Li Changyin is the “most popular” actor in the Nightmare Academy. He has a mad temperament and does not need to perform at all. He can interpret the words of abnormal madness as long as he is himself.

Standing in the shadow of the hotel door, he put on the maternity clothes he found in a certain room, and took out the makeup tools from the pockets he carried with him. After a few strokes, he made his face different from before.

Li Changyin looks feminine. After he has applied makeup to himself, although he still has short hair, it looks like a woman.

“Without a wig, just find a hat.” He ran into the building next to him, not too dirty, and smashed the sheets into a maternity dress.

After doing all this, Li Changyin returned to the hotel door, staring at Zhang Jingji in the hotel sideways, brewing good emotions, and said with a hint of crying: “Can you help me? I have something I can’t find.”

His voice is completely different from before, just like a girl.

Zhang Jingji was still delving into acting, and suddenly heard the cry for help. He immediately put down his mobile phone.

“Is it a visitor?” He thought that he had finally arrived when he needed it. He got up and walked outside the hotel.

Li Changyin saw Zhang Jingji hooked up and immediately retreated and ran to the alley in the middle of the hotel and another building.

He stood in the depths of the alley, and people outside could only see a back.

“Excuse me, can I help you?” Zhang Jingji saw the other side hiding in the alley. He thought that the other party, like Wang Yan, was frightened and saw that everyone in Haunted House had seen the ghost.

“I have a very important thing I can’t find. Can you help me find it?” It is still the poor female voice, but Li Changyin’s expression is a bit vicious at this time. After putting down the disguise, this is his truest. Look like.

“No problem.” Although Zhang Jingji also felt confused, but think about it, this is his own site, there is no need to worry.

He entered the alley and saw the long belly of Li Changyin.

“Pregnant women?” Zhang Jing’s mind flashed one of the staff rules. Considering safety factors, pregnant women are forbidden to visit Haunted House.

“Not visitors, it must be the old staff in the scenario…” Zhang Jingji slowed down, and he knew very well what the “workers” in the scenario were playing.

Li Changyin saw the other side stop, his eyes condensed into a little bit, and he was more careful.

Both sides suspect that the other party is a ghost, they have no experience dealing with ghosts, and all of them begin to behave abnormally.

“The stomach hurts, can you help me? That thing is lost in this piece.” Li Changyin continued to use false sounds.

“What the hell are you missing?” Zhang Jingji felt that the other person should be an old employee, and did not play the ghosts at the visitors to scare himself.

Although he was very scared, he thought that he would work in Haunted House for a long time. Naturally, he had to have a good relationship with these old employees, so he resisted fear and did not leave.

When he heard the answer from Zhang Jingji, Li Changyin’s expression was more dignified.

A normal person saw a strange pregnant woman in Haunted House, said that his stomach hurts, looking for something, the first reaction should not be to contact Haunted House Boss immediately, or directly call an ambulance?

But the other person actually looks very serious, as if to help himself find the lost things.

“I lost a very important thing. He accompanied me for nine months. I will see him soon, but I accidentally lost him.” Li Changyin “cry” is even more powerful. .

Listening to the other party’s description, Zhang Jingji’s hair was erected, and he felt guilty in his heart: “As she meant, she was not a certain thing, but her own child!”

Zhang Jing wine hand extended into the pocket, quietly pressed the button of the walkie-talkie, but no one gave him a hint, telling him what to do, now only rely on himself.

“If the other party is not a female madman who sneaked in, it is that the old staff is in trouble. Although I am new, I am still suffering from Boss Chen and cannot be looked down upon by the old staff.” Recalling the experience in Liwan Town Zhang Jing wine’s eyes have become firm: “After horror, can you still be more horrible than Liwan Town?”

With such an idea, Zhang Jingji has no nonsense and walks directly toward the pregnant woman: “Don’t be afraid, I will help you find it.”

He took the initiative to go without any hesitation, which in turn made Li Changyin a little confused, and things were not quite the same as he had expected.

That person is really a ghost?

Seeing that Zhang Jingji is getting closer and closer, Li Changyin quickly adjusted his state. He tried to take the initiative to put out useful information from Zhang Jing’s mouth.

“Is it in this film?” Zhang Jingji was brave and close, and the light was very dark. He first thought that the other party was a ghost, so he didn’t turn on the light, just put his hand in the pocket and press the walkie-talkie to be ready to call Boss Chen.

“It is here, I dream about him every night. He said that he is so cold. He wants to climb to the bed. He wants to cover the quilt…”

“Okay, don’t say it.” Zhang Jingji helplessly spread his hands: “I will help you find it, anyway, I have nothing.”

Zhang Jingji’s answer once again gave Li Changyin a sigh of relief. This is a very horrible piece. The other party is not only not afraid, but also really ran to help him find.

This person has a big problem!

Li Changyin felt that he had discovered the ultimate secret of Chen Ge Haunted House. This Haunted House can be fired, maybe because of the employees inside, he is not a person!

As Zhang Jingshui slowly approached, Li Changyin’s muscles were tight, and he wanted to do a further temptation.

The body was close to Zhang Jingji, and he lifted the face with makeup.

Four eyes are opposite, Zhang Jingji has a chill, but he also confirmed his previous thoughts. This guy is the old employee in the Haunted House scenario.

“big sister, don’t panic, lost something, I will help you find it, one day can’t find it, let’s find it slowly, and later there is time.” Zhang Jingji calmed himself down.

Hearing his words, Li Chang Yin Eyes hole trembled.

What does he mean?

Is there time in the future?

You saw a pregnant woman telling you such a horrible story. You actually said that there is time in the future. Is this discovering me?

Is it to kill people? Not that, visit the Haunted House.

The distance between the two is slowly getting closer and the light is very dark. They seem to be deliberately close to each other and want to prove something.

“Don’t be afraid, I will help you.” Zhang Jingji took the initiative to go to Li Changyin and looked at Li Changyin’s face. He seemed to want to write down the other’s face and waited for Boss Chen to complain.

Li Changyin also looked at Zhang Jingji very seriously. This is the first time in his life to hit a ghost. He wants to remember the appearance of the ghost.

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