My House of Horrors Chapter 1197


The blood city descended, the sea of ​​fog was washed away, and the indescribable huge oppression force made everyone in the room shocked.

The chains engraved with despair are deeply drawn into Dr. Gao’s body, fuse together with his flesh and blood.

No one knows what happened to him in the blood city. The breath he exudes at this time is even more terrifying than Zhang Ya.

The scarlet eyes slowly moved away from the blood threads behind the white cat, and Dr. Gao stared at the monster carrying the hospital.

He made the decision almost instantaneously. As long as the monster carrying the hospital was seriously injured, the Cursed Hospital would be difficult to move in the sea of ​​fog, which created an opportunity for the blood city to swallow the hospital.

“I was the one who committed all the sins, but you cursed my wife to death.”

“I’m hiding in Tibet, hoping that you can give me a chance. But you are reluctant, chasing you from Xinhai to Hanjiang, from the door to the door.”

“Now I have nothing, no family, no past.”

The chains made a loud noise, and countless black patterns were entangled on the chains. Dr. Gao knew that he was not the opponent of that many fierce gods in the hospital, so he never thought of winning from the very beginning.

Do everything and use the most secure method to perish together. He doesn’t need to win, he just wants to be undefeated.

Dr. Gao is the first variable. The boundless blood city is getting closer and closer to the hospital.

At the beginning, School of the Afterlife was also close to the blood city, but because it was too close, it was swallowed by this blood city.

Dean’s calm face finally changed, and he recognized Dr. Gao.

The cold eyes moved between Dr. Gao and Dr. Sun. Dean’s face was getting worse and worse. The two most promising doctors in his life all stood on opposite sides of him and became enemies of life and death.

“Man is opposed to God, I want you to be a god without weakness, but you want to be perish together with me?”

“It’s just a ghost that can withstand more pain and despair, that’s all, is this also worthy of being called a god?” Dr. Gao raised his arm and fell heavily, and he smashed a chain into the bottom of the hospital.

The ferocious blood color began to spread, and the boundless blood city was like a giant beast that was awakened, opening a mouth full of fangs to the cursed hospital.

The whole hospital began to shake. When the blood threads spread to the door at the bottom of the hospital, the fierce divine fruit who was carrying the hospital gave up Chen Ge and again protected the door with his huge body.

He wants to keep the door, but Dr. Gao is not Chen Ge.

Dr. Gao had already smashed a chain on the door when he gathered his body in the hospital.

“You are too slow.”

Bloodstains appeared on the black door. This door was originally blood red, but there were countless curses on the surface, so from a distance, it would feel like a pure black door.

The new and old Ghost Stories Society President’s judgments on the battle situation are surprisingly consistent, relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers, they all regard the door as a breakthrough.

The monster imposing manner of the hospital is amazing, but Dr. Gao, who is backed by the blood city, is the real ferocious god. He has the consciousness of the soul flew away and scattered, and doesn’t care if his body is injured. He just wanted to destroy this place that changed his life.

One chain pierced through the bottom of the hospital. Dr. Gao did not fight fiercely with the hospital. In addition to attacking the door, he kept connecting the hospital with the blood city with chains.

The hospital murderer Divine Physique is cumbersome, and coupled with the harassment of four special top Red-clothed, he can’t stop Dr. Gao alone.

There are more and more chains connecting the blood city and the hospital, and the bloody energy like a tide rushes to the hospital along the chains. Countless solitary souls, unbound ghosts took this opportunity to escape from the blood city. They could not Staying in the black mist for too long, so all rushed to the hospital.

At the beginning, 4 Stars scenario School of the Afterlife also encountered the Blood City, and the desperate resistance only delayed the time to be swallowed.

Dean knew very well about the terrifying of Blood City, he immediately asked “Eat” to stop Dr. Gao and deal with Zhang Ya himself.

Zhang Ya, who was on the verge of death, was under pressure. In order to prevent Dean from completing the curse, she counterattacked.

