My House of Horrors Chapter 1201


The child in Chen Ge’s mind stretched out his arms with Chen Ge. At this time, it was him who controlled Chen Ge’s body. This was the last time he used this body.

“You will live for me from now on” is the child’s most tender farewell.

The resentment and the blood-clothed Dean’s most vicious curse from death after death were all sucked away by the child.

As his silhouette gradually faded, those drops of black blood that symbolized Chen Ge’s past, and the color slowly returned to normal, became Chen Ge’s new body of power.

The child in his mind is disappearing. He seems to feel Chen Ge struggling. At this time, there is a calm smile on his face.

“Many people are waiting for you, don’t let them wait too long.” At the last moment of the child disappearing, cautiously took out a warm heart from his arms: “The owner of this heart is called Xu Yin, In order for you to leave the hospital smoothly, he gave up everything about himself, leaving only this heart. I don’t understand why a ghost trusts a person so much. Maybe this is why you are more suitable for existence than me.”

The child’s illusory shadow put Xu Yin’s heart in Chen Ge’s mind, then he slowly turned around, and Chen Ge’s body also turned together.

He looked at the Red-clothed beside him, his eyes finally fixed on his parents wrapped in blood threads.

His lips opened, and his voice became smaller and smaller. No one knew what he said at the end. He disappeared in his mind with the most vicious curse and the most painful past.

Everything seems to have never existed. The only person who remembers him is Chen Ge himself, who is already crazy.

Chen Ge has regained control of the body, and he is now 100% fit with this body.

Perhaps the child in his mind also knows that Chen Ge will be reborn only when he disappears.

Wipe off the tears on his cheeks. The tears did not come from Chen Ge.

“Whether it is good or evil, it’s me. Why do you want to divide it so clearly?” Chen Ge has been holding the child in his mind, but the other party seems to have made a decision. He has been hiding in the glass jar for so long , Seems to be waiting for this day.

“The source of all disasters is Dean. This is the first time I want to destroy a person so much.” Chen Ge not at all felt that there was a big change in his body, but those kinds of Innate Ability were gained The increase in horror, besides the majestic vitality of his within the body, he also has a strong will to die, but the two form a delicate balance to ensure that he can survive.

The world behind the door is different from the real world Time Flow Speed. Dean didn’t know that the hole cards that took how many years to produce were destroyed by the child in Chen Ge’s mind.

For the first time since Dean in blood appeared, his face showed anger and anxiety.

He still didn’t know that the child who represented Chen Ge’s good thoughts had dissipated, he just kept chanting various vicious curses.

Chen Ge’s expression hasn’t changed in any way. He has experienced too much, and he made the most favorable judgment without thinking much.

He didn’t move forward, didn’t make a move, he didn’t even say a word, just stood quietly.

He obviously didn’t do anything, but he gave Dean an oppression, which made Dean distracted.

“Some of Dean’s injuries should be left by kind thoughts. I almost understand now.”

“Dean knew that the past I could not be killed, so he induced my consciousness and deceived me to merge with the blood city, but he didn’t expect to endure the whole blood city in order not to be disturbed by the negative emotions in the black mist Desperate, the past I stripped out all the Evil Thought in my consciousness, leaving only kind thoughts to fight against the blood city.”

“Evil Thought returned to the door and lived a normal life. Kindness merged with the blood city inside the door.”

“Dean stole my body and tried every means to control the blood city. Shannian also discovered that Dean has another plan, but he may have been unable to leave the blood city for various reasons.”

“As for the trace of goodwill hidden in the body, it may be a back hand left by me in the past, or it may be because a new kind of goodwill was born in that body.”

Chen Ge connects the clues in his mind, and he guesses what happened in the past.

Blooded Dean doesn’t know what Chen Ge is doing. He has an innate fear of Chen Ge’s kindness. He knows that child can never be killed.

In his opinion, Chen Ge’s kind thoughts are far more threatening than fierce gods.

Take advantage of Dean’s distraction, Zhang Ya and Dr. Gao once again joined forces to attack.

“Black hair and chains are inherently more biased towards control, restraint, and blockade. Although you are fierce gods, your core innate talent has not been able to cause fatal injuries to me.” Blood-clothed Dean hid in the monster formed by the corpse. As long as he stands on the sea of ​​blood, he will be supplemented by continuously stumps and corpses.

Zhang Ya’s black hair restricted Dean’s movement in the blood, preventing him from hurting Chen Ge’s parents. In addition to black hair, she continued to use several innate talents to attack Dean.

