My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 473


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After the black-faced man answered, the palace was quiet again, even quieter than before.

It’s like an already big balloon, still injecting air into it, as if the next moment is about to explode.

At this moment, the black-faced man has the desire to die.

Suddenly receiving this news, he felt that someone must be pushing behind him, so he wanted to inform the Celestial Emperor as soon as possible. I was impatient for a while, and didn’t expect, the report that was supposed to be privately, Celestial Emperor asked him to report it in person.

The black-faced man remedied: “Your Majesty, these all are rumors, there must be a conspiracy.”

“No need to say more!”

The Celestial Emperor waved his hand and motioned to the black-faced man to stop talking, “Go collect and see where you got the information. Since you think there is a conspiracy, then investigate.”

“Yes.” The black-faced man hurriedly left.

The Celestial Emperor seems to have nothing happened, looking at the Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix, extremely calm, “First the Nine Dragon Head was encircled and suppressed, and now these news came out, it seems that the Taoists and them are very anxious.”


The first replied of Nine Dragons: “Yes, as early as before, the Gu Taoists, the gods of the gods, and the lord of the witch clan were very tacitly united to further enhance the intensity of the war in the bloody battle.”

Divine Phoenix also said nonchalantly: “The Taoists should feel the crisis and have to resist at last, but their resistance is destined to be useless.”

The Celestial Emperor no longer mentioned the news reported by the black-faced man. Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix did not take the initiative to open this cover.

The three of them were really the Celestial Emperor summoning them for discussion, and made certain arrangements for the changes that took place in the bloody battle.

The discussion did not last long, mainly because the Celestial Emperor once again presided over the affairs.

When the Celestial Emperor returned, the authority that had been scattered before was naturally taken back.

This is the majesty accumulated by the Celestial Emperor.

“If there is nothing else, I’ll leave.” The chief of Kowloon waited until the discussion of the section of the road, said.

Divine Phoenix followed; “I’m leaving too.”

The Celestial Emperor did not stay, “I dealt with the public enemy of the World during this period, and it is difficult for you to guard, now you can be cultivated with peace of mind.”

Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix leave.

The two were in East Victory Continent, and no one said anything. The existence of Celestial Court is like a giant Great Secret Realm over East Victory Continent, and East Victory Continent is the core territory of the Celestial Emperor.

The Celestial Emperor boldly delegated power to the internal affairs of the Extreme Yang World, and what he focused on was the place of bloody battle, that is, the Immortal powerhouse which occupies approximately 90% of the Extreme Yang World.

The Celestial Emperor’s control over the affairs of the bloody battle is clear, and no one doubts it. In secret, the Celestial Emperor controls the East Victory Continent and even the entire Extreme Yang World.

Nine Dragons Head and Divine Phoenix walked quickly. There was no communication between them, but they could see each other’s concerns from their eyes.

The more the Celestial Emperor does not mention the news brought by the black-faced man, the more it shows that the Celestial Emperor cares.

The Nine Dragons Head has been able to affirm that what the black-faced man said is true. Wei Long has indeed condensed the embryonic form of Dao Fruit. It has amazing strength and is so powerful that it also has amazing potential.

Divine Phoenix’s news is undoubtedly lagging behind, so she is getting information through her own channels. Obviously, the black-faced man is the confidant of the Celestial Emperor, and can learn about the troubles of the bloody battle place earlier than them, but as the Peak powerhouse, Divine Phoenix also has its own bloody battle place.

Divine Phoenix is ​​quickly confirming the message.

Actually, in deep in one’s heart, Divine Phoenix has determined that 90% of these messages are true, especially in some specific information, even if the peak powerhouse like Gu Dao is facing a very bad situation, it will not Use bad lies to plan.

Even if there is a plan, it will be a scheming one, creating a situation where more wins and less, no choice.

Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix are both very aware of the Celestial Emperor’s character, and they know the Celestial Emperor’s desire to control the Extreme Yang World better.

Out of East Victory Continent.

In the void where the Central Sky Continent is located, Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix are not in a hurry to return to their respective spheres of influence.

They covered their auras tacitly and blocked the surroundings.

This kind of blockade is to prevent people from spying on their communication, and in the entire Extreme Yang World, only Celestial Emperor and Wei Long can spy on them, the latter is not the other party they guard against. Of course, if Celestial Emperor really snoops, it is not impossible to break their cover, but in this way, Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix will also know.

After the Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix were arranged, both of them were silent. In fact, the two of them can guess what they want to say to each other, but the one who speaks first will be in a disadvantage.

This is also a secret contest.

Divine Phoenix stared at the head of the Nine Dragons. Finally, she couldn’t help it, “What do you think? You won’t tell me about the surprise attack! The Taoist Gu, the God of God, and the Lord of the Witch Clan obviously wanted Severely injuring a Peak powerhouse, bringing the strength of both sides back to the same level, we are all likely to be attacked. If they attacked you, you should tell me.”

The head of Jiulong was questioned unnaturally, “I was surrounded and suppressed suddenly.”

“We are the closer allies.”

