My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 472


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Extreme Yang World.

East Victory Continent, Taiyin Major Sect Mountain Gate.

Tai Yin Secret Realm.

“I hope World’s ascent can go smoothly.”

An Han was worried.

Extreme Yin World before Transcendence, his own Master had already informed himself about this. The first time I heard the news, even An Han, who was involved in the madness and calmness, was shocked.

This is a super crazy decision.

When An Han knew it, it was the eve of World Transcendence.

An Han is also very clear that Yan Hao’s personality seems to be gentle, but in fact it is very paranoid inside. Since his own Master said to do this, Yan Hao will definitely carry it out.

And An Han has personal experience of Transcendence, from the outermost layer of Sea of ​​Source, Extreme Yin World, to the outer layer, Extreme Yang World. Although it has encountered twists and turns, was attacked and almost beheaded, but His own vision has increased rapidly, and An Han can’t forget the feeling of touching the entire Sea of ​​Source hierarchy.

That’s why An Han understands the madness behind Transcendence.

An Han thought, while maintaining her cultivation, she swallowed Good Fortune of Lunar Saintess, ascending to the skies with a single leap, passed the Immortal fate, and is now polishing her own cultivation realm.

I have reached the last realm of the Divine Soul system in one step. Even if I have obtained the memories of the Lunar Saintess, the integration is perfect, but there is still a slight misplacement in cognition.

“However, the greatest help to me from the attack of Saintess in the lunar dynasty is that it has significantly improved my application of the True Spirit space.”

An Han has changed the past cultivation method, while maintaining the basic cultivation technique of Taiyin Major Sect, while Divine Soul has entered the True Spirit space. In his own spiritual space, An Han can be countless times more than outside During the time, let her practice various secret techniques, constantly running into her own foundation.

Outside the great hall where An Han is located, a True Disciple in a hurry, after asking for instructions, enters the great hall, “Saintess, there is a messenger from Celestial Court.”

The True Disciple looks good, but looking high above the cloud platform, the Power of the Moon surrounds Saintess with soft and bright layers, and the beautiful face is faintly discernible, the discipline quietly lowered his head.

An Han ran the cultivation technique several times to absorb the surrounding Power of the Moon.

After hearing the envoy of Celestial Court, An Han moved in his heart. Subconsciously, he felt that it was related to the killing of Saintess of Taiyin. The interior of the Lunar Major Sect has been gradually cleared. Some Old Ancestors that have long been separated from the sect also use the previous Yueque Fairy as their benchmark. Yueque Old Ancestor is no longer willing to conflict with An Han, and is not entangled in Lunar inheritance orthodoxy. Some Old Ancestors who have not known how many years away from sect how many years have no interest in getting involved.

Because the Taiyin Major Sect has been blessed with wind and smooth inside and outside, the Celestial Court is intriguing.

An Han suppressed his thoughts and asked: “Which messenger?”

Celestial Court is just a collective name, which is divided into three courts, Human Race, Desolate Beast, and Divine Race each occupy one side. The Human Race court is the most respected and has control over Desolate Beast and Divine Race courts. This is also the nine Great The reason for the high status of Way Sect.

disciple speak frankly said: “The messenger came from Celestial Court above the Nine Heavens, and he called himself a Taoist of Xingyuan. He said that he only needs to tell the name of Sect Lord and he will know everything.”

Sing Yuan Taoist?

Hearing above the Nine Heavens, An Han faintly guessed, and then heard the name of Taoist Xingyuan, he could confirm, “Has the Celestial Emperor returned to the Celestial Court?”

Xingyuan Taoist is extremely mysterious. Even if it is a powerhouse with a certain position in Celestial Court, you may not know the existence of the other party. Those who can understand the identity of Xingyuan Taoist are at least true powerhouses of all races and become the Guardian of the ethnic group.

Xing Yuan Taoist is the confidant of Celestial Court, in charge of the logistics affairs of the powerhouse exhibited by the bloody battle. Celestial Court above the Nine Heavens is not less than the Celestial Court above the Nine Heavens, and there is little reputation, but it is true that the Peak Immortal is true. Entered the Peak field.

