My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 520


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The appearance of Tianyan Holy Lord was beyond Wei Long’s expectations.

However, thinking about it carefully, it makes sense.

“He should have known of my arrival a long time ago, after all, he is the leader of the strongest secret inheritance.”

However, Wei Long was not very satisfied with Tian Yan’s Holy Lord’s words like a stick.

Tianyan Holy Lord is very satisfied with his appearance.

He needs to establish a strong first impression in Wei Long’s mind.

Tianyan Holy Lord thought in his heart: “Well, he doesn’t know that he is special. Even I can hardly use the heavenly secret technique on him.”

Tianyan Holy Lord was able to discover Wei Long, but he still benefited from the first Holy Son.

Without the great destiny of the first Holy Son Great Accomplishment, the whereabouts of Wei Long has long been a mystery.

So Tianyan Holy Lord needs to establish a strong impression now and establish his own style of Heavenly Chance Sect as a prophet, otherwise it will be difficult to have a chance in the future.

For the same purpose, Wei Long and Tianyan Holy Lord hit it off.

Wei Long was like joining Tianyan Holy Sect.

The appearance of the Holy Lord of Tianyan also shows the importance of the other party. Wei Long is happy to gain a strong inheritance.

On the one hand, Tianyan Holy Lord has expectations for Wei Long’s special existence, and wants to tap his potential. On the other hand, he also needs to bring Wei Long into control.

“What is my status after joining Tianyan Holy Sect?”

The two are seeing each other, Wei Long asked directly.

Tianyan Holy Lord gave a very favorable condition, “become my Novice Disciple directly and become the Holy Son of Tianyan Holy Sect.”

This condition is too generous.

Holy Lord’s Novice Disciple, the position of Holy Son, can directly contact the core inheritance.

The news from Dingguang Star City, the first Holy Son of Tianyan Holy Sect, the peerless genius who is known as the number one person under the Great Emperor, is the discipline of this person in front of him.

Joining is the core, and the treatment is very good.

Wei Long was a little suspicious. He also had doubts about the news he received from Dingguang Star City. “Why, I need an answer that is enough to convince me.”

Tianyan Holy Lord looked at Wei Long and said seriously: “Your talent, your strength, any power will not let go of someone who has obtained Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse True Disciple on their own.

And you are special, you have surpassed your fate, in today’s world, perhaps you have the most hope to prove the truth.

Is this reason enough? “

Wei Long keenly captured two pieces of information.

The first is that lineage of Tianji has not been proven by anyone, so what’s the matter with Fortune Teller?

The second message is the first Holy Son who had the most hope of preaching. It seems that something has happened.

Tianyan Holy Lord’s answer did not completely relieve Wei Long’s doubts, but it was enough.

Join Tianyan Holy Sect for the future. Even though Tianyan Holy Lord has a plan, Wei Long is confident that he is strong enough to deal with it.

Tianyan Holy Lord is in front, Wei Long follows him and heads to Tianyan domain.

As its name suggests, Tianyan Domain is a void domain controlled by Tianyan Holy Sect.

Being able to control a domain, the resources that can be leveraged are undoubtedly massive.

There are countless affiliated forces, backed by Tianyan Holy Sect.

Tianyan Holy Sect’s mountain gate is a World community, traversing endless void.

These Worlds have trial space, resource World, cultivation treasure land…

It is equivalent to Secret Realm, which is a great influence in the lower space.

It’s just countless times bigger than Secret Realm, and the resources are unimaginable.

The core of the mountain gate of Tianyan Holy Sect is the core World of this World community.

Tianyan World.

Tianyan World stands deep in the void, and the sound of faintly discernable running water can be faintly heard from the void of World.

“The tributary of the Long River of Time is a symbol of strong Great Influence. Intercepting the tributary of the Long River of Time in your civilization and sect can prevent you from being erased by some great beings. It can also suppress the air transport and explore the future.”

Tianyan Holy Lord explained to Wei Long who followed, “The Source Space of Tianyan World is a long time.

This was intercepted by Tianyan Sect Founder many epochs before. Our background may not be as powerful as the existence of the emperor, but it is also unique.

Looking at the world, the power that can inherit the eleven Samsara era does not exceed double digits, and Tianyan Holy Sect is one of them. “

Tianyan Holy Sect can stand the test and is powerful enough.

Wei Long entered Tianyan World.

This World is many times larger than Extreme Yang World, “I need a stable void to house the people who follow my Transcendence.

In addition, regarding my joining, I hope to keep it private for the time being. ”

Tianyan Holy Sect suddenly added a Holy Son, enough to detonate North Desolate.

It will attract the prying eyes of countless people.

Wei Long feels that he needs to wait so that some people don’t think of him.

“After you accept the inheritance of Tianyan Holy Sect, you can decide for yourself.”

Tianyan Holy Lord speaks very well, “If you have someone you value, you can also let them join Tianyan Holy Sect.

The new generation of introductory ceremony has already begun. Of course, you make your own decision. Holy Son has a lot of autonomy. . “

Tianyan Holy Lord waved his hand and brought Wei Long into an inexplicable void.

A tributary of a long river runs across the void, and the surface of the river is full of white mist.

Tianyan Holy Lord introduced: “This is the long river tributary where Heaven Overflowing Divine Sect is located.

My Tianyan Holy Sect is different from other sects. The future on the tributaries of the long river will always be covered by thick fog, which is also a kind of protection for us.

You still can’t see through the thick fog over the long river of time, but when you have the cultivation success secret technique of fate, you will be able to reduce the fog layer by layer.

If you can cultivation success Grand Destiny, there is a clear river of time before your eyes. “

“I have left your Qi machine, when you are ready, you can come here directly, I will teach you True Disciple.”

Tianyan Holy Lord looks at the tributary of the Long River.

In his eyes, the long river of time was originally clear with a thick fog.

His great destiny has been Small Accomplishment, but he still can’t see through the fog of destiny.

Tianyan Holy Lord Tan Xing suddenly disappeared, and said to Wei Long: “You go first, set up your people.”

He flew out a jade slip with his finger, “This is the unformed World community. When you are ready, come here.”


Tianyan Holy Lord disappeared in the depths of this void.

Wei Long didn’t leave directly, but first probed the void.

Here is the core of Tianyan Holy Sect core place.

didn’t expect Tianyan Holy Lord will bring him directly.

The attitude of Tianyan Holy Lord just now has obviously changed.

Wei Long came out of this strange void and returned to Tianyan World.

Wei Long did not rush to set up the Extreme Yang World, but walked on this World.

All those who can cultivation in Tianyan World are the elite disciplines of Tianyan Holy Sect.

Any discipline, mostly a powerhouse of a single God’s Storehouse Perfection.

Suddenly, a conversation caught Wei Long’s attention.

With Wei Long’s power of perception, he can capture every move of all creatures in this World into my heart.

But most of them will not touch his emotions.

“We have been vacant as the number one Holy Son of Holy Sect for many years. I don’t know who can climb to the top this time.”

“The biggest possibility is the third and eighth Holy Son. They won the Weixi True Disciple of Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse, and they are only one step away from becoming the emperor.”


Isn’t the first Holy Son the number one person under the nickname of the Great? It’s already famous, how can it be vacant for so many years?

Wei Long thought of something, and there was a touch of shock in his eyes.

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