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The familiar cigarette evokes memories of Chen Ge. He is not a sentimental person, but he still stops at this moment.


“Don’t leave me alone, run to such a dangerous place, how many things are you holding me?”


Knocking on the door, there was no response, and Chen Ge whispered, “Is anyone here?”


When he had just finished speaking, there was a pleasant voice in the door.


“Boss Chen ?!”


After the door, the chain slides and the circlip springs open. After a long time, this seemingly ordinary door is opened.


Fan Cong in pajamas stood behind the door with tears on his face. The fat guy of more than 200 kilograms saw Chen Ge and rushed over to meet Chen Ge.


“You give me a little restraint.” Chen Ge took a step back and he could see that Fan Cong was very excited.


“I knew you would come over! Boss Chen, I almost never see you again!” Fan Cong said with a cry, he had a lot of things to tell Chen Ge, but he didn’t know From what to say, he walked around the house, and the belly full of fat flicked with the body.


“First calm down, is your mobile phone around? We called me a few hours ago and let me see your call history.” Chen Ge was testing Fan Cong, Fan Cong was missing when the phone landed in the room, and later Fan Dade also had a short conversation with Chen Ge via Fan Cong’s mobile phone.


“Not in my case, I was too hasty when I ran away. I gave it to the room.” Fan Cong pointed to his extra-large pajamas with no pockets.


Chen Ge nodded, looking into the room, this is a very ordinary rental house, bed, table, electric fan, no special place.


“Why are you hiding in this place? Who brought you?” Chen Ge always thought that Fan Cong was tied up by the shadow, but now it seems that this is not the case.


“Say it, I can’t believe it.” Fan Cong removed his fat body and walked to the window.


“Underground 2-Layer, what is the use of repairing the window? Do you lie to yourself?” Chen Ge clenched the Skull-cracker Hammer and blocked it in the door of the room.


“She brought me.” Fan Cong pulled thick curtains and painted a painting on the cement wall behind him with cheap watercolors, mountains, water, bright sunshine, and never faded. Flowers, and family with a smile on his face.


Chen Ge’s gaze moved with the curtains and was finally fixed on the side of the window frame, where a little girl was sitting.


She was red-clothed and stared at the painting on the concrete wall.


“Little Bu?” Chen Ge has seen this girl more than once, but every time the girl brings her feelings different, there are warnings, cold, and this helplessness.


“When we called, she took me away.” Fan Cong’s eyelids beating, it seems that now think of the scenario at the time, there seems to be some fear: “It wasn’t my brother who came back that night, but another person, really dare not Imagine that I was completely unaware of it and stayed with him in the same house for so long.”


“Have your brother been replaced by a shadow?” Fan Cong said in line with Chen Ge’s previous speculation: “Is this what Little Bu told you?”


“Well, my brother didn’t come back that night, I am worried about him now.” Fan Cong sat on the bed, and the dilapidated bedboard squeaked as if it would be crushed at any time.


Compared with his size, the bed is much smaller.


“These beds are for children.” Fan Cong explained, sneak a peek at Little Bu, and he was worried that he would collapse the bed.


“Prepared for the child?” Chen Ge sharply captured the key words in Fan Cong’s words: “You said to me on the phone that after the game was cleared, Little Bu entered the building. Is this building special? It seems that the internal structure is no different from other buildings in Liwan Town.”


“I also heard from Little Bu. Liwan Town had had infectious diseases many years ago. This building was the only infected patient to avoid.”


“The only thing to be avoided? What do you mean?” Chen Ge is not too understanding.


“It’s a long story. If you complete the game of Little Bu, you will know everything. The game is based on Liwan Town. It really restored the Liwan Town at that time.” Fan Cong Raised all the spurs, he knew all the games. The plot: “The human nature is very complicated. It can sacrifice itself to bring warmth to the weak like a violent sun. It may also be as dark as the abyss, with no lower limit.”


“The source of the outbreak of infectious diseases is at Liwan Hospital. The hospital is helpless about the disease. The patients know that they can’t live. Some of them started to deliberately retaliate, stealing their blood and other things on fruits and medical devices, and quickly infected. The disease spreads.”


“The first patient, then the doctor, finally spread to half of Liwan Town.”


“The disease is raging and people are worried. Many people who have symptoms are like crazy. Although they don’t kill directly, but innocent people die because of them. They are not much different from those who kill.”


“The entire Liwan Town was in chaos at the time, only this building was different.”


