My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 518


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Time is long and deep.

Power of Time is like a dazzling spar, stacked for a long time, entrenched like a dragon in this inexplicable place, and every wave contains a piece of history.

infinite cycle, pile up into potential.

The first Holy Son has firm eyes and slowly mutters to himself:

“I am the number one genius in the history of Tianji Daotu, and the most likely powerhouse to prove Dao.

Now I’m actually going to fall because of someone I’ve never touched before. It’s like a contract that has fallen into a set situation, and I can’t move.

Such an absurd situation is the inspiration of my great destiny. haha, this is the result of the celestial calculation and the ending of this cultivator. “

Tianji cultivator has reached a profound place, and it can be called a life judge.

A word comes true, and it is a fate.

First Holy Son believes that all coincidences have reasons, but the information they have obtained is not enough.

As long as all the information is obtained theoretically, there will be no inexplicable things, and the corresponding explanation can be found.

Everything is connected, everything can be determined.

The first Holy Son’s great destiny technique cultivated to the extreme, omniscience of all things in the present time, and only the appearance of Wei Long made his cognition missing.

The missing link, commonly known as Dayan Fifty, is the one that escaped.

This is a destiny obstruction, and the world’s rejection of him.

The first Holy Son looked more determined: “I want to break this ending.”

This ending is not only the end of his personal life, but also the sorrow of Samsara for countless times in this world.

Sea of ​​Source is divided into 4-Layer, deep, middle, outer and outermost.

Every time Samsara, the outermost layer must be abandoned, most of the outer layer is abandoned, and half of the forces in the middle layer are also bloodbathed.

What I did was to open the Immortal Path and open the deepest part.

The depths of the Sea of ​​Source contain the path of the Great Emperor’s Transcendence.

The emperor has reached the apex of this world, and has even exceeded the upper limit of the world.

Only deep in the legendary Sea of ​​Source can the emperor like a fish back in water’s life and find a further way.

There are legends about the “ideal country” and “most people” in the depths of Sea of ​​Source, and countless Samsara have been circulated.

People believe that there is such a world where time and space are intertwined. Everyone is a great emperor. Without cultivation, they can have powerful power, transcend the dimension of time, and never have to suffer from Samsara.

This is also the reason why those civilizations without a great emperor in the middle Sea of ​​Source also participated in the opening of the Immortal Path.

But does “ideal country” exist? Does a brand new world exist?

To this day, Transcendence has come out, walked out of the Sea of ​​Source, and arrived in the new world, who has never appeared.

Those great emperors who have already proclaimed Dao, the young emperor are still determined to reopen the way for the hope of the legend.

The old emperor often decayed, and regarded the end of Samsara as a game, and every Samsara was a sandbox deduction.

In this Samsara, it is the rule to clean up the outermost and outer layers of Sea of ​​Source and collect all the energy.

However, did such a decision only happen in this Samsara?

Is this Samsara really special?

Or is there a lot of Samsara before and have tried similar things?

For the creatures living in the Sea of ​​Source, the middle Sea of ​​Source is the center of the Sea of ​​Source, just like the star of a galaxy, and the outer and outermost layers are its satellites.

The emperor is an almost omnipotent existence, arbitrarily manipulating the situation he wants in the upstream and downstream of the long river of time, but the emperor is not omniscient, the emperor is still under the destiny.

If the emperor really Transcendence’s destiny, then he could already Transcend this World.

“Only the cultivator of the lineage of heaven, and the position of the emperor of the Dao, can he be omniscience and omnipotence, and he can contend with the destiny and end all this. Or open that only exists in the legendary ideal country.”

This is the first reason why Holy Son ventured to explore the depths of the long river.

Sea of ​​Source continues to carry on Samsara, this world is like a dead knot, going on in the established cycle.

The inertia of heaven and earth movement has been formed.

Reject all those who want to change.

Tianji lineage has never been proved that this is the case.

If the era of Samsara is really a deadlock, this will also be the meaning of Sea of ​​Source.

The meaning of existence is meaningless.

The rules of Sea of ​​Source don’t allow anyone to change this cycle, so the lineage of heaven and earth will gradually be abandoned by heaven and earth.

The emperor who was able to contend with Sea of ​​Source, they reopened the Immortal Path time and time again, and realized the end of Samsara time and time again, so that the knot that was already dead was tightened further.

“Because a stranger has fallen, I will not be able to prove it. It is just the appearance of the problem. The real reason is this deadlock.”

The light of Dao Fruit from the first Holy Son, unleash the power of time.

At the end of the long river of time, it is not only the power of time that is dangerous, but also the emperors who may cultivation here.

The emperors are hiding in which era, and these great existences are even more dangerous.

“The quantum analysis machine built by the mechanical gods at last sacrificed to civilization is a real machine to ask the destiny, equivalent to the walking destiny.”

There are countless divine lights shining in the eyes of the first Holy Son.

The Great Destiny Spell works to its extreme.

If you say, in the current world, who can compete with the quantum analysis machine built by the Mechanical Gods, and find the mechanical realm that exists in the legendary Taboo, is only himself.

The first Holy Son silhouette moved and entered a tributary of the Long River.

The main stream of the Long River is underway in the Samsara era.

The current Samsara epoch is in the middle stage, the Immortal Path has not yet been opened, and the tributaries are those Samsara epochs that have ended.

“If you fail to become a great emperor, you will have to pay a huge price to enter the tributary of the long river.”

The first Holy Son’s heart twitched slightly. If he became the emperor after proving the Dao, he would naturally be able to take the Mechanical Realm into his hands as his dojo, but he can’t do it now.


Looking for induction, the first Holy Son entered a tributary of a long river.


That is just the mist released by the mechanical environment.

Returning to the main stream of the long river of time, the first Holy Son’s air machine is much obscure, “Dao Fruit can’t shield the impact.”

The first Holy Son touched his sideburns, and there was already a touch of gray. This short moment has cut off his life for nearly ten thousand years.

The first Holy Son has just entered the end of the Samsara era. If it enters the future of this Samsara era, the price to be paid is even greater.

“Fortunately, I am still young.”

The first Holy Son made a joke to himself and adjusted his mood.

A failed experience is also extremely useful.

What matters is not the failure itself, or even the experience, but the information extracted by analyzing, summarizing, and extracting based on oneself.

This is not the failure itself in effect, but its own effect.

The first Holy Son entered a tributary of the Long River for the second time.

This time he came to the eighteenth era of Samsara. The Immortal Path of the ages has been opened. The heavens and the races have been involved in the war. Numerous civilizations and Holy Sect had to get involved, leading to the battlefield of the final Immortal Path. Every inch is golden blood.

“Found it.”

The first Holy Son caught an icy, sensible strange wave, and his heart moved and the silhouette ran into it.

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