The black hair covers the sky and the sea of ​​blood is rolling. The closer you get to the blood city, the stronger Zhang Ya’s power seems to be. There seems to be a subtle connection between her and the blood city.

“Eat” and the monster carrying the hospital simultaneously shot Dr. Gao, but Dr. Gao and Chen Ge stared at the cursed door. During the life and death battle, the bottom of the hospital was More and more chains are pierced.

When the boundless blood tide came, Dean finally revealed his trump card.

Under his control, the curse that has accumulated for decades in the entire hospital slowly rises, enclosing the hospital!

Crimson rushed into the hospital. Dean knew that the cursed cage could not exist for long, but he was confident that he would solve all the enemies in the hospital before the prison was broken.

The blood-red coat turned dark black, and the names of each and everyone being cursed appeared beside him. Each text composed of black thin lines represented a life, and Dr. Gao’s wife was among them.

“You are the most perfect doctor I have ever seen. I wanted you to be the next Dean, but unfortunately you made the wrong choice.” Dean pinched the neck of the hospital gown Zhang Ya with his left hand, Zhang Ya thought The word of blood is being cursed and shredded, and his right hand found the name of Dr. Gao’s wife: “Everyone who enters this hospital will be cursed. Do you think you can resist being a fierce god?”

His finger pierced Dr. Gao’s wife’s name severely. At the same time, Dr. Gao’s movements were obviously slow, as if his heart was stabbed severely.

The corners of his mouth were bleeding, his body covered in chains, and the pain in his heart not only did not make Dr. Gao painful, but made him laugh wildly: “I thought I didn’t love her that much anymore, didn’t expect her name to be I will still feel so painful after the stabbing! It seems that even if it is totally different, even if it becomes inhuman and inhuman, I will still be me!”

The chain was cut off by a cursed cage, and the ghosts in the blood city could not enter. Dr. Gao and Zhang Ya were cursed at the same time, Chen Ge and they have now reached the most dangerous moment.

The three fierce gods in the hospital who have existed for a long time do not completely trust each other, but they have completely exploded their true strength in the face of life and death.

“It’s the last moment.”

Chen Ge looked at the chaos in front of him, both of his hands holding the child’s heart, and at the most critical moment of the heart exchange, he called out a name without being disturbed.

“Yan Danian!”

He stretched out a hand from the back of his riddled with scars, Yan Danian tore off the skin on Chen Ge’s back, revealing a picture hidden in flesh and blood!

Eight hideous and terrifying steps stepped from behind Chen Ge, and a spider-like Red-clothed lay behind Chen Ge.

Looking at the breath, this Red-clothed is a little weaker than the top Red-clothed, but what makes people unbelievable is that this Red-clothed body is actually inlaid with a bloody door!

In order to hide this hole card, Chen Ge asked Zhang Yi to erase his and most of the employees’ memories of the tunnel female ghost son on the way into the hospital.

Chen Ge has entered the bloody door too many times. He also knows that Cursed Hospital has the ability to deprive memories, so he asked Zhang Yi to hide his memories before entering the hospital!

My mind is blank, and the other party has no choice but to deprive the memory. This is something that only Zhang Yi can do.

Prepared for all this, Chen Ge finally asked Yan Danian to draw a breath-masking pattern on his back at the cost of permanently consuming a page of manhua.

To activate this hole card, there is only one prerequisite, and that is to find Zhang Yi.

He forgot the existence of the female ghost son in the tunnel, and the hospital looked through the memory and ignored this. They didn’t expect Chen Ge to carry a bloody door with them!

Everything happened in Chen Ge’s expectation. Now the hospital is closed by a cursed prison. With complete isolation from the outside world, Chen Ge opened the door in the body of the giant spider.

Blood surges into the hospital, and one silhouette flashes across the dancing blood threads.

“Is he the one you asked me to paint?”

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