My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 Xiong Ya Golden Immortal

The Cang Lei Saint looked gloomily at Cang Lei Tree City, which was divided into two.

Then he thought of the sword cut by the Muyuan clan Golden Immortal just now, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

That sword art is above space and time, and is already qualified to hurt him.

“No matter who you are, today’s cause and effect is settled.” Canglei Saint Fiercely said.

At this moment, Canglei Saint suddenly sensed the three Golden Immortals of the Muyuan clan just now.

Then another strong space fluctuation came, which was the fluctuation emitted when the Super Long Range Transmission Array was turned on.

“Let me see your true face, which Golden Immortal from Human Race.” Canglei Saint said with a grim look.

The Golden Immortals of their Muyuan clan are quite numerous, especially the battle strength shown by the three Muyuan clan Golden Immortals just now, there is no record in the clan.

The Canglei Saint forcibly broke the space and teleported away in the direction of the space fluctuation.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was hiding in the isolated Secret Realm, immediately took Xu Gang and controlled three Golden Immortal puppets towards the Spirit Tree, the companion of the Canglei Saint.

But when the road was not halfway through, Xu Fan suddenly had a whim.

“Grape, Xu Gang, stop!” Xu Fan said immediately.

“What’s wrong, master?” Xu Gang controlled the Golden Immortal puppet and looked at Xu Fan in confusion.

“On a whim, it is estimated that the old bastard came on the contrary, be careful.”

“Find a place to be lewd for a while.” Xu Fan said cautiously.

Meanwhile, Avatar of Canglei Saint went to the place where Xu Fan’s bait was.

And this real body is guarding his companion Spirit Tree.

Like an ominous beast waiting for a rabbit.

In the Millennium Tree City, Xu Fan and Xu Gang wandered among the various Muyuan Chambers of Commerce, buying whatever they liked, no matter how much it cost.

“Huagong Xiandian, yes, I bought it~”

“Muyuan spiritual liquid can speed up the growth of spirit flowers and grasses spiritual medicine, give me a lake first. “

“Three-colored enlightenment flowers, when used in medicine pill cultivation, can provide the chance of enlightenment. Not bad, not bad, first give me 1000 plants.”

Xu Fan realized him at this moment. The joy of that good disciple.

Of course, the immortal jade they spent was all obtained from the three wooden source Golden Immortal Immortal Artifact Spaces, so there was no burden to spend.

“That Feiyue Golden Immortal is estimated to be the key training target of the Muyuan clan, and I actually found three acquired Spirit Treasures from him.”

“More coincidentally, It is the acquired Spirit Treasure with the special opportunity Five Elements.”

“After you advance to the Golden Immortal, the acquired Spirit Treasure will be fully matched.” Xu Fan felt the flying moon Golden Immortal space fairy The other two acquired Spirit Treasure in the device said.

“The five-color peak is enough for the disc, and the remaining two Spirit Treasure masters will be sold the day after tomorrow, and will be used to supplement the sect when we go back.”

“Let’s talk about the fly. The Moon Golden Immortal is the key training target of the Muyuan clan, and it is not killed by the master with one sword, or buy 1 get 2 free.” Xu Gang said with affection.

Xu Fan controlled the Golden Immortal puppet to cut out that sword, which has left Xu Gang in a trance.

“What do you sell it for, and keep it for the puppet.”

“Don’t you want an immersive experience?”

“Let’s go to another wood later. The source family tree city is looking for something, let the teacher open your eyes to you.” Xu Fan laughed and said, since it came out, let the boss broaden his horizons.

Xu Gang’s eyes lit up.

β€œmany thanks master!”

At this moment, a huge Divine Sense directly enveloped the entire Millennium Tree City.

Begin to search carefully, as if looking for who.

Faced with this kind of Divine Sense, Xu Fan took Xu Gang to eat and drink like a normal person.

By the way, he also had a quarrel with True Immortal, an unknown Muyuan tribe on the street.

Three days later, Xu Fan and Xu Gang made the Millennium Tree City’s Transmission Formation to a tree city closest to the land of sin.

This area is located at the junction of the Muyuan clan and the Monster Race, and it belongs to a state of no care.

Evil cultivators of both races will gather here.

Xu Fan and Xu Gang disguised as the Muyuan clan and marched towards the most chaotic place.

A giant hand condensed from lava was shot directly at a hill outside several hundred li.

Suddenly the whole earth shook violently, cracking thousands of miles long.

Afterwards, the force of the earth movement appeared, restoring the thousand-mile-long crack to its original state.

β€œYou are quite environmentally friendly.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I used to be used to fighting outside the sect, and it doesn’t cost much immortal strength anyway.” Xu Gang answered honestly.

“Speaking of which, this place is worthy of being a place of crime and chaos. In just one day, there have been 4 waves of ambush, but unfortunately they are all rotten fish and rotten shrimp.”

“True Immortal Stage Dare to come out to rob the Dao, is your brain not good?” Xu Fan said.

“It seems that just the two of us, Muyuan True Immortal, can’t attract any heavyweights.”

“Then I will give him a little more weight.” Xu Fan chuckled of.

Immediately, he called out a Golden Immortal puppet, disguised as the Muyuan clan who had just entered the Golden Immortal, exuding a subtle wave.

This kind of obscure fluctuation is the kind of acquired Spirit Treasure that just got a piece of Acquired Spirit Treasure, but has not been fully controlled, and there will be a hint of Acquired Spirit Treasure leaking from time to time.

“The bait is ready, wait for the fish to be hooked in a while.”

“Xu Gang, go back to the advanced space first and attach your consciousness to the Golden Immortal puppet.” Xu Fan commanded.

He is possessed by today’s puppet and has the ability to protect Xu Gang, but he is afraid of the eventuality.

It will be troublesome if the Golden Immortal can’t catch a Great Firmament saint for a while.

“Follow the orders of the master.”

Xu Gang was subsequently admitted to the Space Immortal.

In this way, one disguised as Golden Immortal and the other disguised as True Immortal, playing as a pair of master and disciple, rushing towards the land of sin and chaos.

“Master, I don’t think you are telling others that you are fishing?” Xu Gang asked beside him.

“Yeah, it’s clear that it is to lure them, but the acquired Spirit Treasure is the real thing.”

“So we want to attract those with boldness of execution stems from superb skill. .”

“Of course, if a fool takes the bait ahead of time, I don’t mind, let’s have some appetizers ahead of time.” Xu Fan glanced ahead, and a meaningful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, the angry roar came between Heaven and Earth.

A ten thousand zhang giant bear suddenly appeared in the distance.

A huge earth element cage suddenly appeared, trapping two puppets in it.

“Hand over the acquired Spirit Treasure in your hands, and I will let you go according to the rules of the land of sin.”

“I, the Great Demon, are the most disciplined.”

The earth element cage that trapped the two puppets slowly shrank.

A giant bear appears in front of the Doon Cage.

“You can’t escape if you’re a Golden Immortal, even if you’re in my turdish cage.”

“My dear, take that piece of the day after tomorrow. Spirit Treasure handed over.”

“My Xiong Ya Great Demon is the most trustworthy, unlike the other Golden Immortals here, who do not let anything go.” Xiong Ya Golden Immortal A look of victory in hand.

At this moment, the puppet that Xu Fan possessed cast its gaze into the distance.

“Things are getting interesting~”

Teaching my child’s homework, my blood pressure has risen, I really can’t write the second chapter, I will start with the first chapter today.

(End of this chapter)

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