Divine Phoenix interrupted the Nine Dragon Head and repeatedly reminded, “You should tell me so that I will not know anything in front of the Celestial Emperor. Now he must suspect that we are no longer in sync, try next time Pressure may come at any time.”

“Come on!” The Nine Dragon Head said impatiently: “The Celestial Emperor has no intention of dealing with us, and he has more difficult things to deal with.”

The Nine Dragon Head didn’t say who it was, but they all knew that the Celestial Emperor needed it the most and was also the object of the pressure test.

Divine Phoenix looked closely at the Kowloon Head.

She is angry inside.

And there is a sense of insecurity.

She and the Nine Dragon Head were former allies against the Celestial Emperor.

Natural ally.

The god of the gods, the lord of the witch tribe, and the Taoists had to form an alliance in order to fight the Extreme Yang World, and before the balance of strength between the two parties was restored, the alliance relationship was absolutely unbreakable, more effective than any promise in the world, because there is no other , There is no self.

The relationship between Jiulongshou and Divine Phoenix was similar.

If you don’t fight against the Celestial Emperor together, then the Celestial Emperor will become more and more majestic.

They will lose their detachment as a Peak powerhouse one day.

Divine Phoenix and Celestial Emperor once had a section of emotion, and the same is true. She used to be very well-versed.

The one who is often eager to advance and retreat with her is the head of Kowloon.

Now it’s just the other way round. The head of Jiulong is obviously closer to Wei Long, and she has become the one who is kept in the dark and anxious.

Obviously, the head of Kowloon had encountered a major crisis, but did not inform her of this ally.

The meaning of this is very complicated.


Divine Phoenix took a deep breath, suppressing all kinds of thoughts, did not pursue it, and asked directly: “Wei Long really condensed the embryonic form of Dao Fruit?”

Divine Phoenix has secretly dispatched its body, and it has been confirmed. Now in the bloody battleground, a lot of rumors have appeared, all of which are shaping the strength of Wei Long.

The place of bloody battle is the highest battlefield. Some Immortal powerhouses have not yet gone back to repair, and they don’t even know who Wei Long is or that there is another Peak powerhouse in Extreme Yang World.

Furthermore, the Taoists took the initiative to admit that they were inferior, which made Wei Long’s reputation soaring.

Divine Phoenix confirmed these rumors, but the details of Wei Long still need time. In contrast, the Nine Dragon Head body and Wei Long fought side by side, and the change in the attitude of the three Gu Taoists was also in the recent battle, so the Nine Dragon Head will naturally get a lot of news.

The head of Kowloon felt Divine Phoenix’s retreat.

In the past, it was him who gave in, but now it’s just the other way round. The expression of Nine Dragon Head is somewhat subtle.

The Nine Dragons head pondered for a while, and said: “These rumors are exaggerated, but they are not too big a lie. I know what you want to know, Wei Long condenses the immortal Dao Fruit, this is what I saw with my own eyes. That’s why the two of us work together to not be afraid of the other three.”

Divine Phoenix asked some more questions.

The first Jiulong answered everything that could be answered.

Divine Phoenix hasn’t spoken for a long time after learning the news.

That’s the prototype of Dao Fruit! Celestial Emperor has already taken a shortcut, and the shortcut taken by Celestial Emperor is considered to be an extremely difficult road, but Wei Long, by virtue of himself, dignified the embryonic form of Dao Fruit.

Too surprising.

The head of Jiulong looked at Divine Phoenix in shock and speechlessness, feeling very comfortable inside.

In front of Wei Long, the head of Kowloon felt that he had lost a lot of face and was already a little inferior. Now he has returned to the familiar atmosphere. He is still Peak powerhouse and still aloof.

The first time he saw Divine Phoenix came back to his senses in Jiulong, he began to ask; “Actually, I also have some questions I want to ask you. Do you think Celestial Emperor is a little weird?”

“en?” Divine Phoenix puzzled.

The head of Nine Dragons carefully worded: “The Celestial Emperor seems to be a bit too excited. Moreover, the Celestial Emperor’s desire to control the Extreme Yang World is extremely strong and not fake, very domineering and not fake, but there is rarely such a direct display of martial arts. Action.”

The head of Nine Dragons simply said, “The previous Celestial Emperor impossible rushed to summon us, and hurriedly regained the authority of the bloody battle. We all know that long ago, the public enemy of World seemed to have cut down a part of the Celestial Emperor. Face, and because of this, Celestial Emperor integrates the essence of Extreme Yang World, condenses Dao Fruit, and takes a crucial step. What happened when you said would kill the public enemy of World?”

hearing this, Divine Phoenix’s complexion gradually became serious, “Perhaps Celestial Emperor killed the enemies of until now, so I relaxed involuntarily…”

Divine Phoenix didn’t believe it until the end.

Because according to what Celestial Emperor himself said, after beheading the public enemy in World, his body returned to Extreme Yang World, his injury was initially stabilized, and his mood was also taken care of.

Divine Phoenix: “Listening to your poem, I don’t think it is that simple. There may be a problem in it. It may also be the rise of Wei Long that put the Celestial Emperor in crisis, so the original calmness is lost.”

