before, changed his attitude. Even the Zhenyang faction abandoned his face and came to seek peace. This is naturally not coincidence.

However, none of these Elders questioned, not even asked.

These Elders are very obedient to An Han, even if there are some who are not convinced, they are cleared up in the church and after killing the Master of Extreme Yin Church in front of the mountain gate, they are all convinced.



Celestial Court.

above the Nine Heavens.

Yueque Old Ancestor also has its own palace here. It claims to be a realm. The cold moonlight is swaying, and the palace is filled with Power of the Moon.

“I am ashamed of my own Sect Founder!” Yueque Old Ancestor said with sorrow, her expression lost the former firmness and a touch of oldness, she seemed to vent a sigh of relief. Like that.

In front of Yueque Old Ancestor is the Xuanhei Old Ancestor of the Saint Skeleton School.

The two of them were the first to be summoned, and the bloody battle place they were in was not in a tense war, so they could come here.

As for other Sect Masters’ summon’s own Old Ancestor, such as the Wuyan Old Ancestor of the Zhenyang School, it is impossible to rush back because the bloody battle in the air and sea world has entered the most critical moment.

Yueque Old Ancestor and Xuanhei Old Ancestor personally experienced the aftermath of the grievances between the nine Great Way Sect and Wei Long.

“Giving up resistance is the most sensible choice. The news from the Kukai Realm has been confirmed that the one who really fought and defeated the lord of the Witch clan. Such a tyrannical strength is enough to rival the Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix. Comparable, if the previous grievances are not cut off, I am afraid it will bring catastrophe.” Xuanhei Old Ancestor sighed slightly.

Those who have fought in the bloody battle are very aware of the terrifying of Peak powerhouse. They also understand the relationship between An Han and Wei Long. Only Peak powerhouse can compete with Peak powerhouse. They are undoubtedly a kind of self The act of destruction.

Yueque Old Ancestor can only sigh silently.

Everyone knows this. The meaning of Peak powerhouse’s existence, such a existence, in addition to making people feel powerless, can no longer give birth to other thoughts.

“This may be the best result. After all, An Han inherited the name of Taiyin Major Sect. He has a Peak powerhouse Master, which is no longer something I can relate to. I can only wait for the Darknorth Continent and The battle between Celestial Emperors is over.” Yueque Old Ancestor is self-comforted.

Originally, Yueque Old Ancestor wanted to gather the discipline of Taiyin Major Sect stationed at Celestial Court. A large part of the authority of the Nine Great Way Sect was responsible for the operation of Celestial Court. Taiyin Major Sect had many discipline stationed at Celestial Court. Among them, there are also other characters at Elder level. Yueque Old Ancestor wants to keep this part of the Taiyin Major Sect discipline.

Being able to serve in Celestial Court has proven the excellence of these disciplines.

However, human’s calculation are inferior to the heavens calculation, in the battle of Kukai, Wei Long not only established his Peak reputation, but also had a profound impact on the affairs around him.

Yueque Old Ancestor protects the teaching discipline in Celestial Court in order to continue the inheritance of the Taiyin Major Sect and preserve the orthodoxy. The foundation of this plan is that An Han, even the soul of Saintess of Taiyin, can finally So the divided soul swallows the main soul.

As An Han Master, Wei Long will fight with Celestial Emperor sooner or later.

This is the reason why Yueque Old Ancestor is insisting, and now that Wei Long’s strength is proven to be not weak, the Old Yu brand Peak powerhouse, that is to say, even the Celestial Emperor is angry about his daughter being killed by the body possession. Can’t kill Wei Long either.

Yueque Old Ancestor’s persistence is meaningless, and the strength and potential displayed by Wei Long can be seen by everyone. It is from Human Race itself. Is it really going to be irreconcilable?

At that point, only the Taiyin Major Sect died.

“The five Flame Dao people did not participate too much, just let the new Sect Master of the Zhenyang school see the situation clearly. I heard that the True Disciple of Daoist Chao Yang went to the Taiyin Secret Realm, and the grievances between the two , Untie it as much as possible.” Xuan Hei Old Ancestor said.

Speaking of this, Xuanhei Old Ancestor smiled bitterly, “The Sect Master before the door was killed by that one. That one not only killed the dry bone, but also used methods to directly invade. The fundamental mystery of my Saint Skeleton Sect will get rid of the dead bones one by one. Your Taiyin Major Sect is still an internal affair. Even the True Yang Sect is just a grudge with An Han. My Saint Skeleton Sect has a direct relationship with this one. Conflict, and now the Sect Master sent by the Saints to follow the Hundred Treasures Pavillion to Darknorth Continent, to take this opportunity to express their obedience.”

Yueque Old Ancestor and Xuanhei Old Ancestor smiled bitterly at each other. After all, they were the demonstration of the five Flame Dao people. They made up their minds and left that little fluke.

But to be honest, my heart is better.

A lot of peace of mind.

Before, I felt good about my face, but my heart was so flustered. Now I’m lying flat, and suddenly I feel very comfortable.



Darknorth Continent.

Reckless land.

The fleet on the Divine Race side is just a day’s work. The treasure ships of the Nine Great Way Sect also cover the sky and come here.

The true magnate and the Fire Phoenix are standing in the sky, and the true magnate asked: “Why didn’t you see Wan Xiaofeng?”

“When I first came yesterday, the Vice Gate Lord called the Lord of the Gods. I heard that it was the one who personally called the name. After that, I should have stayed for about half a day. I came back two hours ago, but there was no Showed up.” Fire Phoenix Grand Master explained.

Wan Xiaofeng has been through the Lightning Tribulation of the gods in just a few days, and these two seem to have already understood the news.

