Back in the original place, Wang Yan decided to use her last reluctance to prove everything.

“This time I will definitely pass the customs!”

He dragged his girlfriend back, squeezing his strength and running hard.

Zhang Jingjiu sat at the door of the hotel and was holding the mobile phone to learn the self-cultivation of the actors. He suddenly heard the footsteps.

Slowly looking up, he saw Wang Yan and his girlfriend running in front of themselves, and the appearance was even more miserable.

“It seems that they are really enjoying the process of visiting Haunted House. Screaming and running is the best way to vent, maybe this is the meaning of Haunted House.” Zhang Jingji has his own feelings, he understands that his career is not It is so simple on the surface and has a special deep value.

Wang Yan and his girlfriend ran back to the Liwan private hospital, and they rushed into it with the idea of ​​breaking the boat and unsuccessful.

The ward door was half open, and the patients with the medical records also found these two familiar silhouettes. They were also surprised by Wang Yan’s courage, but after the surprise, more and more patients came out of the ward.

Frightening visitors, ghosts can get the negative emotions they want from visitors, and more importantly, scary is a very interesting thing.

“Don’t look back! If you hesitate, you will be broken!”

Along the stairs, Wang Yan and his girlfriend ran to the underground 3-Layer.

“At the end of the hospital, it should be here.” Wang Yan grabbed his girlfriend and ran in the hallway. After passing through a room with red paint, they suddenly felt the footsteps behind them disappeared.

Originally they were chased by the patients in the hospital, but the other chasing after chasing but suddenly gave up.

“What happened?” Wang Yan knows too much about the employees in this Haunted House. Once they are provoked, it is not scared to faint and never stop. I am entering the hospital for the second time, repeatedly provoking, the other party is absolutely Will not let him leave easily.

“Haunted House employees are not so kind, they don’t catch up, it only shows that there are things that are more scary than them!”

Wang Yan thought very thoroughly, but unfortunately he has no way back.

The deepest room in the 3-Layer of the hospital seems to be a taboo, dead, and the background music in the Haunted House has disappeared.

“Wang Yan ……”

“Don’t talk.” Wang Yan still couldn’t find the entrance to the morgue. He always felt that it was not right. When he looked back, he found that the red-painted door that he had just passed opened himself.

“There are people inside?” Running all the way, Wang Yan’s brain is a little oxygen-deficient, and he even sees things have begun to appear.

All the wards were white, and only the door was specially painted with red paint, which seemed to remind the surrounding visitors and actors to stay close.

The atmosphere became extremely depressed, and Wang Yan was anxious to find the entrance to the morgue. He knew that there was not much time left for himself.

Pushing a door, but he can’t find the mortuary.

There was a faint bloody smell in the air, and Wang Yan heard a footstep behind him, like the sound of high heels!

The heel stepped on the ground, but it seemed to step on his heart. His body was erected and his clothes were soaked in sweat.

Wang Yan’s girlfriend is even more unbearable, and her legs are completely out of strength, all relying on Wang Yan to drag forward.

“What is hidden in the room? Even if I was chased by a group of employees, I was not so scared! I felt the body trembling instinctively, and every cell was urging me to flee.”

The footsteps of the high heels are getting closer and closer, and the pressure of suffocation makes Wang Yan and his girlfriend unbearable. The two finally choose to find a room to hide.

“This side!”

Wang Yan glared at her girlfriend and hid it in the ward next to her. The two men rubbed their mouths hard, fearing that the sound would cause the attention of the other party.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and finally stopped at the door of the room where they were hiding.

She is right outside the door!

Wang Yan and his girlfriend were full of horror in their eyes, and they had nowhere to escape.

The heart peng peng jumped straight, Wang Yan held the doorknob tightly with both hands, and the body pressed against the door panel. He said nothing would open the door today!

The handle outside the door was turned, but because Wang Yan was holding the handle inside the door and using the body to close the door, the other did not open the door.

After a while, the person outside the door seemed to have lost patience, and the sound of high heels sounded in the hallway. The man seemed to be far away.

“It’s saved.” Wang Yan seems to have just been fished out of the water, and his body is soaked in sweat: “Let’s go out…”

Without waiting for him to finish, the sound of the high heels stepping on the ground sounded again.

After each and everyone’s ward, the second time stopped outside the ward where Wang Yan was.

The heart of Wang Yan and his girlfriend are hanging up. No one knows what will happen next. All they can do is wait quietly.

Ten seconds, thirty seconds, one minute…

After two minutes of fullness, there was still no movement outside the door. After the footsteps stopped outside the door, it never sounded again.

“Is that guy gone? Or is it staying outside the door?” Wang Yan squatted on the floor and looked out through the door.

The thick bloody smell poured into the nose, and he saw a pair of blood red high heels standing outside the door!

The tip of the shoe is facing the door, and a drop of blood is falling down the edge of the shoe.

Wang Yan saw with his own eyes that a drop of blood flowed through the upper and then dripped to the ground.

“Not a pigment! It’s True Blood!”

Wang Yan is a forensic doctor. He has big eyes and can’t believe it.

“The pair of high heels are dyed red by True Blood!”

The pupil was staring at the high heels, and another drop of blood fell from the upper. When the blood beads were about to touch the ground, Wang Yan suddenly felt the neck cool, as if the blood had not fallen on the ground, but fell on him. Same on the neck.

“Leaked water?” He raised his head subconsciously, seeing half of the woman’s body sticking into the room from the window above the door frame, watching them all the time!

The bandages were scattered, the flesh and blood were blurred, the curses and resentment were intertwined in the body, and the woman wearing Red-clothed reached out and grabbed Wang Yan.

The head was empty, and the eyelids were completely occupied by the woman’s face. Wang Yan gripped the door of the house and slowly released it, and the body fell backwards.

All the beautiful memories flashed in my mind, and Wang Yan seemed to see heaven in the daytime.


Zhang Jing wine sent Wang Yan and his girlfriend to run away. After some sensation, he began to hone his acting skills.

He spoke to the empty desktop, and said something about it. He was very involved and did not find a thin silhouette on the left side of the hotel door.

“There are rumors that this Haunted House can be a big fire because the actors inside are real ghosts. Let me just verify it today.” Li Changyin lowered his head and gave out dangerous rays of light in his eyes.

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