My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1022


Chapter 1022 Saints

“Send a message to Xiang Chi when the time comes to find a way to get his father-in-law to cooperate Let’s act.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said, and finally felt that this matter could not be done alone, and a layer of insurance had to be added.

“As per the master, I will make a detailed plan according to the situation.” The grape’s voice sounded.

“Don’t let Xiang Chi come back, let me take that smelly brat in the area.”

“The skin is still not thick enough, and even a piece of Spirit Treasure can’t get dark.” Xu Fan said.

Then he attached his consciousness to Avatar No. 3, and sat on the Transmission Formation to teleport to the front line.

On the front line, Wang Xiangchi took Mu Dai to meet Xu Fan.

“pay respects to Master.”

“Pay respects to the benefactor.” Wang Xiangchi and Mu Dai saluted.

“Don’t call me my benefactor, you are my daughter-in-law, these are all right.” Xu Fan said with a smile and waved his hands.

“I will take three Golden Immortal puppets to the Holy Moon Clan. You are here waiting for my news, and you can cooperate with me if necessary.”

“Understand the master, Grape has already told me the general plan.”

“When the time comes, I will cooperate with Dale to master.” Wang Xiangchi said nodded.

“That’s okay.”

Xu Fan then disappeared in front of the two with three puppets.

“What are you doing, Master, going to the Holy Moon Clan? It will be very dangerous after being discovered.” Mu Dai said worriedly.

“The Golden Immortal puppet battle master has suffered too much damage. It is estimated that the master is trying to find a way to go to the Holy Moon Clan to make up for this shortfall.”

“We must cooperate well when the time comes. Master.” Wang Xiangchi said looking at the direction where Xu Fan disappeared, with an inexplicable emotion in his eyes.

He knew that this time sect was a big loss. At that time, when he was fighting, watching the puppet cut out, the sword light with sword after sword, felt very good, and even made him realize another thing about sword dao. one level.

But he only knew afterwards that one after another sword light seemed to be the power of sword dao, but after that, every sword represented tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of immortal jade .

Wang Xiangchi told Mu Dai about the loss of the Golden Immortal puppet, which shocked her directly.

“You said that the battle you used the Golden Immortal puppet to help my father cost 2 billion immortal jade!!” Mu Dai said in disbelief.


Mu Dai suddenly felt that it would be better to let her die and be resurrected from the river of time.

“For me, your master has spent money.” Mu Dai felt a little ashamed.

“It’s not without benefits, at least your father can face me now, and he can be called a good son-in-law when he is happy.” Wang Xiangchi said.

“Does your master plan need to use my father? I’ll tell him now.”

“You’ve lost so much, he has to help us. ‘ said Mu Dai.

“It’s still a sensible daughter-in-law~”

“Of course~”

At this time, Xu Fan and three Golden Immortal puppets have already flown out the territory of Human Race.

“Grape, first shoot a puppet, go forward to check the situation, and after touching the territory of the Holy Moon Clan, we are planning to act.” Xu Fan instructed.

β€œAs you bid.”

I saw a Golden Immortal puppet behind Xu Fan, who was good at space, directly breaking through space and teleporting to the territory of the Holy Moon Clan.

“As long as they enter the territory of the Holy Moon clan, they will not be able to escape from my palm.”

“The attack on my Human Race territory has caused me such a great loss, and I must Present all the immortal jade and Spirit Treasure in the treasury.” Xu Fan said to himself.

Before Xu Fan didn’t plan to refine the acquired Spirit Treasure spaceship, he felt that the tens of billions of immortal jade stored in the sect were enough, and even a little rich.

How can I know that after deciding to refine the acquired Spirit Treasure spaceship, I went through the battle to help the recipe save my father-in-law.

In an instant, the immortal jade was barely enough, and it became a state of debt.

At this moment, hundreds of giant boats with ten thousand zhang appeared in the distance, and marched towards the border of Human Race with a large army of the Holy Moon Clan.

“Master, don’t care.” Grape asked.

“No matter, don’t beat the grass to scare the snake, this is just a small detection force of the Holy Moon clan, and it is estimated that the real big head is in the back.” Xu Fan said.

“However, if you see it, you can’t ignore it.”

“Meeting is fate, so you should always give a small gift.” Xu Fan said with a flick In the hand, a small group of light containing the power of disease and disaster flew towards the giant boat of the Holy Moon Clan in the distance.

The small group of light directly flew into the giant boat, and then found a Holy Immortal who was closest to him and plunged into it.

A tiny flower blooms in the soul of the True Immortal of the Holy Moon.

Xu Fan didn’t take care of all this, but continued to fly in the direction of the Holy Moon Clan.

Three days later, a huge boat like a bright moon passed by Xu Fan.

“There are four Golden Immortals on this giant boat, so it’s better not to mess with it for the time being.”

“The treasure house of their family is more important.”

After another three months of sailing, Xu Fan and three Golden Immortal puppets finally came to the territory of the Holy Moon Clan.

Xu Fan changed the appearance of the become Saint Moon clan, and sat in the Transmission Formation of their clan to teleport towards the Holy City.

“Don’t mention it, this Holy Night clan is indeed a great clan in the ancient times, and once had a period of glory.”

“Look at their Transmission Formation, cultivation technique , it seems that there is still a complete inheritance from that time.” Xu Fan praised while looking at the teleportation hall of the Holy Moon Clan.

Xu Fan said and then stepped into the teleportation hall, took out the space fairy that did not know which True Immortal of the holy moon clan, took out tens of thousands of immortal jade and paid the teleportation fee.

Xu Fan didn’t go too much around the giant city of the Holy Moon Clan, so he came to their Holy City.

At this time, Xu Fan seemed to have not been home for a long time. As soon as he arrived in Holy City, he began to experience the local customs and characteristics.

I even made a good friend with whom I went to the great hall of the Holy Moon.

A pure Power of Faith emerged from the top of Xu Fan’s head, condensing towards the bright moon in the holy moon great hall.

“didn’t expect Fellow Daoist to become a saint, disrespectful and disrespectful.” The newly made friends of the Holy Moon Clan who accompanied him were immediately pleasantly surprised.

Because once the Holy Moon clan becomes a saint, they will have the opportunity to get the Supreme Holy Moon Great Firmament, which can directly cross the realm from True Immortal to the Golden Immortal Realm.

“Not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning, I just firmly believe that the Holy Moon is our only support.”

“As long as we believe in it, our family will be able to reproduce the past sooner or later. Brilliant.” The holy moon clan dressed up as Xu Fan said frantically.

Then he talked a lot about his unique understanding of the Holy Moon belief, which immediately attracted the attention of many True Immortal members of the Holy Moon family who visited the temple.

They all gathered around Xu Fan, listening to his insights into the Holy Moon belief.

With Xu Fan’s explanation, their originally impurity-doped Power of Faith gradually became pure, and their expressions became more and more holy.

In the end, even the Golden Immortal, who guarded the Temple of the Holy Moon, was attracted.

When Xu Fan saw the Golden Immortal coming, he knew that his plan was halfway through.

(End of this chapter)

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