My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1021


Chapter 1021 ~

Just as the situation on the Human Race battlefield became more and more stable, a sudden appearance appeared in the sky. Lun Haoyue, and then a beam of moonlight with the power of Haoyue directly penetrated the sea of lei.

The Great Firmament of the Holy Moon Clan escaped from the Sea of Thunder by moonlight.

“Saint of Mulei, I will always be by the Human Race until the day your Human Race perishes!”

The moonlight returns to the round in the sky After Haoyue, it was disappeared.

Sage Mulei looked at the direction in which Haoyue disappeared, and there was a hint of regret in his expression.

Then he dismissed Lei Hai and looked towards his good son-in-law.

“The Great Firmament of the Holy Moon Clan is very difficult to deal with, and I have never been able to find a chance to give a fatal blow.” Wang Xiangchi also has some regrets. Although he is not controlling the Golden Immortal puppet, it is Also had an immersive experience.

He could clearly perceive the entire battle.

“It’s okay, I can use the Golden Immortal puppet to help me suppress those two Great Firmament, it’s very difficult to deal with.”

The Saint of Mulei took one step to the Golden Immortal In front of the puppet, after looking up and down, he couldn’t help nodding with satisfaction.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you so pleasing to the eye.” Mulei Saint said with a smile.

“…” Wang Xiangchi.

Then the Saint of Mu Lei patted Wang Xiangchi on the shoulder of the Golden Immortal puppet, and the two of them appeared not far from Mu Dai in an instant.

At this time, there were only a few waves of small alien troops that could not retreat in the entire battlefield, and the other aliens had already retreated.

“Dai’er, why did you come to this battlefield? You should understand that you came here because I caused trouble.” Saint Mu Lei looked towards Mu Dai with some seriousness.

“I came here just to give Dad a chance to win,” Wood Belt said, and then he took out a ball of Lightning Condensed Source Power.

This is the guarantee that Saint Mu Lei has left for her daughter to save her life at a critical moment.

However, this group of Source Power can be absorbed by the Mulei Saints, which can increase a power during battle.

Seeing the source power condensed by this group of thunder and lightning, the expression of the wooden thunder saint softened.

β€œSilly girl, this Source Power is not necessary for me, even without me, I can easily escape from the battle of their three alien Great Firmament.”

β€œ It’s different when you come here, even if I absorb this source power, after the battle, it’s not enough for me to resurrect you from the long river of time.”

“If there is no good son-in-law today, let’s It’s a big loss.” Saint Mu Lei said and looked towards the acquired Spirit Treasure Black Dragon sword in the hands of the Golden Immortal puppet.

Then he raised his hand slightly, trying to control the Black Dragon sword to receive it into his storage space.

But at this time, the Golden Immortal puppet held the Black Dragon sword tightly in his hand, as if he didn’t notice the force that wanted to return from the Black Dragon sword.

“Daier, my father-in-law is very kind to me. Seeing that I don’t have a magic weapon in my hand, he directly gave me a Black Dragon sword of the acquired Spirit Treasure Level.”

The Golden Immortal puppet hand, who had transformed into Wang Xiangchi’s appearance, held the Black Dragon sword tightly and saluted to the Mulei Saint.

Sage Mu Lei’s expression suddenly changed, and he said a little embarrassedly: “This Black Dragon sword is…”

Before he could finish speaking, Mu Dai was robbed He said: “Since it was given to you by daddy, you should take it quickly.”

“Today, you helped daddy suppress the Great Firmament of the two alien races. The Dragon Sword will be rewarded to you.”

“Put it away now, or people will think you are showing off the Black Dragon Sword that my father gave you, which is not good.”

This The couple sang together and put the Mulei Saint to a high place.

“Haha, my son-in-law will be joking, how can this Black Dragon sword be worthy of a good son-in-law, give it to me first, and then give it to me when I go back and find a better acquired Spirit Treasure Level sword. You.”

The Saint of Wood Thunder said, came to the Golden Immortal puppet involuntarily, gently took the Black Dragon sword from its hand, and quickly put it into the storage space.

“Okay, I have suppressed the two alien Great Firmament here, and I still need to deal with it, so I won’t disturb the two of you.” Saint Mulei turned into a thunder disappeared when he finished speaking.

Mu Dai looked at Wang Xiangchi, and Wang Xiangchi looked at Mu Dai with big eyes staring at small eyes.

“You didn’t tell me before that your father can be so stingy~” Wang Xiangchi said after being silent for a long time, thinking that he had lost a lot of money, how should he explain to the master when he went back?

In the battle just now, at least 2 billion immortal jade was consumed. I was thinking of getting an acquired Spirit Treasure it’s worth, but now it seems that there is not even a hair.

Even the two suppressed alien Great Firmament spoΓ­ls of war were not given to Wang Xiangchi.

“Isn’t this step before then~” Mu Dai was also a little embarrassed.

The two of them have cooperated very well just now, but didn’t expect to put up the old man who has been shrunk for tens of millions of years.

“It’s alright, isn’t it the Black Dragon sword, when the time comes we will hold a ceremony called Dao Companion, I desperately want to bring the Black Dragon sword back to you as a dowry.” Mu Dai Gritting his teeth, he said.

“It’s not necessary to save my husband-in-law from jealousy.” Wang Xiangchi waved his hand and said.

Xu Fan, who is in the hidden Spirit Sect at this time, also has some regrets.

“Just treat it as an empty rejoicing, isn’t it just an acquired Spirit Treasure!”

“When I find a lot of time to upgrade to Golden Immortal, how much money will I have? How much.” Xu Fan said.

“Grape, go and call my good disciple and grandson, and I will discuss the future development trend of Lower Sect with him.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

The battle between these two jGolden Immortal puppets directly consumed 2 billion immortal jade, which also broke the capital chain of refining the acquired Spirit Treasure spaceship.

“Follow the master.”

In the small courtyard, Xu Fan paid close attention to this good disciple and grandson whom he hadn’t seen for many years.

After guiding on the cultivation realm for a while, the good apprentice and grandson left.

“Grape, how many immortal jades are there in sect.” Xu Fan asked suddenly.

Because he had just met his good disciple and grandson, he suddenly thought of a plan that he had forgotten before.

After that, he really cared about his disciple and grandson, and gave him some advice to let him leave.

“There are still 11 billion immortal jade, but they are all used to purchase the fairy ore for refining the acquired Spirit Treasure spaceship.”

“All of them are brought to me and stored in the The inner space of the Golden Immortal puppet.”

“Let’s do something big while the Great Firmament Saint of the Holy Moon Clan is injured.”

Xu Fan watched the entire Golden Immortal. The battle of the Immortal puppet was live, although the Golden Immortal puppet did no damage to the Holy Moon Great Firmament.

But the Thunder Sea of the Mulei Saint made the Great Firmament of the Holy Moon Clan eat a solid meal.

So Xu Fan wanted to seize the opportunity to do something.

“Just do it if you don’t do it. Where does immortal jade come from if you don’t do it~”

In fact, Xu Fan’s ideal state is that he can easily receive a lot of cheap time treasures.

immortal jade can also easily release an Academy and make a profit by doing business.

You don’t need him to do anything, just salt the fish in the sect.

But things backfired. This invisible trend often forced Xianyu’s Xu Fan to move.

(End of this chapter)

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