My House of Horrors Chapter 1196


The evil Divine Physique type who bears the curse of the hospital keeps getting bigger, and his lower body is completely integrated into the black mist, turning into a monster.

He is like the “past” that Chen Ge sees behind the door of the womb. Both sides have unscrupulously absorbed the things in the black mist, causing the Avatar to be assimilated.

However, what makes this fierce god more cruel than Hades is that Hades only separates a part of consciousness to absorb, while he uses the body directly.

Chen Ge does not know how the black mist is formed, nor what is contained in the black mist, but he knows that if a large amount of energy in the black mist is swallowed, he will definitely encounter ominous and disaster.

The ocean of black surged upwards. When the fierce god drove the black mist to attack Chen Ge and the others, everyone realized that the hospital was not static, but was always moving in the black mist.

At this time, the fierce god carrying the hospital suddenly took action, cursing the hospital to hover in the sea of ​​black mist, like a floating island.

“The hospital is constantly absorbing the black mist, and they put something in the black mist into the patient’s body.” Chen Ge doing two things at the same time, his flesh and blood and the organs of the child in the jar continued Integration, various Innate Ability have been extremely terribly enhanced.

The most intuitive performance is that Chen Ge’s Yin Eyes can not only see through the curse, but also through the black mist.

A large number of patients were imprisoned on each floor of the hospital. The black pills they took were made of something in the black mist.

Chen Ge himself has eaten medicine with black thread and knows the strangeness and terrifying of it.

“The hospital wants to use the black fog? All patients are the ‘items’ they use for testing?” The information in his mind gradually became connected, and Chen Ge slowly realized the problem.

The hospital drives normal people crazy and trains patients by various means.

Different patients have different uses. The lowest patients are just containers for purifying the black mist, and they are fed large amounts of black pills. When they “pop”, they will have a strong resentment and curse. Negative emotions entangled in the hospital, which can make this island more stable. At the same time, curses and resentment are also the source of strength for night doctors and evil spirits in the hospital.

Patients with special points will receive special treatments. The hospital is like raising Gu, and their ultimate goal seems to be to cultivate an existence similar to Patient No. 1.

After retrieving the memory, Chen Ge became more calm, born and died again and again, giving him a powerful heart that surpassed human limits.

“Don’t touch the things in the black mist, everyone under Red-clothed gather to me!”

The neighborhood behind the Cursed Hospital is very similar to the neighbourhood behind the door of the Haunted Baby. Perhaps Hadda was inspired by the hospital to use the curse to open the door in the dark mist.

After learning from the past, Chen Ge knew the lethality of black fog on ordinary Specter and obsession, so he immediately issued the order.

This is the ending battle of the 4 Stars scenario. Red-clothed and below are no longer eligible to enter the game. If they are touched, they will be instantly strangled.

After hearing Chen Ge’s words, many employees gathered around him.

One-eyed Chang Wenyu, Crimson Little Bu, Zhang Wenyu and red high heels took the initiative to walk outside. Four top Red-clothed shots at the same time. The blood and cursed thread set off a wave, protecting Chen Ge and all the employees.

Normally, even the four top Red-clothed teams are not the opponents of the fierce god of the hospital, but Zhang Wenyu and red high heels both mastered and inherited part of the innate talent of the fierce god.

In addition, the hospital’s fierce spirit wanted to distract the door at the bottom of the hospital, so the two sides unexpectedly fell into a deadlock for a while.

No one can do nothing, but the overall situation is extremely unfavorable for Chen Ge.

Zhang Ya’s innate talent is a mystery. She keeps using various Specter’s Innate Ability to change flexibly, but even so, she is about to be forced into a desperate situation.

The wound on her body no longer healed. On the blood-stained Red-clothed, a part of the black grimace began to disappear, and after these grimace disappeared, they never appeared again.

Although Zhang Ya’s strength is still rising, it is almost reaching its limit.

For some reason, the two fierce gods who besieged her didn’t kill them at first. They thought they could capture Chen Ge and Zhang Ya alive without paying much.

But now whether it is Chen Ge or Zhang Ya, accidents have all occurred in two different battlefields.

At this time, they didn’t care about that many anymore, and they tried their best to make Zhang Ya the soul flew away and scattered at the cost of being seriously injured.

This fierce god is too terrifying to let her destroy both body and soul, and has no chance to attack Chen Ge.

The ability to “eat” the evil god is devouring. It will try its best to devour the things on the opponent. From obsession to memory, everything can be taken away.

So fight against it, as long as it does not die, it will become stronger as you fight.

The hospital initially planned to let “eat” swallow Zhang Ya, but now there are so many variables that they dare not take any risks.

“Eat” was fighting with Zhang Ya, who was completely crazy, while Dean stepped back. From the densely packed curse, he pulled out a woman in a hospital gown.

Zhang Ya in Xinhai City should have disappeared with the shattering of that city, but it is not the case.

