My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1018


Chapter 1018 1017th Outer Lands

Xu Fan waved this group of proud deer chased away.

“Bai was so happy, I thought I could send letters to my daughter-in-law.” Xu Fan sighed said.

“Grape, bring me the consultant Elder.” Xu Fan said as if remembering something.

β€œAs you bid.”

A Transmission Formation appeared not far from Xu Fan, and Luo Sheng walked out of it not long after.

“Meet the Great Elder ~” Luo Sheng said respectfully.

If he just came here, he just wanted to hug these two future thighs, and he didn’t have other thoughts in his mind.

But some things that happened in recent years made him feel that these two thick thighs seemed to be hugging a little late, and the thighs had grown too fast, leaving him no room for manipulation.

Not to mention, the three Golden Immortal puppets alone made him particularly shocked, knowing that these things were even rarer than the acquired Spirit Treasure.

“Come and sit~” Xu Fan said, looking at the surface of Xianye Lake in the distance.

β€œAs you bid.” Luo Sheng nodded, came to the pavilion, and sat on the side of Xu Fan, so as not to block the Great Elder from enjoying the scenery.

“Do you know the Outer Lands?” Before Xu Fan had no Golden Immortal battle strength, he didn’t have much interest in this kind of tall place.

But I just got some news about the Outer Lands from jade slip, so I want to inquire about it in detail.

“You’re asking the wrong person, Great Elder, the Outer Territories are places that can only be reached above the Great Firmament.”

“Like me before Little Golden Immortal, I can only get some gossip from my former Master.”

Luo Sheng said truthfully, a little sad in his heart, didn’t expect his status as his advisor, the Great Elder, to be guaranteed now. ?

“Tell me everything you know~” Xu Fan said with a cup of tea.

β€œThe Great Firmament and the beings above the Great Firmament generally like to trade Qi of Black and Yellow.”

β€œA crystal of Qi of Black and Yellow can make a A Great Firmament sage has gathered for millions of years from the thin land of Qi of Black and Yellow.” Luo Sheng looked towards Xu Fan and said first.

“I know all of this.”

“Above the acquired Spirit Treasure is the Innate Spirit Treasure, and above it is the Innate Supreme Treasure and the Black Yellow Supreme Treasure.”

“The Xuanhuang Supreme Treasure is a little more powerful than the Innate Supreme Treasure.”

“In the outer world, there are the Xuanhuang Supreme Treasure and some Qi of Black and Yellow treasures.”

“There, there are legends and the mystery of escaping the Three Thousand World.”

“Great Elder, I know so much.” Luo Sheng said with a salute.

“Okay, I would like to ask Luo Sheng Elder to come and take a trip.” Xu Fan nodded.

Xu Fan took out a little bit of Xuanhuang Dao Comprehending Tea, combined with his own tea ceremony to condense a cup of Dao tea suitable for Luo Sheng’s way of cultivation.

“I see that you have cultivated to True Immortal Peak, and you want to go back to the old path to achieve Golden Immortal.”

“As the sect Great Elder, I can help myself.” Xu Fan said, using the time seal to fix the cup of Dao tea at the moment it was just brewed.

β€œAfter you realize a chance to break through the Golden Immortal, drink this cup of tea of the avenue, which will allow you to break through the Golden Immortal.” Xu Fan said.

Although he doesn’t like Luo Sheng’s battle strength that barely reaches the Golden Immortal, he is still a Golden Immortal, and the hidden Spirit Sect can barely be rated as an Immortal Sect in the Human Race fairyland. There are still benefits. of.

“many thanks Great Elder!” Luo Sheng said excitedly, feeling the most profound and mysterious aura from the tea of the Great Dao.

He even felt the slightest Qi of Black and Yellow from the tea of the avenue, which is the key to the breakthrough of the Great Firmament Saint of the Golden Immortal.

This thing was just a legend to him before, didn’t expect and now he has it.

Luo Sheng thought about this journey, and it seemed that he had to rely on others to help him, the former sect, the later Master, the last Great Elder and Wang Yulun.

At this moment, Luo Sheng suddenly had a clear comprehension of his own destiny.

“Don’t get excited, you are your own since you joined the sect.”

“It is also good for the sect that you advance to Golden Immortal.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Many thanks for the gift of the Great Elder.”

Luo Sheng left after thanking him. He could see that Xu Fan simply asked him to come and ask.

In the gazebo, only Xu Fan was left.

A small tea altar made of Wenyu appeared in his hand, which contained the remaining Xuanhuang Dao Comprehending Tea.

“Save a little, enough to condense 20 cups.”

At this moment, Xu Fan thought of his good big brother again, and an inexplicable emotion came to his heart.

At this moment, a Transmission Formation suddenly appeared in the gazebo.

Wang Yulun, Wang Xiangchi walked out of it with a worried look on his face.

“Master, Mu Dai’s father was guarding the border and was besieged by the alien Great Firmament. As soon as Mu Dai left the border, he went to his father.” Wang Xiangchi said quickly.

“Brother Xu, can I ask Grape to send a Golden Immortal puppet to protect my daughter-in-law.” Wang Yulun said.

“It sounds like I’m an outsider when you say this.”

“Xiang Chi, you are now taking three Golden Immortal puppets to find your daughter-in-law, you can do it at critical moments. Let three Golden Immortal puppets take action and help your father-in-law.”

“Let him know the strength of our hidden Spirit Sect, and it is not wrong to marry our daughter to you.”

“Now let the void world gate use Source Power to locate the border, and you will teleport directly there.” Xu Fan said quickly.

β€œmany thanks master!”

Three Golden Immortal puppets appeared behind Wang Xiangchi, instead of stepping on the Transmission Formation, they went to the border immortal domain.

The pavilion is left with Xu Fan and Wang Yulun.

β€œBrother Xu, will you do this for me in the future~” Wang Yulun asked.

“It’s probably a long time ago, at least I don’t have the strength yet.” Xu Fan said with a hand spread, he still hasn’t figured out how much karma is entangled in brother.

Whenever you think there is no more, there will be new ones, and each one is better than the other.

“It’s okay, it’s still a long time.” Wang Yulun laughed.

“Have you contacted your wife and sister recently?” Xu Fan chatted with his good brother.

“There are frequent contacts, but I contacted him unilaterally and asked him for some news about his sister.”

“Her sister seems to be looking for something in the outer world. , I haven’t been able to find it, and there’s only news recently.”

“Now that thing is already in sight, and it is estimated that it will return soon.”

“Your previous life After Hongyan comes back, our brother is estimated to be separated for a while.”

“Don’t worry, I have everything here, you can handle your affairs well.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Really want to separate?” Wang Yulun said a little lonely.

“It’s also good for you to find your soulmate, to explore more about what you’ve done in your past lives, since you can make so many women fall in love with you.”

“Also I feel that your past lives are some great characters. If you find their experiences, maybe you can also set foot in Peak.” Xu Fan said.

He felt that his good brother’s past life must be playing a big game, and when it came to his good brother this life, it might be the final ending.

(End of this chapter)

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