My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1017


Chapter 1017 Fourth Generation Disciple

Implicit Spirit Sect, the area where the fourth generation Disciple is located.

In the sky, a handful of fairy soil appeared and slowly fell into a Cave Mansion.

The 4th generation Disciple has been promoted to another quasi-immortal.

A burly man got up and stretched.

Then took out the Magical Artifact, the sect, and sent a message to all the Disciples of the former Academy on the 32nd.

“I, Li Rang, are promoted to the quasi-immortal today, and I am the 7th in the 4th generation dDisciple of the sect.”

“How about you, brothers, you didn’t give us the 32nd Academy? Shame.” The man happily sent a message through the sect communication Magical Artifact.

“666, worthy of being the chief of our Academy.”

“I miss the days when I dug a hole with Li Ge.”

“Academy No. 32 is a lifetime. News!”

“Academy No. 32 is invincible!”

After a while, there were thousands of replies below the man’s message.

“Brother sisters, I have officially graduated, and I can finally contribute to sect.”

“In the last time, I will broadcast live and contribute to sect after graduation. During the process, let’s make a sample for the brothers first, so as not to be in a hurry when the time comes.” Li Rang smiled gratified when he saw the over ten thousand replies.

“Come on, Eldest Senior Brother, tell other academies that our No. 32 Academy is the strongest.”

“Come on, Eldest Senior Brother, must try to beat Wu Gang.”

After Li Yang started the live broadcast, a lot of encouraging barrages appeared on the light curtain.

At this moment, the sound of grapes sounded.

“It has been detected that the fourth generation Disciple Li Yang has been promoted to the quasi-immortal, so he can go to see the sect Great Elder.”

Hearing the sound of grapes, the light curtain exploded instantly Pot, endless barrage swept across.

“I remembered, there seems to be an announcement on our 4th generation Disciple forum that the top 100 Disciples who are promoted to quasi-immortals are eligible to visit the Great Elder and receive rewards.” A flash The lighted barrage floated through the live broadcast room.

In the end, half of the entire live broadcast room was deserted, and the remaining half planned to wait until Li Rang saw the Great Elder before leaving.

“Hehe, as expected of my brothers and sisters on the 32nd, it’s the reality.” Li Yang laughed and said while watching the deserted live broadcast room.

“I will take your greetings to meet the Great Elder.” Li Rang said and set foot on the Transmission Formation.

This time Xu Fan met in a pavilion by the Xianye Lake.

โ€œLi Rang, the former Eldest Senior Brother of Academy No. 32, is the only Academy who can lead Disciple to be on par with Wu Gang.โ€

โ€œHe has a leadership temperament, not bad~โ€ Xu Fan Looking at the man in front of him, he said.

After more than a thousand years of study and growth, the young 4th generation Disciple has long since matured.

But as they learned about sect’s cultivation world, they worshipped the sect Great Elder more and more.

“Meet the Great Elder.”

Li Rang was so excited to see Xu Fan that he only reacted now.

“Get up, no thanks.” Xu Fan laughed.

Afterwards, an Immortal Artifact Earth Yuanzhu and a hill appeared in his hand.

“I know that you are very good at escaping, and I have specially equipped you with two fairy weapons that can strengthen the attack of your Earth Element immortal art.”

“Work hard in the future, you will live up to it. sect, sect will live up to you.” Xu Fan solemnly handed the two fairy artifacts to Li Rang.

โ€œI would like to work for sect!โ€ Li Yang said excitedly.

Before he came, he thought of a lot and wanted to tell the Great Elder.

But after seeing the Great Elder, the words that filled his mouth only turned into excitement.

โ€œEldest Senior Brother, you are very good at the words you prepared earlier, how come you will be discouraged.โ€

โ€œEldest Senior Brother, you have to pay tribute on behalf of our Academy No. 32 Great Elder, don’t back down.”

Xu Fan also noticed the crazy barrage in the live broadcast space.

“You tell your senior and junior brothers that the top 100 advance to the quasi-immortal will have special rewards.”

“Just like the Qianshan Mountain in your hand now, its mighty It may be comparable to the Peak fairy.”

“Also, I made the first 100 special rewards for the fairy. If you want to get it, hurry up and work hard.” Xu Fan said to the live broadcast. said the lens.

At this moment, the light curtain is full of barrages that I am trying to cultivate.

After the reward, let the excited Li Rang go.

After meeting Li Rang, Xu Fan suddenly wanted to know the details of the 4th generation Disciple.

โ€œGrape, how about the 4th generation Disciple?โ€ Xu Fan asked.

“The former third generation disciple of the same period is generally strong, but under the comprehensive training, there is no such excellent fourth generation Disciple.”

“Currently 83 million fourth generation disciples. In Disciple, there are 13 million majors in sectarianism.โ€

โ€œNearly half of the remaining number are minoring in sectarianism, and most of them are pill concocting, refining, and Formation.โ€

“It is expected that in the next millennium, there will be a large wave of refiners, pill concocting, and Grandmaster of Formation lineage in the sect,” said the grape analysis.

โ€œHow many Great Grandmasters can appear.โ€ Xu Fan asked.

โ€œThere are 12 who are expected to advance to the Grandmaster Realm, but at least two are expected to eventually become the Great Grandmaster.โ€ Grape replied.

“Since this lineage Disciple is a comprehensive development, as the Great Elder, should I work harder for them.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said, he had a similar experience a long time ago plan.

Find an easy way to advance to the Grandmaster Realm in the sideways.

This kind of secret technique is not uncommon in the fairy world, but it is all controlled by the Great Influence of Tianding Chamber of Commerce, Wandao Pavilion, this crossing, several fairy worlds and even hundreds of thousands of fairy worlds.

At this time, a Space Crack suddenly opened not far from Xianye Lake.

A pair of adult deer lead a group of fawns out of the Space Crack.

The leading doe just met Xu Fan’s eyes.

“You still know to come back!!” Xu Fan admonished, since the sect ascended to the fairyland, the two Cloud Flower Deer can be counted on one’s fingers during the sect time.

It’s even worse than the fierce white that he kept by his side and slept all the time.

“Qiuqiu~” Cloud Flower Doe called in a low voice.

Xu Fan understood the meaning in an instant, and in the last step, he came to the Cloud Flower Deer and asked seriously, “You really saw Weiyun!”

The last space ring, floating in front of Xu Fan, has the breath of Zhang Weiyun, his daughter-in-law, whom he hadn’t seen for many years.

“My God, I used to think that your innate talent in traveling through space is relatively unbelievable.”

“But now it seems that your innate talent is even worse than a day. God, it’s already at the conceptual level.” After Xu Fan determined that the ring belonged to Zhang Weiyun, he looked at Cloud Flower Deer differently.

โ€œQiuqiu~โ€ Cloud Flower Deer raised her head proudly.

Xu Fan took the space ring with the scent of Zhang Weiyun and started to check it.

In the end, there was a jade slip in his hand, which was a letter from Zhang Weiyun to him.

After Xu Fan checked it, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Then Xu Fan took out a jade slip and engraved everything he wanted to say in it.

“Here, go back, return this space ring to your mistress.” Xu Fan said.


Xu Fan was not calm on the spot after hearing Cloud Flower Deer’s reply.

“I complimented you just now, but I can’t do it now!”

Everyone, there is another chapter to be added tomorrow~~

(End of this chapter)

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