My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 471


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The god of the gods, the lord of the witch tribe, and the Taoist Gu directly fled the void without the slightest hesitation.


The god of the gods questioned the lord of the witch race: “Why didn’t you take the opportunity to severely inflict the Nine Dragon Head.”

The head of Kowloon was also affected by Heart-Inspired Gu.

At the moment of stalemate, if you seize the opportunity, there is a high possibility that the Nine Dragons will be forced into a desperate situation.

The Lord of the Witch Clan hadn’t spoken yet, and the Taoist Gu directly interrupted: “It’s not time to talk about this, we still have business to do.”

The Taoist Gu stopped the God of God from questioning.

The reason why the lord of the Witch Clan is stupefied is only known to him, and there is no point in investigating these now.

The reason why Taoists use Mind-Inducing Gu is because they noticed that Wei Long Divine Soul is a bit weaker than fleshy body.

Furthermore, the power of Heart-Inspiring Gu was mainly aimed at Wei Long. The aftermath swept to the head of Nine Dragons and made him dizzy at most for a moment.

Nine Dragons is a veteran Peak powerhouse, or from Extreme Yang World, Divine Soul is definitely not weak.

If you really have the idea of ​​severely injuring the head of Kowloon, I am afraid that you will be dragged into a new round of battle.

Taoist Gu suddenly let out a dull cough, and the aura dropped sharply.

Although the Qi machine is still strong, it is much weaker than before.

Seeing this, the god of the gods asked: “What’s the matter?”

The Lord of the Witch Clan also cast a concerned look.

The Taoist Gu did not reduce the speed of escape, and quickly said with his mind: “Heart-inducing Gu is my most important trump card, and I have a relationship with my mind. After using it, it directly damages my origin.”

When the Mind Intention Gu is used, it still needs to accumulate energy, which is really not easy.

That is to hit a completely unprepared. If Wei Long wakes up and entangles it again, it may cause unprepared consequences.

This is also the reason why Taoist Gu forcefully suppressed the backlash of Mind Inspiring Gu, and did not chase Wei Long, nor did it have a deep-seated reason for the Nine Dragon Head.

Furthermore, the Taoist Gu realized that Wei Long was in a stage of rapid progress.

The battle between Peak powerhouses, especially between the main bodies, rarely happens.

And Wei Long belongs to that kind of super genius, at least in the eyes of Taoists.

The battle between the same level stimulated the growth of Wei Long.

Wei Long went to the Peak field and still maintained such a rapid growth, which is shocking.

Now that I see this, there is no need to continue fighting with Wei Long.

Gu Daoist does not want to be a stepping stone for Wei Long to move on.

Gu Daoist used the mind-inducing gu to damage the origin, so that the god of the gods and the lord of the witch clan looked towards him changed.

Before Wei Long grew up, the source of Gu, Ancient Boundary, and Barbarian Race God World maintained a tacit understanding, but there were instances of mutual entrapment.

Wei Long turned out, and felt the external crisis, and the three parties had to join forces.

This kind of alliance is vulnerable to external pressure and forced combination.

Now, after experiencing this run-in, at least the three of the same Peak powerhouse have a better relationship.

What’s more, after the Taoist’s Mind-Inducing Gu is used up once, it directly turns into a fan, and it also hurts his origin.

To tell the truth, Divine Heart, the lord of the wizard clan and the gods, is secretly relieved.

Mind-inducing Gu can break through the guardian of Wei Long Dao Fruit’s embryonic form. If it can be used at no cost, it will be extremely terrifying.

The lord of the witch race and the god of the gods are both the way of body refinement, and Divine Soul is the weak point.

I’m afraid they can’t resist the Intentional Gu.

The Taoist Gu looked at the god of the gods, and stopped mentioning his backlash, “Is the arrangement going on?”

“It has been done, and it went well.” The God of God responded.

The Taoist Gu was relieved, simply explained to the Lord of the Witch Clan, and then moved towards Bihai World quickly escaped away.

The three Taoists traversed an empty arc of Dao Void and circled back to the Blue Sea World.

The void of previous battles.

The flesh and blood that was originally scattered in the void, with the help of the Taoist Gu, was absorbed by the god of refining. Therefore, this void has no traces except the broken space crack after the terrorist battle.

The silence is back again.

After three breaths, Wei Long fully recovered from the stalemate.

The prototype of Dao Fruit, which had been changed, became more dazzling by this stimulation, emitting immortal rays of light.

Wei Long uses Dao Fruit to wash his whole body and eliminate possible hidden dangers one after another.

The Nine Dragon Head also recovered and apologized: “Thanks to the help of Fellow Daoist, I didn’t help much.”

The head of Jiulong smiled bitterly and shook his head. He could barely hold the lord of the Witch Clan.

Wei Long made a little immortal golden light, repeatedly washing himself, and after a few breaths, he said: “Fellow Daoist does not have to be overly modest, your strength is also very strong.”

The first Jiulong apologized, but Wei Long would not underestimate him.

Wei Long continued: “Which Poisonous Insect was used by the Taoist Gu, can Fellow Daoist explain one or two?

