My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 516


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The destination of the Neptune Caravan is a star city, named Dingguang Star City, a city built with a single star.

The stars of the middle Sea of ​​Source are real.

Looking up at the starry sky from the outermost and outer Sea of ​​Source, all the stars you see are the star projections of the middle Sea of ​​Source.

Dingguang Star City is one of the important resource trading places in several nearby domains, equivalent to the trade center.

More information can be obtained from there.

“I need a lot of first-hand information to further understand the situation in this world.”

Wei Long walked towards Dingguang Star City, leaving the Aquaman caravan behind.

After confirming the position, Wei Long gradually walked out of this wild void, seeing more and more creatures.

The middle level Sea of ​​Source is vast and boundless, with both the Stars Body system surrounding each other and the World which evolved according to basic rules.

“The foundation of stars is the material foundation, while the foundation of World is the regular crystal wall constructed by Source Power.”

The two are actually the same.

The powerhouse in the prosperous stars often refines mulch and determines the rules of the star. The mulch is a bit like the atmosphere, but it is more powerful, able to sort out the space, and can also become a hub by itself, which is similar to the crystal wall of World.

The closer you get to Dingguang Star City, the more prosperous along the way.

Wei Long restrained his energy along the way. With his strength, he didn’t take the initiative to reveal it. Simply no one could detect his trace.

Until an extraordinary star appeared in the distant void.

Void treasure ships are moored around this star, surrounded by rich auras of various colors, and powerful auras keep coming and going.

Wei Long knew that he had come to Dingguang Star City.

Dingguang Star City is not just a single star, there are six satellites around, guarding each other.

Wei Long perceives and explores, in this galaxy, the fixed light star is located in the best position, rich in energy, suitable for the environment, and most importantly, the air machine is gentle.

In terms of energy intensity alone, the stars of this galaxy have higher energy, but ordinary organisms cannot reproduce at all.

From the perspective of the Three Hundred and Sixty Regions of the Eight Desolates, and even from the perspective of the Helan Mountain Region, the fixed star can only be regarded as a small city. However, this is a star after all, enough to hold millions and millions of creatures.

There are five continents on Dingguang Star with a vast area.

At this time, above the fixed light star, the fixed light star master suddenly felt something in his heart, but he didn’t feel it when he operated the secret technique.

“Is it my illusion?”

Dingguang Star City can become one of the trade centers in the nearby regions, and it is inseparable from the operation of the Dingguang Star Master.

His own strength is extremely strong, fleshy body, Divine Soul God’s Storehouse double Perfection, steadily walked into Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse, obtained Weixi True Disciple, and went further and explored his own way.

The strength of the star master of fixed light is also one of the very best in the Helan Mountain Region.

Strong strength can maintain the smooth progress of trade.

Looking at the nearby regions, the fixed-light star owners are also the most powerful group.

When Wei Long arrived, the Star Master of Constant Light was aware of something, but after searching carefully, he rushed into nothing.

“This star city is really interesting.”

Wei Long has entered the fixed light star, and found that someone perceives and searches for himself.

He simply covered his aura directly with the heavenly demon secret jade, and did not contact the fixed light star master.

“An ancient beast god appeared in the Primordial Wasteland, transformed the Eternal Ancestral Dragon bloodline, and was already a quasi-Emperor level character, extremely powerful;

Immortal Territory also appeared an incredible genius, Immortal Clan Zhou Family, a defunct Immortal, with Supreme talent, straight up to Immortal Clan the strongest Ancient, also set foot on the quasi-Emperor level, the two tied for East Desolate Supreme Heaven’s Chosen……”

Wei Long walked among some powerful civilizations and the market opened by Holy Sect, and quickly got first-hand information.

“East Desolate is more of civilized forces, focusing on bloodline inheritance forces. I can’t get trust and the highest inheritance even if I join.”

Wei Long already knows his strength and has a clear positioning of himself.

In fact, he didn’t have many choices.

First of all, for ordinary civilizations, such as the divine symbol, Wei Long can contend against such a civilized force by himself. He doesn’t like it.

The level of Immortal Clan and Primordial Wasteland will definitely have Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse inheritance, but the addition of Wei Long also belongs to the teacher learning.

Plus bloodlines that are not in the same category will be rejected.

“We still have to work hard with Holy Sect.”

In East Desolate, civilized forces have the upper hand. Immortal Clan civilization, Primordial Wasteland and Divine Race civilization, these have more than one powerhouse.

Wei Long and Immortal Clan civilization and the ancient wasteland still have some entanglements.

From many considerations, the Holy Sect, which focuses on the inheritance of orthodoxy, is more appropriate.

Holy Sect forces are mostly in North Desolate, where there are large-scale Holy Sect forces.

In the middle level Sea of ​​Source Eight Desolates 360 domains, Dingguang Star City is only a star in the East Desolate Helan Mountain domain. Trade links to several other domains, and the news is mostly limited to East Desolate. The news outside East Desolate is very less.

Only very special characters can be famous outside the wasteland.

“Number one person under the emperor? Tianyan Holy Sect’s first Holy Son, only 300 years has passed since then?”

North Desolate Tianyan Holy Sect’s first Holy Son, was even dubbed the title of number one person under the Great Emperor.

Seeing this news, Wei Long paused.

Tianyan Holy Sect is recognized as World’s First Holy Land. Wei Long first thought that Fortune Teller might have something to do with it.

Wei Long paid close attention to the news, and then continued to search.

“There is a lot of first-hand news about East Desolate, but after East Desolate, there are very few other waste areas.”

“en?” Soon another news made Wei Long stay.

West Desolate, Demon Race.

Demon Race strongest person, is the lord of heavenly demon, this is a semi-Emperor level character, is a top powerhouse to compete with Divine Race God Emperor.

“No, how could the strongest person of Demon Race be just a quasi-emperor?”

Wei Long found that the common-sense information in his eyes was biased.

According to the Heavenly Demon Energy scattered in the world before, Wei Long can determine that the impossible source behind it is only the powerhouse of the quasi-emperor, who is definitely a great emperor.

“There is a problem, there is a problem here. Did I make a mistake?”

Wei Long carefully perceives the Heavenly Demon Energy spilling from the sky and the earth.

Heavenly Demon Energy is very pure, without any details.

But after experiencing the weirdness, he knows very well that this is all appearance.

“I save others by myself again.”

Wei Long looking thoughtful.

He was able to spy on the heels of Heavenly Demon Energy, not only his own strength, but also the experience of fighting against Heavenly Demon Energy.

The latter is more important.

Wei Long knows Heavenly Demon Energy itself better than most people.

In layman’s terms, a ladyboy can be very beautiful and difficult to distinguish between male and female, but this is for people who have not verified it.

For those who have been verified, they already know the answer, and no matter how much they pretend, they can’t change the fundamentals.

“If you can’t get in touch with the unknown, contact with this power, even the quasi emperor will not be able to pry into the source of this power, right?”

Think deeper, those powers that Wei Long doesn’t understand, the power scattered between Heaven and Earth, are the sources of these powers really what they show?

It is known that in everyone’s perception, Divine Race and Demon Race are mortal enemies, and there is only one quasi-emperor Extreme, Divine Race, how can it compete with the source of Demon Race?

Or, is the God Emperor of the God Emperor a pawn like the lord of heavenly demon?

Is it possible that the great existence at the end has been covered up?

The water is too deep, too terrifying.

“What the eyes see, what the perception sees, is not necessarily true.”

Wei Long was shocked.

Information involving higher levels of power will be distorted and distorted in the transmission process. What you see, hear, and feel is not true.

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