My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 474


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endless void.

Wei Long and the body of Jiulongshou are still on their way to Extreme Yang World.

The first Jiulong sigh: “Strong is sometimes not all good. We can’t even use Transmission Array now.”

Peak powerhouse is too horrible, and it’s a self-traveling, far exceeding the tolerance limit of cross-World formation.

Those powerhouses that retreat from Bihai World can pass the reserved Transmission Array, but they cannot.

Generally across World Transmission Array, in order to ensure the stability of shuttling through the void, the materials used to arrange the formation are not common.

The most basic cross-World formation can accommodate the passage of the Innate Dao Body powerhouse.

If you want to transmit Immortal powerhouse, you need to expand the power of transmitting the formation, and the price paid is extremely huge.

As for the cross-world formation used by the Peak powerhouse body, the price paid is enough to refine an Extreme Immortal Grade.

Wei Long indifferently said: “Those cultivators won’t have such troubles.”

The Nine Dragons first smiled slightly, and then frowned, “Celestial Emperor summon and Divine Phoenix are discussing matters about the place of blood battle.”

hearing this, Wei Long was shocked.

The Celestial Emperor’s actions were faster than he expected, “What happened?”

The Nine Dragons premiere slowed down and plunged his ontology into the Avatar. Slowly, his brow furrowed tighter and tighter.

After a quarter of an hour, the chief of Kowloon came back to his senses, and the expression grave said: “The Celestial Emperor is very impatient, and some accidents happened.”

The chief of Jiulong talked about the proceedings.

The most important thing is the news reported by the black-faced man, and after that, the subtle performance of the Celestial Emperor.

Wei Long was also shocked after listening.

On the other side, the battle with Taoist Gu is over. On the other side, all kinds of news have been flying all over the sky.

Obviously, the Taoists and the others personally spread it.

At the expense of his prestige, set off the prestige of Wei Long.

Wei Long thought for a while before slowly saying: “I think the discussion is false and the beating is true.”

“I have been communicating with Divine Phoenix. In this matter, Celestial Emperor is very urgent.”

The head of Kowloon briefly talked about the exchange between his Avatar and Divine Phoenix Avatar.

Hidden the details of Nine Dragons first, who used Wei Long’s reputation to oppress Divine Phoenix, and gained the initiative.

Nine Dragon Head: “Divine Phoenix feels a sense of crisis just like us. The Celestial Emperor has become different from the past. And the Celestial Emperor also explained by the way, why I was completely ignorant of being encircled and suppressed.”

The Nine Dragon Head repeated the reasons for Celestial Emperor.

It is also clear that the Celestial Emperor revealed this news “unintentionally.”

Wei Long thought for a while, “Do you think that some unknown change has taken place in Celestial Emperor. Is the reason for the change related to its previous opponent, World Public Enemy?”

The Nine Dragon Head didn’t have any speculation, Wei Long simply pointed it out directly.

Because as the head of Kowloon said, the Celestial Emperor summoned him and Divine Phoenix separately, the discussion was false, the beating was true, and of course, there was Liwei.

The Celestial Emperor announced that he had killed the public enemy of the World, just to show off martial arts.

Originally these were aimed at Kowloon Head and Divine Phoenix.

Now due to the assists of the Taoists and the others, the influence of the Celestial Emperor’s killing of the World public enemy appears to be less than expected.

The news about Wei Long Liwei is rapidly spreading through many Worlds through advanced battlefields like the Bloody Battleground.

The most crippling point is that Taoists and the others continue to increase Wei Long’s reputation and create conflicts with the Celestial Emperor.

It also released the words to end this world community war.

The premise is that Wei Long can become the master of Extreme Yang World.

This “already not in” is untrustworthy for Taoists and the others. The point is to bind Wei Long and Celestial Emperor through such remarks.

Forcibly let people compare Wei Long and Celestial Emperor.

So, Divine Phoenix and Nine Dragon Head will no longer be the focus of Celestial Emperor.

