My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 524

Not only the fall of life, but also the erasure of own existence.

The biggest possibility is that the first Holy Son has failed to enlighten the Dao Emperor and suffered a backlash.

“No.” Tianyan Holy Lord denied Wei Long’s guess.

“Is he consolidating the timeline of his own existence?” Without fail, it succeeded. Wei Long thought about the emperor’s guess.

Tianyan Holy Lord shook his head and said: “He confiscated the timeline of his own existence, but confiscated the timeline of Sea of ​​Source.”

Tianyan Holy Lord did not make Wei Long wonder for too long, and continued: “You enter the gate of my Tianyan Holy Sect, just to get the inheritance that leads to the Great Emperor. I will talk to you slowly.” >

Wei Long did not deny it.

Mingren doesn’t speak secretly, he just needs the inheritance of the other two True Disciples of Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse.

“The three God’s Storehouses and the nine True Disciples don’t need me to say more. Fleshy body God’s Storehouse Golden Body, Wusheng, Hunyuan, Divine Soul God’s Storehouse Primordial Spirit, Yuxu, Celestial Phenomenon, and Dao Fruit Divine Soul Wei Xi, Daluo, Primordial.”

Tianyan Holy Sect skipped fleshy body and Divine Soul God’s Storehouse, and directly talked about Dao Fruit God’s Storehouse.

Wei Xi is the first glimpse of the Great Way.

Sea of ​​Source endless void, trillions of creatures, this True Disciple is like a big filter, filtering out almost all cultivator.

Daluo True Disciple is to see oneself, should feel boundless, tolerate everything.

With this True Disciple, you can occupy all of the Sea of ​​Source space.

had a feeling in the heart, so you can go there in an instant and occupy all the space of the present time.

As for primordial, Tianyan Holy Sect has also touched, but very few.

“The quest for primordial True Disciple is related to the last step of achieving the great emperor, and this step can only be inferred by the existence of the great emperor.”

Tianyan Holy Lord said that the great emperor is stronger than rumors, “The existence of the great emperor occupies all of time. Past, present, and future.

The emperor’s ability to fill in the past time is not limited to the current Samsara, but can continue to trace forward until the moment when the Sea of ​​Source is formed.

As for now, the Great Emperor is the highest power Peak of Sea of ​​Source, overlooking the current timeline.

In the future, the future cannot be fully predicted by non-emperor creatures, but this does not include the emperor. As long as there is no power that is also the Great Emperor level, the future possibilities are all under control. “

Wei Long listened quietly.

Da Luo True Disciple is the self who occupies space, while primordial True Disciple is able to transcend time.

In this way, the whole world is like a developer mode to the emperor, which can be squeezed by the emperor.

Only the Great can plot against the Great, and only the Great can stop the Great.

However, Wei Long suddenly thought of something. In this way, this world has no secrets to the emperor.

The past, present, and future can be occupied by the emperor.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

If Transcendence can’t come out…

Wei Long felt a deep darkness.

The infinite possibilities are united and repeated.

Watching what has been determined happen, watching what has happened repeats.

Then this will cause a terrifying problem.

The Peak that entered the power, did not appear to be free, true immortality, more like a kind of decay.

Wei Long suppressed the complex thoughts in his heart, thinking about the troubles of the emperor. What is the difference between the emperor’s golden hoe?

Maybe the emperor’s happiness is beyond his imagination.

Tianyan Holy Sect’s next words, let Wei Long startled, “The emperor occupies all the time, they should be able to see the real “ideal country”, in which Samsara era they will appear, they should appear there, open Sea The depths of Source, or return to the so-called era of everyone-to-man, or Transcendence.

But the emperor is still here, and the long river of time still rushes forward. “

Hearing Tianyan Holy Lord’s words, Wei Long gradually became serious.

Is it because the ideal Congress has brought some changes to make the future more possible, so the emperor is happy to open the Immortal Path forever?

“So the emperor is trapped here.”

Tianyan Holy Sect expression said inexplicably: “It is not only the emperor who is trapped, but we are even more miserable.

Each era of Samsara is like an established entertainment show, and we are the monkeys for the great amusement.

A Samsara will have three places to achieve the emperor, but since countless epochs, how many emperors have there?

Time and time again, only a few of the few can become the emperor in the stands.

But after such a difficult achievement of the position of the emperor, what is gained is just that the monkey in the cage becomes the monkey on the stand. “

Tianyan Holy Lord then said the key.

Tianyan Holy Sect’s Sect Founder left the technique of Tianyan’s destiny to find the one that escaped. All the long-cherished wish is to end everything that happens repeatedly.

End this endless and desperate Samsara cycle.

“You asked me whether the first Holy Son fell, that’s for sure. But you asked me whether the first Holy Son failed, I can’t confirm.”

Tianyan Holy Lord’s gaze has been cast for a long time under his feet, “This world has lost not only the traces of the first Holy Son, but also the traces of the outermost and outer Sea of ​​Source.”

Tianyan Holy Lord looked at the upper reaches of the long river of time, “The past is not certain, it has turned into heavy fog. At this time, even the emperor cannot occupy the established past.”

He looked towards the lower reaches of the Long River of Time.

The lower reaches of the long river became illusory, no longer solid.

There is more fog above, “There are countless possibilities in the future.”

Tianyan Holy Lord’s strength has not reached the level of the emperor, but his quasi-emperor strength, coupled with the calculation of Tianyan inheritance, he has not lost the emperor in terms of vision.

The past and the future, which should have been clear in his eyes, have now turned into heavy fog.

“The past and the future are uncertain, and the present is not the established path anymore. No one can control, where will the long river go.”

Tianyan Holy Lord looked at Wei Long, “Everything that has happened makes the unchanging imply change, which shows that the first Holy Son went to the mechanical realm to accomplish a lot of things.”

Speaking of this, Tianyan Holy Lord couldn’t help sighing.

Soon Tiandi will naturally restore the traces of the existence of the first Holy Son. It is impossible to explore more profound meanings.