My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 514


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The first Holy Son is determined.

Finding the mechanical realm as soon as possible is the best way to avoid the arrival of the Great Evil.

Of course, it is also possible that the appearance of Wei Long will force him to take risks.

And this adventure was what made him fall.

After all, the fate shows that he will die because of Wei Long, not necessarily Wei Long beheading him.

But the first Holy Son knows very well that cultivation of heaven and an attempt to control the destiny itself is a confrontation with Rule of Heaven and Earth.

Fortunately, the achievement of the emperor is enough to suppress everything.

If the emperor is not achieved, such a confrontation will always trigger a backlash.

Tianji Lineage has never been proved by Dao Emperor, and this is part of the reason.

Before the sermons, heaven and earth will come to stop them, and those who have achieved the emperor’s throne will never want to see an existence of the same level who is almost omniscient and omnipotent.

“I have vaguely grasped the primordial Dao Fruit, but no emperor took action to hinder my path.

I used to believe that this is the result of my secret guidance, but is it really a stable situation that my secret plan has made? “

The first Holy Son thought, “Or, there will be no me in the future?”

The first Holy Son almost counted everything in the moment, but he couldn’t count himself.

I have to say, this is the sorrow for him who has pursued the fate of his life.

“Heaven and earth obstruct the way, and only by putting them to death can they get a chance.

The agency is nothing but a means, after all, the Great Way has to ask for it. “

First Holy Son saw many futures, but in the end he chose the most dangerous path.

Wei Long’s appearance is just a superficial appearance, after all, something happened that he didn’t understand.

Only by uncovering the mystery that even mastering the great destiny technique can not see the way forward can all this be ended, and can he Transcendence his own fate and proclaim the Dao Emperor.


The first Holy Son turned into a long rainbow thread and escaped into the depths of the void.

He broke through the layers of obstacles, and then drove Ronaldo True Disciple to further improve himself. Transcendence broke the real void and climbed above the long river of time.

The mainstream of the long river everywhere, all over the middle Sea of ​​Source.

Strong enough to enter from anywhere.

The long river of time is an indescribable river, ancient, simple, and immortal, entrenched in the depths of the world, like the sum of power that has seen the essence of the world, and contains countless worlds and countless possibilities.

Here, time is static and constantly flowing, which can lead to various points in time.


The first Holy Son performed the great destiny technique, and scenes of the future quickly appeared in his eyes.

Countless lines of fate were intertwined, he decisively found the one he needed, avoided the area rich in Power of Time, and moved quickly to the depths of the long river of time.

The Dao Fruit at the center of the brow of the first Holy Son is the size of a fingertip and has been Small Accomplishment.

Just complete the primordial True Disciple, you can Perfection and take the last step.

The light of Dao Fruit turns into a golden immortal barrier, blocking the power of time from the long river.

This is the mainstream of the long river of time, and it is the source of the outermost and outer Sea of ​​Source time and space Samsara.

It is also the body of the long river of time intercepted by some forces.

Tianyan Holy Sect, where the first Holy Son is located, also intercepted his own long river of time to suppress air transport.

The first Holy Son is no stranger to the power of time, but the power of time, the mainstream of time, is more domineering.

Under long-term erosion, the true spirit of the emperor will decay, even more how the emperor quasi exists.

The void where the first Holy Son left.

Tianyan Holy Lord looked at the disappeared silhouette, long and sighed.

Tianyan Holy Lord doesn’t understand that killing Wei Long will not solve the problem, but he has an intuition in his heart that the first Holy Son will never return.

He just wants to keep the first Holy Son.

However, the first Holy Son seeks temperament, how tenacious, and how arrogant!

“If I count my destiny, I will be tired of it in the end. This is the end of my waiting!”

Tianyan Holy Lord looked towards the void below.

Silver-blooded God Emperor has been occupied by unidentified remnants, obviously the handwriting of the ancestor of Demon Race.

The emperor has always been more active, and now the Immortal Path has not been opened yet, and the emperor is still not able to walk around the world, but the ancestor of Demon Race has been constantly settling down, which seems to be very conspiring.

“The end of the Samsara era at this time is very unusual.”

Tianyan Holy Lord thought for a while, but did nothing.