Wei Long has to bear the pressure of Celestial Emperor, so he needs the attitude of the head of the Kowloon.

The head of Jiulong thought for a while and admitted: “I think the Celestial Emperor is a bit weird. The previous Celestial Emperor acted in a big way, and the oncoming ones are all the general trends. Now there are some the sword moves with side stroke. The smell of it.”

“This is a dual threat.” Wei Long murmured.

The first Kowloon first understood the meaning of Wei Long’s words and smiled bitterly: “While summoning An Han, the other side shows off martial arts to me and Divine Phoenix.

Even though it doesn’t feel like the style of Celestial Emperor, but I have to say that it is very difficult to deal with. “

The Celestial Emperor directly and quickly beat the three Peak powerhouses, Wei Long, Jiulongshou and Divine Phoenix.

Dual threats have only one purpose, and that is to reclaim authority, coerce the three, and completely establish their Supreme status.

“The Celestial Emperor’s methods are fast and accurate, but they have no respect.”

Wei Long: “Fortunately, there was an accident. Otherwise, our status would be threatened.”

The Nine Dragons Head was also nodded, and then some worries, “However, it is also an accident. Next, the Celestial Emperor will further test pressure.”

Wei Long took a deep look at Kowloon Head.

Such a situation is actually beneficial to the Kowloon Headquarters.

The same is true for Divine Phoenix.

They never want the Celestial Emperor to dominate the Extreme Yang World.

The fiercer the battle between Wei Long and Celestial Emperor, the longer, the stronger their position. It’s not good to decide the winner quickly.

Even, Wei Long felt that the head of Father Bihai was taken away deliberately. The Kowloon Head is to continue the struggle of this world community.

At this time, these things are still irrelevant, Wei Long took a deep breath, “Then let him come!”



Sea of ​​Source outer void, edge position.

Even if it is an edge, it is just as boundless. If there is no space coordinate, there is no way to go out, only to get lost here.

Suddenly, a beam of light projected from the deep void in the distance.

With a bang, a black-faced man walked out of the beam of light.

“cough cough! One-way teleportation across such a long distance, the backlash is really overbearing, and it can hurt me.” A trace of blood appeared at the corner of the black-faced man’s mouth.

hu hu!

In an instant, the black face turned into a black creature like a gorilla, absorbing the void energy and quickly recovering from his injury.

This black-faced man is no one else, but one of the confidant of the Celestial Emperor. He went here under the Secret Order of the Celestial Emperor to find the Extreme Yin World.

The black-faced man is not Human Race. His ethnic group is called ape ghosts. His inheritance favors the body refinement system. It is a subsidiary ethnic group of the acknowledge allegiance to Celestial Emperor.

The black-faced men walking in Celestial Court are all transformed into human forms.

There is no need to hesitate here at this time, showing the true identity.

“Your Majesty’s request is to find the Human Race strongest person in Extreme Yin World.”

The black-faced man found the void based on the spatial coordinates, but didn’t expect rushed into the void.

The black-faced man was stunned for a while.

“The information given by Your Majesty It shouldn’t be wrong.”

The black face turned into a ray of light, searching carefully in this void.

Soon, he found a World.

A World in progress.

“Is this Extreme Yin World?”

The black-faced man stopped outside of the World void, and after careful observation, he was able to conclude that this was the World he was looking for.

The reason why it is not in the space coordinates pointed out by Celestial Emperor is that Extreme Yin World is still moving forward.

“Extreme Yin World, Extreme Yang World…” The black-faced man murmured to himself, with some guesses.

The black-faced man used the secret technique to transform into a human form again, then took out a blue lamp, and after the activation, a light enveloped him.

This blue light is an Immortal Grade, which can shield aura.

The black-faced man quietly entered the World barrier of Extreme Yin World.

“World without powerhouse guardianship, there are many loopholes.”

The black-faced man strolls in the courtyard.

It’s just that he didn’t notice that when he entered the world, the silhouette of a black robe Taoist emerged from the void where he disappeared.

