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The first Holy Son looked at the ground beneath his feet.

The gears in the mechanical realm are still turning, turning unchangingly.

“Do you want to end this, too?”

The first Holy Son looking thoughtful.

He looked up at the sky.

A long river running through Endless Reincarnation appeared before him.

This is a long river of time connecting the past and leading to the future.

The first Holy Son stepped onto it and left the mechanical realm, he would be perceived by Source of Heaven and Earth, and he would directly become the first emperor of Samsara, and the eighteenth emperor that exists in this area.

For the future, he can trace back countless Samsara.

Sit and talk with the primordial god, and look down at the heavens with the world Extreme.

The emperor’s throne will resound throughout the world.

If he doesn’t entangle, touch Epoch Samsara, or don’t want to Transcendence Sea of ​​Source, then he can achieve true immortality and overlook the world with a game mentality.

The first Holy Son also saw the past.

He saw it not long ago.

This is not long before, it is defined according to the Time Flow Speed ​​of the middle Sea of ​​Source, and time has no meaning for the first Holy Son.

The first Holy Son saw that the past self was examining Wei Long, just like the future he is examining the past now.

He used to be standing side by side with Tianyan Holy Lord.

At this point in time, Wei Long just entered Transcendence into the middle Sea of ​​Source.

He followed the induction in the dark and realized that he would die because of Wei Long, and found Wei Long.

The first Holy Son only needs one step to occupy the past self and become the emperor occupying all time nodes.

End the secret destiny and suppress the backlash of fate.

“I understand.”

The first Holy Son did not look towards the past self, but looked towards Wei Long.

“Is this my choice?”

The first Holy Son understands everything.

Everything is his choice, now is the beginning.

“That’s right, the emperor of Zen Dao is almost omniscient. Even the primordial god, I am 30% weaker.”

The first Holy Son regained his gaze and looked towards the tributary of the Long River.

His attention was placed on the timeline representing the outermost and outer layers of Sea of ​​Source.

“Intervention in the layer of Sea of ​​Source will inevitably attract the attention of the sleeping emperor. However, in the lower space of Sea of ​​Source, something can be done.”

The first Holy Son’s heart moved, and the mechanical environment suddenly changed.

Suddenly shrunk, turned into a pocket watch-style utensil, and slowly fell into the hands of the first Holy Son.

Suppressed the Qi machine of the first Holy Son.

The first Holy Son urged Dao Fruit to distort the void of the outermost and outer layers of Sea of ​​Source by knowing Dao Fruit, distorting time, and reshaping the void.

The outermost layer and the outer layer Sea of ​​Source are intercepted.

When the first idea of ​​Holy Son moved, his incarnation came to one of the worlds of the outermost Sea of ​​Source, which is the Extreme Yin World.

The Extreme Yin World at this point in time has already completed self-exile, and the pattern has just been set. Human Race occupies a corner, guarding the territory with Human Race Protection Formation, and Myriad Gods Palace becomes the deputy of Human Race. The Celestial Emperor’s Transcendence was gone, leaving only the Avatar, which was a generation of Sacred Sovereign to suppress Desolate Beast Race and Myriad Gods Palace.

After Avatar cast the Sacred Sovereign Sword by itself, it did not disappear completely, but was immersed in the depths of the Extreme Yin World by unknown depths.

The first Holy Son salvaged the generation of Sacred Sovereign at this point in time from the unknown, and asked him to deliver a message.

The core content of this message is “Beware of Immortal Territory Demon Lord.”.

The generation of Sacred Sovereign, who has been tainted by unknown details, will tell Wei Long this news when Wei Long comes to Sea of ​​Bitterness many years later.

The incarnation of the first Holy Son continued to move, he came to the outer world of Sea of ​​Source.

The time has come when Wei Long suppress and kill Celestial Emperor.

Celestial Emperor wants to die.

The first Holy Son saw the Celestial Emperor, and the Celestial Emperor also saw the first Holy Son at the end.

“I have fulfilled the promise.” When Celestial Emperor was dying, he remembered who this was and said to the first Holy Son.

The first Holy Son nodded, said resolutely: “many thanks Fellow Daoist.”