When Wei Long ascended, he and the first Holy Son secretly moved some hands and feet, covering the Qi machine and guiding it to this deserted void.

Demon Race’s power control area is in West Desolate, and this wild void is located in East Desolate.

The Middle Sea of ​​Source refers to Eight Desolates in general, representing different directions. It is divided into three hundred and sixty domains in more detail. Each domain contains many Worlds and stars. It is as large as a domain and almost boundless.

The cultivator of Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse has not been able to be explored in strength, and it is often impossible to step out of a field in his lifetime.

This savage void is in the East Desolate Helan Mountain region, and it is far away from the West Desolate heavenly demon region where the Demon Race civilization is located. The void distance is far beyond imagination.

The Divine Race civilization is in the East Desolate Divine Realm, not close to the Helan Mountain region, but not far away.

This silver-blooded God Emperor is the Divine Race civilization Emperor Race emperor, and also Guardian.

The fire lin God Emperor is aware of it. Fortunately, if the silver-blooded God Emperor is not detected in time, the Divine Race civilization will have a lot of fun.

“This is the trouble with the Divine Race civilization itself.”

Tianyan Holy Lord silhouette moved and followed a world that quietly escaped, “Perhaps only the existence of Transcendence fate, cultivation fate, has the hope of proving Dao.”

Tianyan Holy Lord fell in love with Wei Long.

Whether it is the entanglement between Wei Long and the first Holy Son, or the special location of Wei Long, Tianyan Holy Lord wants to temporarily control Wei Long.



After the Silver Blood God Emperor opened the Extreme Yin World spree, Wei Long walked away directly.

At this moment, he doesn’t need to worry about anything, and directly uses his methods to temporarily include Extreme Yang World in the Dao Fruit space.

Wei Long flashed out of the void, until then, he was slightly sighed in relief.

“Samsara Palace failed to make a move, but Divine Race civilization made a move.”

This result is not the best result, but it is not the worst. “The most urgent thing is to determine where I am now.”

Sea of ​​Source boundless in the middle, Eight Desolates three hundred and sixty domains.

Each domain is so big that it is endless, equivalent to many middle-level Sea of ​​Source.

Moreover, the forces of the middle-level Sea of ​​Source are mostly civilization and Holy Sect, and the rest are dependants.

The powers that are called civilization are usually bloodline inheritance as the main force, and orthodox inheritance as the supplement.

The powers called sects are just the opposite, focusing on morality and over bloodline.

Some peculiar things, such as cultivator civilization, swing between the two.

The cultivator civilization has another civilization called Immortal Clan.

The original cultivator civilization was the Orthodoxy inheritance of the ancient Refining Qi Shi, but now, after some changes, the Orthodoxy inheritance is gradually suppressed by the bloodline inheritance of the family and becomes the Immortal Clan civilization.

The power game between master and disciple inheritance and Aristocratic Family bloodline inheritance caused the cultivator civilization to swing.

The strong Great Influence of the middle Sea of ​​Source is actually very easy to distinguish.

For example, Divine Realm named after Divine Race civilization, Immortal Territory named after Immortal Clan civilization, Primordial Wildland named after Orc civilization, heavenly demon domain named after Demon Race civilization, Five Elements Holy Sect named Five Elements domain, Tianyan domain named by Holy Sect, Samsara domain named by Samsara Temple……

The naming of a domain means that it is the dominant force in the domain, and this is often a powerful force.

They have experienced the end of the Samsara era one more time without fail.

The era of Samsara is the fate of many forces, just like winter to the grasshopper. Many forces cannot live to the next Samsara, and the loser will be expelled from the middle Sea of ​​Source.

The basic information of these middle-level Sea of ​​Sources was learned by Wei Long from Jiulongshou, Divine Phoenix, and Wan Xiaofeng before he soared.

According to the difference in Time Flow Speed ​​between the middle Sea of ​​Source and the outer Sea of ​​Source, the outer Sea of ​​Source has been in the past for many years, and the middle Sea of ​​Source is only not long in the past, so these common sense It shouldn’t be too big The change.

Wei Long’s top priority is to locate his position, and then find a strong sect inheritance, worship it, and improve his strength as soon as possible.

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