My House of Horrors Chapter 766

The second time you entered the 413 bedroom, this time you were accompanied by Wang Xiaoqing, Chen Ge was not too panic.

“Little Lin, don’t you always pack the house?” Wang Xiaoqing seems to be the first time to enter the 413 bedroom, which makes Chen Ge even more strange, even if there is not a chain of doors and when the doors are closed, he should have seen scenario in the door, unless the jungle has been deliberately blocked.

“I don’t have a good vision, do you see what’s on that wall?” Chen Ge doesn’t have full confidence in Wang Ming, dares to leave one another alone at the door, and if the other suddenly goes crazy, then lock himself in the house.

“All right.” The King knows nothing about the horror of the 413 bedroom, and in his eyes it seems to be just a very normal bedroom.

Grab your hand, Wang Xiaoqing climbed directly to bed number one, stretch his hand and touch the wall: “Why are you nailing that many nails on the wall?”

“nails?” Chen Ge, when Wang Xiaoming climbed to bed to bed number four, went to bed four and was ready to take all the notes and information and then never go back to this room again.

“Yeah, and what about the shadow on this wall? Like a living man on the wall, you’re not afraid to sleep at night?” Wang Xiaoqing looks a little uncomfortable.

Chen Ge did not respond, and he was still thinking about what Wang Xiaoqing said.

At this time, the King knew where he was touched, and there was a daoist silhouette, but it just ran out of the house and disappeared.

“Let me see.” Chen Ge picked up his backpack, and climbed to bed number one, and he stretched his hand into the wall and nailed densely packed under the white walls.

All the nails were on the spot silhouette once showed up, was that what they nailed silhouette on the wall?

Chen Ge is thinking, and the belly suddenly feels a little pain.

“Bugs?” Chen Ge pulled up his clothes and saw a small wound in the abdomen, because it was too small to bleed.

“Did I climb into a bug in my clothes?” He checked off his jacket and didn’t find a bug in his clothes, and he found a sharp front nail in his pocket!

“Little Lin, why are you still carrying nails?” Wang Xiaoqing is just wondering, but he doesn’t seem surprised, from his reaction, Chen Ge speculates that the jungle should be an anomaly in class, whatever he does, people feel normal.

“It’s okay.” Your mouth says it’s okay, but Chen Ge can’t calm down.

It’s not a coincidence that it was used to nail the ghost’s shadow on the wall, suddenly appeared in its own pocket and struck itself hard.

“Is that guy looking for a dead ghost?” Chen Ge secretly sighed fortunately, if he hadn’t returned to the bedroom, it was estimated that until he was killed and nailed on the wall, he would realize where the problem was.

“I opened the door to him so that he would take revenge and take me as a dead ghost?” Chen Ge compared with the nails in his pocket and those hidden under the walls, sure it was the same paragraph.

“Find a dead ghost to understand, but at least I should say that it’s too rude to sound so loud.” Chen Ge slowly calmed down, and he took out the scissors and tried to get the nails out of the wall, which, unfortunately, was very deep, with only one scissor, too inefficient.

“This place is a real step, killing intent, a little bit of attention, and it’s not even known how to die.” It’s just a few minutes, Chen Ge felt himself stuck again, this time it’s coming from a little leg.

He shakes his pants and falls out of a short nail.

“The frequency is slowly occurring, nor does it hurt, and will these nails come up faster and faster over time? It’s getting deeper and deeper every time?”

It doesn’t matter, Chen Ge. He’s worried about the nail when it’s going to happen, where it’s not fixed, and if it’s going to run out, the nails suddenly appear in the shoes.

In addition, Chen Ge has taken into account the fact that, whatever it is, the nails may even appear in the body, and it is not as simple as being held.

“No wonder I’ve always had a sense of urgency, and this place is really too dangerous.”

It was not clear that Chen Ge had entered the rhythm of chronic death, even if he remained calm.

“I woke up in the classroom, and white Teacher repeatedly stressed that he was not allowed to leave the room and asked to stay in the bedroom, which was not a psychological implication he gave me? The discovery and the contents of the notes in the desk are also directed to the bedroom, and the best choice is to find out where I have to go.” Chen Ge has no choice, but now recalls that he has taken note of two details.

First, Wang Xiaomin said he wanted to go to the cafeteria when he proposed his own bedroom.

Whether he intentionally or intentionally, Chen Ge would temporarily avoid this if he followed him to the cafeteria.

It is clear that Wang Xiaoqiao has not intended to harm himself on this matter. This, of course, does not prove that Wang Xiaoqing must be a good man, saying that something more horrible in the cafeteria is waiting for Chen Ge, and he just wants to bring Chen Ge to that place to kill.

Secondly, before the lights were lifted, White Teacher went to the bedroom to determine whether Chen Ge was in the bedroom.

White Teacher was terrified at the time that he had not stepped in the 413 bedroom halfway, which meant that he should know that 413 bedrooms were dangerous.

When he knew that 413 bedrooms were in trouble, he was relieved that Chen Ge would sleep here, and that man must be in trouble.


the light of the foregoing, Chen Ge has reached a conclusion in his heart that Wang knows not to be a good man, but White Teacher must have a baby and no purpose!

Chen Ge will meet all those who, as well as all what they said and what they did, are all in the mind, not because of his good memory, just because he wants to be strong.

“413 The bedroom is dangerous, but I was not directly killed when I entered it, just as a replacement for the deceased, and the other side did not seem to be able to do it in such a slow way.” Chen Ge looked forward to the shadow of several other people in the bedroom, and every human shadow should have a large nail.

“Find me for the dead, and I’ve been crucified now, and what happens if I get all the nails in this bedroom down, and then use them to kill someone else?”

