My House of Horrors Chapter 1199


The situation has been extremely unfavorable for Cursed Hospital. Dean in white was forced to retreat constantly by Zhang Ya. Every fierce god was restrained, and the cursed prison that isolated the blood city was on the verge of collapse.

Sitting in the sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain, Dean in blood finally made a move.

A corpse collided together, and countless black threads came out of the corpse.

Dean’s first target was not Chen Ge and the others, but Dean in white.

When everyone didn’t react, the thin thread drilled from the corpse had wrapped around Dean’s body in white.

“You have done a good job.”

The same thing Chen Ge said to Xiao Sun before, but Dean in white has a completely different fate from Xiao Sun.

For the Cursed Hospital, the useless “people” are rubbish and can be thrown away at any time when they are used up. Dean in blood drags the deprived white Dean into the sea of ​​blood, and countless black threads completely shred it.

Dean in white did not resist too strongly during the whole process. He seemed to have understood his ending a long time ago, and the two will eventually become one.

Swallowed Dean in white, Dean in blood stood up from the bone seat, the flesh and blood melted, and the sea of ​​blood under his feet changed with his every move.

That kind of terrifying aura is not comparable to a certain fierce god.

“It’s a little worse, my family, now it’s your turn to protect me.” Dean in blood shook his arm, and the adults and children in “Heaven” who would only smile forever began to take the initiative to walk towards the sea of ​​blood.

Don’t laugh is a family created by Dean. There is a special blood relationship between them and Dean. This is a kind of cursed blood. They can’t get rid of them for the rest of their lives. No matter how painful they are, they can only smile.

All they did was just because Dean felt that heaven should be full of smiles.

Without their own expressions, everyone jumped into the blood with a smile, and they used their lives to turn into blood threads.

These blood threads represent the bondage of family and blood relatives. They swim in a sea of ​​blood and then pierce the bodies of Chen Ge’s parents.

“The world is suffering and suffering. Only family members can break through their hearts.” Blood-clothed Dean watched his family die. There was no movement in his eyes: “I really can’t understand, what’s the matter with a family who doesn’t laugh? Use it?”

As the blood threads continue to pierce the bodies of Chen Ge’s parents, Dean’s breath continues to increase. He injected cursed blood into Chen Ge’s parents at the cost of his family’s lives.

The obsession of the family has become the only weakness of Chen Ge’s parents. In order to address this weakness, Dean in Blood has produced family after family that meets his requirements ten years ago.

It can be said that there is no smile, just for this day.

Seeing this, Chen Ge clenched his teeth, and countless Red-clothed around him had already attacked the blood-clothed Dean.

Dean is Chen Ge’s enemy of life and death, and the culprit responsible for the destruction of Dr. Gao’s family. The two Ghost Stories Society Presidents all lost their eyes.

The huge corpse mountain and sea of ​​blood were besieged by Red-clothed, and pieces of flesh and blood were torn to pieces. When everyone was crazy, Xiao Sun quietly approached the sea of ​​blood.

Wearing a white coat stained with blood, he glanced over each person without smiling, and finally saw a child in the corner of the room where the corpses were assembled.

The child was wearing a shabby deep blue raincoat and shrank alone in the shadows. His face was covered with tears, but his mouth remained smiling.

“Found it!”

Xiao Sun kicked the stump that was blocking the road, and was about to pass, a weird man whose mouth was cut to the base of his ears with a knife came out of the pile.

“Dr. Sun, don’t forget the deal between us.” Chen Ge has seen this unsmiling. At first in Liwan Town, he and Chen Ge took the same bus and entered behind the door.

“Don’t worry, my Boss remembers you, and I often talk about your teamwork to kill the shadow in Liwan Town.” Xiao Sun picked up the child in the blue raincoat and waved behind him: “Dean can’t take care of you anymore. Try to save as many people as you can. Dean is not your family and it is not worth dying for him.”

In the depths of the corpse mountain, each and everyone changed their direction without smiling. When one of them started to escape, most of them wanted to escape.

Xiao Sun didn’t stop, he hugged the child and walked away from Shishan, and ran to a room on the bottom of the hospital that was collapsing.

The door was removed, and an unfamiliar voice came from the room.

“Doctor Sun? Is that you?”

“Eat cheap, eat Yellow Springs, and bring everyone here right away. This place will be destroyed.” Dr. Sun moved towards the dark room and shouted. After a while, more than a dozen living people ran out of the hut. .

Among them are patients in hospital gowns, and people with the surname “Eat” in hospital uniforms. Although they appear in the world behind the door, they are indeed all alive.

These people were rescued by Xiao Sun. At this time, Grandiose followed Xiao Sun.

“You have helped me, so I must keep my promise. This is what Boss taught me.”

The Dr. Sun on Chen Ge’s side is protecting the good guy behind the door, but Dean in blood is trying to kill all the family behind the door. This scene was seen by countless weak obsessions and ghosts.

No one is willing to die in vain, and no Specter is willing to suffer the curse of the soul flew away and scattered. The number of blood threads in the sea of ​​blood is gradually decreasing, and the Red-clothed and Specter who barely maintain the foundation of the building at the bottom of the hospital begin to flee.

They didn’t believe in Chen Ge and were unwilling to help Dean. Taking advantage of Dean’s attention, they quietly retreated to the edge of the building, waiting to charge ahead when the cursed cage broke.

The Daoist has more help, but the Daoist has little help.

The blood-clothed Dean noticed that there was no smile to escape, his fingers were gently bent, and the blood threads broke like a string. Every time he disconnected a blood thread, one of the blood threads would fall to the ground. The body became a monster, and countless black curses came out of its internal organs.

At present, Dean is still unwilling to let go of his family.

Overwhelming majority stopped smiling. The strongest ones, Overwhelming majority, seemed to have planned with Xiaosun ahead of time. He had already changed the blood on his body. Although he was cursed at this time, he could barely support it. live.

“This is the family? I want to escape the home I made by myself?” Seven faces appeared on Dean’s blood coat, which seemed to be his seven children.

The seven faces kept screaming, and they cursed Dean all the time.

The blood-clothed Dean gently stroked the faces of his family members, listening to their most vicious curse, and slowly fixed his eyes on Chen Ge: “I have the same origin as Black Mist, just the opposite of you. I hate everything good, today I will reawaken those forgotten pains.”

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