“Have you not even come forward to determine the boundary?” The true magnate looked a little weird. Since he left Qifeng Mountain that day, he has mobilized all resources and collected information on Wan Xiaofeng. Of course, Wei Long is indispensable. It’s very secretive.

Wei Long’s information has been included in the top secret among various forces, only word of mouth, if not necessary, or courting death, no one dares to watch Peak powerhouse too much.

Wan Xiaofeng’s information has been dug up a lot by the real magnates. Wan Xiaofeng’s background is not small, and it can be traced back a few 10,000 years ago. Later, it seems that because of some ancient secrets, he went to the Extreme Yin World.

With the connection of Extreme Yin World, it is not difficult to imagine that Wan Xiaofeng and Wei Long should have known each other a long time ago, and according to their previous performances, they are not like friends, they are enemies.

And if the two are enemies, Wei Long ascended to peak, Wan Xiaofeng still appears in front of him, there is no need to let him live, but Wei Long did not remove Wan Xiaofeng.

Then the truth is obvious. Wei Long and Wan Xiaofeng were enemies before, but Wei Long is the one with the advantage.

The true magnates have a deep understanding of this. Before Wei Long was ascended to peak, the true magnates also fought against Wei Long, and used their own magnate attributes to send out the Innate Way Artifact all over the sky, from Wei Long. Fleeing is regarded as the enemy line according to the relationship, but when the real tycoons put their mentality right, after cooperating with Wei Long, they still get a lot of benefits.

Now the true hero himself becomes the person in charge of the nine Great Way Sect in the wild land, which is the best example.

The Great Lord Fire Phoenix didn’t think much about it. He replied: “No, after seeing that one, after returning, the gods did not participate in the delimitation of the boundary, and they gave it to the subordinate people.” /p>

“It looks like this divine lord has been frightened.” The true magnate pointed out.

Fire Phoenix is ​​laughed, he can mind playing Wan Xiaofeng behind his back, but if he brings Wei Long, he won’t do such a foolish thing, Fire Phoenix said: “Let’s finalize the border first. Fellow Daoist, the site I left you is the best. The Desolate Beast Race that was originally here has also been relocated, and there are still some secret realms in the land of blessings, and no destructive development has been done.”

The true magnate said with a smile: “I am afraid that Fellow Daoist Feng said the same to Divine Race, haha, but we are extremely satisfied to have a foothold.”

The two laughed at each other’s words. As for each other’s true thoughts, only their own understood.

Among the many treasure ships in the Nine Great Way Sect, one of the extremely peculiar treasure ships is a treasure ship keel made of a huge ominous beast skeleton, exuding an amazing baleful qi.

“The reconstruction of our side is different from Divine Race. We need to migrate a branch sect force from the Dao Sect. We don’t need to intervene in this. The true magnates are best at handling this kind of things. The development of the sect cannot really dig the foundation of that one.” On the treasure ship, the former Great Elder of the Saint Skeleton Sect has become the Sect Master of the Saint Skeleton Sect. He instructed the accompanying Elder to sigh: The grievances between the Mukuro faction and that one should end here, but now that the strength of that one is even higher, I still have to go there, and I can’t leave the trouble behind.”

The Sect Master sent the Sect Master and didn’t wait much, and quietly left the ship and headed for the door.



Sea of ​​Source middle level endless void.

A vast and majestic silhouette stands in the void, even if it is the vastness of the void, it seems to be shaken by it, “World public enemy, or should you call you the Immortal Path scavenger, where are you going?”

The opposite of that person is the dark figure escaping quickly.

From the words of those who spoke, it is not difficult to see that these two people, the official Celestial Emperor and the World public enemy, have been chasing each other for a long time.

The aura of the public enemy of World is even more unbearable than a few days ago, “True Martial boy, why do you want to bite me? You must know that my existence is more beneficial to you. With me, this world community, no There will be other Immortal Path scavengers coming. If there is no me, then Samsara Temple will send more power.”

True Martial Celestial Emperor: “You still don’t understand. Since you cut off my dark side, there have been some wonderful connections between us. Now it’s not the issue of Immortal Path scavengers, I can I feel that the opening time of the Immortal Path of the Immortal Path is getting closer and closer. Whether you are or not, when the final date is reached, this world community will be hit more cruelly.”

“What are you now? True Martial boy, I admit that you are powerful, even in the middle of Sea of ​​Source, you can become a true powerhouse. Now that you know that I swallowed your dark side, we are connected , Then you kill me, and you will disappear with it.” World public enemy gnashing teeth said.

This kind of dialogue has been carried out many times. The public enemy of World is not a regret. If he failed to destroy Extreme Yang World that year, he should choose to withdraw in time and go to the other overlord World instead of slamming Extreme Yang World. .

In the final analysis, it was the Extreme Yang World that was the first World that broke free from him, and through his stimulation, a peerless genius like the True Martial Celestial Emperor came out. After that, the Kowloon first and Divine Phoenix followed. Growing, the public enemy of World gave birth to the mind that had to be eliminated.

“I still underestimated him.” The public enemy of World had no regrets.

After True Martial Celestial Emperor stepped into Peak, the public enemy of World chose a special way to get rid of Celestial Emperor.

He wants to make Celestial Emperor into a special kind of Avatar, just like the old man Tai Xuan, occupying the opponent has everything.

At first, the public enemy of the World successfully swallowed the dark side of the True Martial Celestial Emperor, but didn’t expect not only did not make the Celestial Emperor an Avatar, but also created a unique secret technique by the True Martial Celestial Emperor. His weak psychology makes himself more pure.

It can be said that the True Martial Celestial Emperor can almost open up another way above the Peak, in which the role of the World public enemy is indispensable.

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