The Celestial Emperor silhouette gradually disappeared: “If you can be worthy of your Fellow Daoist, I can also be considered dead.”

The first Holy Son did not contact Wei Long at this point in time.

His incarnation moved and turned to the void, “It is already the limit to twist the outermost and outer Sea of ​​Source to this point.”

The purpose of the first Holy Son is to end the infinite knot of Sea of ​​Source.

This guitar cannot be untied.

Even though he possesses the omniscience Dao Fruit, he is powerful, but the “doomed to fail” camp represented by the primordial god is even more powerful than ever.

So the first Holy Son needs to jump out.

Real jump out.

“The omniscience can only see through all this, but cannot end it. To end all this, you need an invincible and immortal emperor.”

The first Holy Son’s eyes gradually became firm.

The time of proving the Dao is the day of fall, which is a joke of destiny.

The most absurd thing is that he will really go on.

“I will die because of Wei Long, and I am also the reason for Wei Long’s appearance.”

The first Holy Son muttered to himself, “The important thing is not time, but origin.”

The first Holy Son raised his index finger and middle finger and moved it to his brow.

All-knowing Dao Fruit and the mechanical state that turned into a pocket watch in his arms suddenly solidified.

The first Holy Son at this time has already stood on top of Endless Reincarnation.

He looked into the void, clicked his finger on the center of his brow, and plunged into the center of his brow, fiercely.

“With my Dao Fruit blood sacrifice Sea of ​​Source, with the power of omniscience, capture the destiny projection.”

The first Holy Son said every word.

With omniscience to take the initiative of the Supreme Destiny, in an instant, the first Holy Son turned into an endless spot of light.

At this time, a quaint jade stone hangs from the void.

It is the cause of everything, and it is the result of everything.

This is the destiny of the trans-dimensionality. The projection that has fallen is called the Good Fortune Linglong Jade.

The first Holy Son blood sacrifice itself, with the omniscience and the power of the great emperor, the destiny projection obtained does not have the power to shake the heavens and the earth, but only means endless possibilities.

“The emperor only transcends time, without Transcendence causality.”

The true spirit of the first Holy Son gradually disappeared. He saw the future, “This is a long-distance race that transcends time and locks in cause and effect.”


The mechanical environment turned into a pocket watch, full of rust, is close to its limit.

According to the last method used by the first Holy Son, it escorted the aura of fate into the outermost Sea of ​​Source.

I invested in Extreme Yin World.

Mechanical realm is a quantum analysis machine made by the civilization where the Mechanic Cult sacrifices to escape the Samsara curse.

It is transformed into the one that escapes with pure reason.

At the moment when the mechanical civilization was destined to fall, the mechanical realm fled, and its endless algorithm told it that the mechanical civilization could not be saved.

The Samsara curse is a manifestation of the will of countless emperors, which can be shaken by non-omniscience.

To truly escape the Samsara curse, the only way to get rid of Samsara’s knot is.

This is also the fundamental meaning of the existence of the mechanical environment.

It is not that the first Holy Son found it, but it is waiting for the first Holy Son.

The pocket watch transformed by the mechanical environment, the projection that escorted the destiny into Samsara.

The first Holy Son sacrificed Dao Fruit, and it was also doomed to die as part of the first Holy Son enlightenment.

However, like the first Holy Son, the Mechanical Realm has seen everything in the future.

At the time when the self was about to end, the mechanical realm entered a piece of information into the destiny projection.

The reincarnation of the aura of destiny is destined to be extremely special, even more how is in the outermost Sea of ​​Source.

So before the death of the mechanical state, a little arrangement was made with the last energy.

This message will protect the destiny projection to grow to a certain level, and then awaken to special. Moreover, the traces of mechanical civilization will be used to rationalize this special talent so that the destiny projection can grow smoothly.

As for how it will be rationalized, it is a random evolution.

The endless computing power of the mechanical realm has given the most suitable evolution: a crossing planned by a bald dog who died overtime and thought he had obtained a game modifier made by himself.

Use this to give the destiny projection a more mature mind.


The last sound before the mechanical realm disappeared, as if the gears of destiny were moving forward slowly, and the intercepted Sea of ​​Source’s outermost layer and outer space-time gradually returned to normal.