Wei Long walked out of the void.

This is one of the three Avatars he stayed to protect the Extreme Yin World.

Wei Long looked at the black-faced man coldly.

The black-faced man is extremely powerful and is already the strength of Immortal Peak.

Wei Long regarded it as a powerhouse of void experience.

In the void cultivation, it is a bit more advanced from the origin of Sea of ​​Source. Many powerhouses cultivation here all year round.

In addition to these powerhouse insight changes in the void, they will also explore the path of the void.

If you can find a special World, there is no shortage of people acting as Plunderer.

Wei Long looked at the back of the black-faced man disappearing into the crystal wall of World, “I don’t know if it is good luck or not good.”

On the other side, the black-faced man sneaked into the Extreme Yin World directly from the crystal wall of World.

He did not go through Sea of ​​Bitterness.

Sea of ​​Bitterness is the manifestation space of World Source.

Stealing into the World crystal wall silently is due to the support of Immortal Grade. If you pass through the World Source space, it will greatly increase the risk of exposure.

Although observing the World Source space, you can understand a World the fastest, but the purpose of this trip of the black-faced man is to follow the request of the Celestial Emperor. Please go to the Human Race strongest person in the World, so he takes the safest Program.


As soon as the black-faced man entered the Extreme Yin World, he felt the sky full of Dark Fiend.

Moreover, these Dark Fiend energies are gradually transforming to Yin Fiend.

Not only that, but also the power of Red Cloud, and Red Cloud is also transforming to Spirit Cloud.

“This World, this World! This, this World is not only extremely suitable for Body Tempering, but also a rare energy-balanced World.”

The black-faced man’s eyes gleamed.

baleful qi and Spiritual Qi are the most basic and also the most important energy.

Extreme Yin World baleful qi is heavy, but Spiritual Qi is also sufficient.

Such a World has great potential.

At least the World where the black-faced man’s own ethnic group is located is just a world with a baleful qi all over the sky, lacking the Spiritual Qi.

Two worlds with opposite energy balance, the black-faced man has only been seen in Extreme Yang World.

“Also, baleful qi and Spiritual Qi are very low-level, but they are changing, are they??”

As a Celestial Emperor confidant, the black-faced man, knowing out of the ordinary, quickly discovered the weirdness of Extreme Yin World.

Extreme Yin World has just completed Transcendence.

In an instant, greed grew in the black-faced man.

Extreme Yin World is undoubtedly an immature World, and because of this, there are countless possibilities.

“This World has the potential to become the overlord World. Being able to become the destiny group in it, there will be a lot less barriers in cultivation.”

The black-faced man thought in his heart, “If I can hold it in my hand and grow with it, then I will have a chance to go further with my motionless strength for nearly ten thousand years. At least there is a glimmer of hope of entering the Peak field.”

The black-faced man fluctuated fiercely in his heart, and soon made up his mind.

As long as he completes the Celestial Emperor’s mission, on this basis, he can’t do anything.


The black-faced man’s mood fluctuated, and the blue lamp he held showed a trace of hesitation.

“Not good!”

The black-faced man’s heart was shocked. At this moment, he seemed to feel the power of the entire World being suppressed.

This is not an illusion!

I saw that a young man quickly approached from a far distance.

The young man holds the Three Chi Sword with a colorful map behind it, exuding shocking fluctuations, and the young man moves quickly, ignoring space.

The general trend of the whole world converges on him.

It is Yan Hao!

Extreme Yin World is Transcendence, the whole World becomes one.

It hasn’t changed since Transcendence.

The black-faced man has Immortal Grade support, and he is careful enough to not be caught by the “Tiandi Five Elements formation”.

But when the black-faced man’s mood fluctuates, a weak spot is revealed.

This small weak spot was noticed by World formation.

Also noticed by Yan Hao.

Yan Hao discovered that this black-faced man has extremely powerful aura.

At this time, he has a World general bonus, but he dare not say that he can win this black-faced man 100%.

