My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 Second place?

Golden City Transmission Hall, Pang Fu finally walked out of the Transmission Formation after nine turns and eighteen rounds.

At this moment, the space fairy that made him feel extremely hot is finally going to be handed over to sect.

Pang Fu turned and walked towards a special Transmission Formation, and then teleported to the hidden Spirit Sect.

“Grape, I want to see the Great Elder.” Pang Fu said excitedly.

“The master has prepared a banquet for your return.”

A Transmission Formation appeared in front of Pang Fu.

In the small courtyard, the fairy dishes that Pang Fu usually likes to eat have been prepared.

Each of these dishes is not only delicious but also a nourishing medicine for Cultivation enlightenment.

“Great Elder, fulfilling the mission, the time treasure with a market value of 500 million immortal jade has been brought back.” Pang Fu took off the fairy space ring in his hand and directly summon the special channel of the treasure house send to put in it.

β€œWe have signed a Heavenly Dao contract with Myriad Realms Mountain, and we can purchase time treasures from them at a low price in the future.”

β€œIn contrast, if there is any problem with the production line in the later stage, we will Free maintenance is required here.” Pang Fu said.

“Yes.” Xu Fan nods with a smile, didn’t expect three production lines that can’t be used to sell at such a high price.

“Currently there is enough time treasure, and you will purchase the fairy ore together with the time treasure later.” Xu Fan said and took out a jade slip and handed it to Pang Fu, which contained the refining Golden Immortal level. Puppet needs fairy ore.

“Understood~” said Pang Fu nodded.

“Come, celebrate for you~” Xu Fan poured a glass of wine for Pang Fu himself.

Over the years, Pang Fu has been running around in the fairyland for the time treasure, and even the cultivation has been neglected, just to get enough time treasure for him.

The dishes are over five flavors, and the wine is over three rounds.

“Do you have any wishes?” Xu Fan said while looking at Pang Fu.

“Wish?” Pang Fu was stunned for a moment, then said with a smile: “Of course the sect stands on the top of the three thousand Great World, when the time comes, as the sect’s Minister of Commerce, The Great Firmament saint will give me some face.”

Pang Fu had a longing look on his face, imagining what the sect would be like at that time.

β€œYour wish is too simple. As long as the sect develops, you will reach this step sooner or later.” Xu Fan laughed.

“Change another~”

“I was in the headquarters of Tianding Chamber of Commerce and saw the chairman of the Tianding branch of Muyuan Xianjie, who is the True Immortal Peak cultivation base. There were two Great Firmament sages behind him.”

“When I saw this scene, I was very envious and imagined that I would have such a day in the future.”

” This is interesting, when the sect develops for millions of years, how about I make two Great Firmament Golden Immortal puppets for you, how about you put this out, it will be more shocking than the real Great Firmament saint.” Xu Fan said with a smile, followed beckoned, and called the Golden Immortal puppet who was on standby.

“This is the first Golden Immortal puppet made by sect, and it needs to guard the sect.”

“If you are rich in the future, I will give you two as bodyguards first.” Xu Fan Raised a glass and touched Pang Fu.

Pang Fu looked at the Golden Immortal puppet behind Xu Fan, his expression became excited, he didn’t know what to say.

Then he was so drunk that he fell directly onto the dining table.

β€œGrapes, send them back to Minister Pang’s Cave Mansion for good hospitality,” Xu Fan said.

β€œAs you bid.”

Pang Fu was carried away by two puppets.

Original world, Xu Fan stepped into the Small World dedicated to Time Acceleration.

“Grapes, time Acceleration with all my strength, until I become True Immortal.” Xu Fan said.

β€œAs per your order~”

Hidden Spirit Sect Refining Peak, a unique breath of Dao Item molding spreads out.

A stern sword qi burst out of Refining Peak and went straight to the sky.

A pure-silver Dao Item Spirit Sword appeared in front of Guangxu.

The unique feedback of Dao Item’s molding emerged from Guang Xu, which directly made him upgrade from Golden Core Realm to Nascent Soul.

The newly formed Dao Item Spirit Sword was swimming around Guangxu like a fish.

Although the Dao Item has been completed, Guang Xu doesn’t look very satisfied.

At this time, the sand sculpture entered the Refiner Palace in Guangxu.

“Congratulations to Martial Nephew for being promoted to Refiner Sect Master~” Sand Sculpture said enviously. He, Martial Nephew, has become a Refiner Sect Master in just over 100 years because of his extraordinary natural talent in refining.

“I was thinking of becoming a Refiner Sect division within a hundred years and giving the master a surprise, but didn’t expect it to take so long.” Guangxu said with some frustration.

“Aren’t you satisfied with being a Refiner Sect master for more than 100 years?” Sand Sculpture said, at this moment he felt a faint pain in his heart.

“I have been a Master Refiner Sect for more than 100 years. I feel ashamed of Master’s teaching.” Guang Xu lowered his head and said.

Except for the first time, he was praised by the master, and he never heard of it again.

I wanted to become a Refiner Sect division within a hundred years, but I didn’t expect that he would not even complete this.

“You are too anxious to get the praise of the Great Elder. It is enough to be a Refiner Sect master for more than 100 years.”

“This threshold is blocked even in the fairy world. More than 90% of Artifact Refinement Masters.”

“Just like what I, the Great Elder taught you, I haven’t missed a single class, but up to now, I can even get into the Great Elder. The Dao Item of the eye can’t be refined either.” Although the sand sculpture was heartbroken, he did not forget to comfort Guang Xu in front of him.

“Master Sha, you are not the same as the ordinary Great Grandmaster, so don’t limit yourself to this ordinary magic weapon.” Guang Xu gently stopped the Dao Item Spirit Sword who was drifting beside him. .

“Grape, is the master free now?” Guang Xu asked.

“The master is in retreat, but this Dao Item Spirit Sword you made, I can appreciate it on behalf of the master.”

“Out of 10 points, your Spirit Sword can With a score of 8, it can be regarded as a boutique in Dao Item.” Grape said.

“Then can I get the master’s praise?” Guang Xu asked urgently.

“If you can refine a Dao Item with a score of 9 or more, you should be able to get the owner’s praise.” Grape thought for a while and said.

“Thank you grapes.” Guang Xu said gratefully.

At this moment, a more pure sword intent appeared.

Above the Refining Peak, a fairy sword illusory shadow appeared.

I saw that the endless Stellar Sword intentions began to condense, and finally showed the trend of seven stars, which were printed on the illusory shadow of the fairy sword.

The sand sculpture and Guangxu looked at each other. They were all too familiar with this kind of atmosphere. This was the unique atmosphere when the fairy artifact was formed.

“Looking at the location, it should be in the direction of the second iron sMartial Nephew, didn’t expect this kid to retreat for several decades and even forge a fairy sword.” The sand sculpture said in a daze, his face could not tell What an expression.

But he could clearly feel his heart hurting even more.

“Second Senior Brother Tie has become the Great Grandmaster!”

“It’s really amazing. After the fairy is formed, I must go to ask for some advice.” Guang Xu didn’t have much Think, just pure joy.

Xu Fan, who was in Time Acceleration at this time, suddenly received a message from grapes.

“Master, the Disciple II of Master No. 2 has become the second Disciple of the sect to be promoted to Great Grandmaster,” Grape reported.

β€œNumber 2?”

(end of chapter)

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