And Xingyuan Taoist is also the teacher of the enlightenment of Saintess cultivation of Taiyin.

An Han felt a sense of crisis in his heart, and his face remained calm, “You tell Taoist Xingyuan a moment later, and I will meet after I receive my work.”

Wait until the True Disciple took the order out, An Han thought quietly, “Xing Yuan Taoist assumed the messenger, there must be no Celestial Emperor behind it. Going to Celestial Court with my strength, I can only let it go. I am in danger. It’s a small one, this incident is likely to involve entering the Master……”

If I change a messenger, An Han has already been on the line with the Hundred Treasures Pavillion Pavilion Lord, he will definitely receive news, but the person who came is Dao Xingyuan, “This matter is not only about myself, I need to ask Ask the Master for his opinion.”

Xingyuan Taoist will not be the leader, behind the Celestial Emperor is involved, that is the battle between Peak powerhouses.

An Han learned about the character of Celestial Emperor from the memory of Saintess of Taiyin.

Celestial Emperor is definitely a qualified Extreme Yang World master. Similarly, from the perspective of the father, he is a cold and ruthless person.

With the power of Celestial Emperor, even if he hunts down the public enemy of World, he can send Avatar to take care of An Han, but Celestial Emperor did not do so.

Instead, it stayed until now.

The knife didn’t fall.

Peak powerhouse’s battle is an empty field in An Han, and everything may cause unpredictable consequences.

Whether it is for his own safety or not to drag the Master, An Han does not intend to make his own claim.

An Han didn’t plan to meet Taoist Xingyuan, and went straight to Darknorth Continent.

“Saintess, please hold your steps.” A sigh sounded.

An Han just came out of the Secret Realm of Taiyin, and he was blocked by a person. His aura was extremely powerful, as strong as An Han, and he felt a deep sense of crisis.

The strength of this man is terrifying.

It’s not someone else, it’s Xingyuan Taoist.

Taoist Xingyuan stopped An Han and looked at An Han who was almost like Saintess in the Lunar Period. He sighed again, “It seems that Saintess has already guessed what Old Daoist came from.”

“Xingyuan Teacher, please give me a few hours.” An Han interrupted.

Xingyuan Taoist shook the head, his eyes were complicated but firm and said: “I am ordered by the Celestial Emperor to summon Saintess of Taiyin to the Celestial Court for an audience.”

The appearance of Taoist Xingyuan is to ensure that An Han can obey the Celestial Emperor’s orders.

As if seeing An Han’s plan, Taoist Xingyuan continued: “Please Saintess, don’t make other plans. You are not my opponent. Some things must be faced.”

The powerful aura of Xingyuan Taoist locked An Han, and the Immortal Spirit Power swiftly moved, stimulating the sound of killing thunder.

After An Han measured it, he stopped resisting, coldly snorted: “Then lead the way.”

Xing Yuan Taoist face changed and finally realized that the person before him was no longer Lunar Saintess, nor the girl who enlightened herself, but a person with a completely different personality.

“That’s good.” Taoist Xingyuan recovered his calm next moment, and his face was expressionless.


Before Xingyuan’s words were settled, An Han violently shot, “Since you want to promise to take me to Celestial Court, let’s see if you have such strength!”



Celestial Court.

above the Nine Heavens.

A black-faced man walked into a magnificent palace, entered and bowed and said: “Your Majesty, the cultivator of the bloody battleground in Bihai World has been withdrawn, and those powerhouses are being renovated, and they have lost contact with Bihai World. “

The black-faced man Aura is powerful and violent. He is a powerhouse equivalent to Peak Immortal. However, he is not a Human Race nor a member of the Extreme Yang World, but a subsidiary of Extreme Yang World.

“Oh, it seems that Daoist Gu’s plan should have failed.” Celestial Emperor looking thoughtful, with a calm and gentle tone, “Since the cultivator of Bihai World has been withdrawn, let these powerhouses rest in peace.”

