My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 One Sword

After leaving the Millennium Tree City, Xu Fan and Xu Gang rushed towards Canglei Tree City.

“Master, the Five Colors Peak is in the direction of Canglei Tree City.” Xu Gang was a little nervous, because he was about to face the Great Firmament Saint.

“Just go in the right direction, don’t be nervous, when the time comes you don’t need to take action.” Xu Fan looked at the nervous Xu Gang and said comfortably.

“Master, can our three Golden Immortal puppets really be unable to kill the Canglei Saint?” Xu Gang asked a little unwillingly.

“These puppets are barely able to exert their Golden Immortal battle strength, and they almost killed Canglei saints. If they are hard-pressed, they will all be involved.” Xu Fan explained.

“Don’t worry, this Canglei Sage is reserved for you as a teacher, and when you become a Great Firmament Sage, you can take revenge.”

“Master, the discipline wants Golden Immortal just for you. Go get revenge.” Xu Gang said firmly.

“With you, when the time comes I will escort you.”

As he was far away from the Millennium Tree City, Xu Fan directly took out the space cube and started teleportation. .

At this time, a wooden source clan Golden Immortal eyes slowly opened in Canglei Tree City.

Feeling the five-color peak struggling in his hands, a smile appeared on the corner of the mouth of the Golden Immortal of the Muyuan tribe.

“Whether it’s the original owner or the holder of other components of the Five Colors Peak, whoever comes will die!”

Finally, the Golden Immortal of the Muyuan tribe took out the magic weapon of communication, A message was sent.

“Three Golden Immortals, one Great Firmament saint, I don’t believe you can take these five-colored peaks from my hands.” A blood-red color flashed in the eyes of the Golden Immortal of the Muyuan tribe.

When he got the five-color peak from the master, he knew that this Peak’s acquired Spirit Treasure carries a heavy cause and effect.

But he believes that with him and his master of the Great Firmament saint, any cause and effect can be overcome.

The illusory shadow of the Canglei Saint appeared in front of the Golden Immortal of the Muyuan tribe.

“Feiyue, my body will return immediately to help you settle the cause and effect.”

“Don’t be impulsive, you are the most outstanding genius of the Five Elements of the Muyuan family. Don’t lose the big because of the small.”

“You hide in the Canglei Wooden City first and don’t come out.” The illusory shadow of the Canglei Saint reminded.

“Master, I understand.” The Muyuan clan Feiyue Golden Immortal said.

At this time, three Golden Immortal puppets disguised as Muyuan clan had infiltrated Canglei Tree City.

Xu Fan and Xu Gang each possessed a Golden Immortal puppet.

“When the fight starts, you can hand over the control of the puppet to Grape, and just watch the battle from the first perspective.” Xu Fan instructed beside him.

“Follow the master.” Xu Gang said excitedly nodded.

“Master, I just collected a piece of information from this Canglei Tree City. More than 1,000 years ago, the Canglei Saint gave Feiyue Golden Immortal an acquired Spirit Treasure, and then Feiyue Golden Immortal has been in the refining state. .” Grape’s voice suddenly sounded in the ears of the two of them.

“That’s right.”

“Grape, don’t accidentally hurt other Muyuan tribes after a fight.”

“We’ll have to use help later. Leave as the Muyuan clan.” Xu Fan ordered.

“Follow the orders of the master.”

Three puppets disguised as Golden Immortal puppets of the Muyuan clan walked up the trunk vines of Shuc City.

“Master, what are your plans for a fight later?” Xu Gang said beside him.

“It doesn’t take any plan to fight a Golden Immortal.”

“I feel that the saint of Canglei has not returned yet, and there are only three Golden Immortals in the tree city.”

“Find the location of the Five Colors Peak and start playing.” Xu Fan said it doesn’t matter.

At this time, Xu Gang controlled the puppet to stop, pointed to the center of the tree trunk and said, “I perceive that the Five Colors Peak is in the center of the tree trunk.”