The Poisonous Insect is extremely powerful. If the Gu Dao can master multiple Poisonous Insects, I am afraid that the strength is much stronger than we thought. “

The Jiulongshou thought for a while, “It should be a heart-trapping Gu. It can transform into a bell, release the heart-trapping power, and attack Divine Soul, which is extremely vicious.

In the past, people of the Gu clan used similar methods in the bloody battle, and all these data were collected. “

The head of Kowloon told the news that he knew.

However, Mind Intention Gu is one of the core inheritance of Gu clan.

The head of Jiulong also couldn’t know the specific cultivation method.

The inheritance of refining Poisonous Insect such as Heart Insect is top secret. Even if you grab the powerhouse of the Gu clan and use the soul search secret technique, you cannot get core inheritance.

It’s about core inheritance. Once it is forcibly read, Divine Soul will directly Self-destruction.

Overlord World has this kind of guardian secret technique. Once you enter the bloody battle place, Peak powerhouse will use the means to block the inheritance secret technique.

This method is not without cost, so it often only bans the core inheritance.

For the first time in Kowloon, I saw that Wei Long was still thinking, and he thought for a while and said: “The mind-absorbing Gu used by Taoists is specially cultivated and refined, and its power is no less than Super Immortal Grade.”

Wei Long nodded in agreement.

When the Mind-inducing Gu appeared, and when the Mind-inducing Bell rang, it directly shook Wei Long’s Divine Soul.

Wei Long rarely felt the foundation shaken.

“I grew up in Extreme Yin World. After all, compared to the powerful fleshy body, there are weaknesses in Divine Soul.” Wei Long secretly said in one’s heart.

Wei Long is more concerned with a little detail, this kind of tiny gap can be captured by Taoist Gu.

Moreover, after catching the weak spot, there are corresponding methods of attack.

Wei Long’s expression is a bit playful, “something interesting.”

“Not good!”

While Wei Long was thinking about it, the Nine Dragon Head suddenly lost his voice, “It’s a big deal, the head of Father Bihai was snatched by the Taoist Gu and Avatar, and they are still hiding in one hand!”

The head of Kowloon quickly explained to Wei Long, “My Avatar has been restrained.

Furthermore, the Taoist Gu and the God of God did not know what method they used to cut off the connection between Avatar and me without letting me notice. ”

Wei Long came back to his senses, “Sever the connection between the body and the Avatar, and the body and the Avatar have not been able to detect it. Isn’t this the secret technique used by the Taoist Gu when you were besieged?”

The first Jiulong sighed, “I’m afraid they will have used their means as soon as they fight with us.

Their real goal is to obtain the final inheritance of Bihai World. “

Wei Long’s eyes narrowed.

Nine Dragons said before that the inheritance of Bihai World can make up for the inheritance defects of Barbarian Race.

And Barbarian Race is only behind Bihai World, the last and most critical inheritance.

The inheritance is in the head of Father Bihai.

Half-step Peak’s Father Bihai, and finally all the Profound Truth perceptions about the roads of Bihai World.

“Go, let’s rush back now, we should be able to find some traces, maybe we can find their body World.”

Wei Long and Jiulong Head did not delay and moved quickly.

The location of Bihai World.

The Blue Sea World on Voidstorm is still as usual.

The god of the gods: “The Nine Dragon Head allowed the Extreme Yang World cultivator to retreat ahead of time, and did not catch many people.”

Taoist Gu: “It’s already pretty good, our goal is almost achieved.”

“Hurry up. Once they find out, they will come soon.” The lord of the Witch Clan urged.

The Lord of the Witch Clan just got the reason to return to Bihai World.

Before the battle started, the Taoist Gu and the God of God had a tacit understanding.

This kind of tacit understanding excludes the Lord of the Witch Clan, so his attitude is not very good.

Taoist Gu: “We moved Bihai World directly, and those people in Extreme Yang World fled. This result is already very good.”

The Gu Dao, the god of the gods, and the lord of the witch clan are not delayed. They stand in the void in a triangle shape, and each use their power to fix the Blue Sea World from the void storm.

Then the three directly flee away with World.

God of God: “I have ordered Avatar to destroy all the fortresses of Extreme Yang World, the place of bloody battle, without leaving any traces.”

“The three of us work together to make another seal to ensure that nothing is lost.” Taoist Gu said cautiously.

The lord of the witch clan can do nothing.

After leaving the battlefield, then fleeing, returning to Bihai World for a while, and finally moving the entire Bihai World, they only took less than two breaths.

For Peak powerhouse only, one breath can do too many things.

The god of the gods was very pleased to see that things went so smoothly. He felt the Avatar of the imprisoned Nine Dragon Head, fiercely said: “I will slowly concoct the Avatar of the Nine Dragon Head, hey!”

In order to paralyze the Nine Dragon Head, the God of God really gave a precious Avatar.

Failed to kill the body of the Kowloon Head, the only way to get revenge was to kill the Avatar of the Kowloon Head first.

Taoist Gu: “Don’t be careless, and don’t leave a trace.”

The God of God expressed the understanding.