“The building was originally an orphanage. The developers thought that the development of the eastern suburbs would be very fast. They bought the land and built a new building. At that time, they promised very well. They would build a new home for all orphans and staff, and keep the orphanage. The existence of the actual. After the actual completion, they know that they will use the underground layer and 2-Layer to house orphans.”


“After the outbreak of the disease, all the staff of the orphanage prohibited the children from coming out, and then they kept themselves at the entrance to the underground. They had made the decision not to let anyone go in, including themselves.”


“After a day and a night, the above came, no one knows the specific solution. I can’t find any information on the Internet. The game only says that all orphans have been saved and no one is infected.”


Fan Cong said that the voice changed a little: “To be honest, I admire the staff of the orphanage. They can be said to be the only ones in Liwan Town.”


Man is a very special life, even in the most dirty and ugly environment, you can still open a beautiful and beautiful flower.


“No wonder all the buildings have humanoid stains, so there is no such building.” Chen Ge figured out the first question, but then more questions came up: “But why did the little Bu Bu enter the building in the game? ? On behalf of her wholeheartedly?”


Those who can open the door are deeply desperate, and self-redemption is extremely difficult for them.


“You should notice the posters in the basement corridor? There was a branch in the game. A young couple entered Liwan Town. They found Little Bu and laid the building into a shelter for Little Bu.” Fan Cong tried to recall the last few pieces of the game: “They want to help Little Bu, but ask Little Bu to promise them a condition.”


“Condition?” Chen Ge knows that the young couple Fan Cong said is his parents, smoking familiar cigarettes, carrying Haunted House posters, and wishing the world to come to Haunted House to play, which only his family can do.


“Yes.” Fan Cong looked back towards Little Bu and saw Little Bu reacting without saying anything. “They hope that Little Bu can be the shadow of their children.”


“You talk in detail.” Chen Ge narrowed his eyes.


“You have seen the conversations in the game. It is difficult to interpret. It probably means that their children’s shadows are lost, so I hope that Little Bu can become a new shadow for my children. I know this is incredible, but the game is written like this. In the game, Little Bu didn’t immediately agree, so they built a shelter in Liwan Town, saying that if Little Bu took it into the shelter and waited for them, they would help Little Bu solve the shadow.” Fan Cong and I don’t know what I said, how much impact on Chen Ge.


“Getting a Red-clothed shadow, it’s really what they think.” Now Little Bu entered the shelter, indicating that people have agreed to be the shadow of Chen Ge, but their parents not only did not remove the shadow according to the agreement, but gave themselves It’s missing, which makes Chen Ge somewhat unaware of how to deal with Little Bu: “I don’t want to be so much, as long as I can get rid of the shadows, no matter who does it, it’s a complete agreement.”


Entering the room, Chen Ge walked to the window. Little Bu looked like he was only seven or eight years old. The bloody Red-clothed contrasted with her pale face. Just close, Xu Yin issued a strong warning.


“She looks very strong.” Chen Ge was the first to see the Out of control door. He didn’t know what effect the door would have on the door when he lost control. But from the current situation, it seems that the door is out of control. , Person who pushed the door will also become more terrifying.


“Before I have agreed with you, my parents, I am the one who lost their shadow in their mouth.”


Hearing the words of Chen Ge, the girl’s eyelashes, which had been in a daze, moved a little, and she slowly turned around, and a sense of oppression that made Chen Ge suffocate came from the front.




Red-clothed floats, Little Bu has no hands and hands, and her atrium is empty.


“This child is the same as the door! The place where the door was removed, except for the head changed to the heart, everything else corresponds to her body.”


Looking at each other silently, no one will take the initiative to give up freedom, and Chen Ge finally knows why Little Bu escapes into the shelter.


Against the oppression, regardless of Xu Yin’s warning, Chen Ge took another step forward. There was a slight pain in his eyes: “I am not here for any agreement. You have suffered too much injury. I can’t understand you 0. 1% of the pain, so I will not comfort you from the perspective of a bystander, I understand that those comforts are in vain.”


“Blood debts, I will help you get rid of the shadows, and then let you stop being alone.” Chen Ge stopped in front of Little Bu, slowly squatting down and looking at the numb face: “The scenery in this window is After painting, after I have solved the shadow, I will take you outside the door, go to all the places you want to go, and see all the scenery you want to see.”


Chen Ge no longer has any agreement, and he will not let Little Bu make his own shadow.


It may be that Chen Ge is not lying, Little Bu squinted, the window frame oozes blood, and the blood drops are gathered into several words – people without shadows are not living, you are sure not to let me do Your shadow?


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