The Celestial Emperor thought for a while, “Go on with the notice and call the Kowloon Head and Divine Phoenix to hold a bloody battle.”

“Yes!” The black-faced man respectfully answered, and then said nothing, seeing that the Celestial Emperor had no orders, he left quickly.

The decision-making group of the Blood War is a decision-making group that specializes in dealing with the affairs of the Blood War. There are many members, but the highest decision-making group is only three.

Celestial Emperor, Jiulongshou and Divine Phoenix.

As for the newly promoted Peak powerhouse Wei Long, he has not yet been recognized, so he has not entered the decision-making group.

Not long after, Jiulongshou and Divine Phoenix arrived. Of course, both of them were Avatars.

In the Celestial Court above the Nine Heavens area, Jiulongshou and Divine Phoenix are not unfamiliar. After seeing the Celestial Emperor, the two saluted slightly: “Your Majesty.”

“You don’t need to be polite.” Celestial Emperor waved his hand, and the black-faced man who led the way quietly left.

Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix glanced at each other, and they both saw surprise in each other’s eyes. Celestial Emperor entered the Extreme Yang World as the main body.

The Celestial Emperor is very powerful. It stands to reason that the Celestial Emperor is the powerhouse that converges itself. It is also difficult for the Extreme Yang World to accommodate this kind of powerhouse. However, the Celestial Emperor has another identity. He holds the origin of the Extreme Yang World. This condenses Dao Fruit.

However, being able to enter the Extreme Yang World does not mean that must enter. The Celestial Emperor’s body is still abnormal here.

After a brief exchange between the Celestial Emperor and the two, they directly said: “Before dealing with the affairs of the Blood War, I have one thing to announce.

World public enemy! World public enemy! I beheaded the World public enemy! “

The Celestial Emperor announced that it had killed the public enemy of World, “I removed the Immortal Path scavenger, and further thwarted the conspiracy of the Samsara Temple.”

The Celestial Emperor’s gaze gradually became hot, “However, the Immortal Path of the Immortal Path is very important. There are many emperors behind it, and it is in the middle of the Sea of ​​Source. It will inevitably open at the end. No one can stop it, and the Samsara Temple will come again. “

It is the first time that Jiulongshou and Divine Phoenix have seen Celestial Emperor so excited.

The Celestial Emperor continued: “The impossible crisis is eliminated, and the next crisis will be more terrifying than this time. When the time comes, it will no longer be an Immortal Path scavenger, and there will be more powerhouses to perform tasks. ! The new crisis requires us all to unite together.”

Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix looking thoughtful.

Divine Phoenix said: “The opening time of the Immortal Path of the Immortal Path is undetermined. If one day does not leave the outer layer of the Sea of ​​Source, then this crisis will continue to exist. It is a disaster that has occurred after all but has not yet been triggered. ,”

“That’s good. The World public enemy is very difficult to deal with. After beheading him, I have not recovered yet.” Celestial Emperor changed his tone and sighed.

The Celestial Emperor revealed some auras, which directly caused Divine Phoenix and the Nine Dragon Head to notice that they were indeed injured.

The Celestial Emperor looked at the Nine Dragon Head, “I paid a lot of money to kill the public enemy of the World, and a crack appeared in the Dao Fruit that I gathered. For this reason, I had to return to the Extreme Yang World, and until Now, I found out that you were besieged.”

Divine Phoenix was a little surprised: “Encircle and suppress?”

Shook the head in Kowloon, “Fortunately, the crisis has been resolved.”

The head of Kowloon changed the subject accordingly, “Bihai World, which I am responsible for, directly withdrew from the participating cultivator.”

The first Kowloon report on what is happening in Bihai World.

In addition, the head of Jiulong also admitted his fault, “Because the matter is very urgent, I don’t know Your Majesty has returned, so I didn’t ask Your Majesty and had to withdraw the people from Bihai World.”