Compared with Zhang Ya’s tyranny and brutality, Dr. Gao is like the ocean before the storm, he just keeps penetrating Dean’s body with chains, apart from this no longer reveals any of his abilities.

“If you want to kill Dean, you must separate him from the sea of ​​blood.” Chen Ge thought of the key to the problem. He glanced at Dr. Gao and discovered that Dr. Gao was constantly using it in the battle. The chain pierced Dean’s body and the ground.

The pupils gradually diminished and Chen Ge realized what Dr. Gao was about to do.

The fighting of the three fierce gods has reached the fiercest point. At this time, the interior of the cursed hospital has been shrouded in black mist, and continuously dark mist seeps from the bottom of the hospital.

These black mists containing pain and despair all poured into the sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain and merged with the countless stumps. The breath of Dean in blood became more terrifying. He barely maintained the last bit of reason, thinking He wanted to swallow Chen Ge’s parents, but Zhang Ya desperately blocked them.

“Sooner or later, I will swallow you two together!” There is a lot of despair and pain deposited in the black mist. The pure malice even Red-clothed is unwilling to absorb, but the blood-clothed Dean swallows frantically.

On top of his flesh and blood, black flowers bloomed like human heads, with the deepest malicious curse of mankind, forming one after another pure black blood vessels.

Dean no longer sits and waits for death. He ignores Zhang Ya, who is already seriously injured, and attacks Dr. Gao with all his strength.

One chain was broken, and Dr. Gao’s injuries became more and more serious, but he still didn’t use any Innate Ability, but kept smashing the chains into the ground and Dean’s body.

The Specter who can become a fierce god, all of them have experienced battles. Dean also realized that something was wrong, and he shot Dr. Gao crazily.

The head blossoms, the rain of blood is flying, and the attacks mixed with the vicious curse continue to fall on Dr. Gao.

Chen Ge in the distance knew that he had to help Dr. Gao. Perhaps Dr. Gao had other cards, but Chen Ge did not dare to gamble: “Zhang Ya! Hold the old dog! Buy time!”

Zhang Ya, who had almost lost his mind, heard Chen Ge’s voice, especially after Chen Ge said her name, a trace and soberness and calm flashed in her eyes, and the blood under her feet poured into her body. The black hair covering the sky instantly drowned Dean in blood.

“You can always guess what I’m thinking. It was the biggest gamble I had ever made when you entered the Ghost Stories Society.” Dr. Gao glanced at Chen Ge, and he drew a piece from the flesh and blood. chain!

Those chains not only locked his body, but also penetrated into his internal organs.

The scene where Dr. Gao pulls out the chains from his body makes the scalp numb just by looking at it.

The chains soaked in the blood of the fierce gods were withdrawn from Dr. Gao’s body. He stopped disguising, and directly smashed the last few blood-stained chains into the ground.

When the last chain pierced through the sea of ​​blood, all chains were tightened!

As Dr. Gao’s hand grabbed upwards, the monster turned into blood-clothed Dean let out a scream, and his huge body was dug out along with the flesh and blood under his feet.

Dean in the blood is separated from the sea of ​​blood and the dead mountain at his feet!

“Gao Ming!”

The hysterical sound came from Dean’s mouth, and Dean’s terrifying recovery ability could no longer be used after leaving the sea of ​​blood.

“Dean, you are too stubborn and believe in yourself too much, so I had a chance to escape a few years ago.” Dr. Gao walked on the chains of blood red, and the craziness in his eyes could no longer be suppressed: ” This time for the same reason, I was covered with sealed chains, but who told you that my ability is related to chains?”

Dr. Gao tore off the blood coat on his body, he pulled out the last chain of his heart, and lost all the restraints, his breath exploded to a terrifying point!

“I have never lost, because no one can see my heart at any time.”

With all the chains removed, Dr. Gao’s sanity was completely swallowed, one after another powerful and terrifying red illusory shadow struggled behind him.

Listening to the howls and screams, Dr. Gao’s eyes became completely bloody, he aimed at the center of the chain, and slammed it down!

“Blood Hell!”

The chains tightened, like blood dragons cutting the monster’s body. They didn’t let go of any corner, until they finally restrained Dean who was hiding in the monster within the body.

“You have been looking for me for ten years, and now I am right in front of you.”