“Then prepare to fight. ~”

Then Xu Fan appeared in the hands of a unique fairy Artifact Spirit sword of the Muyuan tribe.

“Feiyue Golden Immortal, the debt of the year should be repaid now!!”

An angry voice resounded throughout Canglei Holy City, and the weak Muyuan clan almost scared Gotta kneel on the ground.

“Retrieve grievances, revenge for revenge, today I want to fight with the flying moon Golden Immortal in this tree city, the clansman who is slack, hurry up and leave, I don’t want to hurt innocents.”

Then Xu Fan slashed out with a sword, and the entire Canglei Tree City was directly split in half from bottom to top.

The Golden Immortal, the flying moon hidden inside the Canglei Holy City Small World, has been exposed.

Feiyue Golden Immortal looked gloomily at the Golden Immortal puppet disguised as Muyuan clan.

“If you want to win the acquired Spirit Treasure, just say it straight, don’t go around like this.”

Behind Feiyue Golden Immortal, there are two more Muyuan Golden Immortals .

At this moment, I like to feel a huge space fluctuation, as if it is coming from a far away place.


Xu Fan charged towards the Feiyue Golden Immortal with the immortal sword in hand, and the Golden Immortal puppet that Xu Gang possessed began to create a sigil, which was directly blocked with Divine Ability of this space.

The puppet controlled by Grape is transformed into the tree of origin unique to the Muyuan family.

A giant tree that was several times larger than the original Canglei Tree City appeared, directly forming a field and pressing towards the three Golden Immortals.

For a while, Feiyue Golden Immortal was a sure-killer.

The surrounding time, under the Divine Ability of Xu Gang’s Golden Immortal puppet, began to slowly approach a standstill, and the surrounding time instantly slowed down.

“Bold, don’t hurt me!!”

The roar of the Canglei Saint came from the Space Crack.

But it did not affect Xu Fan’s control of the jGolden Immortal puppet to cut out the most dazzling sword.

Time and the Golden Immortal puppet that turned into a giant tree were double suppressed, making the Golden Immortal of the Muyuan clan unable to break free for a while.

Just for a moment, a sword light streak across their bodies.

With this single sword, the three Golden Immortals of the Muyuan clan were destroyed.

Finally, Xu Fan controlled the puppets to quickly gather the bodies of the three Golden Immortals of the Muyuan clan.

After checking that there are five-color peaks in the Feiyue Golden Immortal space fairy, he raised his head and said to the Canglei Saint who was about to break through the space and said, “I have already made a grudge with your discipline, so I’ll just do it. Don’t bother to come and entertain yourself.”

Then the three Golden Immortal puppets gathered together and teleported directly to the Secret Realm that had been prepared in advance.

In Secret Realm, the consciousness of Xu Fan and Xu Gang returns to the original body.

“Five Colors Peak, use it for logistics.” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he threw the miniature Five Colors Peak to Xu Gang.

“At that time, I didn’t feel that the formidable power was too great, and it attracted people’s attention.” Xu Gang said with a smile.

When he was on the frontline, it was true, there was no need to take out the five-color peak.

“Think about it after that. After you advance to Golden Immortal, this acquired Spirit Treasure can at least double your battle strength.”

“Understand master.” Xu Gang said the nod.

“Grape, have you released the bait?” Xu Fan asked.

“It has been released, and the location of Canglei Saint’s associated Spirit Tree has been searched from the Immortal Spirit of Feiyue Golden Immortal.” Grape replied.

Xu Fan nodded, looked back at Xu Gang and said, “We can move on to the next step.”

“After cutting down the Spirit Tree, the companion of the Canglei Saint, tease him again. Fan, we can go home.”

“Master, the next time I start, can you let me experience the magic of the Golden Immortal puppet in an immersive experience.” Xu Gang said with a smile on his face. The look of anticipation.

(End of this chapter)

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