My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 521


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Tick! L!

The mechanical environment reverberated with the ethereal and crisp sound of hands turning.

This voice made the first Holy Son more irritable and his eyes flushed.

Sometimes it is a great sadness to see the opposite.

“This world has long since turned into a rotten, stagnant pond, full of rotten aura.”

The first Holy Son has all knowledge.

He originally thought that omniscient and omnipotent combined with the power of the emperor.

However, things are not that simple.

The first Holy Son hates his omniscience at this time.

He saw everything.

The three silhouettes are Divine Race primordial, Demon Race ancestor, and Immortal Territory Ancient. These three great emperors are the existence of the Trinity.

The three emperors can be regarded as one.

Behind the seemingly young Divine Race civilization, there is a primordial god.

Furthermore, the primordial god is still the first emperor of this world.

His title is primordial, the three largest God’s Storehouse and the nine largest True Disciple are the proof of his insight and destiny release Dao Road.

Open the way for the world.

Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse’s True Disciple, the most difficult to obtain, is his road number.

As an ancient and pure emperor, the primordial god master, first enlightened the great emperor, means that it is the first enlightened great emperor after Sea of ​​Source fell from the “ideal country”.

This is a great existence, a pioneer who directly established the current pattern of Sea of ​​Source.

The first Holy Son spied countless messages that have long been lost in the long river of time.

Such an existence, neither was able to restore the “ideal country”, nor was he able to Transcendence Sea of ​​Source, the world, slowly decayed.

And his decay has cut out the ancestor of the unknown Demon Race.

It became the second great emperor.

After that, the idea of ​​Transcendence of the primordial god master cut out the Ancient of Immortal Territory, the third emperor.

These are the three silhouettes that the first Holy Son first saw, like three big mountains, crushed down.

The primordial god, the ancestor of the Demon Race, and the Immortal Territory Ancient are all in one, but their path and nature are different.

Except for one thing in common.

That is the fundamental meaning of the primordial god master cutting out two great emperors.

Doomed failure is imprinted in their perception.

Destined to be unable to Transcendence to go out of Sea of ​​Source, only by restoring the Samsara era again and again, can you maintain your immortality and let the world be in an infinite cycle like this.

Every time Samsara is restarted.

Each restart will bring a new round of Samsara.

The impact on the first Holy Son is huge.

It means that all possible “destiny” is the “ideal country” that exists in the long river of time.

But destiny is a concept of higher dimensional existence, and the difficulty of obtaining it can be imagined.

The primordial god is the first emperor. After preaching in his early years, he pioneered the path of the emperor.

The original primordial god was full of hope, but the continuous failed efforts turned into despair in his old age, and then embarked on a path of corruption.

The primordial god is already not in Transcendence, self-Transcendence, he believes that Transcendence cannot be Transcendence Sea of ​​Source.

The ancestor of Demon Race, Immortal Territory Ancient, which he cut out, also has the same idea.

For the existence of the primordial trinity, Transcendence is no longer the first.

Propelling Samsara’s continuous cycle is their greatest pleasure.

They have given up chasing Transcendence Path and turned it into a need for pure desperation.

The primordial god master is the oldest emperor. The despair breeding ignorance cut out the ancestor of Demon Race, and the obsession of Transcendence cut out the Immortal Territory Ancient.

“The ancestor of the Demon Race and the Immortal Territory Ancient, the personality path is completely different from the primordial god, but both have a firm understanding of doomed failure.”

The first Holy Son touched the destiny at this time and knew everything.

Sea of ​​Source is essentially dimensionality reduction.

From the original “ideal country” dimension to the current Sea of ​​Source.

Since the dimension is reduced, there is a way to increase the dimension.

Theoretically, by recycling all the energy and rules of the three layers of Sea of ​​Source, the outermost, outer, and middle layers, and condensing space-time and Samsara together, then it can be restored to its original dimensions.

But then, the emperor who occupies the most energy and rules will inevitably be forced to slay himself.

The first Holy Son looked at the middle Sea of ​​Source at this time.

The trinity of the primordial god, the ancestor of the Demon Race, and the Immortal Territory Ancient. With so many Samsara eras, their unnoticeable influence has influenced many emperors.

“A total of seventeen great emperors.”

The first Holy Son is in a state of omniscience and really knows everything. With a move in his heart, he knows the number of the emperor.

If you count him, that’s eighteen great emperors.

Among them, the primordial god master occupies three, and there are ten great emperors who recognize the primordial god master concept.

This is the cycle of thirteen emperors desperately maintaining the Samsara era.

Furthermore, the primordial trinity of gods and lords, he is powerful, and surpasses the average emperor.

This force that believes that it is doomed to failure exists, and the original difficult upgrade is absolutely impossible.

The remaining five emperors are mostly enlightened emperors in the last ten epochs.

These emperors also hope to find an “ideal country” after opening the Immortal Path.

They haven’t fully traced the course of time yet, they just wandered in the vicinity for several epochs.

At most a few more epochs, when these emperors go back to the past or the future, and trace more Samsara, then they will be tested by despair.

Some great emperors will join the “doomed to fail” camp.

And those emperors who are still hopeful will try to interrupt Samsara.

The final result of these great emperors will not be good.

Since the formation of Sea of ​​Source, a total of 23 emperors have appeared. At this time, there are 18 remaining, that is, five have fallen.

Three of the great emperors fell into the hands of a group of primordial god masters.

The other two great emperors chose to slay themselves and erased their existence.

The emperor will die too.

Killing the existence of every great emperor in the past, present, and future can completely erase the existence of the great emperor.

This world has become a cage. The emperor who has been promoted to Power Peak cannot get out of Transcendence.

And every creature trapped in it has to endure such desperate suffering.

The Great is no exception, and even the Great’s despair is deeper.

The life of an ordinary creature is no more than a Samsara, but the emperor has to wander back and forth in a long river of time that is destined to have no exit.

They want to go ashore, but there is no front for them.

Although he is the emperor, he is more like a prisoner.

I was imprisoned in time in Samsara, in my own heart.

The Samsara curse is not only a curse of a failed civilization, but also a curse to the immortal emperor.

Time and time again, repeating the desperate cycle, like listening to the tireless ticking of a clock.

Tick to tick.

Blood water appeared in the eyes of the first Holy Son.

He is even worse.

He knew the answers to all the questions directly. Those great emperors still had time to react from hope to despair, but he didn’t.

I directly faced the deepest despair in this world.

There is no past!

Not now!

There is no future!

“Is this the price of spying on the destiny?”

The first Holy Son face looks sinister.

He believes there is always a way.

He is the emperor who masters omniscience, the closest existence to the destiny.

If the primordial god master mastered omniscience when he enlightened, he might not have the determination to cut himself and recover Sea of ​​Source.

The first Holy Son exhausted all calculations.

His great destiny technique reached Perfection Realm unprecedentedly, and he merged with him as his instrument of enlightenment, in order to provide immeasurable computing power.

There is no way to go back to before the primordial god became enlightened.

Because time has no meaning to the emperor, it is true that the primordial god is the first enlightened emperor, but when other emperors become enlightened, they can trace their timeline back to the time period when Sea of ​​Source was just formed.

The first Holy Son couldn’t even make a move.

Now, he can rely on the Great Destiny Technique and being in the mechanical realm, shielding his own existence.

When he really interferes in the long river of time, other emperors will find out, including the primordial god.

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