My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 The Immortal Emperor’s Treasure

“Grape, where is the Muyuan Clan Canglei Saint now.” Xu Fan asked.

This time Xu Fan wants to take revenge, and the second is to take back the acquired Spirit Treasure from him.

A top-level acquired Spirit Treasure, after having the ability to retake it, he could put it there regardless.

“The Muyuan tribe’s territory, the green forest immortal domain, the Canglei Tree City.”

“The avenues of the Muyuan tribe’s Cultivation are not the same as the Human Race. After advancing to the Golden Immortal, There will be a companion Spirit Tree for Cultivation to bear the causal Heavenly Tribulation.” Grape also explained a sentence behind.

“In the territory of the Muyuan Clan, it seems that No. 3 has to go a long way.” Xu Fan said.

“Grape, how much logical computing power does it cost you to play the full battle strength of the three Golden Immortal puppets.” Xu Fan asked.

“Fight with all your strength, three Golden Immortal puppets need a total of 1000 logical computing power.” Grape replied.

“Got it.”

Xu Fan came to the underground space, took out the giant Muyuan tree stored in the treasury, and began to refine the special Muyuan camouflage fairy.

“Master, there is a reward on the front line of Human Race, kill 1 billion immortal jade of Canglei Saint, suppress and bring back 1.5 billion immortal jade, destroy its companion Spirit Tree, bring back 500 million immortal jade after verification .”

Xu Fan’s eyes lit up instantly, who was refining the immortal artifact. He was not sure about killing the Canglei Saint, at most he could threaten him to hand over the Five Colors Peak.

According to the information provided by Grape, it should be no problem to cut off his companion Spirit Tree.

“The grapes are good, and the information you provided is very valuable.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“Grape, use the fairy ore known in the database and the Spirit Treasure Level fairy ore to deduce the Golden Immortal puppet that reaches the acquired Spirit Treasure Level.” Xu Fan instructed.

“Follow your orders.”

“It’s really hard to buy the fairy ore that makes Golden Immortal golems, otherwise there are at least 10 Golden Immortal golems in the sect.”

“At that time, the grass on the graves of the Canglei saints of the Muyuan clan would have to be five feet high.” Xu Fan said while refining the immortal artifact.

“Li Xuandao wants to pay respects to Master, it is about the rise of the sect.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“Let him come directly to the underground space, it’s about the rise of the sect?” Xu Fan was a little puzzled.

Not long after, a Transmission Formation appeared, and Li Xuandao walked out of it.

“pay respects to Master.” Li Xuandao saluted first.

“Get up and talk about what’s going on with the rise of the sect,” Xu Fan said.

“While passing through the Immortal Realm, Disciple accidentally discovered an Immortal Emperor’s secret.”

“But due to the corresponding secret technique and The soul key, plus the disciple was being hunted down with the mother at the time, so I didn’t go into the details.” Li Xuandao said.

“Immortal Emperor’s secret treasure, it sounds like a lot of money!” Xu Fan said thoughtfully, would forcibly breaking the Immortal Emperor’s secret treasure occupy cause and effect?

“Master, most of the Immortal Emperors who have such hidden treasures are usually fallen or killed by enemies.”

“Usually such Immortal Emperor treasures are for them. After the resurrection and reincarnation, the backhands are widely distributed.”

“Even some of the more powerful Immortal Emperors may have hundreds or even thousands of them in the three thousand Great Worlds before the accident.”


“Generally, the Immortal Emperor with this kind of backhand is most likely to be unable to climb the peak of the past, and there are still Immortal Emperor Level enemies waiting for him, so this kind of secret treasure is generally not available after taking it. There will be problems.” Li Xuandao said.

“Are you sure?” Xu Fan felt a little mysterious.

“As long as you don’t accept the inheritance in the secret, you’ll be fine. Disciple heard a lot of such things when he was reincarnated before.”

“Even in the fairy world, there are such things. Traditionally, only take the treasure and do not accept its inheritance, so there is very little cause and effect, unless the Immortal Emperor who set up the secret treasure returns to Peak, but that kind of probability is really too small.” Li Xuandao said.

He once also found a hidden treasure, it was just a backhand left by the Great Firmament for himself, and he has been fine since he took it off.

And he found someone to see the cause and effect that once entangled in him was also disappeared.

“According to this, there is still a lot to do.”

“It’s not urgent, just keep the location in your heart. I’ll take you to the Immortal Realm of Wuwang.” Xu Fan said while refining the Immortal Artifact.

“Follow your orders, master~” After Li Xuandao finished speaking, he exited the underground space.

“Immortal Emperor’s secret treasure, interesting.”

Xu Fan thought of the good senior brother from the beginning again, and wondered if his great grandfather was the Immortal Emperor.

Three months later, Xu Fan used the refined artifacts to disguise three Golden Immortal puppets as the Muyuan clan and received them into the space artifact.

A blank-faced Avatar No. 3 appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“It’s fortunate that you were separated at the beginning, or else you will be sent to No. 1 and No. 2, and you will have to tell me the conditions.” The more Xu Fan looked at No. 3 Avatar, the more pleasing the eye was.

Suddenly regret not erasing spiritual wisdom when No. 1 and No. 2 produced spiritual wisdom.

At this time, No. 1 and No. 2 of the Immortal Spirit dancers who were supporting the orphaned Immortal Spirit in Xingyue City suddenly shuddered.

“What’s the matter, on a whim, is the ontology trying to erase our spiritual wisdom?” No. 2 Avatar was not in the mood to appreciate the Immortal Spirit dance.

“How is it possible, we have performed so well recently, such a big job requires a year’s vacation and 10 million immortal jade.”

“Excellent tool people like us Avatar, the ontology is impossible to erase our spiritual wisdom.” Avatar No. 1 gave No. 2 a reassuring look.

But when the Immortal Spirit dance was over, No. 1 and No. 2 looked at each other.

“We share weal and woe with the main body, and now he wants so much time, shouldn’t we go back earlier.” Avatar No. 2 said after a while of silence.

“In other words, we have enjoyed it for half a year, and it is considered enough to play. Now we can go back.” Avatar No. 1 also said silently.

“Let’s go~”

The two hit it off and quickly teleported back to the hidden Spirit Sect.

At this time, Avatar No. 3 had already set off with Xu Fan’s consciousness, and did not see the scene of Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 coming back.

“Grape, please record, we ended our vacation half a year in advance and came back for the Spirit Treasure Level spaceship project the day after tomorrow.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“According to the order, it has been recorded truthfully.” The grape’s voice sounded.

Then Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 began to discuss which fairy ore is needed to refine the acquired Spirit Treasure Level spaceship and how to refine it.

Xiling immortal domain, Xu Fan and Xu Gang were wandering in a city.

This is the nearest giant city where grapes can be teleported to the front.

“Master, I can faintly feel the existence of the Five Colors Peak, but the mark about me in the Five Colors Peak is being worn away in little by little. It is estimated that it will be completely disappeared in another 300 years.” said beside.

“It’s been more than 1,000 years, and your mark has not been erased. It is estimated that this Canglei Saint gave your Five Colors Peak to his younger generation.”

“If it is In that case, it would be easier to say.” Xu Fan touched the chin.

(End of this chapter)

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