Chen Ge has been stabbed twice by an unknown nail, replaced by a person who threw those horror nails away or buried deep.

But Chen Ge didn’t do that, and instead he took the nails away, was ready to go out and find a guy who couldn’t look at them and try it a few times.

“This nail can nail the ghost, and it should hurt obsession and Specter. It’s a good thing, but can’t I have a nail in the middle of the night?”

Chen Ge thinks this approach works: “The nail can leave a part, and my next focus will be to find the ghost and try to convince him to work with me to nail someone else. If I can’t, I can only try to nail him to the wall again.”

Look at the nails on the wall, Chen Ge tried a couple more times with scissors and still couldn’t.

“Pull nails and lamb hammers, and there should be maintenance rooms in schools, if some tools are available.”

Chen Ge 思路非常灵活,他从不会拘泥于某一个点:“带些比较实用的工具在身上,也可以应对更多复杂的环境。”

“Little Lin? Little Lin,” Wang Xiaoqing’s hand shakes on Chen Ge’s face: “What are you thinking? Why are you laughing?”

“Know where our school’s maintenance room is?” Chen Ge asked.

“What are you asking?” The King doesn’t understand what Chen Ge thinks in his head, both of which are not on a channel.

“My bedroom door is always a problem, and it’s a sound at night, so I want to find some tools to fix it.” Chen Ge jumped out of bed number one, standing at the door.

“It seems that there are few students in that place near the church dormitory, and I think you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the hostel to be contacted, even though the host in our building…” Wang Xiaoqing has blown up a cold shake and has not continued down.

“No trouble with boarding, I can handle this myself.” Chen Ge knows that the general location of the maintenance room is near the school staff dormitory, but the problem is, where the school staff accommodation is located, Chen Ge doesn’t know.

“After the lights go out, Teacher will definitely punish you! Lin, you know, if you go somewhere else, the maintenance room is in the dormitory!”

“It’s a little dangerous, but I can’t live in this room, and I’m squeaking and sleeping at night.” Chen Ge really looks at Wang Xiaoqing: “Brother, why don’t I sleep in your bedroom tonight, and I see you in your bedroom, and the rest are empty.”

“Come to my bedroom?” Wang knew that his face was smoking, and then he said, “I think it’s better to go to the maintenance room, even if I met Teacher, who should understand if they had a good contact with them to explain why.”

“All right, so how about you send me to a church worker nearby the dormitory?” Chen Ge grabbed Wang’s acquainted arm and didn’t mean anything to relax.

A little stalemate in the bedroom, and Wang Xiaoqiao finally agreed to it: “Okay, but I’ll go straight to the place, and I will never get into the church dormitory.”

“Many thanks.”

“Don’t worry, who made you my only friend?” Wang Xiaoqing went back to his bedroom to change shoes, Chen Ge closed the door to the 413 bedroom, and, while awaiting Wang Xiaoqing’s knowledge, he took out a notebook detailing the information about the student who was killed in the dorm.

“The painting profession? Typically, the guts are small and do not love to talk, but people are particularly good, and they like to stay alone in the painting room and draw some strange paintings.” Some piecemeal information in the little woods’ notebook, Chen Ge put them together.

“Find the tools first, and if time comes, I’ll try with a nail, Teacher, and if time comes, I’ll go to the painting room to stroll.”

When Wang Xiaomin changed his shoes, both of you went into the hallway together.

“Little Lin, don’t make too much noise, we’re done with the hostel.” Wang knows it’s afraid of the hostel, and Chen Ge starts to wonder what the hostel is.

Can ordinary people scare Wang Xiaoqing like this?

If it were not urgent, Chen Ge would really like to see what the boarder looks like.

Two men came to the building one time ago, and the door of the bedroom building was not locked.

“Come on!”

Wang Xiaojun Ge, two moved towards the gate.

But just when they got to the door, the curtains in the dormitory room were lifted, and a grey white face was placed on the window, and that face was a proclamation by the students after the lights were lifted.

Windows are slowly pushed out, and a cold air is coming out of the house.

“Run! Here comes the dormitory!”

Chen Ge also doesn’t know if the hostel saw them, catching the king directly out of the bedroom building.

The two men ran out of the dark campus so far that they couldn’t stop and find a corner breathing until calm was restored around.

“It’s over, Lin! I’m gonna be killed by you! We were found in the dormitory!”

“panic what? He didn’t see his face.” Chen Ge went back to the gray white face in the dormitory and felt like some.

Whether Wang knows or White Teacher, including those students in class, they look like normal people, they even have temperature.

But that hostel is completely different from these people, and that face in the window has no livelihood or face.

“Hostels and others are different, and this is also a more important harvest, with the opportunity to try him with a nail, or to let him do my job as a dead ghost.”

Chen Ge is constantly adjusting its plans to the lines at its disposal, but the big direction has not changed.

The night’s campus is terrifying, and Chen Ge doesn’t know why it seems that those buildings are particularly excited in the day, and almost no one has such characteristics at night.

A few minutes have elapsed in the dark, and the silent king knows that he suddenly stopped his feet.

“Here? This is the dormitory for the staff?” Chen Ge saw a low profile of buildings in the darkness.

“Not yet, I just think it’s been discovered, and Sophistication doesn’t care about it.” Wang Xiaoqing seems to be suddenly remembered.

“What? Are you gonna come with me to the maintenance room?” Chen Ge feels like Wang Xiaoqing is a little wrong.

Shake your head, King knows look towards Chen Ge, and he has a heavy nose, like chewing something hard, lips red.

After half a day, he squeezed out of his teeth and said, “This is the cafeteria.”

“The cafeteria?”

Say hello to the maintenance room, who knows that Wang knows the middle of the road and brings Chen Ge to the cafeteria.