My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 517


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We must improve our strength!

Obviously, the extreme powerhouse struggle in this world is more dangerous than imagined.

Everything you know and feel can be deceived.

The Great is more terrifying than imagined. This is almost conceptually powerful, surpassing the single meaning of power Peak, but an indescribable horror.

Such insight made Wei Long rarely lose his sense of security after many years.


“I need to learn more secrets and add information I don’t know.

Not only the other two True Disciples of Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse, but also a completely different perspective of the world that is more realistic. “

Wei Long thought of the first Holy Son whose fame spread from North Desolate to East Desolate.

It is still unclear whether Tianyan Holy Sect has a great emperor, but this Holy Sect, which is known as the inheritance of the first heavenly machine, has spied on the secrets, and the knowledge of this heaven and earth should provide a good reference for itself.

“And Fortune Teller’s is very likely to be the emperor of Heaven’s Enlightenment.”

Wei Long eyes flashed.

It’s only possible. From the source of Heavenly Demon Energy, it’s not difficult to see that intuition can be deceiving.

From the beginning of Wei Long’s growth, Fortune Teller has established an image just like its name, refined Heavenspan machine.

But think about it carefully, is Fortune Teller really going the secret path?

It’s only possible!

However, Fortune Teller’s must be the emperor, who has the ability to travel through time and space, and also sent him some information.

Wei Long originally thought that when he came to the middle Sea of ​​Source, Fortune Teller’s would arrange for him, but there was nothing.

Wei Long thought for a while and decided to join Tianyan Holy Sect.

The first Holy Son is known as the number one person under the emperor. It must be extremely out of the ordinary.

If the inheritance of heaven can really calculate everything in the present and lock the present, it can also limit the past and the future.

This requires an entry point. It is not a simple matter to truly enter such a formidable sect.

What Wei Long needs is core inheritance, which makes it even more difficult.

Wait until Wei Long’s silhouette disappeared at the end of the square city, and a middle age person appeared.

This is no one else, it is the Holy Lord of Tianyan who follows Wei Long all the way.

Tianyan Holy Lord from start to finish did not make a move.

He just let some information appear where it should appear.

“People are habitually guided by their own analysis and attracted by their own interests. The more they make their own judgments, the more convinced they are.

ordinary person is so, even the emperor is no exception.

Being guided by inertia is a kind of restraint to oneself, letting one unconsciously fall into the “cocoon house” like a cocoon. “

Tianyan Holy Lord admires Wei Long very much.

The Tianji lineage has never been proven.

And Wei Long is the most likely one, natural Transcendence fate.

Transcendence’s fate has never appeared in the endless years.

However, those people are more of a kind of talent, not in the fate.

Like Wei Long, Transcendence is out of fate the day after tomorrow, and his path has been bright, and he has never appeared.

Wei Long is the best Inheritor of Tianyan Holy Sect.

It is also the hope to end all this cycle.

“If the first Holy Son can take that step, hope will be greater.”

Tianyan Holy Lord looked towards the void.

Compared to Wei Long, he still prefers the first Holy Son, and he is also the most proud of the discipline.

The first Holy Son is only one step away. It is since ancient times, the cultivator closest to the destiny of heaven, and cultivation the great destiny to the Great Accomplishment. What a talent!

However, this is the fate of the Tianji cultivator.

Always be teased by destiny and resisted by this world.

The other side.

Wei Long didn’t leave Dingguang Star City in a hurry, but first searched for the void map.

Tianyan Holy Sect is in North Desolate. If you go there, you need to cross the wasteland. This is a long journey.

Soon, Wei Long found a lot of void maps.

He directly enters those markets with a strong civilization and a Holy Sect background. These forces are often the powerful forces in East Desolate, and they naturally master many void maps.

Wei Long read it quietly. These void maps are actually very precious, but in the hands of some forces, they are the most basic information.

Of course, there are some savage emptiness and secret routes, which are often in the hands of the powerhouse, and they cannot be obtained from Fangshi alone.

Fortunately, all Wei Long needs is a rough route.

Dao Fruit space, Extreme Yang World.

“The Middle Sea of ​​Source has many inheritance, including our inheritance source.

We are at East Desolate at this time. Here is the source of your Desolate Beast Race civilization and the source of Divine Race civilization…”

Wei Long Avatar asked the opinions of Kowloon Head and Divine Phoenix.

The two have completed their transformation.

The first Fleshy body God’s Storehouse Perfection in Kowloon, and Divine Phoenix is ​​Divine Soul God’s Storehouse Perfection.

Wei Long has figured out the strength of the mid-level Sea of ​​Source, and the strength of the two is considered a good player, enough to protect themselves in the sky.

If Kowloon Head and Divine Phoenix really have the idea of ​​returning to the Primordial Wildland, Divine Race Divine Realm, Wei Long will let them and their ethnic group leave before leaving East Desolate.

“We are willing to follow you.”

Dragon Head and Divine Phoenix have no plans to leave.

Wei Long is not surprised at this point.

At this moment, Yan Chen on the side signaled to chat with Wei Long alone.

“New content has appeared in my inheritance. There is a Holy Sect in North Desolate, named Chuangu Holy Sect, which has ancient inheritance and can complement my current inheritance.”

Yan Chen said: “And I already know the two True Disciple names after Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse, one is named Da Luo and the other is primordial.”

Yan Chen’s aura is more primitive than before.

Wei Long couldn’t see through him.

“An ancient Holy Sect?”

Wei Long was surprised to learn about all the True Disciples of Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse, but he still focused on this force.

Not surprisingly, the Ancient Great Emperor is the powerhouse behind this Holy Sect.

Wei Long doesn’t think there is any problem with joining this Holy Sect.

Even if there is the shadow of the emperor behind it, for almost all cultivators, becoming a pawn of the emperor is actually a shocking Good Fortune.

Previously, Wei Long thought about whether the Ancient Great Emperor would use Yan Chen as the game, and even he wanted to use Yan Chen to mobilize the Ancient Great Emperor’s power at critical moments.

But thinking about it now, the idea is ridiculous.

It’s like a farmer fantasizing that the emperor hoe the ground with a golden hoe.

On entering the middle level Sea of ​​Source, Wei Long deeply realized the terror of the Great Emperor.

It’s not the kind of direct rolling like destroying heaven extinguishing earth, but a kind of power that moisturizes things silently.

Below that level, even the information obtained will be distorted.

The opportunity to face the emperor will not be there.

However, Wei Long still told Yan Chen some of his insights.

Yan Chen was silent for a while, opened the mouth and said: “You may not believe it, I now have a feeling that it is the path I am walking on right now, that is my path. The ancient path is my Yan Chen’s Tao.”

The meaning of Yan Chen’s words is that he is not walking on the road opened by another great emperor, but he is opening up this path, on the road to becoming a great emperor.

After saying this, Yan Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Of course, this is very likely as you said, I was vaguely perceived.”

Wei Long also laughed.

Even he himself is not sure of the position of the emperor. Although Yan Chen is not despised, the probability of Yan Chen’s achievement of the emperor is really minimal.

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