My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1026


Chapter 1026 Harvest

“Master, Grape recommends to build a super Long Range Transmission Array in the treasure house first, in case you get away Use the time,” Grape suggested.

“It’s up to you to decide on such trivial matters. Next, my main purpose is to explore the treasure house of the Holy Moon.” Xu Fan said.

The treasure house of the entire Holy Moon Clan is extremely huge, even if it is filled with all the space fairy tools of Xu Fan, it can barely put down 60% of the treasure.

So you must first detect it and discard some unnecessary ones.

Xu Fan, while exploring in the protection, regretted that he didn’t bring more space fairy when he came.

“I thought the treasure house of the Holy Moon Clan would be huge, but I didn’t expect it to be so big.” Xu Fan said with a sigh.

“Master, you can put the remaining 40% of the treasure into the Small World of my body.” Xu Fan said.

“Forget it, it’s too risky. When the Great Firmament of the Holy Moon Clan returns and traces back, we will easily be exposed.” Xu Fan said.

Be aware that he is now consuming the Power of Faith that was condensed before the Holy Moon to hide his whereabouts.

Once a little space relic that can be traced back to him is exposed, it will definitely be discovered by the Holy Moon Great Firmament.

The Power of Faith he intercepted could only barely cover the aura of his space fairy.

“Understood, Master.”

At this time, the Holy Moon and Human Race were on the front lines.

The two Human Race Great Firmament saints chased the Holy Moon Great Firmament on the front line to fight.

At this time, the Holy Moon Clan Great Firmament who was guarding the rear finally came over.

“didn’t expect your Human Race to be willing to send two Great Firmament to guard this immortal domain, it’s really good.” The Great Firmament of the Holy Moon Clan who arrived behind said gritted his teeth.

“So what, who made your Holy Moon Clan be too arrogant and dare to attack my Human Race with all your strength.”

“It’s really stupid and naive.” Mu Lei The saint sneered.

“Fellow Daoist, take this opportunity now, let’s keep a Great Firmament from the Holy Moon Clan no matter what we say.” Saint Mulei said to the elegant and easy-going man next to him.

“I can do it, everything is mainly based on Wood Fellow Daoist Lei.”

Wang Xiangchi, who was waiting for news on the front line at this time. Finally, it was time for the two Great Firmament of the Holy Moon Clan to gather.

“Grape, send a message to the master, the two Great Firmament of the Holy Moon Clan have arrived.” Wang Xiangchi said quickly.


Xu Fan, who was in the treasure house of the Holy Moon Clan, received the message instantly.

“Grape, execute the plan.” Xu Fan said excitedly.

After so long, it’s finally time to harvest.

At this moment, three Golden-Winged Great Pengs covering the heavens and shielding the sun suddenly appeared over the Holy City of the Holy Moon Clan.

One of them slashed out a huge sword light with its wings.

Divide the entire Holy City directly into two.

“Saint Moon Clan, the blood feud of the year should now be repaid.” A arrogant voice sounded, and then launched a revenge attack on the entire Holy City.

Ten Golden Immortal Elders of the Moon Clan appeared above Holy City.

“You three dare to come to my Holy City because you are the Great Peng Race Golden Immortal. You are not afraid of coming and going!” said a Holy Moon Golden Immortal Elder angrily.

Now that the Monster Race Golden-Winged Great Peng is so powerful, the Holy Moon Clan dare not provoke it easily.

“There is no going back and forth, try it and you will know~” Then the three Golden-Winged Great Pengs in the sky launched an attack on the ten Golden Immortal Elders of the Holy Moon Clan.

All using the Life Source Divine Ability immortal art from the golden wings Great Peng Race.

The melee over Holy City unfolded, and the aftermath of the battle destroyed most of Holy City.

And Xu Fan in the treasure house took the opportunity to collect the treasure that had already been reserved in the treasure house.

The True Immortal of the Holy Moon tribe guarded by the treasure house was instantly killed by Xu Fan, and then quickly flew towards the predetermined position.

“This is the Spirit Treasure area, take all of them~”

“Spirit Treasure area, take away.”

“This area seems to be Some immortal mines and time treasures above Nine Heavens, take away.”

“This area is all immortal jade, let alone take it away.”

Xu Fan quickly Passing through one treasure house partition after another, taking away a huge amount of treasure.

“Moon Night Immortal Wine, a special product of the Holy Moon Clan, take it away.”

“Two pieces of Spirit Treasure, take it away.”

It seems to be free to enter The big diners who arrived at the cafeteria wanted to eat everything they saw.

Xu Fan quickly broke the partition barrier Formation in the treasure house, and without looking after entering, he directly waved all the treasures in this area into the space fairy.

The whole process lasted for one hour before Xu Fan filled the space fairy with him.

Xu Fan looked at the remaining items in the treasure house and felt a little pity.

“Grape, after I teleport away, I will end the battle outside.” Xu Fan said and set foot on the Super Long Range Transmission Array that had already been prepared.

“Yes, Master.” The grape’s voice sounded.

Xu Fan was sitting on the Transmission Formation and disappeared. After he left, he quickly had a puppet and put an explosive one-time magic weapon made of Power of Faith in the Transmission Formation.

Afterwards, the entire treasury was shaken, and the Transmission Formation made by Xu Fan was instantly destroyed by the explosive magic weapon that was condensed by the Power of Faith.

At this point, three of the ten Golden Immortal Elders of the Holy Moon Clan have been killed by three Golden-Winged Great Pengs.

But the three Golden-Winged Great Pengs were not feeling well either. The one that shot first was already full of scars and was on the verge of collapse.

Somewhere tens of millions of miles away from Holy City, Xu Fan walked out of the Super Long Range Transmission Array that had already been prepared.

“Master, the Sword Immortal-type Golden Immortal puppet is on the verge of collapse.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“Give the other two Golden Immortal the core components back, and let them cover the two to leave.” Xu Fan said.

He found a large number of fairy mines in the treasure house that can make Golden Immortal puppets. After returning, as long as it takes a little time, sect can at least have a few more Golden Immortal puppets.

“As you order, Master.”

A huge mushroom cloud rose from the Holy City of the Holy Moon tribe.

The entire Holy City was destroyed by the Golden-Winged Great Peng self-destruct.

“This is just interest today, and there’s more to come.” The two Golden-Winged Great Peng left after leaving a harsh word.

The remaining seven Golden Immortal Elders of the Holy Moon tribe looked at the Holy City, which had been turned into ruins, with ashen faces.

Just then, they received even worse news.

“Elder is not good, our clan’s treasure house has been looted!!” A report of the Holy Moon clan who discovered the treasure house reported.


The Holy City was destroyed and the treasure house was looted. These two news almost made the remaining 7 Elder Dao Heart unstable.

But all this has nothing to do with Xu Fan, his full harvest is happily rushing from the territory of the Holy Moon tribe to the territory of the Human Race.

“Grape, how many immortal jade are there in the treasure house.”

At that time, Xu Fan didn’t take a close look, but there were a lot of them anyway.

“The statistics have been completed. There are a total of 340 billion immortal jade in the treasure house of the Holy Moon Clan, and there are also three crystals of Qi of Black and Yellow.”

“Harvest Spirit Treasure Level Immortals. The ore has…”

“The general fairy ore harvested has…”

“The 98,000 pieces of fairy artifact obtained, and the acquired Spirit Treasure two pieces.”

“What I got…”

Listening to Grape’s report, Xu Fan felt more and more energetic.

(End of this chapter)

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