My House of Horrors Chapter 765


slight light outside the window, through the curtains, is on the wall, and black silhouette seems to be alive, and if they don’t keep an eye on them, they will disappear from the wall next minute and go elsewhere.

Chen Ge keeps his posture, doesn’t move, he holds the scissors, he tights the muscles.

“Just got moved by something in the kid.”

This bedroom is definitely not as safe as it is on the surface, and Chen Ge’s heart is hanging up at once.

And he did not drive the son to see, and if he was thrown on a ghost at this time, he would not lift the son, and the ghosts were there. The other side would not leave because it was seen, but would risk itself too early.

The sound of knocking is slowly weak, and there’s a bug climbing through his feet, and that’s getting stronger.

Chen Ge came out of the chicken skin, and he was able to make it clear that something was climbing up his leg.


cheeks are sweating, the atmosphere in the bedroom is getting weird, and in about a dozen seconds, the door knocks suddenly disappear!

Chen Ge looked back, the doorboard was still closed, but the five black silhouette on the bedroom wall were all gone.

Look in the other direction, Chen Ge found five more beds, all of those old ones up, as if they were lying on every bed!

“They’re back?”

The feeling of a different foot has spread to the thigh, and Chen Ge can be sure there’s something crawling into his son!

However, Chen Ge remained alarmingly calm, even if there was a picture of a man in his head.

Fear that no problem can be solved, and if the knocking sounds really come from the door, what the other side wants to do is just leave this room.

The legs, Chen Ge felt that if he was to delay himself, the body would lose control further, and then there would be no chance of resistance.

He no longer hesitates to do a very crazy act.

The body bow, Chen Ge’s legs jumped up, and he’s a squirrel, standing up!

He didn’t even go to see what was in the bag, grab the backpack and scissors, jump from the top, jump directly into the bedroom door and open the door.

The whole set of moves, the clouds, is like they’ve been practicing many times in their minds.

After opening the bedroom door, Chen Ge didn’t stay in the house, and one breath ran into the hallway.

The bed, the door, the crawl, Chen Ge was a little loud, and the sound was very far.

“I’ve opened the door, and this guy won’t keep chasing me?” Chen Ge doesn’t want to get into trouble. He’s just trying to figure out where he is.

Left hand scissors, right hand backpacks, Chen Ge stood at the hallway for a few minutes, all around quietly, and there was no anomaly in the hallway.

“Did it not come back?” Chen Ge relaxed, “Supposed that the news on the laptop took place in 413 bedrooms, the student who just knocked down was killed in the bedroom. It wanted to go out, and I opened the door to help it, and he didn’t come after me, suggesting that it was reasonable. I have grace with it, and it retains basic wisdom, and this is the basis for communication, and we can learn more about it.”

Chen Ge was very clear, and he moved his foot, a little closer to the 413 bedroom that just fled.

“Yes, my idea is to be viable, just to a new place where life is not familiar, not to have a good relationship with them.” People have a good score, and the monster is like that, and Chen Ge is gambling.

In the corridor of just a dozen metres, Chen Ge took more than a minute, and in order to show his goodwill, he even took the scissors.

“Even if this thing is sophisticated, it’s not useful for Specter and obsession, it’s better to put it together to make itself more frank.”

Three meters, two meters…

Chen Ge is in a highly tense state with the walls opposite the 413 bedroom, and he’s afraid that he’s just passing through, drilling out a head directly in the bedroom or running out of several black shadows and dragging him back.

take a deep breath, Chen Ge finally went back to the 413 bedroom door, and he was preparing to look in the room, and the door behind him was suddenly opened!

Open the doorboard, Chen Ge almost dumped the backpack.

“Little Lin, how dare you get out of the lights? If this is seen by Teacher White, it will be disposed of!” Wang knows the sound is very low, and he looks worried about Chen Ge.

“I don’t want to run around!” Chen Ge looked at 413 bedrooms, returned to normal houses, threw a bunch of miscellaneous things on the ground, and the bed was not stirred up again, but the shadow on the wall seemed to be missing.

stared wide-eyed, Chen Ge counted carefully and found out that daoist silhouette was missing from the closest door!

“Is there only four left? It ran out of the bedroom?” The black paint in the corridor, the school had turned out, even if Chen Ge had Yin Eyes, it was difficult to find each other in that case.

“It looks like it wants to go out, and I want to leave, and this brother is in line with my goal, and we can totally be one in the morning, one in the dark, in cooperation with one another, and escape together.”

Chen Ge had a plan in his heart, but it was too difficult to implement it, and it needed to be very cautious, and one of them could come out directly.

“If this is an indefinite nightmare, I can live again and choose different ways to attack. I’m afraid I only have one chance to die here, and everything will end.”


“Anyone else in this corridor?”

“Of course!”

Chen Ge nodded, he didn’t get too much trouble on this issue, he was carrying a backpack, and the other hand was hooking up the King’s known shoulder: “brother, my room has been a little weird lately, and every time I fell asleep it felt something was moving, I don’t know if it was a mouse or something, and we came to see it together.”

The invitation to Wang Ming to enter room 413 was an interim decision by Chen Ge, who wanted to see the king know the past of room 413.

Of course, it’s just a part of the reason, really, if the monster is blocked in the house, there’s a king who knows to be with, and there’s a partner.

“The school prescribes that everyone has their own beds.” The King knows that he does not reveal his fearful face, just a little reluctant.

“Afraid of what?” Chen Ge doesn’t argue to pull Wang Xiaoqing back to the 413 bedroom.

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