My Hardwork Isn’t a Cheat Chapter 527


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The situation in the middle level Sea of ​​Source is delicate, and Great Influences are on guard against each other.

Only wait for the first force that wants to board the Immortal Path to launch, a terrifying battle will begin.

But no power wants to be a target.

All are waiting.

Tianyan domain.

Extreme Yang World has completely established its foothold in this deserted void.

It is no longer accurate to call Desolate Void.

With the arrival of Extreme Yang World and the support of Tianyan Holy Sect, Extreme Yang World quickly integrated into Tianyan domain and gradually multiplied.

More and more people are curious about Wei Long’s identity.

This barren void is close to Tianyan World, which is the core area in the core of Tianyan World.

Even though it is a barren land, it is by no means anyone can settle in here.

Tianyan Holy Sect would rather this empty space be deserted, as a future development area, than rashly give it to unimportant people.

In other words.

Being able to obtain land in such a critical area, Wei Long behind it can be imagined how mysterious and powerful it is in the hearts of those with a heart.

Even Holy Son is listening.

Before, Holy Son also wanted to build this place into his own dojo, but no one succeeded.

At this time, during the sensitive period of the battle for the first Holy Son position, an unknown powerful person appeared, who could not tolerate everyone’s carelessness.

The position of the first Holy Son is not just an orthodox inheritance number one person.

The battle has already started. If you win the position of the first Holy Son, you will be able to obtain the full support of the Holy Lord of Tianyan, which is not an exaggeration.

The gossip did not affect Wei Long.

Wei Long has been devoting himself to cultivation Tianyan Holy Sect’s core inheritance and destiny since the double perfection of Fleshy body and Divine Soul.

“Fate together, it really is mysterious.”

Wei Long devoted all his energy to it.

Fate is really wonderful.

The fate of ordinary people can be seen at a glance, and even if they accidentally miss their lives, they will eventually come back.

Wei Long now understands what makes him special.

I suddenly realized that some of the enemies I encountered before saw that he was a variable. Why were they so shocked? They wanted to eliminate them one by one.

From the public enemy of the World to the many Emperor Race creatures of the Divine Race civilization, they all hate variables.

“When Transcendence enters the middle Sea of ​​Source, I am really a dragon like the Eastern Sea, directly transformed into transcendence.”

Wei Long didn’t expect that he was so special and out of his life.

From this, I also understand more why, knowing that he will cause the fall of the first Holy Son, Tianyan Holy Lord still keeps Wei Long full of complexity.

The cultivation technique of fate, spying on the fate, naturally has to be ordered to backlash.

And in the heavenly lineage, there is a concept of Paramount Supreme, called Destiny.

Destiny is seen as a combination of infinite possibilities.

The legendary ‘Utopia’ is a kind of destiny.

Tianyan Sect Founder, which created Holy Sect, is determined to pursue all fate and achieve omniscience.

And Zhengdao the Great is capable of omnipotence.

Combine omniscience and omnipotence to achieve conceptual destiny achievement.

“It’s kind of similar to the Ancient Desolate Saint Body created by the day after tomorrow.”

But those who drowned are often able to swim.

Destiny is the existence of Paramount conceptually, so prying into Destiny will suffer backlash.

Like an ordinary person, eating home-cooked meals, suddenly one day, he learned nutrition, began to formulate detailed recipes, and create a scientific diet.

If there is really no problem with the diet, then the body condition will naturally rise.

But if something goes wrong, even if the content of a certain element is inaccurate, if you follow the recipe for a long time, your body will have problems sooner or later.

It might even be better to eat home cooking.

The same goes for taking the heavenly secret.

Heaven’s secret technique can predict the prophet, take shortcuts, and easily form a psychology of dependence.

When you are used to encountering problems, you will use the secret technique of secret secrets, instead of thinking about analysis, don’t trust your intuition.

In addition, objectively, Dayan Fifty, also includes the one that escapes.

Who can count the secret?

The first Holy Son who cultivation the great destiny technique to the Great Accomplishment encountered a situation more terrifying than death. To some extent, it is enough to explain some problems.

“Reliable but not reliable.”

Wei Long quickly set a bottom line.

Tianji is a very good auxiliary tool, but if you really cultivation the technique of the secret, you can rely completely on it instead of thinking and analyzing yourself. Sooner or later, you will reap the consequences.

After all, the impossible secret technique keeps running all the time.

Sometimes, when you can’t use the heavenly secret technique, or if it is too late to use it, you need to give your own judgment.

Thinking of this, Wei Long already knew that he was impossible.

The way of the emperor is so difficult. If you can’t fully believe in the path you are taking, there will be gaps.

Wei Long still believes in his hands.

I believe in the road along the way.



Yan Hao and An Han travel in Tianyan World.

Tianyan World is all the elite disciplines of Tianyan Holy Sect, each of which is out of the ordinary.

Furthermore, Tianyan World, as the core of Tianyan Holy Sect Mountain Gate, has many roles and good experience.

An Han and Yan Hao gave birth to a feeling of being wiped out by everyone.

From the experience of Extreme Yin World and Extreme Yang World, they are all unique and unmatched geniuses.

But Tianyan Holy Sect’s elite discipline, which one is not it?

These elite disciplines are all in the World where they were born, and their origins have gained fame early.

They are also geniuses, some of whom have special experiences, much more exciting and richer than An Han and Yan Hao.

“Do you feel lost?”

A peaceful voice sounded.

I saw a middle age person holding a white sail with the words “Immortal guiding the way” written on it, “Just one word, no deception.”

An Han and Yan Hao suddenly discovered that the time around them seemed to be static.

This person is not simple.

An Han stepped forward and asked: “Tianyan Holy Lord?”

The middle age person smiled dumbly and shook the head, “So keen intuition, yes, I am the Holy Lord.”

Only Tianyan Holy Lord can dress up as God in Tianyan World, playing the devil, and obviously display some kind of space secret technique, doing such a big fanfare.

Yan Hao calmly asked: “I don’t know what the Holy Lord can advise?”

Tianyan Holy Lord bluntly said: “I heard that Wei Long has two disciplines, and you are all here again, so I will take a look myself.”

“What do you see?” An Han asked directly.

An Han had learned from Wei Long that Tianyan Holy Lord values ​​him and also knew the strength of the opponent. If this and the others are shot against them, there is no way to resist, it is better to be calm.

Tianyan Holy Lord was silent for a moment, with eyes like stars, “Wei Long, you, and him formed a master-slave fate.”

Tianyan Holy Lord pointed to An Han, then pointed to Yan Hao.

Tianyan Holy Lord is not sure of Wei Long’s fate, but he has seen a lot of things from An Han and Yan Hao.

The connection between the two and Wei Long is too close.

Close enough to make Tianyan Holy Lord feel surprised.

Tianyan Holy Lord first said to Yan Hao: “You and Wei Long’s fate is complete, and Wei Long’s fate is very domineering. He will drain all the potential around him and become himself. You are the closest person. . You will die because of him.”

He looked towards An Han again: “You still have a chance to reverse this, you don’t have to go this way.”