My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1028


Chapter 1028 My Master is the Great Firmament Saint of Sword Heaven

Xu Fan simply told the white haired old man about the whole process again.

The white haired old man was dazed for a long time after listening, and finally showed a thumbs up to Xu Fan.

“Brother, why don’t we join forces to loot all the little alien races around Human Race.” The white haired old man said suddenly excitedly.

He’s been a little tight lately because of his unrestricted dedication to his good brother.

The cultivation resources of those disciplines have been cut a lot.

“If my brother wants to, I can provide strategic help, this time is just a coincidence.” Xu Fan said, doing things is not his intention, salted fish is his favorite.

“Brother can also provide strategies. Recently, my money is a little tight. You can see which alien is suitable for me.” The white haired old man said.

“With the strength of my brother, what kind of strategy is needed, just go and loot the little alien you see.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“You can get as much oil and water as the little alien race that can be looted by the boss, the second, and the third. If you want to get it, you can get a slightly larger alien, such as the Holy Moon Race.” The white haired old man said.

“If that’s the case, my brother can go to Monster Race to have a look. There are several big races, which should be very suitable for my brother to shoot.” Xu Fan said that he had an extra jade slip in his hand, This is some more reasonable plans given by grapes combined with some information from Monster Race.

The white haired old man turned out to look at the jade slip, and the more he looked, the brighter his eyes became.

“Brother, I agree with your sentence in jade slip, fighting and killing is only the lowest method.”

“A sophisticated layout like my brother is a genius. It’s the king’s way.”

“Wait for me, my brother, and we’ll split between 50 and 500 when we get something.” The white haired old man left excitedly after finishing speaking.

Just like that, the white haired old man left before eating.

Xu Fan laughed while looking at the two jars of wine on the wine table.

“It seems that these two jars of good wine can only be drunk by themselves.”

Xu Fan opened one of the jars and filled it up for himself.

“Master, lost contact with Xu Yuexian.”

“According to the last picture before losing contact, Xu Yuexian may be in danger.” Grape said quickly.

A murderous aura appeared in Xu Fan’s eyes, who was raising the glass to drink, and then put the glass down gently.

“Let Avatar No. 3 go with the two Golden Immortal puppets and the silly bear.” Xu Fan said with narrowed eyes.

“As you bid!”

A huge super Long Range Transmission Array appeared, and No. 3, who had just returned, stepped on the Transmission Formation, accompanied by two puppets and A brown giant bear.

At this time, Jianming is in a Secret Realm in the immortal domain.

A Human Race Golden Immortal, squinting at Xu Yuexian trapped in the array.

“didn’t expect that we are so destined, since we can meet in the fairy world.”

“I was curious at the beginning, why an ordinary cultivator in the lower world can escape my care. Planning.”

“Do you know how much I paid for this body?”

“But it doesn’t matter now, travel far and wide looking for something, only to return and find it easily.”

Xu Yuexian looked at the Human Race Golden Immortal outside the Formation and asked, “You were the one who wanted to invade my fleshy body, and I paid for it to get rid of you. A great price.”

Xu Yuexian giving tit for tat.

“Now your situation doesn’t look good, are you going to invade my body right away?”

At this time, the Human Race Golden Immortal outside the Formation is not like men and women. The woman just wore a huge cloak to hide her figure inside the cloak.

“It’s natural, I’ve been deeply entangled with you, the best way is for us to fuse together.”

“When the time comes, I’ll take care of you instead of you. Live in this fairyland.”

The Human Race Golden Immortal took off the cloak on his head after he finished speaking.

Half of the Human Race Golden Immortal’s face was a completely dark mist, and the other half was the face of a festering woman.

Xu Yuexian, who has always been flat, was taken aback by this face.

“Did you want to snatch my fleshy body because you’ve become so miserable?” Xu Yuexian couldn’t help asking.

“What I grabbed is not your fleshy body, but all of your body.”

“The Master said that there is a great opportunity in you.”

“Although you didn’t let me succeed when you were in the Nether, I still have to say, sorry, I will live for you in the future.” Human Race Golden Immortal slowly said.

Trapped at the periphery of Xu Yuexian Formation, another circle of Formation suddenly appeared, and purple rays of light appeared.

One after another subtle power, as if to draw something out of Xu Yuexian’s body.

Just then Xu Yuexian suddenly raised his head and asked a question.

β€œIs your Master the Great Firmament Saint?”

Human Race Golden Immortal was stunned when he heard this question, but then thought that the woman in front of him wanted to merge with her, He replied with a smile: “My Master is the most Peak Golden Immortal in the fairy world, and the promotion to Great Firmament is just around the corner.”

“He is my Master and your Master.” Human Race Golden Immortal said While walking slowly towards Xu Yuexian.

“It’s a pity since I’m not a saint of Great Firmament.”

“I can’t give you this body yet~” Xu Yuexian said lightly.

Then the Secret Realm they were in shattered directly, and Avatar No. 3 controlled two Golden Immortal puppets and a giant bear and fell in front of Xu Yuexian.

Avatar No. 3 controls the Golden Immortal puppet and looks indifferently at the Human Race Golden Immortal.

Gently raised his hand, a ten thousand zhang giant peak in the distance rose directly from the ground in midair, condensed into a giant sword, and slashed towards the Human Race Golden Immortal.

The brown giant bear standing in front of Xu Yuexian directly transformed into a terrifying giant bear dharma and trampled away at the Human Race Golden Immortal.

“Sorry, your master is Golden Immortal, and mine is not bad, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to take up my body today.” Xu Yuexian looked towards the three Golden Immortal battle strengths in front of him , feel full of security.

Human Race Golden Immortal was not surprised by the sudden appearance of the three Golden Immortals, who turned the area into darkness with a wave of his hand.

“Sometimes it’s not good to talk too much.”

Human Race Golden Immortal tone barely fell, and the scream of giant bear came from the darkness.

One of the brown giant bear’s legs was cut off.

“Holy Sun.” Another Golden Immortal puppet directly summons a round of Holy Sun and appears in the dark area.

At this time, a Sword Immortal stood next to the Human Race Golden Immortal, looking indifferently towards Xu Yuexian and the others.

“My Disciple Immortal Soul is about to collapse, and I need to fuse with Fellow Daoist Disciple. I hope Fellow Daoist can accommodate me.” The Sword Immortal said indifferently.

At this moment, there was a glint in the eyes of one of the Golden Immortal puppets, and Xu Fan’s meaning was attached to this puppet.

“My Disciple cultivation to True Immortal Peak lacks a chance to become Golden Immortal. I don’t know if Fellow Daoist is willing to offer your Disciple.” Xu Fan sneered.

“My Master is the Great Firmament of Sword Heaven. I hope you can understand a little bit. I don’t want to destroy the fleshy body that my discipline needs here.” Sword Immortal slowly said, with a proud look in his eyes The meaning cannot be hidden.

(End of this chapter)

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