Countless black lines appeared on Dr. Gao’s arm. The lines were neither a curse nor Red-clothed blood threads. They burned Dr. Gao’s skin, fed by the fierce flesh and blood, and exuded chilling. Of despair.

Stepping on the chain, Dr. Gao didn’t say a word of nonsense. The arm that had contained his despair for ten years went straight through Dean’s neck!

Extremely cruel!

He seems to know that Dean won’t die so easily. With a deadly mind, Dr. Gao, who has lost his mind, attacks Dean frantically, punching Dean’s body with every punch.

Bone-of-a-kind hatred, a sea of ​​blood and deep hatred, all the pain I carried in this brief moment was poured out!

The whole cursed hospital is shaking, the earth and the sky have long been unclear, all around is full of blood and curses.

“Every red illusory shadow behind Dr. Gao is a Red-clothed. How many Red-clothed did this guy eat in the blood city?”

Seeing Dr. Gao like this, Chen Ge narrowed his eyes.

When Liwan Town fought against the shadow, Dr. Gao was bound by the chain until the shadow was eaten, and he did not remove the chain.

“Whether in the Underground Corpse Storehouse or in Liwan Town, Dr. Gao has sufficient assurance. He is really a terrifying opponent.” Chen Ge at first also thought that Dr. Gao’s abilities were chains and seals, didn’t ‘t expect that the meaning of these chains is just to prevent Dr. Gao from losing control.

Chen Ge once again understood what Dr. Gao said in the Underground Corpse Storehouse. At first, Dr. Gao had a chance to win, but he made another choice.

“As expected of the former President of the Ghost Stories Society, he has a lot to learn from.”

Dean’s body was found, and he was enduring the torture of Dr. Gao, Chen Ge’s hanging heart slowly let go.

But when he was just about to breathe a sigh of relief, he suddenly discovered that Dean’s body was riddled with holes, but the curse and black mist around the hospital showed no signs of dissipating, but instead became more and more intense.

There was an ominous premonition in his heart, Chen Ge was about to open his mouth to remind him, suddenly half of his head flashed before him!

“The time has passed?” Chen Ge barely recognized him through the remaining half of the head. Although this Specter is not Red-clothed, but he has a very special ability-back to nine seconds ago.

“Boss! Get everyone away from that monster! Number five! Number five is about to burst!” His mouth split open, and he yelled out these words after exhausting his last strength.

“Number five? Blast?” Chen Ge followed the timed gaze and swept across the fierce god carrying the hospital in the distance. His brain responded within a few seconds at 0:00: “Everyone immediately Come back! Stay away from the fierce god of the hospital!”

Chen Ge knows the abilities of the past. When he saw the miserable look of the past, he immediately made a decision!

He trusts Specters, and those Specters trust his words unconditionally.

Without asking for any reason, all the Red-clothed quickly withdrew. Almost at the same time, Dean’s body, who was about to be smashed by Dr. Gao, suddenly swelled, and an obscure, low-pitched word came from Dean’s mouth: ” On the 5th, you are my own flesh and blood and the first patient in the hospital. Now it’s time for you to pay back!”

Every word of Dean contains the power of a curse. After he finished speaking, the fierce spirit carrying the hospital gradually became slow.

“Dean?” The body swelled infinitely, and the lower body of the fierce god who was wrapped in black mist and countless limbs was exposed. Three corpses in sick gowns were biting his stomach tightly. The body had merged with the skin of the fierce god, only revealing the numbers on their hospital gowns-six, seven, and eight.

This monstrous carrying the hospital is almost Patient No. 5 of the Cursed Hospital, and he is also Dean’s blood relative.

As Dean triggered the curse, the three corpses let go of their mouths, with weird smiles on their faces, and they kept repeating words.

“Let’s die together!”

The interconnected skin began to crack, and the three corpses bit the heart of the fierce god at the same time.

Countless curses have been injected, and the fierce god that was assembled on the 5th, disintegrated with monstrous hatred!

The terrifying energy generated at that instant directly crushed the cursed prison above his head!

The hospital split from it, and the building near the hospital in the Blood City was raze to the ground.

All this happened too suddenly. If there is no reminder of nine seconds in advance, all employees on Chen Ge’s side close to No. 5 will be killed instantly, and painters and Zhang Ya who are closer to No. 5 will also be killed. Hit hard.

This was the optimal solution at the time, and Dean also expected that Dr. Gao would do the same. He kept accumulating strength before triggering the curse.

When the energy of death on the 5th surged, he burst out with all his strength and broke free of the chains.

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