Zhang Ya, woven from the memory of Chen Ge, was in a coma in the middle of a curse. Her beating heart was printed with the words “each and everyone blood red”.

Most of them are cruel and tyrannical, full of killing, tearing, pain and despair.

But among the packages of hideous blood, in the deepest part of the heart, there are still a few simple characters hidden.

“I had a dream…”

“I dreamed that I was going home with him holding an umbrella, and that we were waiting for the bus on the platform together…”

“I also dreamed that I hugged him…”

The words with the least blood stains are hidden in the deepest part of my heart. Because of these blood words, Zhang Ya wearing a hospital gown did not disappear with Xinhai City. She is Zhang Ya’s heart and the most precious An obsession.

For the dead in vain, this memory is like a lamp in boundless despair, incompatible with the bloody world, emitting a faint light.

“Ordinary curses have no effect on you, but if you use your heart’s blood to curse, the result is not necessarily.” Dean in a white coat grabbed Zhang Ya by the neck, full of curses. The hand with Ren’s face pressed on Zhang Ya’s head, and he wanted to suck out all the blood in Zhang Ya’s heart.

Zhang Ya, who was in a coma, felt severe pain, and Zhang Ya, the fierce god who was dragged by the fierce god named “Eat”, was also affected.

“Dean’s curse is very terrifying, using the blood of a fierce god to cast the curse, maybe it can really hurt Zhang Ya.” Dr. Sun always pays attention to Dean. He knows that the most terrifying person in the entire hospital is Dean.

“There are three fierce gods in the hospital. Zhang Ya dragged the two. The fierce god at the bottom of the hospital seemed unable to leave the door and could only attack us with the help of the black fog.” Chen Ge thought a little and made a decision immediately: “Tell me Zhang Wenyu and the others, attack the door with all their strength, no matter what is behind the door, they must find a way to open the door!”

The further you go down, the closer you are to the fierce god, the greater the resistance they will receive, but Chen Ge and the others have no choice.

Zhang Ya’s situation is very critical, but several top Red-clotheds want to steal people from the evil gods almost impossible, even if they can get close to the evil gods, they can’t keep up with the speed of the evil gods.

It is like a centipede that is bigger than a cursed hospital, each section of the body is engraved with countless howling spirits.

The forgotten memories of the living people are deposited in the world of black mist and turned into rotten limbs and arms. The fierce god digested and absorbed these things and turned himself into a huge monster.

The hideous and twisted body like a centipede is the lower body of the fierce god hidden in the black mist!

This monster is twice the size of the giant whale that the womb turned into. What’s more terrifying is that its Avatar body is still hidden in the black mist, and it hasn’t revealed the whole picture.

How can such an opponent win?

Compared with it, the top Red-clothed is as small as an ant.

Chen Ge seized the time to replace his heart, and the “centipede” giant tail made up of countless residual limbs slammed on Chen Ge’s head.

At the same time, several blood-colored buildings appeared out of thin air, forming a midnight Liwan Town in the dark fog.

Little Bu tried his best, but the difference in strength was too big. Scarlet Liwan was like a mirage, only to be shattered after a few seconds.

It was just these precious few seconds, which gave all Red-clothed time to react.

grandiose, all obsession disappeared called Zhang Wenyu, the breath of the real Zhang Wenyu is more and more terrifying.

He raised his hands, and there were countless shadows in his back and raised his arms. They wanted to block the attack of the fierce god with their bodies.

In Zhang Wenyu’s all around, countless cursed threads quietly emerged, entwining centipede’s body.

The ferocious giant tail is getting slower and slower, and when it is about to fall on top of Chen Ge’s head, there is a harsh and wild laugh.

With one-eyed blood flowing, Chang Wenyu’s body size has grown several times, and the blood threads all over her body are intertwined with a pattern of a three-headed evil spirit, and her scarred arm pierced into the giant tail!

This top Red-clothed has no idea what he is afraid of, even in the face of a fierce god, he dares to face him.

The giant tail was stopped by life and stopped on top of Chen Ge. The ferocious expression at the bottom of the hospital looked gloomy: “I see how long you can last.”

The two sides wrestle, life and death are hanging by a thread.

And at the crucial moment, the black sea of ​​fog in the distance is completely boiling!

Everyone’s eyes were attracted, all looked towards the black mist in the distance.

An indescribable oppression slowly appeared, the sea of ​​black fog was squeezed away, and a white cat passed through the darkness, moving towards Chen Ge and ran in the direction where it was!

Blood dripped from its heterochromatic pupils, and blood threads exuding a unique aura emerged from its back, like a pair of blood wings.

“A cat?” The three fierce gods looked towards the white cat at the same time, but after only half a second, the faces of the fierce gods all changed.

black The sound of iron cables colliding from the depths of the sea of ​​fog, a silhouette bound by countless chains slowly appeared in the black fog!

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