Yan Hao asked directly: “Who are you, what do you want to invade the world?”

After the black-faced man was discovered, he simply let go, hehe laughed, “Sure enough, World Transcendence is out of the ordinary. If you can accomplish this, you can be a peerless genius. But unfortunately, you. Met me. This World is not strong enough, at least it can’t hold me down!”

hong long long!

The black face is transformed into a thousand zhang gorilla form.

Fortunately, Extreme Yin World has entered the outer layer of Sea of ​​Source, and the foundation is being reshaped, otherwise the sky will be broken.

The black-faced man laughed heartily, breathing like thunder, “I am called to you by the order of my family Your Majesty!”

The black-faced man directly locked the person in front of him.

This is the person the Celestial Emperor wants him to find.

At this time, in the Extreme Yin World, everyone felt a shock.

A very tyrannical aura appeared, as if the sky was about to collapse.

Countless people watched this scene in horror.

The black-faced man is too strong, even if Yan Hao uses Extreme Yin World blessing, ascending to the skies with a single leap, but there is always time for external forces.

Yan Hao has not been able to digest all Good Fortune completely.

Yan Hao’s own strength has reached the level of Indestructible Golden Body. Before Transcendence, because of the world level gap, even the outermost Peak powerhouse came to the outer world, only equivalent to Peak Heavenly Being, half the strength of Innate Dao Body.

After Yan Hao lifted the boundary of Transcendence, he was endowed with mystery, his strength breakthrough was up to the upper limit, his battle strength was further improved, and he entered the level of Innate Dao Body.

Battle strength is just battle strength. In terms of realm, it is still necessary for Yan Hao to integrate into the cultivation system of the Sea of ​​Source outer layer.

Either looking for existing inheritance cultivation, or creating a path by yourself.

At this time, Yan Hao, with the help of World’s Power, has improved a great realm on the basis of his original strength.

equivalent to the powerhouse that first entered the realm of Immortal.

The strength is not bad. From the battle strength alone, it can be described as ascending to the skies with a single leap.

But Yan Hao has not experienced any Lightning Tribulation on the outer layer of Sea of ​​Source.

This is the power that belongs to Yan Hao alone, and can only be played by him in the Extreme Yin World.

With World blessing, Yan Hao is still not the opponent of the black-faced man.

Because this is no longer a level of power.

The black-faced man pushed back Yan Hao step by step, “You have amazing potential, but it’s just potential that’s all!

Although I am not a genius like you, I have a higher strength than you. Maybe one day, you will surpass me, but now, you are not equal to me! “

The black-faced man and Yan Hao were also shocked by Yan Hao’s strength.

Yan Hao at this time is a well-deserved master of Extreme Yin World.

The power of World gathered on him.

But that’s the case.

Yan Hao holds the Sacred Sovereign Sword and contends with the black-faced man. He only feels that every blow can destroy the heaven extinguishing earth and overwhelm the Power of Rule of Extreme Yin World.

Yan Hao was knocked into the air, slowly steadying his body in the sky, and questioned: “Who is Your Majesty you said, is it an unknown person?”

hearing this, the black-faced man turned dark, “Your Majesty is countless times stronger than me. It is an existence you can’t imagine, and it is the master of this world community!”

An iron rod appeared in the hand of the black-faced man.

He doesn’t plan to waste time anymore. It is the right way to take down Yan Hao earlier and hold this World in his hands.

The black-faced man intends to use his full strength to take down Yan Hao completely.

At this moment, the black-faced man realized that Yan Hao was surprised, and he stared behind him in ecstasy.

“I’m scared, I’m distracted at this time, courting death!” The black-faced man thought Yan Hao had a bad mentality.

In his perception, there is no one behind him.


The black-faced man heard Yan Hao yell out a voice containing complex emotions.

Suddenly, my heart felt bad, and I looked back suddenly, only to find that my consciousness had gone down inch by inch.

In the end, I only saw the black daoist robe without wind and the clothes left in the final vision, and then it was completely dark.

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