The Celestial Emperor nodded and said: “You have been encircled by three parties. You are lucky enough to escape the danger smoothly. Withdrawing in time can be considered a great achievement…”

The head of Jiulong smiled bitterly, “Hey, I let the God of God get the head of Father Bihai. This time, the divine ability of God is enough to get the complete inheritance of Bihai World, and the strength will probably be advanced by leaps and bounds.

After the battle was over, Avatar naturally perceives everything about the ontology, and at the moment, facing the call of the Celestial Emperor, it is the Nine Dragons hand ontology consciousness that controls this sentence of Avatar.

“Don’t blame you, this time the Taoists used Destiny Gu to shield your perception, and their plans are fully prepared.” Celestial Emperor relieved Nine Dragons instead.

However, the Celestial Emperor’s heart was just a sigh, did the Nine Dragon Head really happen to have the head of Father Bihai taken away by the opponent? Even if the Celestial Emperor did not personally participate in it, I felt that there was something strange.

The cultivator that guarded the fortress was transferred. Instead, Father Bihai’s head was taken away. It is undoubtedly unreasonable to attribute everything to Jiulongshou’s respect for the glory of killing Father Bihai.

It looks like, as Extreme Yang World is getting stronger and stronger, the Nine Dragon Head is unwilling to see the Gu Daoists collapse, nor does it want the balance of strength between the two sides to be completely broken, so this assist is sent.

Divine Phoenix was full of doubts after listening to the conversation between Nine Dragon Head and Celestial Emperor.

Did she miss a lot of things?

Divine Phoenix asked his own question, “Since it is the Daoist Gu, the God of the Gods, and the Lord of the Witch Clan, the Destiny Gu has been dispatched. Your Majesty did not warn in advance. You are only the main body to fight, and finally How did they break their encirclement and suppression?”

The first Jiulong took a look at the Celestial Emperor and spoke frankly: “Before the encirclement and suppression, I had contacted Wei Long Fellow Daoist for a number of things. When the encirclement and suppression occurred, I asked Wei Long Fellow Daoist about the matter, which changed. . So it directly led to the changes in the secret, and also changed the secret technique of the fate of the Gu Daoist. Wei Long Fellow Daoist felt that I was in a dangerous situation, and he assisted.”

Divine Phoenix suddenly discovered that Celestial Emperor’s gaze had changed, and the great hall inner Qi atmosphere was a little wrong.

“Your Majesty!” At this moment, the black-faced man suddenly had something important to tell.

Celestial Emperor: “Didn’t you see me discussing with two Fellow Daoists?”

Divine Phoenix perceives that the atmosphere is not right, said with a smile: “Since there is an important matter to report, it must be an important matter. Your Majesty may wish to listen.”

The Celestial Emperor waved his hand and motioned for the black-faced man to come in.

The black-faced man dare not delay: “Your Majesty has a lot of shocking news, almost at the same moment, spread all the bloody battles.”

“Let’s talk.” Celestial Emperor said casually.

The black-faced man looked at Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix.

The Celestial Emperor’s tone was cold: “Say!”

The black-faced man hurriedly said: “There are many news fermenting. It is said that His Excellency Wei Long is not only breaking the conspiracy of the three overlords World of Ancient Boundary, Gu Clan Yuanming World, Barbarian Race God World, It is even tougher to defeat these Peak powerhouses.”

“It is also said that Lord Wei Long has also condensed the prototype of Dao Fruit, which is one step above Peak. Known as the unimaginable number one genius, it is better than the Celestial Emperor and can truly lead everyone forward Leader of .”

“Also, the three hegemons of Ancient Boundary, Yuanming Realm, and God World came out. They said they are willing to acknowledge allegiance Wei Long to end this world community and end the war that has lasted countless years. Of course. , There is a premise…”

Speaking of this, the black-faced man stopped talking.

Because the atmosphere in the great hall was extremely solemn, the Celestial Emperor went from being careless to his face covered with clouds.

“Go on, what’s the premise?” Celestial Emperor involuntarily shook his hand,

The black-faced man smiled bitterly, hesitantly said: “The premise is, the premise is, Yes, Your Majesty, can abdicate to the virtuous.”

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