The Lord of the Witch Clan seized the opportunity and said: “At this time, one point of strength is one point.

I will come up with some body refinement inheritance, hoping to help Gu clan go further. “

Gu Dao people said with a smile: “many thanks.”

Then he also promised: “The inheritance of Bihai World, when it can also increase the strength of the Wu clan, I will make a copy for you.”

After the failure to encircle and suppress the Nine Dragon Head, Taoist Gu had a clear comprehension and grasped the key point.

With Wei Long present, the plan to attack the first of Kowloon has actually failed.

At this time, there is no need to worry about the improvement of Barbarian Race’s strength.

If you get the complete inheritance of Bihai World, you can make Barbarian Race stronger, the god of the gods condenses Dao Fruit, or the second Peak powerhouse appears, it is a good thing instead.

Extreme Yang World has been completely enlarged. As enemies, the three of them urgently need to improve their strength.

The God of God did not object, “Although this trip did not kill the Nine Dragon Head, it was also very successful.”

The words of the god of the gods were approved by the other two.

First of all.

Obtaining the Bihai World inheritance, it can complement the inheritance of the barbarian god, and it can also complement the inheritance of a part of the witch race.

In exchange, the Lord of the Witch Clan also brought out the Profound Truth related to Fleshy body, which certainly does not involve the core inheritance of the Witch Clan, but it is also a first-class inheritance, which is of great help to the Gu Clan.

Moreover, the Wu Clan took out a part of the Profound Truth, and Barbarian Race, as the biggest beneficiary, can’t say nothing.

Also take out part of Fleshy body inheritance to Gu clan.

This trip, all three parties have benefited.

Moreover, the three-party alliance has become more consolidated after a break-in.

“In fact, none of these gains can compare to the other.”

Lord of the Witch Clan: “We can already be sure that the growth of Wei Long not only threatens us, but also threatens the Celestial Emperor enough.”

The god of the gods agrees: “We must promote the outbreak of the conflict between Celestial Emperor and Wei Long as soon as possible.”

Taoist Gu said loudly: “Create momentum for Wei Long!

Publish his power, we help him publicize!

Let everyone in this World community know the power of Wei Long. Knowing that Wei Long is no longer weaker than Celestial Emperor, Dao Fruit has been gathered!

He will become the number one person of our World community, and we can even reveal that if Wei Long becomes the master of Extreme Yang World, we are willing to bow to him, acknowledge allegiance, and end the protracted war in this World community! “

The Taoist Gu clearly had an idea.

The lord of the Witch tribe and the god of the gods, hearing this, are all bright, and exclaimed, “Good way!”

After the three Gu Daoists left for two breaths.

Wei Long and Jiulongshou also returned to the void where Bihai World is located.

Voidstorm is still raging, but the World above is gone.

Without the suppression of Bihai World, Void Storm has become stronger and stronger.

“I lost the coordinates of Bihai World!”

Nine-Dragon’s first punch hit the Netherstorm.

Faced with the siege of Peak powerhouse, the Kowloon first did not have the upper hand.

But a punch hit the surface of the void storm, and suddenly, this violent and terrifying storm was directly erased from the void.

The void is silent.

Wei Long frowned, the head of Jiulong said that the loss of the coordinates means that the information has been imperceptible to Bihai World.

“The old bastard of Gu Daoist is really not a good thing! Old Guy really doesn’t leave a weak spot in his work!”

The first Jiulong cursed, “Fortunately, the cultivator in the World has been evacuated early, otherwise I can’t get through the hurdle in my heart.”

Wei Long comforted: “The result is not bad, at least their conspiracy failed. By the way, did you take away the head of the Father in time?”

Speaking of the head of Father Bihai, Jiulongshou looked bitter, “It’s not time yet.”

Wei Long sighed and stopped talking.

The head of Kowloon is also pale.

Suddenly, Jiulong’s first face changed.

Wei Long is a little inexplicable: “What’s wrong? What traces did they leave?”

Shook the head of Jiulong, “I restored my connection with the Avatar of Extreme Yang World.

Through the channel according to me, I got a message that in one day, the Celestial Emperor will summon Saintess of the Taiyin. “

Above the Lunar Saintess, the head of Nine Dragons said the accent.

Wei Long’s complexion changed abruptly.

Since the head of Kowloon said so, it shows that this news is most likely true.

When Wei Long rescued the head of Kowloon, he took back the Avatar who was sitting in North Ming Sect, and only left a Dragon Shadow Clone with the Avatar in North Ming Sect, and the Avatar has not received any news yet.

Obviously, this news was learned in advance by the head of Kowloon through a secret channel operated by itself.

From the title of summon An Han, the first of Kowloon, Celestial Emperor did not admit the fact that Saintess was killed in Taiyin.

Wei Long leisurely said: “I should go back.”

Wei Long is very satisfied with the return of the first of Kowloon.

Knowing this important news in advance will not be completely unprepared.

The head of Kowloon: “My body hasn’t returned to the local World for a long time, and it happens to be on the same side.”

Wei Long and the Prime Minister of Kowloon smiled, each with a profound meaning.

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