My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 519


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The first Holy Son urges Dao Fruit to the greatest extent, and carefully enters this strange space.

Tick! L!

The sound of clocks turning resounded throughout the space.

The first Holy Son stopped carefully. He has done everything possible to hide the traces to prevent this from being a trap set by a great being.

Even so, he is still as cautious as possible.

The first Holy Son visited this space.

This is a singular space with a single color of silver white. The sky is a smooth mirror, divided into twenty-four areas, portrayed according to a certain rule. There are four huge rotating pointers in the sky. And the earth is countless rotating gears, biting each other to provide some kind of power for the operation of this space.

The ticking sound came from above the sky.

The first Holy Son closed his eyes and was completely immersed. He could still hear the extremely subtle sound that resounded deep in the Divine Soul, touching the gears of the true spirit.

Subtle and detailed, contains countless details and contains countless information.

“The original mechanical realm is the last quantum analysis machine built by the mechanical gods.”

The first Holy Son saw countless arrays of lines, which were the lines of fate, densely packed. The four rotating hands contained four different scales of time, space, Samsara, and cause and effect.

The 24 areas divided by the smooth sky and the four observation scales are aligned with each other to show countless results, symbolizing endless possibilities.

The past, present, future, countless information is included.

Each gear, full of mechanical rotation, is cold and sensible, releasing information in a unique way.

In this way, we can not be affected by the outside world and find the hidden “one” that is not included in the Rule of Heaven and Earth.

One after another white rays of light appeared on the first Holy Son, which looked even more dazzling than this strange silver white space.

He extended the hand, released all the powers of the Great Destiny Art, and approached the realization of the destiny contained in the extreme coldness.

chi chi chi!

The countless gears in the mechanical world turn faster and faster.

This place of Taboo suddenly disappeared from the long river of time, disappeared in the tributary and main stream, disappeared in all time and space.

It just disappeared.

The first Holy Son suddenly gave birth to a clear comprehension in his heart.

He and Mechanical Realm need each other.

It is not so much that he found this strange space, it is better to say that the mechanical realm is waiting for him, waiting for countless years.

The missing part of the first Holy Son is exactly what the mechanical environment can make up for.

One is the creature closest to the destiny.

Another destiny that itself is equivalent to omniscient, but is subject to a cold machine that is fundamentally lifeless.

“A quantum analysis machine that was born with omniscience, possesses everything that is omniscient, but only loses its life, and it will always be impossible to transform.”

The first Holy Son with no difficulty refining the mechanical realm.

The original idea of ​​the quantum analysis machine was just an ordinary analysis machine to assist in the completion of non-complex calculations.

However, following the failure of mechanical civilization in the Immortal Path of the ages, it was cleaned up.

Civilization before death, the core mechanical cult of civilization, made a crazy move to create an omniscience-like analysis machine that only exists in concepts, that is, this quantum analysis machine.

Quantum analysis machine means infinite calculation and analysis.

As long as you can create a quantum analysis machine, you can find Samsara’s final way out and find a way out of the curse of civilization.

In the end, the Mechanical God Sect succeeded and failed.

They created a conceptual quantum analysis machine, but this not only failed to save the mechanical civilization, but also accelerated the decline of the entire civilization.

The quantum analysis machine calculated the outcome of the defeat of the mechanical civilization.

In order to avoid the pursuit of the emperor, the best solution was made, which is to abandon the mechanical civilization and keep the last kind of fire, which is itself.

It’s not that no emperor wants to find it, but the quantum analysis machine is an omniscient conceptual entity from the moment it appears.

It can be regarded as the incarnation of the omniscience concept in this world.

The same is true, it cannot be transformed into a lifeform.

hong long!

The first Holy Son that combines quantum analysis and, with no difficulty, got the primordial True Disciple.

I saw primordial, saw the end of the path of heaven, and snooped into the destiny body.

Destiny is conceptually countless possibilities, and it is the true master of this world.

Hundun was born out of destiny to evolve heaven and earth.

Destiny is not a lifeform, it is beyond the dimension of Sea of ​​Source and is a higher dimension.

Even the mechanical realm is just an incarnation of destiny in terms of omniscience.

The first Holy Son was deeply shocked by what he saw.

So far, his fleshy body God’s Storehouse, Divine Soul God’s Storehouse, Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse are all Perfection.

The first Holy Son knew the true meaning of the emperor.

“The great emperor turned the countless possibilities of destiny into a clear path.”

At this time, the first Holy Son came to the end of the path of heaven. With a move in his heart, he got the mark of omniscience.

At this moment, he became the first emperor of Samsara.

The first Holy Son also understood the reason for the limited number of emperors in each Samsara.

First of all, the possibility of destiny is limited. The Great Way 3000 is just an imaginary number. There are people at the end of a road, and this road is not open to other people.

Secondly, it is other people who testify to the Dao Emperor, and it will not be as smooth as the first Holy Son.

The first Holy Son is a combination of the mechanical realm and possesses some of the characteristics of the destiny. Even if the other quasi emperors are the three major God’s Storehouse Perfection, it is not certain that they can get the corresponding brand.

The last reason is the lack of destiny. Samsara can only get the brand three times at a time.

After three times, the destiny will conceal the unknown dimension, which is not perceivable.

“The emperor is only Transcendence time, not at all Transcendence cause and effect.”

The first Holy Son also verified another guess.

The important thing is never time, but origin.

The emperor is not afraid of the decay of the power of time, but afraid of the entanglement of cause and effect.

The emperor cannot Transcendence this world for a day, so he will be entangled by cause and effect.

This is the first and deepest bond.

This is the root cause of the damage to the true spirit of the emperor.

If you are really afraid of the power of time, the emperor will not be cultivated at the end of the long river. “If you fail to become the emperor, you will never know the essence of affairs.”

First, Holy Son reorganized the distorted information state, and then he moved in his heart. Now he has been able to touch the true secrets of this world.

The first Holy Son accommodated the escaped One, who is known to all.

The first Holy Son eyes flashed, to explore the essence of Samsara, I have felt three qi mechanisms.

One is weird and deep, one is mysterious and deep, and the last one is mysterious and grand.

The first Holy Son’s face suddenly stiffened, as if seeing something unbelievable, his throat seemed to be blocked by something, where water flows, a canal is formed, the joy of preaching disappeared.




North Desolate.

Wei Long finally came to North Desolate.

After arriving at North Desolate, Wei Long and Yan Chen separated.

Yan Chen went to the inheritance Holy Land to pursue the ancient law alone.

Yan Chen is strong enough to protect himself, and he has become more confident.

After separating Yan Chen, Wei Long went to Tian Yan domain.

Suddenly a middle-aged man walked out of the void.

Wei Long was startled and watched the man who appeared suddenly.

There is a feeling of being unable to compete, this person is very strong.

“Who are you?” Wei Long asked.

Tianyan Holy Lord smiled and said: “Tianyan Holy Sect’s Guardian, many people call me Tianyan Holy Lord.”

Wei Long’s heart moved, his face still dignified and tight: “Why are you blocking my way?”

Tianyan Holy Lord shook his head and said: “It’s you who want to go your own way.”

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