My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 523

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When the time is dialed back to the current point in time.

“What happened?”

The entire Sea of ​​Source vibrates in the void and exists in the depths of the river of time. The great emperors of Land of the Unknown are forced to wake up from their deep sleep.

The emperors are like emperors sitting down in the palace, casting a glimpse of the ordinary.

Huh? ! !

At this point, it’s incredible.

In an ancient palace, a primordial god in a robe, suddenly frowned, slowly opened his eyes closed.

“One piece is missing from the destiny brand.”

The primordial god looks into the depths of the void.

The three destiny marks of the Samsara era this time have disappeared.

This means that someone has proven the Dao to become Emperor.

However, in fact, he did not sense the aura of the newly born emperor.

The newly born emperor cannot perceive it.

The primordial god master meditated for a while, stretched out beckoned, and a magnificent river appeared.

He looked into the river of time and examined it carefully.

The primordial god looked towards the upper reaches of the long river of time.

There is no trace of the past.

He looked towards the midstream again.

There is no trace now.

Is this emperor enlightened in the future?

The primordial divine lord looked downstream, and suddenly there was a layer of thick fog in the originally clear downstream, covering every undulating wave.

The primordial expression becomes solemn.

A movement in his heart evokes his two corpses.

It is the ancestor of Immortal Territory Ancient and Demon Race.

First, an old and elusive aura descended, and then a heavy and strange middle age person also appeared.

Immortal Territory Ancient manifests a simple and kind old man.

The ancestor of Demon Race was a middle age person with a deep face and a deep, unspeakable face.

This is the corpse cut out by the primordial god.

One is his desperate ignorance, and the other is his long-cherished obsession with Transcendence.

The emperor can trace countless times and occupy every node in the long river of time. In theory, every emperor is equal.

But the ancient emperor often has a deeper foundation.

The primordial god as the first enlightening emperor, the real power lies in the two evil corpses.

“Two Fellow Daoist.”

The primordial god master slowly said to the ancestors of Immortal Territory Ancient and Demon Race: “What do you notice?”

“Fate has changed.” The ancestor of Demon Race said one word.

Immortal Territory Ancient could not help but agree with this statement, “This time the Samsara era is out of our grasp. I advocate speeding up the end of Samsara at this time and returning to the right track of destiny.”

The ancestor of Demon Race also thought, “At this time, someone has proved that, but this person has lost all energy between Heaven and Earth. It is very likely that he is another fool who tried to do some useless actions.”

As the evil corpse of the primordial god, the ancestors of Immortal Territory Ancient and Demon Race have their own ways.

The two are not sent by the primordial god.

Even if the primordial gods cut out their source, after enlightenment, each has its own support.

The ancestors of Ancient and Demon Race were not completely immune to the influence of the primordial god.

The ancestor of the Demon Race is the primordial divine lord Transcendence, an unknown cut that breeds hopeless despair.

The reason for its emergence is that the primordial god has lost all confidence in Transcendence.

Although Ancient is the obsession of Transcendence, but the primordial god masters the obsession of Transcendence, it also contains a deep-seated abandonment of Transcendence.

The ignorance of despair breeding and Transcendence’s obsession can cut out two great emperors. It is conceivable that the primordial god is the first emperor of the Tao, the pioneer of God’s Storehouse inheritance, the pioneer of God’s Storehouse inheritance, and the meaning of deep in one’s heart What a power of obsession.

The primordial god, the ancestor of the Demon Race, and the ancient have the same views on promoting the Samsara cycle.

Their failure is complete and cannot be changed.

“Ending Samsara’s actions will only cause greater losses and cost billions of lives.” Ancient sighed.

Continuously continue the established Samsara. Although each time Samsara will cause the death of the outermost creatures of Sea of ​​Source, the outer layer will also clear most of it, and the middle civilization will die more than half.

But this is exactly how the world makes profits and losses.

Every time Samsara is to release the pressure of heaven and earth.

Such a cycle is also the reason for the permanent existence of Sea of ​​Source.

If you try to end Samsara and harm the origin of Sea of ​​Source, it will endanger the overall lifespan of Sea of ​​Source.

From the perspective of Endless Reincarnation, the casualties caused are immeasurable.

If it leads to further degradation of Sea of ​​Source, it will be a disaster.

Now every time Samsara, there can be three great Transcendence out, this is the healthy manifestation of the operation of heaven and earth.

What the primordial god was about to say, suddenly the void vibrated.

I saw endless light appearing deep in the void of the middle Sea of ​​Source.

hong long!

In an instant.

The outermost layer, the outer layer Sea of ​​Source endless void, shrank suddenly, and the endless World living in it, countless creatures, and the power invested in the Samsara Temple, were all annihilated before they had time to withdraw.

The rules and energy of the outermost and outer Sea of ​​Source were instantly invested in the middle Sea of ​​Source.

It was like a beam of light, shining into the darkness.

From then on a huge world unfolded.

That is an endless road.

The end of the road is the end of all time and space. There seems to be an invisible door with endless possibilities.

Wangu Immortal Path is open!

Also open in advance.


The primordial divine lord looked at the long river in front of him, and thick mist appeared in the clear upstream.

Not only that, the mist in the upstream and downstream is approaching the middle reaches.

This means that the past, present, and future have changed.

It’s like the Domino Bone Token overturned a piece and triggered a series of reactions.

hong long!

In an instant, there were seventeen powers from all directions.

Some people are trying to promote this change, and some people want to interrupt it.

All the forces collided together.

The primordial god master was surprised to find that some of the great emperors who had been affected by him did not prevent this from happening at this time, but instead prevented him from interrupting.

“Old Sparrow, what are you doing?” Primordial Lord asked a colorful peacock.

The King of Five Colors is the emperor of Five Elements material enlightenment. The enlightenment time is before countless epochs, and it is considered the backbone of the Samsara cycle.

At this time, the old sparrow stopped the primordial divine master’s shot and allowed the Immortal Path to open.

Five Elements Peacock said nonchalantly: “I just want to see what is going to evolve, and who made it.”

Good guy!

“This will cause unpredictable things to happen.”

The primordial god didn’t expect Five Elements Peacock, this guy based on material foundation, has a tendency to self-destruct.

“Really? I feel relieved when you say that. It seems that my choice is not wrong.” Five Elements Peacock said with satisfaction.

At this time, of the seventeen emperors, only six wanted to erase the variables.

The other great emperors watched the evolution of heaven and earth with great interest.


They don’t care at all.

If you can, die to death is also a good experience.

The emperor can wander in Endless Reincarnation and can exist in the past, present, and future of time.

The past and the future will remain unchanged, and there will be some changes in the future, but the emperor can occupy all the changes.

So these changes, in the eyes of the emperor, have not changed at all.

In other words, the life of the emperors is truly able to see their heads at a glance.

Same in the true sense.

Samsara’s cycle like this has not changed. It is no accident that it breeds self-destructive thoughts.

Every time the Samsara era ends, it is equivalent to the entertainment of the great emperors.

Those emperors under the influence of the primordial god, do they want to end the end of the Samsara era?

They don’t want to.

Samsara ends this show, then there is no fun.

Without this last bit of fun, they have to face a desperate reality: Sea of ​​Source is a real cage, and time is a heavy chain…

They will all die in despair and madness.

But now there is greater fun.

These great emperors who are in the “doomed to fail” camp, they don’t mind losing control temporarily.

As for the original four of the seventeen emperors, the emperor who has a glimmer of hope for Transcendence, the emperor who is not completely desperate, and theirs is not too big.

The primordial god master understood all this, the opening of the Immortal Path of the ages could no longer be prevented, and he put his hand away.