“I just reminded, it may be that the Celestial Emperor killed the enemy in his heart and understood his long-cherished wish.”

The head of Kowloon no longer delves into this topic, nor can he delve into it.

This kind of thing can’t be solved right away, just plant a seed now.

In fact, the chief of Jiulong felt that the key to the change of Celestial Emperor was the encirclement and suppression of him led by the three Gu Daoists. Celestial Emperor has clearly returned, but did not remind him that this is not the style of Celestial Emperor.

Just now, Celestial Emperor explained it smoothly. It was because he had encountered a backlash when beheading the public enemy of the World, and that was the case. On the contrary, it made the Nine Dragons feel even more weird.

“wind and rain are coming!”

Divine Phoenix and Kowloon Head have their own concerns, and they are both faintly sighed.

East Victory Continent.

The mountain gate where Secret Realm is located.

hōng lóng lóng!

A terrible battle is going on.

“Why should I call you?” Taoist Xingyuan coldly said: “You are by no means Saintess, but a stranger. I advise you, it is best not to resist, your resistance will only make the situation more ugly .”

An Han said nothing.

Xingyuan Taoist is not only Peak Immortal, but also a half-step Peak powerhouse. An Han is supported by the formation of the mountain gate, and he has been defeated steadily.

The Taoist Xingyuan continued: “When the Celestial Emperor summoned you, he used the name ‘Tai Yin Saintess’, which means he still recognizes you.”

Taoist Xingyuan bothered to speak and talk and was helpless. Although he took the top spot, he also directly felt the horror of An Han.

An Han has just entered the Immortal realm, but his strength is already extremely powerful. He has a further understanding of Power of the Moon, and it seems that he has reached the level of Yin and Yang coexistence. Not only that, but also has extremely powerful devouring. ability.

The powerful Devouring Power brought an extremely terrifying battery life to An Han.

In addition, with the blessing of the mountain gate formation behind An Han, the battle that I thought could be won directly may take more time.

Xingyuan Taoist is a half-step Peak powerhouse, his strength has opened the gap of Immortal realm, even if it is Peak powerhouse, he will not be so difficult to deal with.

If there is too much movement, maybe the one from Darknorth Continent will be able to detect it. Although Celestial Emperor hasn’t said it clearly, how can the Xingyuan Taoist comprehension not express the hidden meaning of Celestial Emperor.

“Then don’t blame me!” Seeing An Han, Taoist Xingyuan didn’t back down, and finally stopped keeping his hands.

An Han laughed: “That’s good.”

This is the first time An Han spoke after the battle.

An Han is not Lunar Saintess, she is terrible!

The Taoist Xingyuan’s complexion gradually became solemn, and he regarded An Han as an enemy, rather than as the enlightenment discipline of the year.

Celestial Court.

above the Nine Heavens.

The Celestial Emperor sent away the Nine Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix, and his heart gradually sank.

His complexion was pale, and at this time, a little red hair was growing on the back of his hand, and the Celestial Emperor didn’t seem to notice it.

Celestial Emperor summon produced its own Dao Fruit, and the immortal Dao Fruit appeared on the center of the Celestial Emperor’s brows, with a crack on it, which seemed to divide Dao Fruit in half.

“The damn World public enemy, still hasn’t recovered!”

Celestial Emperor clenched his fists, “I have paid that many for Extreme Yang World, how can others understand all this! What is mine in Extreme Yang World is also everything to me!”


The heavy breathing of the Celestial Emperor resounded in the great hall, and the terrifying aura set off waves of Little Feng violence, which formed in the great hall, and then was slowly dispersed by a stronger force.

“Come in.” Celestial Emperor called in the black-faced man.

The black-faced man walked into the great hall step by step, only to feel that there was a mountain on him.

The black-faced man looked terrified, and the Celestial Emperor at this time was extremely terrifying.

The black-faced man also has good strength, not inferior to Dao Sect Old Ancestor, but in front of the Celestial Emperor, he is immature and weak like a baby.

“Your Majesty, about, about the previous, I have already investigated the source, but it will take a while.” The black-faced man hesitantly said.

The Celestial Emperor waved his hand.

Although his heart was raging, Celestial Emperor was still able to control it, and he did not anger his own confidant.

“Along this space coordinate, go to visit this World.” Celestial Emperor stretched out his hand and directly squeezed out a jade tube in the air.

The black-faced man was even more shocked when he saw this. This method is Void Creation, which can be created out of thin air. It shows the extremely terrifying power of the Celestial Emperor. It also shows the urgency of the Celestial Emperor.

The black-faced man read the contents of the jade tube into his consciousness, and found that he was looking for a World at the outer edge of Sea of ​​Source.

“This World is called Extreme Yin World. After you enter and visit, look for the Human Race strongest person in this World and bring him over.” Celestial Emperor commanded.

The black-faced man dare not ask more, “Yes!”

The black-faced man quickly left.

There is no one inside the palace. The Celestial Emperor stares into the void, saying every word: “No one can take my things. No one can do it!”

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