My House of Horrors Chapter 827

The blood leaf looks like a balloon with wrinkles on the ground, and if not dragon and torch blocks, these dirty things are probably climbing to Chen Ge.

“Looks like this brother doesn’t want to talk to us.”

The blood in the studio is spreading, and Chen Ge stands behind the dragon and the torch, using Red-clothed in front of Yin Eyes.

Blood spills, Red-clothed shakes, skin hangs, and every step he walks, he loses his face from his coat.

It is unfortunate that Chen Ge met the Red-clothed category, which is extremely dangerous.

But this is also a more strange place for Chen Ge, where the torch and dragon are not afraid of anything in the face of such Red-clothed, and they are different from Xu Yin’s madness in the bones, losing reason.

Jules and torches are rational, and their faces are calm, and it seems that one voice in the head is telling them that there is no need to be afraid.

Red-clothed, after seeing dragons and torches, did not start immediately, and he slowed his head up, and the whole face was covered by wet hair.

Chen Ge can see a face full of black blood vessels through black hair sewers, pale, sick, it seems to be laughing.


A middle-aged man’s face fell down the sleeve of Red-clothed and fell between Chen Ge and him.

“Save me, this devil who likes to skin, save…”


Don’t wait for middle-aged man to say that a blood-born shoe fell back on his face.

His words were forcibly interrupted, and the whole face was split apart.

It’s quiet in the house, and it’s just because it’s quiet, it’s clear that the blood drops out.

The blood on that shoe became deeper, and the original color was covered, as if it was blood red itself.

“Let’s get out of here, his goal is not us.” The weak weekly map looks at the Red-clothed, and he can’t hide: “He stays here, just to wait this day, and he wants to see scenario in the studio for the first time, because he’s both a manager and a participant.”


“He’s the author of the sixth painting, connected to two monster who broke the world!”

When Chow Tutu said that, his eyes were staring at that Red-clothed, and his memory was awake, and at that time, despite weakness, there was a special atmosphere on his body.

Red-clothed not at all because he was called monster, and he seemed to love that call.

The footsteps were ringing inside the painting room, and Red-clothed and Chen Ge wiped their shoulders, left a piece of blood and walked to the center of the studio.

He finally stopped next to the sixth painting and looked at the oil paintings that had been completely non-existent.

Chen Ge remembers the contents of the sixth painting, a man carrying a big mirror in the dance room, and then he slipped, and the mirror was broken.

The earth is all over the mirror, and every fragment shows a blood red man’s face.

“Leave him alone, let’s go first.” Chow Tutu was held by Wang One City and walked outside the door.

Chen Ge also does not want to go up with this monster for a while, along with other members of the community, to flee downstairs.

“Still jumping the window?”

Wang One pulled the door to the classroom, and the mannequin sculpture in the house was covered in white, whispering out of each and everyone’s blood jewellery.

“Most of the painting materials and props in the experimental building were just made of that pervert.” The weekly face is still poor, and not at all because of the departure from the studio: “Including red paints and those stinking paintings.”

Needless to be detailed, everyone has understood how the paintings were produced.

“Has that many people died in this abandoned school?” Chen Ge has some doubts: “I saw a few stores in fourth floor, all of which are filled with ‘painting materials’?”

“I do know a lot, but it doesn’t mean I know anything.” The weekly chart is weird about Chen Ge, not good, not bad than before. It’s just a whisper from his words.

Suddenly, there was a tremendous impact in the painting room behind it, and it seemed to several people that the Red-clothed monster ridge was completely open, backwards were swept, one rib was extended to both sides, and each bone was carrying a brutal tool.

He stood on the door, and it seemed that the painting was being modified with the tools on his own.

“Stay away from him.” Chow Tutu asked Wang One to open the window and take himself down.

The glass windows were opened, the first to leave the Chow Map and King I City, Chen Ge follow closely from behind, but suddenly when he was standing next to the window, he fell apart.

In the shadow of the southeast corner of the experiment building, he stood by a man in black shoes, in white faces, in the eyes, in the hands of a little girl’s sleep skirt and a circle for dogs.

“White Teacher?”

Chen Ge owns Yin Eyes, sees white Teacher and sees blood on the girl’s sleep dress: “What happened to his daughter?”

White Teacher, hiding in the shadow, also found Chen Ge, who seemed to have been stuck here long ago, probably because he had no idea that Chen Ge was there.

“This is a real white Teacher, and I took his papers and replaced him, and if I let my students know it’s not good.” Chen Ge thinks they should guess that they’re not Teacher at school, but none of this window paper has stabbed, and at least everyone on the surface is trying to maintain the stability of the community.

“We have to find a reason to kill him, destroy him, and I should have a lot of people around me.” Chen Ge also hid a Specter in his shadow, which is the most dignified ghost, and he’s now a chess in Chen Ge’s hands.

With the decision, Chen Ge looked towards White Teacher’s eyes became soft, and he stepped up and jumped downstairs less than a minute ago.

“Where’s the man?” After two feet down, Chen Ge looked at the corner of the experimental building, and White Teacher was gone.

“What are you doing?” The weekly sound is getting smaller, and it makes people feel like I’m going to disappear at any time: “I don’t have much time, something I have to tell you, it’s about my life and Death.”

“Come on, we listen.” Cheers and dragons stand around Chen Ge, and they’re surrounded.

“Thirteen paintings in the painting room represent 13 people, each of whom is as terrifying as Red-clothed we just met.” The weekly chart breathed a breath, waiting for Wang One City to bring him into the bush, to keep his mouth open after the experimental building: “The sequence and power are irrelevant, completely random, but there is one exception.”


“Number one is an exception, and I don’t have any memory of number one, just knowing that he likes painting, and he’s a painter.”

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