My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 513


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The emperor is not irresistible.

The first Holy Son closest to the Mandate of Heaven is one of the few people who can compete with the emperor in the realm of quasi-emperor.

The first Holy Son has obtained the True Disciple of Dao, which is only one step away from the last primordial True Disciple of Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse.

And because the first Holy Son can deduct the secret of heaven to the extreme, occupy the present in information.

The terrifying point of the Great is that it can open up battlefields in the past, present, and future arbitrarily in the long river of time.

And the reason why the first Holy Son contends with the emperor is that he completely occupy the present moment with flawless secrets.

As long as he doesn’t die right now and the present body exists, even if the emperor makes a move, he can’t cut all his vitality and cut off his energy.

The first Holy Son said after silence: “The important thing is not time.”

“Yes, the important thing is not time.” Tianyan Holy Lord muttered to himself.

The first Holy Son in front of me is Tianyan Holy Sect’s most talented person in countless years.

Since ancient times, Tianji Lineage has not had any powerhouse sermons.

This is the punishment of Rule of Heaven and Earth for those who spy on the secret, or the tacit understanding of many emperors.

However, if there is a lineage cultivator proving Dao as emperor, Tianyan Holy Lord believes that there is only the first Holy Son.

The world that the first Holy Son saw, even he couldn’t reach it.

However, when Wei Long appeared, the path of the first Holy Son’s preaching was suddenly cut off.

The first Holy Son will die because of Wei Long.

This information is abrupt and realistic.

The first Holy Son’s great destiny has been Great Accomplishment, Tianyan fifty, except for the escaped one, he has been able to calculate everything.

However, after Wei Long flew up and down to the mid-level Sea of ​​Source, the first Holy Son Fuzhi Consonance sensed that his path was cut off.

The vitality and vitality disappear.

This is also the reason why the first Holy Son and Tianyan Holy Lord came from.

All the emperors who can shoot, the information from the past, present and future, the first Holy Son and Tianyan Holy Lord jointly screened.

In the end, the two most powerful people in the world did not find out how Wei Long killed the first Holy Son.

Tianyan Holy Lord said of Wei Long, “He has completely Transcendenced his own fate, unless it is a great Accomplishment person like you and me, or the emperor in person, or even the emperor Zhun can’t capture his aura. .”

Tianyan Holy Lord was also surprised when he saw Wei Long.

People have definite numbers, which is fate.

The sum of fate is fate. To hold the destiny is omniscient.

The Chao bacteria don’t know Huishuo, and the worms don’t know Spring and Autumn.

This is their fate.

And when a grasshopper that should have died in the late autumn and survived the winter, it is beyond its own fate.

The changes it causes are variables.

But what is the range of the grasshopper?

A radius of a hundred miles is its heaven and earth.

Similarly, a grasshopper can survive a winter, but there is always a limit, natural enemies, and life essence limits.

A grasshopper that has lived through a winter accidentally fails to get out of the jungle or survive the third winter. Then the variables it causes will gradually weaken.

The variables that a grasshopper can cause are also weak, and a jungle is enough to isolate everything.

The same goes for human variables.

A city, a continent, a World, Sea of ​​Source Different levels of Time Flow Speed, thousands of years, 10,000 years, 100,000 years…

The vast void, long time, is enough to attenuate all the variables until the established line of fate is restored.

But Wei Long actually appeared.

From the outermost Sea of ​​Source, into the outer layer, and then into the middle layer.

endless void Endless time could not stop him.

When Wei Long came to the middle world, he had already completed a real transformation.

Become a very special existence beyond the destiny.

Wei Long felt that he seemed to have undergone a certain transition from life to death, but he didn’t see exactly what the change was.

This is the change of destiny, the transformation of destiny.

This is also the reason why the fluctuations caused by Wei Long’s ascent are so small.

Wei Long escaped his life. At that moment, the emperors could not see him.

Only the silver-blooded God Emperor and the Lord of Heavenly Demon who are staring at Wei Long are aware of it, and they are not targeting Wei Long.

Even if the lord of heavenly demon sees through the heavenly demon secret jade, he only sees the An Han entire group and cannot see Wei Long at all.

Wei Long is a person who shouldn’t exist, but does exist.

The first Holy Son, the person who cultivation the great destiny technique to the Great Accomplishment, is the closest person to the destiny. It is also because Fuzhi Consonance understands that the appearance of Wei Long will cause his fall, so he feels it.

First, Holy Son was extremely confused that he could not find the connection between himself and Wei Long.

The first Holy Son sighed, even a little jealous: “Speaking of which, he is the best Inheritor of Tianyan Holy Sect, Transcendence exists outside the destiny, what a heavenly talent this is.”

If Tianyan Holy Lord pointed out: “Dayan fifty, maybe he is the one you escaped.”

Tianyan Holy Lord advocated for Wei Long.

Even if there is such a special existence outside of the destiny, it hasn’t grown up yet, and if you kill it, you will kill it. If you kill it before it triggers variables, you may find a chance.

This era of Samsara has revealed unusual signs.

Tianyan Holy Lord does not want to see the first Holy Son fall, or fall inexplicably.

The first Holy Son naturally understands Tianyan Holy Lord’s thoughts. He shook his head and said: “A shot at him will most likely help the development of the incident.”

Being killed Wei Long is able to contact his own fall, the first Holy Son will not hesitate, but he has seen a different fate change.

Removing Wei Long will cause more serious problems than death.

The first Holy Son is not peaceful.

He is only one step away from the position of the emperor. He should have become the first emperor of Samsara, and now he has suffered a fall for no reason.

Still no way to start, I don’t know what caused the bad luck.

“I am going to find the one who escaped, and advance the Great Destiny Art to Perfection, so as to prove Dao Emperor.”

The first Holy Son’s eyes are indeterminate, his aura is like an abyss, and he made a great determination, “The master of the destiny is omniscience, and the emperor of the Dao occupies the past, the present and the future, and is omnipotent. After omniscience and omnipotence, all crises will be broken. “

Tianyan Holy Sect heard the determination in the first Holy Son’s words, and couldn’t help but worry: “Are you going to venture to the mechanical realm?”

The mechanical realm is one of the places of Taboo today.

It was a powerful purely mechanical civilization before Endless Reincarnation. After the fall of civilization, the core mechanical sect of civilization activated the last heritage of civilization and formed the land of Taboo that has not been found yet.

The disintegrated civilization will bear the curse of civilization, be expelled from the middle Sea of ​​Source, continue to sink, and become the nourishment of the Immortal Path forever.

But the mechanical gods broke, or escaped this fate.

Although the civilization is shattered, the inheritance is still there, and it has become a Taboo place in the middle Sea of ​​Source.

Taboo Land is the collective name of Land of the Unknown, Suppressing the Heavens and Earth in the depths of the long river.

The core of the mechanical realm is the quantum analysis machine built by the mechanical gods at the last sacrifice of civilization. Knowing everything about the past, present and future is called the destiny of existence.

Machinery is one of the most mysterious among the many Taboo places known as mysterious.

This place of Taboo has never been found. Anyone who wants to find it will be avoided in advance, even the emperor.

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