My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 515


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In the Dao Fruit space.

Wei Long assigned an Avatar to explain something to An Han and the others.

“You slowly adapt to the power level of the middle Sea of ​​Source. If you can absorb the power of Hundun, it is better to absorb the power of Hundun. If you can’t, you don’t need to force it.”

The reason why Hundun’s power can be absorbed boldly is that, on the one hand, this power can be transformed into various Attribute Powers for their own use.

In addition, Primal Chaos itself is the embodiment of the Sea of ​​Source rule.

Unrecognizable, attributed to primordial, is Hundun.

Wei Long once fought with Celestial Emperor, and the aftermath of the final battle turned into Hundun. That’s just the Primal Chaos State of the outer Sea of ​​Source, far from being compared with the rules of the middle Sea of ​​Source.

Wei Long only sealed the Hundun battlefield, until the battle strength surpassed the outer Sea of ​​Source level before it could be erased.

It’s just erased, there’s no way to control it.

So wanting to control the source of Hundun’s power almost means mastering the super-regular power of power above the emperor.

This is impossible. It does not exist in the known.

Of course there have been countless powerhouses since ancient times, and there are many people who believe in the existence of such powerful creatures.

So in addition to these two reasons, the power of Hundun can become the recognized base energy of the middle Sea of ​​Source, and there are other reasons.

Rules such as order and time are also the basic rules for maintaining Sea of ​​Source.

But the power of the evolution of these rules is not recognized.

The power of Hundun, Primal Chaos itself means nothingness, disorder, and fuzzy.

If someone really becomes the end of Hundun, it means that Hundun can be sorted out.

Then Hundun is no longer Hundun.

I have insight Hundun and split Hundun, but I have never mastered Hundun.

The Hundun rules that are fully mastered, that is, controllable and orderly, are no longer Hundun rules.

So, if there really is a great existence at the end of Hundun’s rules, then Hundun power will have order aura, like a drop of red blood on a white bed sheet, it is so obvious that it cannot be covered.

Actually, absorbing the power of Hundun is not the best choice, even for nearly 100% cultivator between Heaven and Earth, absorbing the power of refining Hundun is not a good choice.

Hundun’s power is safe and reliable, and it can transform most of the power.

But again, acquisition is extremely difficult, and so is conversion.

How about absorbing acquired power?

Even if there is a great emperor at the end of the power, as long as the step of achieving the great emperor is not achieved, there is no problem at all.

The emperor was also happy to see the path he was in, and someone joined in, allowing the Qi to continue to rise.

As for being stuck on the threshold of achieving Great Emperor Sect, and there is a great emperor at the end of this power, looking at this world, they are only a few of the few.

Only when Wei Long aims at Power Peak in this way, will he remain as pure as possible.

For An Han, Yan Hao, Yan Chen, Nine Dragons Head, Divine Phoenix, these people can continue the previous cultivation path.

There is no need to deliberately avoid taboos.

The power level of the middle-level Sea of ​​Source is very high, and they are experiencing baptism of high level power.

The higher the previous accumulation, the greater the harvest at this time.

Not only them, but Extreme Yang World is also undergoing transformation.

After the transformation of Wei Long, the Extreme Yang World triple-core drive, Celestial Court, Ancestral Vein, and Water Eye, the air machine continues to climb, and the Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes are happening inside.

Avatar houses Extreme Yang World, while Wei Long’s body hides the air machine far away.

“This void is really barren.”

Wei Long didn’t know how long he had escaped.

He doesn’t have a void map, so he can only look for one direction and move quickly.

After three days of escape, Wei Long finally saw a living creature.

The first thing he saw was the Void Treasure Ship.

This is the Void Caravan.

There are various races in the caravan. The strongest person is a tentacle creature, with a squid-like body at the highest level of the treasure ship cultivation.

The body is in silent cultivation, with only dozens of tentacles waving unconsciously.

With Wei Long’s eyesight, it can be seen naturally that this tentacle creature is already Divine Soul God’s Storehouse Perfection, and its perception is absolutely amazing.

“There are really many differences between different Sea of ​​Source levels.”

What makes Wei Long more emotional is the caravan itself.

He is the person who has walked through the outermost, outer and middle classes, and has the most say.

The outermost Sea of ​​Source, even if it is a Peak powerhouse of the World, it is difficult to cross the void.

If you want to cross the void, you can only rely on Body Power. There are many difficulties.

So in the outermost Sea of ​​Source, Peak powerhouse’s range of activities is its own World.

At the outer Sea of ​​Source, the Immortal realm can almost be empty and horizontal, looking for opportunities for yourself, and being cultivated.

Peak powerhouse can gallop at will.

The atmosphere of the event is expanded to the World community where it is located.

Now Wei Long is in the caravan and sees an ordinary person.

That is, people who have not won one of the three major God’s Storehouses and the nine major True Disciples.

These people have stepped into the cultivation road, but in Wei Long’s eyes, they are no different from ordinary people.

And these people can travel in the void.

Wei Long didn’t disturb anyone, and quietly came to the cabin of the tentacle creature.

He quickly found the information he wanted.

“I came to the East Desolate Helan Mountain Domain.”

Wei Long determined his position from the item carried by the tentacle creature.

This is the East Desolate Helan Mountain Domain, in the extreme east of East Desolate.

This emptiness is an unexplored savage emptiness.

The caravan’s name is Sea King Caravan, and it is backed by the sea divine symbol.

Because I was going to travel through the savage emptiness, I specially invited the powerhouse guards in civilization.

“It turns out that any Perfection of Fleshy body and Divine Soul God’s Storehouse is already a powerhouse in a domain. And the powerhouse of Divine Soul God’s Storehouse Perfection has a higher status than Fleshy body God’s Storehouse cultivator.”

Dajiba was despised.


Wei Long soon came back to his senses, which is not the point.

Divine Soul God’s Storehouse Perfection is powerhouse.

Does that mean that he is also very strong.

“The person in charge of the divine symbol is a fleshy body, Divine Soul God’s Storehouse double perfection, Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse has obtained the powerhouse of Weixi True Disciple.”

The sea divine symbol is clearly a Great Influence in the Helan Mountain region, and the person in charge of the sea divine symbol is obviously one of the strongest persons in a region.

Wei Long found that he was stronger than he thought.

He not only achieved Weixi True Disciple, but also condensed the prototype of Dao Fruit.

Better than the clear leader of the sea divine symbol, it is already a region’s Overlord, and can even become the master of a region.

“Am I so strong?!”

Wei Long realized that the power level of this world is very high, but the emperor is rarely born.

At least before the Immortal Path of the Immortal Path was opened, no emperor took action.

Those quasi-emperors of Great Influence exist, and almost all of their energy is put on preaching.

Each time the number of persons of Samsara the Great is limited, and even some Samsara epochs have no witnesses until the end.

The specific reason is naturally not understood by the tentacle creatures, but it is better to preach the Tao early than late.

“So I am one of the strongest persons walking in the heavens and the earth, and even in some ancient civilizations, Holy Sect, I am also a core existence. Being able to comprehend Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse means that Transcendence has come out. “

Wei Long got the news he wanted, and walked away, by the way, helping the caravan to erase a void alien lurking in the void not far.

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