My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1029


Chapter 1029 Double Standard Sword Immortal

Xu Fan was instantly happy when he heard such a classic villain quote.

“Sage of Jiantian Great Firmament, how amazing!” Xu Fan exclaimed.

“In order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, please help Daoist to help.” Sword Immortal looked at Xu Fan and the others first.

“Then you know who I am.” Xu Fan looked at Sword Immortal and said with a smile.

The Formation that trapped Xu Yuexian was quietly and silently released.

Xu Fan pulled Xu Yuexian behind him.

“I don’t care who you are, now you’d better be more acquainted and don’t force me to invite my Master.” Sword Immortal said.

“Haha, the small ones can’t come to the big ones, the big ones can’t come to the old ones, if you have the ability, you can finally invite the Big Three out!” Xu Fan said sarcastically without any sympathy.

“My Ancestor Master is Yuheng Quasi-Saint, but for such trivial matters, I definitely don’t need my Ancestor Master.” There was a special look in Sword Immortal’s arrogant eyes.

At this moment, Xu Fan felt that he was really fucking piercing the heavens, but he suddenly thought that the fallen giant seemed to be Yuheng Quasi-Saint too.

“I saw the spirit-snatching formation that you just set up by the recipe. There is only a 70% chance at most. What’s the difference between this and death.”

“If you believe me, let me My discipline and yours are reversely fused to seize the spirit.”

“In this way, there is less waste in the fairyland, so there is an extra Golden Immortal, so how do you feel.” Xu Fan looked at the Sword Immortal words Say it easily.

You’ve seen my recipe, sorry, and now I’ve seen yours too.


Three sword lights soared into the sky, slashing at two puppets and a giant bear.

“Currently 3 vs 2, you still dare to shoot like this, you are really brave.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

At this moment, countless chains suddenly stretched out from the holy sun in the sky.

It turned into one giant dragon after another and swept toward the Sword Immortal two.

And Sword Immortal cut out the three sword lights, which were smashed by the giant dragon with no difficulty that the chains turned into.

The last few giant dragons surrounded the two, and the holy Yang Power in the sky made the trapped Golden Immortal dare not act rashly.

“You Golden Immortal is pulling your hips a bit. You won’t be the honorary disciple of the Great Firmament of Jiantian.” Xu Fan said contemptuously, you were suppressed before I exerted my strength, as if following Your arrogant image just now doesn’t match.

At this moment, the entire space suddenly shook.

A fairy sword broke out of space to take only the core of the Golden Immortal puppet possessed by Xu Fan.

But then he was stopped by the brown Golden Immortal giant bear l.

“It’s really impossible to say that you can’t do it. When you started your sword just now, the space fluctuation was so great.”

“It’s just a sneak attack like this, you think I’m a fool!” Xu Fan’s eyes became more and more mocking.

Sword Immortal, who was controlled by several giant dragons in the center, suddenly changed his face.

Somewhat angrily looked towards Xu Fan and said: “You really want to forge such a big cause and effect with me!”

“Just a True Immortal disciple, but you want to provoke yourself The next extinguish sect is a disaster!”

This impassioned voice instantly shocked Xu Fan.

“Your Disciple is your Disciple, isn’t my Disciple mine, I have never seen someone with a shameless double standard like you!”

“Dirty, big Fang Fang admits it, so I can look at you high, the immortal world is weak are prey to the strong.”

“But what are you doing now, you still want to build a torii when you are a bitch?”

Xu Fan’s ruthless taunt made Sword Immortal even more angry.

But let him follow in anger.

I saw the Golden Immortal disciple, who was suppressed by the giant dragon just now, lost consciousness and appeared in a large reversal formation in the distance.

“Yuexian, your chance has come today, go stand in the center of the great formation and give you the chance of Golden Immortal for the master.” Xu Fan said while looking at the angry Sword Immortal.

You are in the first year of junior high school, and I will be in the fifteenth.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Sword Immortal, who was trapped by the giant dragon, calmed down, and a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t make such an expression, ask your Master for help, and give me a sneer.” Xu Fan looked at the Sword Immortal with the eyes of a fool.

“If it weren’t for the conditions, I would have turned you down too.”

“Back then, I was in the Nether because of your immortal fate. You should have returned.”

At this time Xu Fan raised his hand slightly, and the reversal of the spirit-robbing battle started slowly.

“Thank you for the Formation that you were looking for. You only need a little adjustment between forward and reverse.”

“It’s really convenient. It’s convenient, you are a good disciple, you don’t have to endure so much pain.” Xu Fan hehe said.

At this moment, Sword Immortal ignored Xu Fan and just looked up towards the sky, as if expecting something.

“Are you waiting for your Master, he probably won’t be able to come~” A smile appeared at the corner of Xu Fan’s mouth.

At this time, the Great Firmament sage of Jiantian, which is far away hundreds of millions of miles away, is being aggressively surrounded by the three Eldest Disciple of Xu Fan’s big brother.

“Three Fellow Daoists, we have no grievances in the past, and no enmity in the recent past. What can we say directly.” The Great Firmament sage of Jiantian looked at the boss who was called the three conjoined brothers by the Human Race of the Immortal Realm said.

“It’s alright, it’s just that the recipe under your name has provoked our Martial Uncle, so I’ll have a good talk with you now.” The boss looked at Jiantian Great Firmament saint indifferently said.

If it was before, he would be more polite, after all, the one in front of him was apprenticing to Quasi-Saint.

But now that Quasi-Saint is gone, of course you don’t have to be as polite as before.

“Which of my disciplines dared to provoke the three Martial Uncles, I immediately called over and reprimanded them.” Sword Heaven Great Firmament Saint said quickly.

“You know it well, so don’t protect yourself~” said the second child.

“I heard that you are very good at killing evil sword arrays with one hand. Otherwise, let’s practice your hands today, and I’m also learning sword dao.” said the third child.

β€œHaha, Fellow Daoists don’t joke with me, how dare I mention on equal terms with Fellow Daoist with my sword dao.”

β€œMy discipline provoked Three Fellow Daoists Martial Uncle, then you can do what you want, and I will never protect you.” Jiantian Great Firmament sage clenching one’s teeth and said.

This is the honorary disciple. If you give up, you will give up. It is better to have a bad reputation than to provoke these three.

The elegant and easy-going calligraphy saint, willing to help others the Seven Treasures saint, so as to be a teacher of the Xuanyin saint.

These three conjoined babies are very famous in the fairy world, but if the last one is recruited, it will be an irreconcilable ending with these three.

“My Martial Uncle’s discipline was kidnapped by one of your disciples and grandsons, and I need to have body possession. It’s better for me to have Martial Uncle than to worry about it.”

“This mental loss, you Should I compensate?” said the second child willing to help others.

“Should accompany, should accompany!” Jian Tian Great Firmament looked at the imposing manner of the three people, and reluctantly took out an acquired Spirit Treasure.

“This is my Martial Uncle, the most respected Martial Uncle. He is sad, so you will compensate for this broken thing?”

“Three, we are the same Human Race Great Firmament, I also have senior and junior brothers, I recognize this pot, but you can’t be too much.”

(End of this chapter)

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