My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 1032


Chapter 1032 secret technique

A piece of petrified dragon scale has been half eaten by Fierce White.

Xu Fan curiously took the half of the stone Dragon Transformation scale to test the hardness, and was surprised to find that with his current strength, he could not break the dragon scale.

“Little fellow, I’ve been sleeping for so many years, why is it still palm-size.”

Xu Fan dragged Fierce White with one palm and stroked Fierce lightly with the other palm. white head.

“ao wu ~” Fierce Bai roared softly at Xu Fan.

β€œAre you saying that you will never grow up?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

Ferocious white nodded.

“Do you like to eat this petrified True Dragon?” Xu Fan asked again.

“ao wu ~”

“Okay, people who don’t have petrochemicals also like to eat it, yes, this is a good habit.” Xu Fan laughed and said.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, this piece of petrochemical True Dragon is yours, you can eat it slowly.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xiaobai jumped on Xu Fan’s shoulder and rubbed his head against Xu Fan’s face to show intimacy.

Putting Fierce White on the body of the petrified True Dragon, Xu Fan returned to the small courtyard and fell into the salted fish again.

On the second day, Xu Fan was lying in the small courtyard, sunbathing.

Qiu Ziyuan, the most inexistent headmaster of the Spirit Sect, came to the Xu Fan small courtyard.

“Meet the Great Elder.” Qiu Ziyuan said respectfully.

“Get up, what’s the matter?” Xu Fan asked amiably.

As for Qiu Ziyuan, his senses have always been very good. When he was in the lower realm, he took care of the sect so that not one drop of water can leak out. Until now, there has been no major mistake.

This is very commendable.

“Great Elder, now that there are more and more True Immortal Disciples in the sect, the existing tasks of the sect are not enough to be assigned.”

“So the new promotion will prevail. Xian’s Disciple does not have any resources except the most basic benefits of sect.”

“I discussed with Grape, and I can send sect disciples to spread all over the fairyland, open an Academy to earn immortal jade, good. Let the sect disciples have something to do.”

“Is this step reached so soon?” Xu Fan said.

“Master, nearly 30% of the 4th-generation Disciple has been promoted to be the immortal, and the number has soared. There is really no reasonable task for the sect to arrange.” Grape replied.

“So you want sect to provide the fantasy Formation magic tool to teach students, and open Academy yourself.” Xu Fan said.

“That’s it.” Qiu Ziyuan said nodded.

“This method is fine. There is really no task assignment, so let Disciples start their own business. As long as they don’t go to the frontier battlefield, they can say anything.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

It’s not that he doesn’t want Disciples to contribute to Human Race, it’s just that the current battlefield situation is unclear, and the rules in the battlefield have been broken.

Golden Immortal Great Firmament has now shot at True Immortal at will, and now send Disciples over, if they perform better, they will be targeted by the opposite Golden Immortal Great Firmament.

Human Race loses a bunch of good Human Race cultivators with a wave of their hand, and those people are still willing to do it.

“Grapes, I’ll give them to you.” Xu Fan waved his hand.

“Academy should be evenly distributed, just don’t steal the same sect’s business.” Xu Fan then added.

β€œAs you bid.”

β€œAs soon as the finished apprenticeship is ready to open the Academy, this is enough.” Xu Fan laughed, let’s go with those Disciples, Just don’t die.

“Master, the gold academy sub-warehouse has been received, 133 million immortal jade.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“That’s right, you can use these immortal jade to buy some fairy ore, and make some more fantasy artifacts for the future Academy.” Xu Fan ordered.

“Follow the orders of the master.”

Xu Yifan lay in the small courtyard and watched the white clouds in the sky. After watching it for three consecutive days, spirit slowly recovers.

Wonderful Immortal Realm, outside a Secret Realm.

Ye Xiaoyao is sitting helplessly on the ground.

“Old Sword, this has been tossing for more than two years. Haven’t you thought of the secret technique to unlock the secrets of this immortal world?”

“Don’t worry, you can do it again. Try this secret technique.” Lao Jiantao Ye Xiaoyao said in his heart.

Then a secret technique came into Ye Xiaoyao’s mind.

After a short study period, Ye Xiaoyao made a secret seal and patted the door of the Secret Realm.

But there was no response at all. Instead, it caused the backlash of the Secret Realm’s gate, which was directly thrown away by a repulsive force.

“Old Sword, don’t try it anymore, I’ll tell you when you think about it, I won’t be blamed for that.” Ye Xiaoyao, who was embedded in the mountain by the bullet, said with a dark face.

Who can stand being bombarded seven or eight times a day.

“No, it should be this secret technique, what’s wrong?”

“Xiaoyao, don’t be discouraged, try this secret technique again.”

Another secret technique came to Ye Xiaoyao’s mind.

“Take a break, don’t try.” Ye Xiaoyao gave up completely.

“How can you mix up these secret techniques, you must know that you were an Immortal Emperor before!” Ye Xiaoyao said in his heart.

“My Immortal Emperor’s memory is too huge, it’s normal to mix things up.”

“Besides, you smiley brat, if you feel a little setback, you won’t do it. What will you do in the future? Avenge me.”

“Try these secret techniques again, if you really can’t rest for a while, let’s try again.” Lao Jian encouraged Ye Xiaoyao in his heart.

“You said it lightly, it wasn’t you who was ejected into the mountain.” Ye Xiaoyao retorted.

“Anyway, there is something in it that can make you become a Golden Immortal quickly, if you like it or not.” Lao Jian said with curled lips.

Ye Xiaoyao hesitated for a while, then clenched the teeth, and started to try a new secret technique to open Secret Realm.

The result is that there are several more human-shaped pits on the mountain wall in the distance.

“No, why is it wrong, is this secret technique really messed up?” Lao Jian muttered in Ye Xiaoyao’s heart.

In the small courtyard, Xu Fan, who had just been free, had a headache looking at Li Xuandao.

“Slow down on the Immortal Emperor’s secret treasure in advance. I have other important things here. After I have settled down, I will accompany you to the Immortal Realm.” Xu Fan looked at him and wanted to give it to him.

Li Xuandao, who arranged the work, said.

“Follow Master.” After Li Xuandao finished speaking, he left regretfully.

“Immortal Emperor’s secret storage, this matter sounds troublesome, I will talk about it later when I have time to spare.” Xu Fan said while lying on the reclining chair.

At this moment, a white light suddenly plunged into Xu Fan’s arms.

I saw Fierce White gnawing at a fragment of a stone Dragon Transformation scale.

Xu Fan looked interesting, picked up the fierce white tail and raised it in front of him.

“What kind of breed do you say you are, you can even understand such a hard petrochemical True Dragon.”

The fierce white wu wu who was carried in midair by Xu Fan Yelling, his head pointed in the direction of the stone Dragon Transformation scale fragment, and he desperately stretched out.

“Grape, check the ancient records to see if there are any turtles that feed on True Dragon.” Xu Fan asked suddenly.

“There are three types of turtles that feed on Dragon Clan in ancient times. They are greedy, devour the domain, and the void. The master’s fierceness does not match these three.” Grape said.

“Well, just wait until it’s bigger and see what it is.”

(end of this chapter)

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